On Griffiths


Leigh Griffiths problems are significant enough for him to be sent home from the club’s training camp.  While no charges have been made and none may be made, online speculation can jeopardise a successful prosecution.

Whatever you heard happened, this is not the place to repeat hearsay.  Notwithstanding that, it is likely the end of the road for Leigh.

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  1. It was a mistake to extend his contract ( so obviously a mistake that judgement at Celtic can once again be questioned…)



    It’s now imperative our CEO protects the Club. It’s also imperative that we get another striker in.



    One can only wonder would Wyke now be a Celtic play had this story broke last week…




    Get a move on, Celtic.

  2. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Hope we don’t have to pay him another penny.



    Terrible judgement all round.

  3. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    “it is likely the end of the road for Leigh”



    I suspect Paul is either ….



    speculating based on his general awareness of the Celtic machine






    Has a specific “in”




    Irrespective, when a person’s behaviour, conduct, performance has already split opinion ….



    …. that person’s detractors are galvanized (not unreasonably) by this stuff …



    … while one’s supporters begin to lose some of the faith and trust that partly underpinned their support.



    My opinion doesn’t count for much but, for what it’s worth, I was in the latter camp until now.



    But this latest “situation” has just about done it for me.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  4. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Should never have been given a new contract in the first place. With a huge rebuild to be done the last thing you need is a high maintenance player.


    Three years ago this guy was third choice striker in a team that wasn’t good enough to be competing in Europe and needed improving. That he has gone backwards but ended up second choice is a measure of how far we have fallen.


    Had hoped the bad decisions may have left the building with Lowball and Lennon. Poor start in the first week of the new regime.




    But this latest “situation” has just about done it for me.”





    I am surprised that a good guy like yourself would pre-judge on this matter.

  6. LG — Huge talent but no level of self control.



    Compare and contrast with BoJo — no talent and even less self control.


    Or closer to home — the darts fan that is AMcN / “3 in a bed” — still stealing a wage by all accounts.


    We will now all seek to beat LG with a fervour that would embarrass Pavlov’s dog.



    The guy was never CFC class but it was for a long time it was all seemingly a good laugh.


    To be fair we encouraged him — all the jokes about him needing a bus for the school run …


    … the 4×4 chat / comments even though it showed him to be somewhat detached from reality.



    No fan of LG but the wave of condemnation / pitchforks is all a bit knee jerk.


    He was an erse / he is an erse but what should society do?


    We need to find a constructive way forward.

  7. Bottom line is that all he is guilty of is poor judgement, poor taste and stupidity. Nothing in the messages is criminal and there will be no case to answer at the end of the Police investigation.



    Everyone involved in offering him a new deal knew they were dealing with someone who, on the intelligence scale, fluctuated between “a bit of an idiot” and “an absolute dick” so there should be no “quelle surprise” at his latest indiscretion. It was always just a matter of time and “what will he do this time?”



    Stupid is a s stupid does. No more, no less. As MM says, put away the pitchforks and question why he was given a new contract.




  8. AN DÚN on 8TH JULY 2021 12:22 PM


    ‘It was a mistake to extend his contract’






    That would depend on the contract terms.



    A low basic wage with performance related bonuses would have been a cost effective solution, even if only as a backup when injuries and suspensions start to take their toll on the squad.



    I don’t recall anyone predicting this specific outcome, so I don’t think it’s fair to use what has happened to blame anyone at Celtic for keeping him on.

  9. Garngad to Croy on

    The fact that LG was given a new contract , shows how desperate the recruitment is at Celtic. Anyone Everyone?

  10. The LG situation — bringing up vague memories of the 5 / 7 years ago.


    Older men getting involved with teenage girls.



    1) Footballer gets slaughtered in full public view.


    From memory he was in full trouser snake mode and deserved all he got.


    Career finished possibly banged up.



    2) Finance guy gets a very measured trial by a thoughtful judge full of excuses.


    Including the classic scenario — she was a big unit / well turned out / good hair and make up.


    Got done but the sentencing was feather duster light with talk about him resuming his career.



    Scenario two was worse than scenario one — English justice for you.

  11. MADMITCH on 8TH JULY 2021 12:44 PM


    LG — Huge talent but no level of self control.







    Compare and contrast with BoJo — no talent and even less self control.







    Don’t underestimate BoJo . He has a tremendous talent for self promotion. He also has enormous amount of self control when it comes to pursuing his own interests.



    But like LG he has no moral compass.

  12. Rolling_Stone on

    Two years in a row Griff will miss pre-season and some important European qualifiers – who said he is not reliable? Like clockwork, the Griff will let you down.

  13. EL @ 12.59



    BoJo has talent only because too many cap doffers watch the his music hall act and believe it to be some sort of reality.



    He has no talent for dealing with reality only inventing a hyper-reality that others want to believe.



    His current jab antics has the same credibility as NC / Lord H claiming credit for D Day.


    The issue now is that too many just go with the message grid and don’t ask questions.

  14. I can imagine several scenarios when, if we had punted the errant shredded-wheat heid, at the start of the season, a season when we are criminally short of firepower and manpower anyway that Big Dom AP and the gang would be pilloried for not being smart enough to keep “Shreddie”…..while we secured better…………..



    (If we treat everyone like adults, its upto them to behave……or not. It makes management much easier.)




