Roll up, roll up, crap club


The Rangers International share prospectus contained references about league reconstruction possibly expediting the club’s ascent to the Scottish Premier League for the first time.  This was never on anyone else’s agenda and was merely the latest manifestation of the train of thought that Scottish football could not, and would not, consider life without ‘Rangers’ in the top flight, or perhaps one division below.  We can only hope that the company’s budgeting was not dependent on this aspiration.

Even the most ardent advocates of the belief structure that a ‘Rangers’ branded company is wanted and needed by the rest of the game must now accept ample evidence exists that their flat earth claims are folly.  For the record, Scottish football no more needs Celtic than it did Rangers, we are a lumbering albatross around their necks.

The Rangers chief executive, Charles Green, makes a valid point about the remainder of his club’s season, “If this [12-12-18 reconstruction] does happen, what is the point of us finishing the season?

“We might as well have a winter break from now until August. I can’t see any point in carrying on with meaningless matches.”

Crap club

As many have pointed out, his is the same purpose as the teams in each division who are free of relegation threats and already out of title/promotion contention – it’s called sport, but all teams in the SFL Third Division are effectively now playing for the joy of the game itself, which is pretty much what most of the do anyway.  Let’s hope Mr Green’s comments are not widely reported to those he is trying to sell tickets to.  It was astutely reported that Green has the makings of a PT Barnum about him, but rubbishing your own product is more Gerald Ratner than Barnum.

Roll up, roll up

By contrast, PT Lawwell’s comments on the proposed reorganisation, “To be fair, it is one of the very infrequent times when the greater good of the game has been taken into account”, could be taken straight from the consensus-builder’s manual.  It remains to be seen how best to serve the greater good, but any solution has to work for every club, not just one or two.

Delighted Terry Butcher is staying in the Highlands.  Great news for Inverness and the SPL.  I’m enjoying this season; more please.

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  1. leftclicktic,



    I think irishcol was giving info about the away game in Turin, rather than the home game.


    hence the 2000 tickets and Thomas C(r)ook references.






  2. kevinlasvegas


    Sky tv(i think) get fed their info via J.Irvine(media house)i.e orc friendly

  3. Kevinlasvegas



    Sky have a vested interest in the survival of Sevco and their return to the top division




    They have lost the derby game which was a big earner for them …they want it back ASAP



    Self interest ….sevco do seem to get a lot of coverage generally of a sympathetic variety

  4. That’s Hearts Zaliukas + Stevenson both banned for our game with them on Jan 19th



    With Ryan McGowan having been sold, they are looking a bit threadbare in defence to face Hooper, Sami + Stokes

  5. The Token Tim & irishcol


    Thats what happens whe i get caught up in “Hurry & indecision”


    sure to make a rearend of myself :))

  6. ….PFayr, Surly Sky must realize that this is not going to happen anytime soon? its 2 years away at least, So are they going to back them no matter what they do for the next 2 yrs then? Hope not, Its a slow news day today so chuck is always good for a story or two.




  7. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire


    Thats me getting better :))



  8. There is no excuse for any Celtic supporter, on here, contributing to Sky Sports.



    Virtually all games are available on the net and/or, in pubs.



    It is, therefore, not much of a sacrifice to ditch the channel and, perhaps focus their attention, next time round, to the value of the Celtic Pound / Euro.



    I did it years ago and still feel no pain.



    Just do it.

  9. Imagine the current Hun squad in the EPL …I wouldn’t mind see that …remember they’re banned from signing players until 1 Aug

  10. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    SSN are giving the 4th tier team the regular publicity in the hope they can hang on to the huns who subscribe.



    Why else?



    They may have felt something of a draft when loads of Celtic supporters like me, binned them.

  11. Hearts due a thumping off us. Will be good to see Stokes, a fit KC and JF again.




  12. Thomthethim



    There would rebellion in here if I got rid of Sky …I keep the sport as I’m paying a fo the thing anyway



    Have to say I’m fed up with ESPN …poor product with extremely irritating presenters

  13. Your points RE the sky coverage of Green makes sense Bhoys but at the same token are they running Negative Celtic stories to make us turn off? Just asking like.




  14. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Evening Times saying Celtic “are going it alone with the Magners deal” ……..who the heck were we going to go it with……? …….this is all getting really silly….they are gone….bye bye

  15. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    I’d be delighted to see Super Hero Tony Watt before Stokes.



    Also if we sign this young Australian midfielder, Tom Rogic, does that push McGeough down the pecking order and Twardzic off the pecking order?



    I despair for our young talent.

  16. Stevenson is lucky it was only 2 games a career ending lunge at a fellow pro IMHO.


    V.Lunney will need to explain himself to gollum and dougal next time they meet ,Dougal told us wullie got it right he was looking at it as two players going for a ball “BEFORE THEY TINKERED WITH THE RULES”

  17. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    Who is buying the shares ?


    Not sure how it works, hopefully corrected if gibberish, but the shares are being swapped by a couple of holding companies designed/allowed to trade/invest up to either a certain number of shares are dealt or the value of deals hit a trigger point.


