Peat: a litany of dysfunction


Former SFA president George Peat was asked by the BBC this week what regrets he had from his time at the SFA.  There should be an abundance of items on that list, but there was only one – that a club asked him not to change competition rules to help Rangers with their fixtures in 2008.

In 2009, during Peat’s time as president, the SFA were subject to a Schedule 36 notice from HMRC demanding Rangers players’ contract details to be handed over.  This was the time HMRC were building a case against Rangers, who disclosed one contract to the tax authority and the SFA, but decided against lodging a second contract, for EBT payments with either body.

The SFA were in a unique position to counsel Rangers on correct process.  Had they done so, Rangers would have been advised that they were in breach of SFA and SPL player registration rules, which required them to submit all contracts to the sport’s governing bodies.

The SFA would subsequently be obliged to forward these contracts to HMRC and the tax crisis, which ultimately liquidated Rangers, would have occurred when the club benefited from the support of Champions League income.

As it happened, George Peat did nothing, Rangers continued to play improperly registered players for a further three years, and Rangers sold for £1 before being liquidated.

Peat, an accountant, made his way through the SFA as a director of Airdrieoneans.  Despite his financial background, Airdrieoneans were liquidated in 2002 after a legendary period of mismanagement.  He was SFA treasurer and vice-president, and would have had to resign his position at the Association, but managed to cling-on after becoming a director of Stenhousemuir.

A year after Peat retired as SFA president, but when he was still at Stenhousemuir, his team were the only club to vote to allow Newco Rangers direct access to the Scottish Football League Championship.  Peat did not get his wish and Newco started life in the bottom tier of the SFL.

Peat also had the misfortune to lose his Head of Referees in an inappropriate email scandal connected with the visit of the Pope to Scotland.  The existence of the email was denied by the SFA until evidence reached the BBC.

Perhaps most regretful of all during Peat’s SFA presidency was the handling of the lies told by referee Dougie McDonald after a Dundee United-Celtic game in 2010.  McDonald lied to Celtic manager, Neil Lennon and asked his assistant referees to affirm the lie.

It became evident that linesman Steve Craven was not prepared to do so and McDonald came clean to the SFA.  Despite this, the Association conspired to hold the line, as Craven claimed the Association twice asked him to stick to the lie.

All of this was reported openly but it was only the Celtic manager who was lied to, so Peat found no reason to consider his position, or anything regretful in the actions of the SFA.

He was replaced as president by a recipient and signatory of Rangers EBTs, Campbell Ogilvie.  Despite Ogilvie’s acknowledged “heavily conflicted” status, it is telling that he was considered more even-handed than his predecessor.

As it happens, the subject of Peat’s one regret was ignored, the season was extended to accommodate Rangers fixture congestion, but in a twist of irony, they lost the title to Celtic and Uefa Cup final to Zenit.

George Peat is a perfect example of dysfunction at the SFA.  An accountant at a liquidated club who rose from Association treasurer to president.  He should be a national embarrassment, a salutary lesson on poor governance.  But he’s not.  In fact, he is not even that exceptional.

Foundation preparations for winter

The Celtic FC Foundation work goes on all year but the winter months are critical for those most in need in communities in and around Glasgow.  There are families with more problems than you or I have imagined, who are dependent on the Foundation for the most meagre of Christmases.  The homeless and countless other vulnerable people are challenged by the winter cold more than is bearable.

I am doing the Great Scottish Run half marathon on at the end of next week to raise funds for the Foundation.  You can get involved by donating here.

Thank you.

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  1. DD .


    There shouldn’t be any requirement for a crowd funded private detective , then again, I know where your coming from.


    With only 800 tickets, there’s not much detective work needed to suss out what buses or clubs passed through a small rural town on that specific afternoon.


    Maybe they have, and met with silence. If so a more public appeal might give results, but is there motivation when you look at how they’ve judged the attack ? Loads of unanswered questions pal .

  2. Back to Basics…I admire your support of young Kieran…but I feel ‘auld’ Andy Robertson is now a better defender too…KT will get there in time but unfortunately, he may have to go elsewhere to achieve this…

  3. AG


    Bet you the hun in union jack shorts is a mason.


    Case closed by Masonic Police Scotland .


    Same as it ever was.


