Pat McCluskey, one of the 44


Pat McCluskey, who died yesterday, was one of the 44 players who won nine-in-a-row first time around.  He was from a generation of Celtic players who returned to the club when their careers ended, as fans and in other capacities.

Pat was a popular figure on for Supporters’ Nights, where he would share tales of how it was in those other glory years and give his take on current events.  Celtic players are different today.  For a start, few come from the neighbourhood and many live elsewhere after leaving football.  The loss of Pat’s generation will not be easily filled by those able and prepared to give up their evenings to meet fans.

My earliest memories of Celtic are patchy; mostly of big crowds and travelling to and from games, without specific memories of the games themselves.  The Scottish Cup Final in 1975 was different.  Hampden in the sun, Paul Wilson (twice) and Pat with the goals, now both sadly lost.  I know for sure that Pat’s penalty and Paul’s headers are the earliest goals I remember.  That was the first team I knew well and could recall effortlessly (I got it wrong when I tried this morning: Steve Murray!!).

Celtic pivoted that season, nine years of unfettered success ended.  Billy McNeill retired and Jock released Jimmy Johnstone, but Pat, Paul, Billy and the others made sure there were no mistakes against Oldco Airdrieoneans in the final.

Pat is a part of our rich history. Our sympathies to his family and friends.

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  1. I concur Turkeybhoy – transfer window all very Celtic and in parallel we create the same risk each season with the real possibility of a Bitton (again) at CH, an SPFL-level left back, a midfield system that still doesn’t function and probably 1 up front again.



    We create unnecessary risk against savvy, decent european teams who then see our our failings. I’d expect the Hungarians to target our lack of pace in central midfield and LB, allow Brown all the time in the world to pass sideways and double up on Eddie up front.



    We need to get our passing game in early and stretch them or it will be a nervy night.



    Celtic 2 – 1 Ferencvaros

  2. FRIESDORFER – lol.


    He was always a decent ghuy to the kids of every hue and team and, again, I clearly remember him telling an 9/10 yr old me – in hushed, conspiratorial, beery tones – “We kaffliks must stick the gither”. Fond memories.



    31003 – with you on GT. HH

  3. 31003,



    I honestly don’t know what some fans see when watching players.Taylor is forever making runs,looking for the through ball or pulling defenders with him,always available for a pass.I bet Calmac,Moi,and the rest know the job he does.Some are still in withdrawal about KT.Jamesy suffers from this as well.No matter what he does,some fans just will not take to him.Anyway,considering who the boy replaced,I think he is doing a great job,and will get better.

  4. I really don’t get this narrative about Greg Taylor. Masks the real issue that as a club aspiring to play at the European table we need a better option at LB. Our strategy post-KT was shocking and that’s not Greg’s fault. Doesn’t cost us in a poor league but with margins everything, it can in Europe.

  5. I may be in minority of 1 but I think playing Bitton at CH in European matches is a positive move, as he is the best passer of the ball of all of our defenders. He is an excellent of the game.



    I do think it is necessary to play 2 up front; so, I would start with Klimala alongside Eduard.



    El Hamed should also start at RB.



    I dare say our manager will have his own ideas, quite possibly utterly different.

  6. Big Wavy


    If we utilise his forward runs you’ll see a much better player. I don’t see many in the team who pass and move. Most pass then stand and admire their own work

  7. Big Wavy,


    If we are going to play 3 at the back,as I think we all hope,you really won’t find better than Taylor anywhere near our price range.Wing backs now,are only part time defenders.There job is to play mostly in the other teams half.Andy Robertson,is virtually an outside left for Liverpool.You can see the problem in filling this position.Apart from KT,when was the last time we brought through a good LB,or RB.Even trying to get them in on loan,has been a failure,and some downright crap.Andy Robertson took a long time to get to where he is now.Taylor has been playing the role for less than a season.He needs a chance,and support.

  8. Nice few verses on castore from the hearts supporters



    A couple from me.



