Partnering Kelvin Wilson


After a couple of days away from the computer I caught up with the Ben Nevis Huddle photographs, magnificent achievement to everyone involved.  Our 1254125 project is in good hands.  I’d no idea there would be snow at the top of the mountain in June.

Have you bought your ticket for the Lions Roar event at the Kerrydale Suite on Friday evening.  It will be a great opportunity to watch the Lisbon game in the company of the Lions and enjoy a Question and Answer session afterwards.  There will also be a chance to get your picture taken, so get along.

Accurate news broke today that Celtic are in the market for a central defender.  We are not short of cover in this area of the team but no one has made an irrefutable claim for a place to partner Kelvin Wilson.

As we have often said, successful defending can only be done by a unit, not an individual, but unsuccessful defending by be achieved by anyone.  As ever, let’s hope Neil gets his first choice.

If you are still to renew your season ticket sign up for 1254125 at the same time – it’s every bit as important a part of being a Celtic fan as watching football.  If you’ve already renewed, get back and register.

You can buy Willie Wallace’ autobiography below:

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  1. Dick Byrne


    18:48 on


    17 June, 2013


    Yeez can stick your Stone Roses & Bruce Springsteens up yer collective fundaments. I’m going to see Daniel Kitson tonight.




    Pure ragin …..got all their albums and nae ticket for the night.:O(

  2. Third Lanark were known as the ‘Hi-Hi’.



    If Hearts and The Rangers merged in some diabolical liquidation pact they could be known as the ‘Hun-Hun’.

  3. The Boy Jinky on

    Winning captains



    Im up for a cqn table… but can I get a seat too ;)



    So bhoys n ghirls … the Glasgow huns went bust…. the embra huns went bust. .. whats the odds on the ayrshire huns doing the treble

  4. Bada Bing



    You going tomorrow night? Big G and (english lessons) will be En Vogue


    5 a cloak.hh

  5. Think I will watch the Nigeria v Tahiti match tonight.



    Never thought I would say that.



    Efe should stroll through the game – right?!




  6. stevenagebhoy on

    #FCGroningen defender Virgil van Dijk also believed to have a medical booked at #Celtic this week. Too good for the #SPL in my opinion. Dutch journo






    Virgil; now that name takes me back. Lets have the Thunderbirds theme when our Virgil powers a header in from a Mulgrew corner

  7. Thomas Kenny @FRvoetbalTom


    #FCGroningen defender Virgil van Dijk also believed to have a medical booked at #Celtic this week. Too good for the #SPL in my opinion.

  8. leftclicktic on

    The Boy Jinky


    Every time I think of Hearts players I think of your cup story the other night.



  9. leftclicktic on



    Advice needed :))


    Where is the closest (safest) place to park tomorrow, mate taking car and we are walking last bit to Hundump

  10. Several of the Nigerian players blessing themselves as they come on to the pitch!



    Would never catch on in Scotland.




  11. Last time I parked at concert was Kingshouse ave Kingspark,usually a few spaces around


    there 5 mins walk to Hampden and easy access to ole Ruglen along kingspark ave


    or go right along Kingsbridge to bankhead rd down the rodeo drive of the southside


    Ruglen Main st.hh

  12. Jambos should be delighted. According to all the zombies I knew, they were delighted when they went into administration as it wiped their debt and meant they would have hunners of millions in the bank after a season or two…

  13. 'crushed nuts?' 'Naw, Layringitis!' on

    Deidco- administration – liquidation – transubstantiation!


    Hearts- – administration – liquidation – elimination!

  14. Via twitter from previous post.



    Been through this with the cretins. Apparently clubs don’t have company numbers.



    But Clubs that became companies in order to trade, registered and offered shares, do (or did in this case) ;^)

  15. The Boy Jinky on




    Hearts players had same infliction as kyle bartley after supping from the cup

  16. Fine initiative in Warsaw, on Legia stadium.


    Two Celtic players in the past among special guests.


    Dariusz Dziekanowski was one of the organizers of World Championship of orphans and abandoned children.


    Lubomir Moravcik was another one who came as a guest.


    Dziekanowski said: when I called Lubo and told him about idea, he said: “of course I will be there”.


    Another fine player who was special guest was Lukasz Podolski. He was just in Poland spending holidays in his family house.


    Few other who Dziekanowski invited:


    Quinton Fortune (Manchester United)


    Florin Radociou (A.C. Milan),


    Massimo Bonini (Juventus F.C.)


    Siarhieja Alejnikau (Juventus F.C.)



    If you want to see how Dziekanowski looks after couple of years since he played for Celtic, open file 1, or 3, or 4.




  17. Weeminger


    I’ll give you that. I was thinking more of the licence given to Rangers by the SFA to avoid troublesome rules before they even entered administration.



    I thought the CF revelations would have provoked more comment but perhaps by now the fact that we know what we always suspected to be true has turned out to be true has lost its capacity to shock.



    Odd given the cost to Celtic and the duplicity of Rangers, the SFA and the media.

  18. What is the Stars on

    Havent Hearts been punished enough


    Is there no end to the evil machinations of the unseen fenian hand

  19. I forgot.


    Lubomir Moravcik is one of two candidates for Slovakia National Team new coach.

  20. Hi ghuys


    Two thoughts!



    Now we know that Hertzco really are huns without the busfare



    And….. They shouldnt worry anyway because their 400 million worldwide fan base will rally round to save them…surely.










  21. down the rodeo drive of the southside


    Ruglen Main st.hh






    there is ample parking just between the gucci and tiffany stores

  22. i have taken Nigeria to win 9,10 or 11 nothing,starting to think it could be more :-))

  23. Auldheid,


    Re your response to weeminger.


    I share your thoughts about the apparent lack of interest in what looks like the “smoking gun” on the subject of the 2011 UEFA licence awarded to rangers.


    Agree there may be an element of it all just being confirmation of something we already knew (or maybe the football version of compassion fatigue….or in this case laughing your head off fatigue)


    However,you would think/hope that the custodians of our club (and Kilmarnock who also lost out iirc) would be taking an interest.


    Do you happen to know if anyone at Celtic FC have been made aware of this stuff?


    Maybe Paul67 could fill us in if he is aware?



    From the outset you have been like the proverbial “dug wi’ a bone” on this topic.


    I sincerely hope justice is done and you get the plaudits you deserve

  24. unionbearbhind





    Thanks for sharing this link.



    I took part and it’s an experience I will never forget. More than a club, more than a support.



    Walking like John Wayne today though!