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  1. Soz on 19th September 2019 7:45 pm




    Grow up if you can.

  2. Crackin game, should have won it……… a point will do nicely on match day one away from home mind.



    Ave Ave

  3. David Cameron documentary on soon so off for the main event of the evening.


    Well done Lenny and the Bhoys!🍀🇮🇪🍀

  4. In fact that referee should never be allowed to officiate in a weans game. I don’t even think we can appeal that red card.

  5. Soz on 19th September 2019 7:49 pm




    You’ve a bit to go yet on the growing up front. Good luck.

  6. That`ll do for me.


    The sending off looked like simulation by their `keeper .He`ll get a good reception at Celtic Park.



    I fancied a draw and I fancy another draw at Ibrox. 0-0.



  7. Mature composed away performance gets us a result FT 1-1…and I’m a little disappointed…well done bhoys

  8. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on



    Bgfc-Sutton wasn’t long in telling him it was 2





    Said the same to WeeBGFC.



    Henry Joy / Soz – steady on good chaps – calm doon :-))))))))






  9. Very pleased with that. Mature European performance.



    Genuinely thought we may have lost heroically. I needn’t have been so worried.




  10. What a ” Pig in a poke”we have found in Jullien.Awesome.Lenny had his tactics spot on.We were the better team.Great confidence performance.Now,



  11. glendalystonsils on

    That clown made Scottish referees look good . Totally conned by the keeper for Bayo’s red . Linesman had a clear view of the foul on Christie which should have been a pen . VAR badly needed in the EL too.


    A point was the least we deserved.

  12. Well done, Celtic. I could not believe the play acting of many of the French team. Dying one minute and running around the next.



    A terrible ref. Bayo did not touch the goalie on the head, so why the second yellow and the red card. Must have been hand picked by Dallas.

  13. I loved the game tonight.



    Skill levels in tight areas really impressive. We could have something with this group of players – and manager. Hail hail!




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