    That trigger point will mean the holding companies back off, they have a limited budget.


    There will be some small holders who are getting it while the getting is good.


    I’m hoping for a feeding frenzy soon :o)

  18. Afternoon Golfers,



    May I start by wishing each and every one of you a Hoopy New Year.



    With the winter break ( as all good clubs have ) still in force, it may be a good time to look at the season ahead.



    I aim to support one of our members clubs and therefore invite offers to play on the next International Weekend being Sunday 24th March.



    This is unless our new fiend Charlie Green can get his tribute act playing on the international stage, but I won’t spend too much time on the if and butts.



    With the transfer window open I also invite all offers of new players too. From Israel. Please email cqngolfclub@gmail.com with your details.



    HH Ryan\o/ D

  19. Good afternoon CHAMPIONS



    See ole chuck is giving it his best shot. Just heard De Boer on ssn saying sevco should stay in Scotland. He obviously doesn’t want any dutch cities wrecked. What league should they join?? I would suggest the Human.



    Weefra HH

  20. Yeah, Tony has done what all good youngsters do they start with a bang and spend a bit of quieter time getting their feet back on the ground and expand their game more, But i like his rawness and his direct approach, I just hope it doesn’t get coached out of him. I remember Kayal when he first signed and Joe,crackin the ball from anywhere and then after a couple of months stopped trying shots, I hope its not a matter of stop shooting and pass and contain more, as we usually play against packed defences in the SPL. Tony will learn when to shoot and when to pass through experience which can only come from game time. So hopefully he’ll have a busier second half to the season. I think with Stokes coming back, Tony may fall down the pecking order which isn’t fair and if he plays instead of tony, then tonys off in the summer.




  21. ….pfayr



    14:12 on


    10 January, 2013





    There would rebellion in here if I got rid of Sky …I keep the sport as I’m paying a fo the thing anyway



    Have to say I’m fed up with ESPN …poor product with extremely irritating presenters






    It’s only the Sports package I’m talking about.



    I still have Sky. No alternative supplier in rural Ireland, except fot cooncil tele.



    I’m sure you can find an alternative way for watching Celtic?



    If the club can make a finacial sacrifice to other clubs, surely our support can make a sacrifice that puts money INTO or pockets?



    It is in the “Ask not……..” territory.



    You know it makes sense!

  22. CorkCelt – sorry for the delay in response.



    I was surprised by the price rising when the majority of trades were sells, but it’s important to look at volume as well, and I’m too lazy to go back and see what the balance was in terms or buy vs sell.



    The price had started drifting down a few days back and I think the big sales the other day were just a recognition of that. I assume sales at that level were from an institutional investor who would see 30% as a reasonable profit.



    In general the volume of shares being traded is very low, so it’s not that surprising that despite today being all sells there’s no real movement in the price.

  23. Yeah, its tough for our youngsters buy under Neil and the next couple of season’s we have the luxury of not having to buy new players and try these young bhoys out and we may drop points but as this season proves we will still walk it, It just requires patients from us as fans stick with it eve though we’re not winning 3/4-0 every week.JF,Mcgeogh,Tony would like to see all these guys star in the second half of this season. Don’t think the Aussie will sign in this window, its seems to be a have a look visit for me as he’s suspended. But I would like more Creativity rather than grafter in the mid, We have joe,scott and Vic all grafters.




  24. wellbhoy



    Is it not also known as the eye of Ireland or am I thinking of something else?



    Weefra HH

  25. Tim Malone Will Tell on




    Don’t you want me baby – don’t you want me


    Nooooooooooooooooo !!!!!!!!

  26. Anthont Stokes is a GOAL scorer,Hurry back please alot of those wee bouncing about on the 6 yard line will end up in the back of the net with Mr Stokes on the park.

  27. yeah totally agree leftclickfc, since Stokes has been missing we havn’t been putting games to bed, he’s always good for a goal or two in the higher scoring games plus we miss his 20+ goals a season already. for me before he got injured i didnt think there was much between him and Hooper and if i remember right there wasn’t much in their goal per game ratio either to separate them. I think when Hooper first came, that Tony was better technically as he was scoring cracker from everywhere and Hooper was a Predator striker. but Hooper has got alot better as we can see over the past month, becoming a better all round striker, that we will have to see some day, So i say Keep Stokes sweet with a new deal on the understanding that he screws the heads or he’s gone.




  28. Only a matter of Time.. afore..



    Gary Goes.



    Which wan o’ you wid turn doon..



    Fifty Thousand Pounds a Week..fur.. daeing whit ye luv?



    Celtic, canny afford such a Wage.






    Gary, is going.. eethur this Window or the Next..



    But, ye kin bet yer sweet petunia.. that..



    Gary is Goin’






    Still, Laughin’ .. though.

  29. WeefratheTim Re: Ailsa Craig



    I got this from wiki:



    The island was a haven for Catholics during the Scottish Reformation in the 16th century, but is today a bird sanctuary, providing a home for huge numbers of gannets and an increasing number of puffins.

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