    David Byrne Dumbarton Harp CSC



  4. So, if the racism is in Scotland, that’s all fine and dandy, just as long as that racism dizny trickle it’s way into the tranquil, country yokel, waters of Cork ?


    Aye, good.


    And see this, don’t get involved with the huns and there’ll be no problems patter, how can Celtic supporters avoid getting involved with the huns, when the first thing that Lawwell did, when Sevco went into div 3, was to fly down to London to negotiate a tv deal that would include the huns ?


    Then, fast forward to when Sevco came into the top league, the sneaky PLC board agreed to reinstate the Old Firm game prices of, £49 tickets for Celtic games vs Sevco, knowing that, as soon as one of these £49 tickets were to be purchased by a Celtic supporter, then the much whinged aboot, same club issue, was killed stone dead. Brendan was recruited by the PLC board as a ‘fudge’ that would get the Celtic supporters looking the other way, distracted by the Brendan bounce. It worked, and the Celtic supporters had lost the game. Oh aye, it was great skelping the sevco pub team, but, at what long term cost ?


    Ye see, the PLC got the whiff, that the Celtic supporters are, all talk, and no trousers, when the Celtic support meekly accepted the LNS whitewash, and then they looked the other way, as the PLC board flung NFL under the ‘shame game’ bus.


    The era of the rebellious Celtic supporter, died the day that the Parkheid Jungle was flattened, just after the rebels had sacked the previous board in 1994, since then, its been about the brand and the balance sheet, and its for that very reason that, for as long as Celtic is run by rich men, boards full of billionaires, yet we canny sign a player from HIBS, then these rich men will ensure that there will be an Old Firm. The saddest bit, is that the Celtic support have fallen, hook, line and sinker for it. The next question should be, does Brendan know that he’s a PLC same club ‘fudge’, or is Brendan playing the Celtic support as well ?


    Who are the ‘real’ gullibilly’s ?


    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm ?





  5. Good mornings rom a dark and very mild Garngad


    1 more night untill some of us Gullibillys will be supporting the famous Glasgow Celtic and I love it cannot wait.



    Under the floodlights, midweek and watching the Celtic, if I’m gullible I love it.



    D. :)

  6. I never thought that I would say this but possibly the only way to sink the sfa is to starve them of oxygen , shut off their Scottish FA Cup money by following Kev and Nega’s tactic of not going to any games, by not buying tickets for SC games, especially the ones at hampdump. Even better 30,000 hoops don’t buy tickets but turn up outside the stadium for a FTSFA party. Let’s be honest the view of the game wouldn’t be much worse. They are back to their blatant cheating worst, and this time we need to do something. Sink the SFA and the bottom crawling team that only survive because of the sfa existence, will follow.

  7. Tourangabhoy. Kev makes a lot of good points, but calling Celtic supporters names is not on.



    Calling fellow Celtic supporters names is not on.



    Why?? Has he an ulterior motive???



    I repeat anyone calling Celtic supporters names is not on



    D. :)

  8. morning bhoys from a mild looking Cheshire, one more sleep, not normally up so early blame it on Donnie our new westie pup, he,s had us up at 6-30 every morning. so if anyone wants a wake up call a 6-30 let me know.hh.

  9. Good morning, folks. Slept in for the first time in yonks – have I missed Storm Ali? Just wet and grey in ole EK.

  10. 50 shades of green on

    Morning Tims.



    Wind n rain again, must be Wednesday in EK.



    Actually managed to stay awake for the CL ( Aye right) games last night , good stuff from Liverpool beating the Qatari globe trotters.



    Seen a wee discussion last night about the merits of KT and Andy R of the pool, why does one have to be better than the other? Both equally good imho and god forbid if KT ever ventures doon there and gets to play with that quality of player I’m sure he would shine also.



    Can you imagine the carnage on here if one of our players gave the ball away like Mo Sallah and K Mbappe did last night, it would be everybody’s fault fae the scouts all the way up to Pistol Pete and maybe even his boss. ?




  11. Not a fan of churning out statements,but I really feel we should be answering the ludicrous Peat.Just the truth,the whole truth,and nothing but,the truth.Put him back in his box.Fed up being a punchbag for bigots.


    What a disgraceful performance from PSG last night.Night and day from their attitude in our games.Liverpool were not even at their best.As one pundit said”Looks like they are playing in a testimonial”.