  15. Andy Patons Mullet on

    We but can only surmise.. LG meet AP – discuss past problems, says he’s good and will knuckle down and show his worth – focused etc then this happens. Trust goes out the window and AP loses all respect and trust in LG – red carded. Sad way for it too end but only himself to blame.

  16. Hi Celts.



    As many of you will know Macjay,John McGowan,who used to post regularly on Cqn.



    i contacted SydneyCsc who have been in touch with johns daughter Marie Christine.




    Johns remains and final mass is from St.Leo the Great in Beech Avenue Dumbreck,on his birthday on 14th of July.




    If anyone would like to donate for flowers/wreath then they can do so to :-



    Walk With Shay 80-22-60; 15326765.



    If its ok i will pause it on the 12th so something can be organised for 14th



    The mass time and arrangements have still to be finalised and i will keep you good Celts informed.A special thanks to MarcCrc for his help.



    John McGowan.Macjay Rip





  17. Can we sack him though? If not then it’s a payoff. That’s when the contract offer becomes risible, por cierto

  18. How so many Celtic fans “forgave” LG for his behaviour during close season last year is beyond me.



    A professional athlete who cant be trusted to get n shape for the most important season in a generation should be nowhere near good enough for Celtic.



    His brief cameos last season were mostly cringeworthy. First touch completely gone



    On a solely sporting judgement, he should have been shipped out some time ago and it was a mistake by Ange to sanction any kind of contract, if indeed he did.



    Not even going to comment on the latest allegations.

  19. Mental health is the game changer tho’ – we make these young wans millionaires overnight – there is a duty of care and responsibilities on each side – I presume thats how contracts work. He may not have behaved professionally but we need to treat all the staff professionally, naw?

  20. prestonpans bhoys on

    Always expect the unexpected from Griffs however don’t know what it is to do with Police Scotland unless they carry jurisdiction in Wales!

  21. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    HOT SMOKED @ 12:43 PM



    Replying to my earlier ….



    But this latest “situation” has just about done it for me.”






    I am surprised that a good guy like yourself would pre-judge on this matter.





    Hot Smoked – cheers.



    Perfectly reasonable challenge.



    It was for this reason I deliberately chose “situation” rather than “event”.



    None of us know what happened.



    What we do know


    – There is an investigation


    – Leigh has left the training camp


    – Leigh has previous in his personal life



    Entirely possible nowt happened.



    But this flies around a cowpat stuff.



    And a distraction Ange doesn’t need.



    My previous stance that accommodating Leigh and his baggage was borderline.



    This has flipped me.

  22. Lhads – most of the time management is about handling the odd wans…………most folks get with the programme and straighten up and fly right………requiring nothing more than a light hand on the tiller……….


    freeing up management time to concentrate on big stuff and future stuff.



    Our Tunnocks muncher……….? On what is in the public domain….is he that much different from previous mercurial talents….Hooped or otherwise?



    When all’s known, thats the time for the Judge’n’Jury stuff.

  23. Pakistan 46 for 4 in the 10th of 50 overs against a second choice England xi



    Cricket quick news

  24. Back to the football — yesterday showed a way forward.



    Desperately need to get the youths / reserve teams more games / more competitive games.


    Also more publicity / public engagement / public profile.



    Some good performances — some need to up their game.


    Contrast between Team 1 and Team 2 was quite stark.



    1) = Tough tackling midfield.


    2) = MF better going forward but a bit soft / little protection of the CBs.



    Hope we give the L(F)H more game time — looked a prospect.


    Should give DM — 90 minute man — a target to aim at.


    Also SW looked good.

  25. Can’t believe the AP negativity.



    There are two thousand people in world football who could do a much better job than NL / 2021 vintage.


    He is well up that list and offers hope for the coming season.



    Consequently interested to see how things progress.


    We have enough talent at the club to win the upcoming CL qualifier.


    Just a case we have the lost 36 months since PL took over control of the squad.

  26. Rolling_Stone on

    It’s amazing to see the unwavering support for the Griff from some. I wonder why Ntcham, Eddy etc have not been supported so resolutely?



    Irrespective of whether a crime has been committed, it is still another indiscretion from our cheeky chappy and is, whether people like it or not, an internal disciplinary matter now.



    Being a Scottish ned does seem to go a long way with some.



    I imagine we will be taking employment law advice and hopefully it enables us to terminate his employment.



    After all, he is only here because of the strong and stable (to quote our ex-PM) foundations our ex Master of the Universe left behind when he got his golden handshake and sailed off into the sun / left for Geneva.

  27. and to think how much the club supported this guy in his time of need only for it all to be thrown back in their faces , a complete and utter waster and that’s being generous.

  28. I don’t recall anyone predicting this specific outcome, so I don’t think it’s fair to use what has happened to blame anyone at Celtic for keeping him on.





    Ernie, this is nonsense.



    While no one predicted this particular story breaking, many raised the issue of Griff’s reliability. His character forms part of that assessment.



    8 full games in 3 seasons should have left no one in any doubt about Griff’s reliability.



    Like Dubai, the Celtic decision makers couldn’t foresee what was a clearly an unnecessary risk at best.



    From a football point of view, we’re lucky Griff has blown up before the transfer deadline. We con now rectify our mistake without too much pain.

  29. AN DÚN on 8TH JULY 2021 12:22 PM



    One can only wonder would Wyke now be a Celtic play had this story broke last week…






    Possibly the only positive legacy from handing Griffith’s a new contract

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