    When you look at your kit


    and your kit looks like shit


    that’s castore



    When your top should be blue


    but it’s not the right hue


    that’s castore

  9. Ok. While I’m on it. Wee Jamsie seldom takes on the man and hits the bye line. Mostly passing or cutting inside. I’d love to know his assist stats when hitting the bye line. At a guess I’d say 15-20% success rate hitting the line. Between that and no return pass for Taylor when he makes a run I can only guess Lenny wants everything through the middle

  10. 31003 on 26TH AUGUST 2020 9:51 AM


    Big Wavy


    If we utilise his forward runs you’ll see a much better player. I don’t see many in the team who pass and move. Most pass then stand and admire their own work



    I get that. Our midfield setup is an unstructured mess, players bumping into each other over in the left hand side, reliance on Brown at the back of the diamond with a limited set of passes to put it mildly. A LB with the ability to beat a man with a trick or two and break lines would help.

  11. Turkebhoy


    “you really won’t find better than Taylor anywhere near our price range..”




    We’ll disagree there fella. There’s much better value and talent available globally. We need to recruit better as a club, like a lot of our European opposition have done down the years.



    We took £25m for KT and spent nearly £5m on Taylor and Bolingoli. I find that criminal waste of our budget.

  12. TURKEYBHOY on 26TH AUGUST 2020 10:02 AM




    Really wasting your time,and me.When fans minds are set,nothing changes them.



    That’s a poor post. Too much cognitive dissonance in our support who want to both win and then limit that ability with a limited left back.



    Not many come in here after a loss and say: “Well, I’m glad we gave GT a run out in that defeat…”

  13. The money spent on Boli is a write-off.



    I think it’s incredibly harsh on GT to write him off like that.

  14. TIMALOY29 on 26TH AUGUST 2020 10:21 AM


    The money spent on Boli is a write-off.



    I think it’s incredibly harsh on GT to write him off like that.






    Do you want to be nice to GT or do you want better players to help us progress as a team?

  15. Burnley78



    Lovely post



    One to make your Father proud.


    Let’s hope he looks down on a home win tonight, from high up in the stands.



    HH jg

  16. Scullybhoy 9:20



    I can relate to the phone call aspect.


    My dad died in 1987 and for a few years after that I still expected his phone call on Saturday night.


    If, unfortunately , Celtic had lost the call usually started with ” I see your team got beat today “

  17. I see Mr Delaney Dunky has been making a fuss after I posted Pat McGinely, instead of Pat McCluskey on the sad news of his death.



    Let me say again to all posters on here how sorry I am. For some reason after reading Paul’s tribute, the two Pat’s pictures entered my head & I stupidly entered the wrong one.



    I, of course, would have no objection to a moderator removing the original post.



    Mr DD’s indignation & personal attack was as unnecessary, but not entirely unexpected.



    God rest Pat McCluskey HH.

  18. glendalystonsils on




    I wouldn’t be surprised as Kelly was the De Facto manager at the time. I was certainly shocked as we had been all over MTK in the first leg.

  19. Well we’ve spent money this window so far. Just not on the areas we require improvement . No matter what supporters think of PL he likes a wee gamble . Tonight will tell if it comes up .

  20. BURNLEY78



    Lovely story and thamk you for sharing.



    May your Dad rest in peace.



    I’ve said a wee prayer for your Mum too.



    Take care.

  21. I looked at the Oddschecker website and I see that we are 5/12 on to beat Ferencvaros tonight and you can get the Hungarians at 19/2 to win.



    Having seen them against the Swedes (can’s spell Duigardens) I think they are very generously priced.



    I think these odds reflect the expected money to be coming on Celtic and give hefty weight to our home advantage.



    I expect us to win but I expect it to be, at best, a 2 goal gap. Anything else will be a good achievement but getting through is important. Although the 10 is our paramount aim this year, we cannot afford to weaken our recruitment chances by spoiling our Euro prospects early. Some players may be looking at staying with us or cming to us, dependant upon our chances of Euro progress.



    We all know, we are one CB injury away from being seriously short in that department. Nir Bitton has earned some right to the jersey from early performances but his longer term weakness in letting balls go over his head, unaware of who is behind him, will hurt us in Europe, if he does not get back to a DM position again soon.



