Outdoor activities are not the problem


Infection rate sources were released from the clutches of politicians and given to the public yesterday (for England, from 9-15 Nov.).  Supermarkets: 18.3%, schools, 22.8%, hospitals: 3.6%, care homes: 2.8%….. pubs, restaurants, cafes and hospitality combined: 4.1%

The list took account for every sector that recorded 1% of the total, there was not a single outdoor activity noted.  The nations’ sports fields have been busy, taxis, buses and trains have been in use, without troubling the total.  Churches did not get a mention, either.

Outdoor activities are not the problem.  Distanced and monitored football attendance can open safely after 11 December.

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  1. Jamesgang @ 6:19pm


    I was thinking very much along the same lines.



    I award you an A* for your shark analogy :-)

  2. Celticrollercoaster supporting The Walk With Shay Legacy Fund on

    That was a party political broadcast on behalf of the……

  3. I posed the question earlier re football fans being indoors or outdoors earlier.



    I suspect Ernie was correct in describing stadia as being substantially enclosed.



    Smoking ban in NHS car parks is not an exact comparison as this is more to do with the optics. Smoking in other car parks is permitted.



    Whilst Celtic park is a place of work, all outdoor space could be considered the workplace of someone- postie, refuse collector, gardener.



    In summary – I think it’s over simplifying the argument to describe football supporters as being outdoors.



    This is before travel, local authority boundaries and teas and toilets are considered.



    For the record, I am keen for fans to return to the football. However, i believ we should concentrate on that we can influence.



    Signings and tactics seem good places to start.

  4. BSR 🙏



    HotSmoked – thanks teach!



    Stay safe Tims. There’s light at the end of the tunnel. Just need to stay patient.



    HH jg



    That was a party political broadcast on behalf of the……



    alright victor.






    there was an excellent programme on last night about how the early progression of the virus happened.


    factual, not fanciful.



    it included highlighing the outbreak and spikes between madrid and liverpool due to the incoming travellewrs for the football, all very obvious things, if you are in close proximity indoors or ourdorrs to someone with the virus for 90 minutes at the match , plus the social before and after well it is obvious what happens.



    now i didnt comment today on the “Outdoor activities are not the problem.”, because neither are they safe.



    It must be a coincidence that since cruice ships stopped sailing and dont allow people on them that they are not on the “places you catch the virus ” list.



    bizarre argument put up.

  6. Keep them coming, friends… ;-)


    JOBO BALDIE on 20TH NOVEMBER 2020 4:04 PM


    For those of you who have had the joy of watching this year’s Celtic Christmas Video you can vote for your 3 best actors to me at CQNPOTY@GMAIL.COM but you must do so before 9pm tonight (Friday) as I then need to get the systems organised for tomorrow’s game against Hibs.


    Video – https://fb.watch/1TcZVYyrqi/

  7. ps …………..



    The list took account for every sector that recorded 1% of the total, there was not a single outdoor activity noted. The nations’ sports fields have been busy, taxis, buses and trains have been in use, without troubling the total. Churches did not get a mention, either.







    P67 starts to build a case for not only is it ok to attend a stadium, but you can go on public transport



    just avoid the supermarkets, and the schools,



    we will all be alright.

  8. I don`t usually watch live football on TV ( even Celtic ) but for some strange reason I feel like watching The Pars v The Jambos. I fancy a draw.


    Cheerio for now.

  9. The argument used to close down hospitality was that x amount of people visited then then caught the virus.


    It was and is a blatent play on figures



    The very same arguement can be used against supermarkets.



    I was in Glasgow today. The roads , streets, cafes and shops were mobbed. There were loads of people doing shopping before the state curfew.



    Many more people converged on Glasgow today in an uncontrolled government orientated rush than would ever attend Parkhead in a planned and controlled attendance.



    We could easily take the risk down to as low as reasonably practicable, that was not the case today.

  10. Greenpiñata



    The increased restrictions are due in part to people ignoring or bending previous rules.



    The fact that these behaviours ‘spike’ before the increased restrictions reflects on the people themselves. Not on the rules. Not on the scientists. And not on any politician or official.



    It’s a largely airborne virus. It thrives on human interaction. The sooner we stay in, the sooner we get back out again.



    Stay safe



    HH jg

  11. Big Bitton. Honest pro but he’s rank – looks okay against wee Angus from Ross county etc, but constantly found out with the long ball over, or a pacy shitey winger down the wing. Nae turn of pace, positionally all at sea…



    Honestly fck knows why a sizeable section think he’s decent. As I say and with all due respect to everyone, absolute gash.

  12. Watching the fragrant Celtic ladies v Hibs on Alba.Definitely second best so far,football wise in the 1st half,but 4-1 up.The Celtic keeper is around 3 foot 4 with her high heels on.Hibs goal was a penalty.We had around 234 chances to clear the ball,but instead decided to give a penalty away.Now 5-1,right on HT.Finishing,deadly.

  13. Jamesgang,



    Thankyou for your reply. I just feel that that the control measures of the virus are more damaging than the virus itself. This is especially true to the younger generation who will have to pay the financial price for many years not to mention the mental health implications.



    I know of persons at Glasgow university hall of residence who have been told they have the virus. They are actually quite relieved as they are isolating anyway and subsequently won’t take it home for Christmas.



    Schools are a hotspot, of that there is little doubt. The authorities also know that but have calculated that there is virtually no risk to children. That is why the schools and universities are still open.



    Protect the most vulnerable, take all reasonable precautions but remove curfews and prohibitions.



    People are still dying of flu, and yet we have a vaccine.


    The most vulnerable will still be vulnerable even with a jag.



    Statistically going to a controlled game at Parkhead will pose lesser risk than a visit to the supermarket, definitely a lower risk than a packed out city centre.



    Cheers and HH my friend. Stay safe, live long and prosper.

  14. IL PADRINO,,


    Your post on Nir Biton,is an excellent arguement opposing the widely held belief,that everyone is entitled to an opinion.Why you would think that on a Friday night,before a massive game for us tomorrow,its smart to come on the blog ,and slaughter a Celtic player,is anyone’s guess.


    You must feel so fulfilled.

  15. Reading back during half time,I must congratulateu,Ernie,and SFTBs,for exhuming,and bringing back,that old CQN favorite,Pseuds Corner.


    Very well played you chaps.

  16. Greenpiñata



    The measures are sadly quite blunt tools. And there are no good restrictions, only a hope we get a blend of the least bad/most effective ones.




    I see you highlight the flu. Typically we neglect its risk every winter, with fatal consequences. The potential Covid jags seem to offer good efficacy to older people. This is unlike most others and so to be welcomed.



    Like most additional challenges, the most vulnerable are hit hardest. The young will bounce back pretty swiftly I hope. Those with missed cancer diagnosis, etc tragically less so.



    The economy? It’s all just numbers, created by the banks. Nations run huge debts like a coke fiend with a stolen credit card. But boris has found new money today for more bombs. Hopefully one day, we’ll pay to support bairns instead.



    You too stay safe. I mean that.



    HH jg

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