Olivier is only explaining the facts


There’s a good half dozen players I would expect to be agitating for a move than Olivier Ntcham.  His interview in L’Equipe, where he regrets he did not move to Porto last summer and explains how he would blossom at Marseille, and generally, how he is too good for the other teams in Scotland.

The latter assertion may solicit some sympathy, although his timing is off.  We are days away from Champions League qualification and need those who are fit and experience to have their head on the job.

But this is the modern footballer.  They are not here because their Irish grannie told them tales about Charlie Tully.  Celtic provides lots of glory and money, but there are bigger paydays and all but the very few will chase the money, or, if we are being generous, test themselves in a tougher environment.

That’s football, Olivier is only explaining the facts.

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  1. Fair enough Oliver



    Just so you know we too think we can get a better player from elsewhere…. So we’re even!




  2. Park Road 67 on

    Good morning CQN’Rs from a sunny Girvan 😎 a wee trip out to Ailsa Craig for me at midday PADDY’S MILESTONE CSC !

  3. The fact is he’s hardly kicked a ball since Porto-gate/Dembele left. Completely unprofessional and his value must have plummeted.



    Has/had the potential to be one of our best players but at this moment in time he’d hardly be missed. Not sure how much the club want for him but I can’t see him fetching much more than his original fee as he’s not being playing.

  4. There’s a new blog up, Paul67 hasn’t posted that there is a new blog uo and running.

  5. Might be true that Paul67 but the art of conducting your business behind closed doors professionally should be timeless. I think we all get it, bleating about it so publicly is what pees me off. The same reason I fell out of love for the big snake Rodgers.

  6. quadrophenian on

    Like I said P67 – you can’t settle on a stepping stone. We fans (and big fans) dont think CFC is one.


    But we are.


    Our very business model pitches that fact to the Dembeles (past and future), the Odsonnes and – if his form’s as quick as his petulant lip – the Ntcham. And on facts Olli – you’ve been bang average for months mate.

  7. quadrophenian on

    PS: I wonder if other teams’ scouts read fan blogs as part of their player evaluation?



    Would explain the party line defence of a guy who claims his shiphouse performances are due to his being too good for the entire league.



    I think he’s genuinely an 8mill player – if he sorts his head out.

  8. Does K.T. come under :



    (a) They are not here because their Irish grannie told them tales about Charlie Tully.


    (b) Celtic provides lots of glory and money .


    (c) But there are bigger paydays .


    (d) All but the very few will chase the money .


    (e) Test themselves in a tougher environment.



    And will we say “that’s football”

  9. Quadrophenian


    I was at St Joseph’s PS also. My time at Holy Cross was from 67 (a very fine year, as I recall) to 72.



  10. OLDTIM…



    Catch up with you soon, long time no see. ☘️☘️



    HT&MINX you will have many more, it was a joy to watch how you dote on each other.👍☘️☘️





    Hoping to make the convention in Toronto with my bhoy, I’ve family in Islington that I haven’t seen in years and meeting up again with your goodself would be grand. 👍☘️☘️

  11. quadrophenian on



    I was arriving at St Joe’s as you departed. We were eventually bussed to Paisley for secondary.


    Met a guy who played pro AFL downunder – Sean White (now dec.) – also went to St Joes for a few years.


    Small world. HH

  12. weebobbycollins on

    Gerrybhoy….was Pierce the teacher with the wee slim moustache that looked more like an eyebrow that had slipped down for a drink?


    And McCarthy…was he not always popping into the cupboard for a fag?

  13. TheLurkinTim on

    Let me speculate on yer speculation…lol…fannies…and that’s this windae so far…mibbe lol

  14. Are Holyrood Bhoys allowed on the blog



    If Ntcham had been bossing the SPL then I would have some sympathy with his comments about the standard.


    So Olivier if you do stay start showing the difference in class that you believe you are.

  15. Quadrophenian


    All 4 of my siblings also went to St Joseph’s. We lived on the (then) Lanarkshire side of the River Cart, and all of them went to St Bride’s in EK, which turned Comprehensive the year after I went to Holy Cross. One brother now down under in Mount Eliza on the Mornington Peninsula. I imagine that you lived on the Renfrewshire side of the Cart, thus being bussed to Paisley (as per CRC of this parish) – that would have been nearer for me than Hamilton, but not as close as Holyrood! Small world indeed.



  16. TEUCHTER ÁR LÁ on 7TH JULY 2019 11:56 AM





    Did you ever know Paddy Farrell from Grangemooth? Pal of my dad’s from the sixties.





