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Jonjoe Kenny made it all look so simple.  Cross after cross arrived from the right with a frequency and competence we have not seen all season.    Stephen Welsh was no slouch either.  The 21-year-old central defender stuck to task, allowing the rest of the defence to concentrate on their own jobs.

The captain delivered a vintage performance for his return to the team.  Scott Brown’s form is well off his peak, but rested, he is capable of reliving former heights.   The legs may have gone but last night’s performance was a demonstration of leadership.  He could also coach a few taller players in the team above movement and attacking the ball at corner kicks.

The penalty decision was ridiculous.  Alan Power clearly took the legs from Odsonne Edouard without going anywhere near the ball.  The decision was so clear-cut, referee Kevin Clancy must have had difficulty believing his eyes that such a blatant foul happened.  Fortunately it did not affect the result.

Post-match we got an insight into some of the deeper layers of Neil Lennon’s season.  Scoring on a rare start, Albian Ajeti’s “Work ethic hasn’t been good enough. He knows that and he’s changed that now.”  Which is good.

The manager also said Olivier Ntcham “Was a bit fed up and indifferent about the Scottish game and I think he wanted a new challenge, like a few of them have maintained since the start of the season. It’s a difficult thing to claw them back in.”

Work ethic and indifference, the traumas of being young and wealthy in a global crisis.  Hmmm.

It was only Kilmarnock, who were mostly awful, but we have deservedly lost to worse teams this season.  I expect to receive fewer “will not finish second” texts, for a few days, anyway.  You know who you are!


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  1. Jeez. People speculating about the detailed provisions of NFL’s employment contract.



    No wonder the country’s in the state it’s in.

  2. Going by reports of SB’s assault on Tishbola it must have been vicious .


    Is there a clip of it .



    I must have made tea or blinked at the time of this heinous crime

  3. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on




    I’m reckoning must be about 11 or 12 years old………



    Dear Lord.

  4. Kilmarnock put a midfield 3 out of Dicker Power and Tsibhola they got handed their arse, tough,they had no intention of trying to play football with that 3 .Before they game they were getting encouraged to be in our faces a euphemism for clugging.

  5. spikeysauldman on




    I’m not advocating they stand next to each other holding hands


    I know that they do the same job when playing individually


    Lambert & Lennon ?


    Its not as if we’d have missed having all 3 of calmac, turnbull and Christie on the pitch at the same time


    And maybe 1 or 2 of them wouldnt need to pretend to be defensive, miss tackles, get in the road, cause goals

  6. glendalystonsils on

    Just watched the SB clip put up by Ernie and , as I thought , Tshibola ducks his head down into Browns arm . Case dismissed , huns pissed .

  7. I’m hoping it comes good for Ajeti but talk of his professionalism and fitness – haven’t these been issues for his last two managers at West Ham?



    Was he scouted by what he’d done in Switzerland a few years back because a quick look at his West Ham career would suggest that his problems this season shouldn’t come as a surprise?



    If Griff and Eddy are playing their final season, we’ll definitely need to be in the market for a striker – Klimala, Ajeti and Bayo wouldn’t fill me with too much optimism.

  8. 67 European Cup Winners on



    Agree and BTW if it is number 2 we really are in a mess




  9. 67 European Cup Winners on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 3RD FEBRUARY 2021 3:03 PM



    HOLD ON you speculate that we have rolled over to let the Huns win the league !!



    Pot Kettle !!




  10. last night was an improvement both in movement and passing, thought the captain was our best player and the debutant did well ,


    still worrying flaws at the back but surely that’s the last of Duffy


    this was no managerial Epiphany but it was improvement if we can just settle the camp try and build confidence and get the to the end of this horrendous season as best we can



    Seasons end hopefully will see us advance and prosper under a new regime

  11. boy from the boyne



    celtic quick news- not lazy journalism



    celtic rumour new rumours


    i am dating miss world tonight…well as much truth in that as there is in NL bonus stuff or DD/ pl missed something



    give us a link.backbup.Twitter is just rogue at times and just guff




  12. Bankiebhoy…am obvs the LurkinTim on here…but am Anders on SentinelCelts…a good site I haven’t graced for a long while…thanks for the nudge lol ;-))




  13. So the bbc, sky, radio clyde, the hun and the rekord etc love to put the



    boot into Celtic .



    A bit like some posters on cqn then, how the scottish media must llove



    some on here

  14. Ernie @ 1.39



    Board’s priority to ensure survival of huns





    In your humble opinion? If not please provide sources….and I don’t mean any quotes attributed to our defacto owner…I mean sources that back up that ridiculous claim. Thought not…so just your opinion then…man u love to stir it ;-))

  15. onenightinlisbon on

    GERRY123 on 3RD FEBRUARY 2021 4:22 PM



    What would you consider to be putting the boot in on here?

  16. Aipple…yes…same latitude as Moscow and would b the same weather if it wasn’t for that pesky Atlantic ocean gulf stream ;-))

  17. I see young Lee O’Connor is now playimg as a DM for Rochdale anf got a MOTM in that position when they beat Peterboro. Article says he played that position for ROI under 21’s too- could be hte making of him.



    I looked at some Everton sites and they don;t seem too upset to see JJ Kenny go. Though we don’t have a loan to buy deal, it would be good, dependant on subsequent form, to make JJ welcome here so that he considers us if Everton are prepared to let him go/

  18. The only player we have with any presence on a park,is Scott Brown, that is hard to replace.

  19. FWIW



    I have heard from a decent source the “potential “…ahem….10 in a row bonus is the main block and until it is mathematically impossible then the current team are in situ.




    People can dismiss iti f they wish….I’m not bothered.

  20. SFTB…are you condoning the splasing out of millions on jjk based on 90mins for us…so unlike you to b so inconsiderate…he played well but am gonna hold off any opinion till he’s had more time on the park

  21. SB being called up before the compliance officer is all part of thems agenda , he will be found to have no case to answer , simply for thems to cast this up that he got off and their more or less didn’t .


    said this would happen as soon as the league title was gone and we will all of a sudden get lenient decisions as per last night that we definitely wouldn’t have if we were top of the league.

  22. GENE on 3RD FEBRUARY 2021 4:04 PM



    There might be a bit of that but there must be an element of Killie being pretty rotten – they have sacked their manager after all.