Prof Leitch: politicians are reason you ‘can’t go to Celtic Park’


I listened to a Scottish Rugby podcast with Jason Leitch, recorded earlier this week, where they discussed the reasons that appear to lie behind why the Scottish Government in their treatment of football is out of step with European countries, like Germany, France, Netherlands and others, but in-step with the Westminster Government.

Professor Leitch rhetorically posed the question you and I have discussed recently, “Why can I go to the pub and I can’t go to Celtic Park.”  Through analogy, he explained that the Government were able to permit some activities, not all.  That has never been in dispute, during a pandemic, you cannot allow all activities.

What has not previously been confirmed is why the Scottish Government has shadowed the (frankly abysmal) pandemic response of Boris Johnson’s Westminster government, instead of acknowledging the clear and undisputed scientific evidence that drives public policy among our European peers.  Professor Leitch placed responsibility for this squarely with his political masters:

“How you then make choices between sport, versus retail, versus hospitality; that comes down to decision making, by politicians, taking the best advice they can from the financial people, the public health people, the social policy people and making choices.”

Clearly the Scottish Government listens to financial, public health and social policy people before making decisions, so do Boris Johnson and Donald Trump, this allows them to act sincere, it does not make them any good.  But when Europe takes one path, which is consistent with science, and Scotland follows Westminster, which has led to some of the highest rates of mortality in the world in both Scotland and the UK as a whole, we are entitled to ask, what is going on?

They do not have a different virus in Dortmund than we have in Glasgow.  In both places, it spreads significantly more indoors than out.  It is inhibited by adherence to clear and monitored hygiene and distancing rules, like those in place at football games across the Continent, and it spreads where consistent enforcement of these rules is unmonitored – like pubs.  The difference is the politicians, not the virus.

I know this is ‘just’ football, and our consequences are nothing like the care homes fiasco, but government policy needs to shape up pandemic response in all areas.  It is not easy, but if decisions are too onerous for people in Edinburgh to get their heads around, stop following a clown in London and watch what is happening in Europe: fewer deaths, fewer infections, industry specific responses.

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  1. HOT SMOKED on 9TH OCTOBER 2020 10:38 PM



    The only thing that might constrain them is if Chris Sutton is comentating live. He’s the only one who will call them out.

  2. HOT SMOKED on 9TH OCTOBER 2020 10:37 PM



    I appreciate that you are suspicious of a video recommendation from me after the misunderstanding over the last one I made but it’s probably better just to watch it :-)

  3. Let`s hope there is no real need to call them out as Celtic have just given them a right royal humping !


    Goodnight all.

  4. HS- I think the opposite, he is being backed by his masters, to do whatever it takes next week.

  5. FairhillBhoy,



    Irene is a lovely woman. I’ve known her since I drank in there before moving – 20 years ago.



    Wishaw Tim,



    I was drinking with a Con the other week. I’m sure his first name was Conway. He wasn’t playing pool but we sat and talked sh!t for a few hours.



    He’s more of a buddy of friends of mine who have been drinking in there for years.


    I’m sure I’ll be in his company more over the next few months.

  6. ernie 10:32



    The WHO. I’d trust with a barge poll.



    No way TomaHawk Rogic playing against Newco?



    I Believe,



    Lenny is



    MAGICAL INCREDIBLE…. just a little bit more.



    Neil it is Time to Work.



    If Neil loses wan game, an incredible workm8 says he is Goldie Hawn.



    Ridiculous Pressure put on wan Man.



    Lenny…. i have heard about the Incredibly Strong Man.

  7. lets all do the huddle on




    missed out in the queens birthday honours list yet again



    thought i might have got something for my services to the hospitality and airline industries during the pandemic



    well f*ck you lizzie



    what have you done to help anyone



    selfish c*nt

  8. Fairhillbhoy! Sent Bobby phn number as well bud ! Seriously hope we can all shake paws soon ! Good night god bless all

  9. Majestic Hartson ! He was god father to my Daughter! We lost touch years ago ! If you see him ask him ! He obviously will know who I am HH

  10. Greenwells Glory on

    Hi Ghuys, Salve salve ;- Anybody believe that we are going to see the pubs return to normal in 16 days time ?


    Upon the inevitable happening and we are returned to lockdown, please disseminate the rumour that the virus is spread through toilet paper, the terminally thick will believe it and the rest of us will be able to have a dump in peace.


    As an aside, although I have eaten out in restaurants and have been to a brewery tap room bar, all controlled well and professionally, I would never have contemplated going anywhere near a traditional pub at present.


    For all the crap and confusion emminating form all the governments in the UK , if everybody stuck to staying 2 metres apart and concientious handwashing , then we would be far better off today





    Abundans cautela non nocet



    A wee tune

  11. Rpesetc Rascar for a






    Water and orange Juice.



    Water mainly.



    Drink water



    Drink Rudi Vata

  12. Why have we as a civilisation become so intolerant of other people’s view points?



    Social Dilemma on Netflix explores the effects of social media platforms on us as a populace. Interesting stuff and gives great insights from the designers of these platforms who have subsequently become concerned by their widespread use and their impact on society.




  13. HOT SMOKED on 9TH OCTOBER 2020 10:46 PM



    Apologies if i were a little cryptic but I was referring to the etims video of the doctor being surprised by the lisbon lions (but there was a longer one in the same article which I wasn’t aware of which was almost 2 hours long).






    It’s suitable for all ages I would say (it may have a 12 rating but there was no swearing/sex. The age rating is because they show some brief news clips of riots etc).

  14. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    And a good morning to you all from a bright sunny Melbourne.


    What will we talk, argue, curse, boast, or just gibber about today?


    Covid ?


    Nobid ?


    Rabid ? .. huns that is.


    Or how about memories of the best player seen at Celtic Park


    against the hoops.


    Iniesta.. Luis Suarez.


    My personal favourite, the wonderful Robert Prosnecki, pure class


    smoked about 100 fags a day, and walked about Celtic park I’m sure


    with a cigar in his hand and destroyed us.


    Interested to hear others views.


    H.H. Mick

  15. Melbourne Mick on




    Luv it, why didn’t I think of that?


    How are you mhate? all good?


    H.H. Mick

  16. MM- Dragan Stojkovic, we played Red Star Belgrade in a friendly, was Boxing Day I think, unbelievable how good he was.

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