    Looking forward to another round of the Rollercoaster tonight. This season will be the most tense since 1997/98. And to add to the tension, this time we have to do it without a Larsson :-)

  22. Delaneys Dunky on



    I was mortified when I read your post yesterday. Having grown up with Pat McGinlay and knowing his family well. My apologies to you if it was a genuine error. It is a mistake, I couldn’t imagine any Celtic supporter making. More important matters to worry about, starting tonight against the Hungarian champions.


    Could I request that you stop trolling me, both here and on SentinelCelts please.


    There’s a good chappie! 😊👍

  23. Ferencvaros are probably comparable in standard to Cluj but not as good a team as Copenhagen so Celtic will have to be on form to get through. Would like to see ELhamed back in the team and James Forrest in his best position down the right.

  24. Just looked at the 1998 table again there and noticed that Marco Negri scored twice as many league goals that season as Henrik.



    Not only that, a United forward (a fellow Swede) scored 2 more than him and a Dunfermline player, who earned one Scotland cap, scored as many as Henrik.



    I’d be surprised if anyone can name them, without google help.

  25. Delaneys Dunky on



    You attack and troll me, and you will receive it back in spades. It is how my parents brought me up.


    Met and defeated your type throughout my life.


    Water off a duck’s back.



    I must admit I agree re. Greg Taylor as a very willing and accomplished full back for SPFl, just not sure about Europe, but hopefully he improves.


    I see the club are gambling again with CL as we did last year. Just hope we don’t fail again.


    Ajer , who I’m not a big fan of must play instead of Bitton.

  27. BIG WAVY on 26TH AUGUST 2020 10:25 AM



    Do you want to be nice to GT or do you want better players to help us progress as a team?






    GT is still early in his Celtic career considering he was only given his chance at the turn of the year and the season was called early. I think he’s done a good job so far.



    We should, of course, sign another LB because Boli is a complete write-off. Hopefully, he’s the next Kieran Tierney whoever he may be. The aim should always be to sign the best player we can in each position.



    But Taylor has 3 assists so far this season and a goal. That’s good going and we should be encouraged by that. Tierney was usually good for about 11 or 12 assists a season. That has to be the benchmark for GT.



    I think GT gets unfairly singled out for criticism because of his low profile pre-Celtic. I think he will be a fine servant for the club for years to come.



    I haven’t been on CQN as much lately but I’m sure there must have been uproar when Birger Meling scored on his debut against Nimes?

  28. Timaloy………I think Greg Taylor has shown great improvement in his recent form. More agressive and making some great runs down the left but he has to avoid getting his crosses blocked by defenders on occasions. Coaching hopefully will improve that part of his game.

  29. Big Wavy



    I whole heartedly agree with you on the Brown common denominator in midfield stagnation (been arguing this for about 9 years) but the time to ease out such an influential captain was last year when he signed the extension. Maybe that was the plan but the tight league at Christmas in such a crucial year probably binned that idea.



    As such, I think he will play all season and we have to accept that and see how Neil works out how to get the best out of the formation with him in it. Certainly struggling with it right now.



    i disagree on Greg Taylor though. Far too early to judge him in a much more expansive role than he had at Killie. Yes, he has limited pace and I would prefer him to hit the line and cross more , but Kieran had regressed into that style himself in the last year or so. Mainly due to the one striker and the loss of form/fitness of Sinclair. I like Moi but he trends to run far too far away from Greg who then takes the possession over pointless pass option. I thought this looked good in pre season so maybe MOI needs to tweek his game. Also, MOI is a passenger defensively so Greg has to be more defensive minded. I must admit I’m OK with Greg as first choice.



    My expected team tonight:



    4-2-3-1 (which when in possession is is 2-2-5-1 and all wrong)





    Frimpong Julien Ajer Taylor


    Brown McGregor


    Forrest Christie Moi





    Preferred line up (4-3-3) – controversial as hell!





    Elhamed Julien Ajer Taylor


    Ntcham McGregor Moi


    Forrest Edouard Christie



    PS Messi, for god sake Peter, get it done




    Kelly did indeed anounce that Celtic would not shut up shop in the away leg. Jimmy McGrory had no say.