Pressure applied successfully by Celtic


Ryan Christie is back to his very best.  His movement, vision and assists are a significant reason Celtic have scored so freely in recent weeks.  Added to the form of Callum Mcgregor, Albian Ajeti, Jeremie Frimpong and Olivier Ntcham, and Celtic have the basis of a dangerous team.

I had no complaints about Livingston’s penalty, defenders tuck their arms in when blocking inside the box and Kris Ajer could have done likewise.  No complaints either about the penalty Christie claimed 40 seconds earlier; no player tucks their arms in after they are on the ground.  Responding to going behind by scoring twice in six minutes is the mark of champions.

The second Livingston goal and the surrender of territory in the closing moments of the game were more troubling.  There was a bit of movement on the ball but it did not get close to Vasilis Barkas’ post.  It was saveable.  Still, the keeper would be entitled to ask why Serrano was given so much time and space.

Having conceded an unfortunate goal that brought Livi to within another pot shot of taking a point, a team at the bottom of the league should never have got near our six yard box in the closing stages of the game.  Their chance in added time would have been a goal were it not for the fact that this was clearly substitute Pignatiello’s first time attempting to header a football.  So far, defensive fragilities have ‘only’ cost us Champions League qualification but the bill will grow if we continue to offer up so much space in the final third.

Friday’s article, Applying and Coping with Pressure, discussed what impact the potential of Celtic going top of the table on Saturday would have on Newco ahead of their visit to Easter Road on Sunday.  Having given themselves a chance to ‘go 11 points clear of Celtic’ last month, Newco are only a point ahead having played one game more after yesterday’s draw against Hibs.

Neil Lennon and the Celtic players have seen this movie before.  They know how to win leagues, uniquely so, in Scotland.  Coping with reversals and exploiting opportunities is the attribute of the aforementioned champions.

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  1. Hot Smoked…



    Facts, data, science, analysis….not our growing guts. That’s where the validity comes from.



    All of the above suggest he’s a weak link.



    Big Julien is alright too. The blood and snotters brigade have his card marked unfortunately. He’s too pretty I think :)



    JJ…I think/hope the influence of Duffy will be a positive one for CJ…





    Worryingly they both occupy the same central space. For the outlay I’d prefer a Left CH.

  3. Can I ask what some posters see in Greg Taylor that I am obviously missing?


    The lad is the biggest liability in our team, and I have watched every game he has played for Celtic. I just do not see any good qualities in his game whatsoever. He is a Killie standard player at best. Honestly baffled by the praise he receives by some on here.

  4. CELTIC and Aberdeen have been slapped with £30,000 fines each by the SPFL for Covid-19 breaches.



    League chiefs announced today that £8,000 will be payable to the SPFL trust within 28 days, while the remaining balance will be suspended pending any further coronavirus rule-breaking this season.

  5. I find the constant negative comments associated with Scott Brown ridiculous,how many so called fans are falling into the Daily Record type agenda of rubbishing a player who has been a mainstay of our success.


    You wont get that with our friends at Ibrox as 35 year old Steve Davis tottered about accompanied by 37 year old Defoe,not a peep,yet all Brown is getting is criticism.



    Take the wonder goal yesterday,Ncham shirked a 50/50 ball and then stood still,Brown left his man to cover allowing a one two to take place and the subsequent shot and goal.Had Ncham done his job,or followed the man he lost the the cry of ” Brown lost his man ” would not have been heard,



    Then the almost goal which would have cost us 2 points,Forrest and Bitton on left side,Forrest gestures to Bitton to folllow player on left,he did so,leaving Forrest to mark his brother which he did not,allowing the cross to come in.


    Forrest has been applying social distancing to his defence duties before it was fashionable.



    That would not have happened had Frimpong still have been playing.



    Lets not be influenced by the constant attacks,by Newspapers,BBC Sportscence, John James and others.



    Am in the beer garden at the back…if any1 is interested




    Sorry mate but I wish I had seen your Post earlier as I would certainly have joined you for several beers.


    Having said that…Ive had to wait at home Today for my Tesco delivery…and it arrived around 2.50pm.



    Hopefully we can arrange a meet asap…before the Pubs are closed down again ?


    I am free the rest of this week if your heading into the Toon ?


    HH Mate.

  7. The Battered Bunnet on

    “…2 cases per million”



    Should read “…2 cases per million per day” which was the rate of positive tests (actual 2.2) in Scotland during the month of July.



    The WHO definition of elimination is 1 case per million per day. Apols for dropping the ‘per day’ but it’s just lazy habit when referring to a recognised definition.



    For clarity, during July there were 376 positive cases reported over the 31 days, in a population of 5.45 million.



    In total, 99,600 people were tested in July, giving a positivity rate across the month of 0.38%.



    The current 7 day average is 268 positive tests per day, being 49 cases per million population per day, with a positivity rate of 4.4%. Because testing captures just a percentage of all cases, the likelihood is that around 1000 people are infected each day atm.



    Clearly, things haven’t gone well.



    I would though point out that during the peak in late March and early April, taking deaths as a proxy for infections (test data from that period is inadequate), we had something in the order of 10-20,000 new infections per day, an order of magnitude greater than right now.



    The job for all of us is to do what we must to prevent a return to those nightmare days.

