Partnering Kelvin Wilson


After a couple of days away from the computer I caught up with the Ben Nevis Huddle photographs, magnificent achievement to everyone involved.  Our 1254125 project is in good hands.  I’d no idea there would be snow at the top of the mountain in June.

Have you bought your ticket for the Lions Roar event at the Kerrydale Suite on Friday evening.  It will be a great opportunity to watch the Lisbon game in the company of the Lions and enjoy a Question and Answer session afterwards.  There will also be a chance to get your picture taken, so get along.

Accurate news broke today that Celtic are in the market for a central defender.  We are not short of cover in this area of the team but no one has made an irrefutable claim for a place to partner Kelvin Wilson.

As we have often said, successful defending can only be done by a unit, not an individual, but unsuccessful defending by be achieved by anyone.  As ever, let’s hope Neil gets his first choice.

If you are still to renew your season ticket sign up for 1254125 at the same time – it’s every bit as important a part of being a Celtic fan as watching football.  If you’ve already renewed, get back and register.

You can buy Willie Wallace’ autobiography below:

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  1. leftclicktic on

    From twitter



    Hearing #Sevco and the #WeeHuns are amalgamating… Hearts of Midlothian Rangers Club… HMRC for Short ;)

  2. leftclicktic on

    Going by his success rate as an administrator at football clubs yon Cambell Ogilvie will never find work again……..


    Oh wait!!!

  3. Just found Sally’s worldwide scouting dossier and his plans for the way forward…



    “buy Hertz players fur nuthing!”




  4. Marrakesh Express on

    Not a mention of football from any Sevcodger in my work for about 6 months….until today when one couldnt hide his joy at their wee cousins joining them.


    Its the old psychology of feeling a bit better when someone else is suffering.


    Desperate’s the word.




  5. OldHearts, BrokenHearts, NewHearts, SevcoHearts, SevcoScotlandHearts, SonOfHearts, …




    Will be interesting to see if it’s a Duff n Duffer admin or a normal, everyday one.



    Will the SFA be doing their contortionist act?



    Will the media be wringing their hands over the whole affair?



    We all know the answers to those questions…

  6. At the start of the season I was told by an old timer the only way this year could get better is if hearts follow follow their mentors, I know at least one old timer who will be cock a hoop tonight

  7. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    roy croppie



    17:33 on 17 June, 2013




  8. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    What can you say about the baby huns ?



    Once upon a time there was light in my life


    But now there’s only Celts on the park


    Nothing I can say ………

  9. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Is that Hearts int administration ..?

  10. Gordon_j – as an attendee on Saturday I can confirm the accuracy of the papers reviews…


    Guessing it’ll be Born to Run tomorrow.

  11. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    BT, I gave you the wrong addy suffix last night. Can you please resend to acgr@hotmail.co.uk



    I,ve spoken with my bro and he,s up for joining me at T,s event in August



    Fanx + H2

  12. Will shed no tears for the Jambos . None at all.



    Surely their brothers at Sevco will be ready to pounce with cut price offers they can’t afford for some of the Jambos .



    On Deidco shops…..Falkirk had one a few years back and I honestly thought it would do well given the propensity of your average Falkirk punter . But no, closed after a year and me and me boss were out taking photos as they boarded it up.



    Little did we realise it was a wee snapshot of what was to happen a few years later.




  13. ABZMike,



    I have a feeling we will get Born In The USA … Born To Run would be much better although I’m not a fan of whole albums played live. I prefer not knowing exactly what the next bunch of songs well be, especially with someone like Bruce who switches set lists around all the time.

  14. ABZMike


    17:14 on


    17 June, 2013


    mighty tim – At Wembley he was on at 7.20, albeit with a 10.35 finish to meet the curfew. I doubt if Hampden will let the show go past 11pm, so I’d expect him onstage by 7.45 – You don’t want to miss the start!



    I would not miss the start for anything mate.




  15. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    17:58 on 17 June, 2013



    Add me to that list…….LOL

  16. channelislandcelt on

    Aberdeen FC had a goalscoring hero in the early ’70s. He was nicknamed Cup-tie McKay !



    STV have a Zombie reading the news called Blue -tie McKay :0)




  17. I wonder if ther’s a link?mmm


    Rankers.sfa .herts ..??ogilvie what a job he’s done! Flats flats glorious flats..


    Ah well thats another song fekd..


    Bring on the herts the hibs an rankers…haahaaa just hibs then..


    Can of stella opened and enjoying hearing that news..jelly n icecream anyone h.h

  18. Living and working in Groningen I have been making a few enquiries about young Virgil van Dijk. As I already mentioned none of my Groningen FC supporting colleagues have any negative things to say about the young guy in fact most believe he will be a regular in the Dutch squad before long. However the majority think a move to Celtic will only hinder his progression surprising that they would rather see him at Ajax than Celtic.


    As with the transfer of another of Groningen FC’s young talent to Aston Villa I hope a game in Groningen is part of the transfer package. They have a brand new stadium and Groningen is a great party town.

  19. valentinesday on

    It’s all Rod Petrie’s fault…..I hid nae sympathy


    for the hun and will hiv nane for the diet’s.

  20. Re the opening of a Zombie FC shop in Belfast. I await the unveiling of the new Zombie second strip. Could it be an all Orange kit??




  21. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Rangers, Thatcher and Hearts



    if it can be



    SFA, Rangers, Thatcher and Hearts …. then its going to be up there with 1967



    A glorious summer.




  22. Chilterns Celt on

    If anyone here is ‘seldomsober’ (and I expect many could lay claim to it!) then thank you for your sponsorship – it is very much appreciated.



    Doing 125 (miles) 4 125…



    HH – CC

  23. twists n turns on



    I frequent Groningen a lot. Lively place …down to the university I guess?

  24. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    We stand by the riverbank and watch the bodies of our enemies float by.



    Bring on the Hibs……… errr that’s all folks.

  25. How good is a bit of Karma?


    What goes around comes around ?






    For every fiver Celtic spend we’ll spend a tenner.






    Wallace Mercer mounts plan which will obliterate Hibs.






    Disgusting , vile and bigoted following who glorify sectarian singing, wrecking Scottish , English and European towns/cities.






    Disgusting, vile & bigoted following who glorify sectarian singing, attacking Neil Lennon & polluting a minutes silence for His Holiness , the Pope.






    Administered by the EBT king Campbell










    May they both rot in hell

  26. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Hertz – on the plus side Swinecastle is not riddled with asbestos and the land is worth a bob or two for redevelopment.



    I’ll give them credit for at least trying to deal with the situation instead of blaming everyone else for their problems.

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