  12. BMCUW,



    I was always under the impression,it was Davy Hay who scouted these players.Oh for someone like him now.That is some array of talent to sign.





    That’s what I thought too. He gets a mention,but only briefly.



    Either way,as you say it is some list.



    “So many football greats have passed through Parkhead’s gates!”



    Andy Ritchie could play a bit too. Still remember him scoring a peach against us from the touchiness in front of the jungle,over fifty yards out. Referee chopped it off,dunno why.

  14. Where does the Record dig them up.Now we have the “Legend” Brett Emerton”,thought he was cricketer,being dragged out of some bar,to tell us all Arzani should not have joined us.

  15. I remember the goal.He was a genius with the free kicks as well.A bit of a Chic Charnley.Fantastic skill,but something lacking.

  16. prestonpans bhoys on




    Read the pish above it from Peat, oh and the DR invent a new story why the session was not extended, we had a trip planned to Japan even though it never happened. Nothing to do with players needing to be released for internationals

  17. Corkcelt its not about Celtic trying to bring down Rangers. Its about Celtic standing against collective institutions who try to destroy celtic because celtic represent who they hate.



    Being vocal, pointing out the cheating, challenging where its right to do so is actually sensible from a business perspective. But it takes hard work and courage.



    Instead our board spend their time colluding with these organisations and attacking their own supporters if they show any signs of successfully raising these issues.

  18. My friends in Celtic,



    I do not believe the ordinary citizens of the West of Scotland are as bigoted as made out on here.


    I also do not buy into Neg’s constant rants of racism. In my opinion he is confusing racism with the blight of sectarianism. ( We have had this debate numerous times )



    Why single out Catholics of Irish desent for accusations of racism. Catholics from England probably get a rougher deal in modern day Scotland. Catholics from East Europe face resentment in some quarters.



    We even interned Catholics from Italy at one point who had been here for ” generations”.



    Historically indigenous Catholics from the Scottish highlands and Islands suffered similar hostility to Irish Catholics.


    I gave Neg the scenario years ago , where my two grandmothers, one from Ireland and one from the Scottish isles suffered similar discrimination. How can only one be racist orientated.



    Yes we have problems in our society, but let’s not put ourselves into any inferiority complex and exaggerate circumstances.



    Imo , the greatest purponent of division and hate in recent times has been political.



    Events in 2014 and on going today have breathed life into sectarian institutions that were fading into obscurity.



    I have been through Catholic education, lived in Partick and lived in Stonedyke. I have seen Drumchapel being “ethnically cleansed ” from a population of > 30000 to circa 8000 today.in fact I picked up my daughter from the Drum yesterday and drove by empty fields along Kinfauns drive which used to be populated by flats. In essence I am not an outsider to Glasgow’s problems.




  19. Will Dembele be laying for Lyon tonight V Man City? I might be tempted to find a sausage.



    Also, are Rosenborg already here or are they arriving today? Not very nice for them ( Well, here in Arbroath anyway !) !




  20. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Thanks for the response,


    I thought I’d covered the reason he did not exit immediately as due to contractual restrictions, the notice period was what I was talking about when I was discussing leaving at the end of the season and that the Plc would demand this to ensure his dissatisfaction with the lack of support from them could be spun. If he’d walked away immediately there is no spin that could be applied that would support any other reason than his frustration at the lack of support. That scenario is unacceptable to a company that depends on the good will of its patrons and I hope you agree had BR left under that cloud the Patrons would have not been happy and a lot of good will would have been lost.



    Your other point regarding the lack of Kudos or little more to achieve, I also disagree with, he signed a four year deal we are informed, which would see out 10 in a row if we win all titles in his tenure, that is no mean feat and quite a haul in anyone’s estimation. He also strikes me as an honourable man who will see out his contract unless he feels agreements are not being honoured or that he is removed from his position.



    We were informed there was a clear the air meeting either last week or a couple of weeks ago which we do not know went ahead or the outcome if it did go ahead. I don’t claim to understand body language but during his interviews he does not strike me as the happy chappy we had during interviews over the previous two years and I would suggest something has changed and he’s not as happy as he was.