    The name rings a bell, But my memory is defunked now,He could have been a friend if he drank a lot in those days,I was a frequent visitor to all the pubs in Grangemouth,so probably had a drink with him back then, A party has been arranged for a drink or three next Saturday in Glasgow and your welcome to join us,if your in town,Starts in the B?V until around 7pm and ends up 10yards across the road until the pub closes,or when we get told to leave,they’ve booked a room that holds 100 people.




    Hamilton Tim, and the Hinx.congratulations on your anniversary I can’t remember which one,but glad you are both hooked up together still, By the way this post is also an invite to my 80th anniversary, well birthday party, come,





    You also.

  17. WEEBOBBYCOLLINS on 7TH JULY 2019 1:13 PM


    Gerrybhoy….was Pierce the teacher with the wee slim moustache that looked more like an eyebrow that had slipped down for a drink?





    And McCarthy…was he not always popping into the cupboard for a fag?



    Spot on! On both counts :))



    Since we seem to have started a sub-blog dealing with schooldays, I was wondering if there were any CQN’rs from Clydebank who had to travel on the train every day to St Pat’s?


    Or, perhaps they have they all gone to the BIG Secondary in the Sky?


    Hail! Hail!






  19. I assume Turnbull was the replacement for Ntcham



    I wonder if we will ever find out what happened with the mythical Marvin Compper…

  20. I’m still hoping we get Tommy Smith from Huddersfield as RB.



    A captain, a leader and a solid pro. He would be a snip at £3 to £4m but his wages may be an issue.



    Team for Tuesday night






    Ralston Ajer Simunovic (hopefully) Hayes



    McGregor Brown



    Forrest Johnston Shved







    Subs to be used : Griffiths, Sinclair & Bitton or Henderson

  21. Sipsini


    Fantastic mate, keep me posted.


    It’ll be great to catch up.




    Paddy worked with my dad in the BP refinery and was a great Celtic man.



  22. quadrophenian on



    Your reading of the sectarian allocations and burghs seems spot on.


    And even smaller world from yr post: funnily ’nuff, Ms Quadro and I were in yer brother’s manor yesterday. A coffee stop in Poppy’s Cafe – sun trap; 19 degrees, nae wind. Long way from St Joe’s – life is fine.


    Especially if we get a new RB!

  23. Holy cross was indeed a fine school as was hamilton academy. Two top schools in hamilton.


    The language department at holy cross was immense. Students could study English, Latin, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Greek and Russian.


    Can any other school match this achievement?

  24. TAL


    Re Celtic bar in Arranmore circa 1971, I asked my older brother and my pal of island descent none of them knew of a Celtic bar. There are five pubs Earlys ,Neillys The Glen ,Phil Banns and the Atlantic bar. The Atlantic bar overlooks Aphort strand and was run for years by a big Celtic fan Tony Cox from Belfast and would have had a lot of Celtic photos,so possibly the one you remember. Burtonport is where my my Mums amply from and I still have a lot off elations there.HH

  25. Ntcham is also making sure any fee Celtic receive will be less, I have no sympathy for a rich kid wanting to get richer and using its too easy here as the reason, his form for Celtic was woeful last year , I dont get the power bit about his play he looked to hang back plenty, maybe just his atttitude on show, good riddance.

  26. Good school debate



    I regularly dogged Our Lady’s High, Motherwell between the years of 1983 to 1988



    Teachers I remember…



    Big Bonnyman



    And Geoghan the woodwork teacher



    That’s it until someone jogs my memory.






    When’s your do… would love to do ‘the impossible’ and buy you a drink…



    You and Martin42 (still standing for the champions) are guys I will never tire listening too



    Hail Hail




  27. Westcraigs


    Aye, but. Latin was a compulsory subject in 1st and 2nd years. Thereafter not so. One of my main problems at Holy Cross, and a major reason for dogging off, was that there was only one teacher for Italian, and as a then student of said language, it was programmed at the same time as double French, so I had to leave half way through to go to the other one, to the detriment of both subjects. Needless to say, I got pretty peeved with that, which was a shame since I really enjoyed both. You are correct in the range of languages available, I think Holy Cross was either the only school, or one of two, which offered Italian at that time. Plenty of high quality aggro with Hamilton Academy kids too then…



  28. That Ntcham imposter should be banished with immediate effect.



    A distinctly average footballer, a disruptive influence , and a bad apple if ever there was one.



    HH. 🍀