  8. Big Jimmy…am currently on the train waiting to head home…we’ll see what the rest of the week holds re restrictions. If we are allowed…I’ll give you a holler on here




  9. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from the Star Bar. DD I reckon Greg Taylor is going to be a good player for us. So shaddup. 😁

  10. BRRB…am so tempted to jump off and get the bus down…and we’re moving…fek Crossmyloof next stop ;-))

  11. BIGBHOY on 21ST SEPTEMBER 2020 12:50 PM


    The Manager obviously knows more than we do about the players and rightly does not share this with the press. Lenny knows what players are fit and which players want away, he knows who we are looking to sign and also who is receiving possible bids. He is aware of data on players performance indicators and has a big sports science team. He also has coaches who are watching future opponents and team selection and tactics are a result of input in all these areas.




    Lenny has big experience as a player in England and Scotland and Internationals. He has coached at many teams as well as at Celtic. As a manager in a results business is top drawer. His tactics and team selections are based on many variables and Lenny considers all these factors in setting his stall.




    Remember. the Media are not our friends and he rightly does not reveal his “hand”. So we must caution what is reported in the press as truth and without spin. Lenny tells them what he wants to promote and they spin it to meet their agenda. I don’t believe what I read.




    I think its a good thing that Celtic fans debate all the issues online but crucially we should not think we know better than the Manager and his team. We dont have the information available to be able to criticise Lenny.




    He may get things wrong but deserves to be supported by us in success or not.




    In Lenny I trust




    Are you Neil’s agent? 😃 He is the all-seeing eye who knows everything that is going on, is he? I don’t want to start another barney on here but let’s just say I respectfully disagree with you.












    ‘The WHO definition of elimination is 1 case per million per day.’






    Is that symptomatic cases or all cases?



    Because I’d lay a pound to a penny there is no way the number of asymptomatic cases, or cases where symptoms were simply ignored or not recognised, was anywhere near that.

  13. paul 67


    the post @12.39 was the most despicable language i’ve seen on


    here , you have to comment on it one way or another

  14. ExCathedra,



    Don’t blame fans for voicing an opinion, blame the mismanagement of the club for not easing Scott out with a suitable replacement or a tactical decision to get the best out of his aging body.



    He’s now left to wander the pitch where he neither protects the CHs as a screen, keeps track of younger, fitter opposition or try to contribute to attacks in the last 3rd. We, as a support, wouldn’t be having this conversation if we had a plan at club level.




  15. The Battered Bunnet on

    Ernie, it’s the rate of positive tests returned, assuming a competent and appropriately scaled testing system and an engaged public.

  16. Ex-Cathedra



    My views on Broonie have not been formed by reading the Daily Record (haven’t read it since Thugs and Thieves) not by any other media outlet or by anyone on here. My views are formed by what I see with my own eyes. I believe Scott is not up to playing 90 minutes as often as he does these days. He is an excellent captain and has been an excellent player for us but he has had his day. The same thing will happen to Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.



    Our manager’s refusal/reluctance to replace Broonie in the team is one of the major factors holding Celtic back. Why spend money on Turnbull but not play him in the team. The team is unbalanced with Broonie, N’tcham and McGregor. Put simply Broony should be thanked for his excellent services to Celtic (for which I am very grateful) and offered a position on our coaching team.

  17. Kilmala and Eddie against Killie never got a through ball especially the first half Kilmala ran the channels a few times but no ball.


    Taylor will come he is a fullback learning a new position.



    BIG WAVY cheque book out? it’s not more money spent on poor players as you say it’s scouts and coaching.



    Don’t know about our keeper.



    Love Frimpong he will come good get behind the players there are other problems at CElTIC IMOP.



    Big Jimmy…am currently on the train waiting to head home…we’ll see what the rest of the week holds re restrictions. If we are allowed…I’ll give you a holler on here





    just give me a few hours notice IF you head back into the Toon…or Merchant City area later in the week.



  19. Agree, Greg Taylor is not the liability professed by some…a 22 year old learning his trade, as is Frimpong. Too much in the way of expectation from some fans…

  20. TimHorton


    Our whole midfield?


    You not rate any of them?


    Thought Calmac was immense on Saturday.

  21. BRRB…it woulda made sense if the train stopped at Shaws East…next time mate



    Gerry123…gies a brek…av already responded to FU ;-))




  22. Big Jimmy…will do…I feel yer pain re lockdown as I also live alone…gods willing we’ll get that pints ;-))




  23. I recently mentioned my big worries about Ajer, and how defensively poor he is, and rightly so, someone pulled me up saying in his previous life he was a midfielder. Big Jock used to say, never aska playerto do something he is not comfortable with, case in point. Ajer does have qualiteis but defending is not his forte sadly. Surely Lenny knows this surely.


    On another topic I watched the hun against Hibs yesterday and I asked the question, how come I dislike Kent so much more than the others. I could not figure it out until QueenLubo said what a wicked haircut that ugly has. EUREKA



    All the best to all and stay safe




  24. DD/BRRB…is that the Dolće that kept Ultravoxs’ Vienna from number 1….am still angry about that ;-))




  25. DD…I see a good young player with plentiful potential. He will improve with experience. He has done well so far, certainly hasn’t let us down.

  26. !!BADA BING!! on 21ST SEPTEMBER 2020 4:23 PM


    Grandparents can look after school kids under new restrictions, what can possibly go wrong?