  21. DAVID66 I am not suggesting that I agree with Kev or nega on any other point, I don’t, my point was that I am desperate enough to concede that not supporting Celtic by supporting them at a game, might actually work against the sfa ; ) . Kev is only trying to get a bite which is ok because he enjoys the company, same as nega, same as all of us or we wouldn’t be here. Hail Hail. Let’s see how hungry the hoops are in the Europa. Time to get some coefficient points on the board.





    I have to agree with you that the primary problem is sectarianism rather than racism. Of course,were two new chippies to open in certain parts of Scotland and the owner of one draped his premises in the Italian flag of his ancestors,the other in a tricolour,which do you reckon would get his windows panned in?



    But I digress. There’s an article in today’s DR about a pub in Paisley losing its outdoor pavement licence. Seems some people were singing “Sean South of Garryowen”, a song which a police officer and the licensing authority contended was likely to lead to public disorder.



    Funny that,when you consider what parades up and down our streets practically every weekend,closing off roads and intimidating everyone in sight.



    Strange too that I can be insulted based on my alleged ethnicity in a manner which would get my abusers jailed were I from any other demographic,but with me and mine it’s just banter.



    Strange too that the attack which gouged out Mr Phelan’s eye is not deemed sectarian or football-related,but not surprising tbh. It’s not surprising either that no-one has been arrested for it. Echoes of the disgraceful events-and aftermath-at St Augustine’s.



    It is disgraceful,and reminiscent of the events following the murder of Stephen Lawrence. That finally saw Metropolitan Police brought to book and reminded of their responsibilities to ALL citizens.



    It’s high time,quarter of a century later,that the same demand was made of Police Scotland.




    Will Dembele be laying for Lyon tonight V Man City? I might be tempted to find a sausage.






    If he is laying then you will probably have an egg to go with yer sausage. ?️??



    Hail Hail




  24. Not being the brightest bulb in the box I’m a BIG fan of simplicity……..and in matters Celtica, straightforward easily followed In theory, anyway) acts of personal rebellion and defiance, especially against those obvious kulprits who would do us and ours down………


    Hence the appeal of an SFA bhoycott and, apologies for the repetition, not giving those publikations who smear our good name any hits or bumps with direct links. Sure, share the content but deny thum the hit.








    Firstly,I agree with you re boycotting their cup competitions. But only once we stop winning them!



    Secondly,I c&p the article but it was too long with too many photographs and links,so only way of putting it on here was via a link.



    I’m not too worried about falling foul of that “rule” btw. Rare as rocking horse shit to see an interesting article there.

  26. Possibility that the managers job at Spurs will become vacant very shortly. If it happens then Brendan Rodgers will be considered as a candidate and I suspect that he will be very interested.


    Brendan Rodgers is smart enough to know that achieving 10iar will mean zilch outside Scotland



    Oh and one other thing from last night should it not be the Catholic Church standing up for Irish Catholics in in Scotland rather than Celtic FOOTBALL Club

  27. Didn’t think the Peat fellow was still around……last time I saw him was on tv cosying up to the cardihun….sitting side by side arse licking

  28. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Thoughtful and considered logic.




    A reason to believe.

  29. ” The Tuchel legend is based on intense coaching with each player being given very specific instructions .On the evidence of that marshmallow effort at Anfield the players are either stupid , deaf or simply unwilling to bother with anything as mundane as tactics , formations and concentration .. Strange thing PSG -whatevever they are – they are not a team ” .



    Football correspondent -Sicilian Radio 19 9 18




    Mate, if a Nationalist government are in power as sure as night follows day you will get a Nationalist police state.



    It absolutely stuns me that Tims cannot, or will not see, that the police will reflect the society they represent.



    Our society, as we all know is ruled by, and panders to, a Masonic and Orange establishment with a complicit/complient media.



    And some want to give them the free reign of Independence?????





    I think that once players get an over-inflated sense of their own importance,and the accompanying bank balance,they instinctively switch off. Asked to do something they don’t really fancy much,sod it,no.



    I read a suggestion that Leicester City players were furious about having to travel by road rather than air to Bournemouth on Saturday. If I’d been a Leicester City fan who also travelled by road to attend the game,maybe £100 out of pocket rather than receiving £100k per week,I’d have been a damn sight more furious at their petulant prima donna performance.



    What they achieved a few years back was amazing,and everyone was really delighted for them. Their behaviour since has been disgusting,and an insult to their support.