Rosenborg call for ex-Aruba boss, SFA “must” refer to CAS


Rosenborg went five years without winning the Norwegian title before Kare Ingebrigtsen turned things around.  Under him, they were champions the last three seasons – back on the pertch.  A mere two points off the pace, having scraped a win against Valur, he was sacked, just six days before his former team face Celtic.

It seems harsh.  This is a club burdened by their Champions League history.  Until 2004, when money replaced meritocracy, they held the record for the number of consecutive appearances in the group stage (8).  But they never turned the lights off.  They see clubs from other small nations reach the group stage of the Europa League and, to a lesser extent, the Champions League, and know they could do the same.

If they thought Ingebrigtsen’s team would have beaten Celtic he would still be in a job.  Instead, they have thrown the dice in the hope of giving players an edge.  The new interim boss’s only managerial gig in the last seven years was six weeks in charge of the Aruba national team.  Since then he’s kicked around as a youth coach and been an assistant in Dubai.  It’s a strange one.

Sacking a manager often leads to a short-term boost in results, which is all that is required for European qualification.  Expect this tie to be competitive.  That’s good, I prefer Celtic to play in games with a visible edge, than against unknowns with fire in their belly.  Cool heads will be needed.  On that subject, we’ll discuss Jozo later.

Newco, having successfully argued the SFA should refer the matter of Rangers’ eligibility for Uefa competition in 2011 to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), now request the SFA do not take the matter to CAS.  It’s a kind of Newco logic; any victory in a storm.

They argue this procedural guidance establishes the complaint has no merit, whereas the SFA Judicial Panel Disciplinary Tribunal did not address the complaint, only their competency to examine it.

The Judicial Panel ruled “the Notice of Complaint must be determined by the Court of Arbitration for Sport.”  The word “must” has been overlooked by Newco.  The SFA must act accordingly.  Taking the whole thing to Lausanne will make sure we don’t need to go through another round of “Who are these people” type witch-hunts.  I know what you are thinking, Dave King has been making friend with the SFA on a weekly basis for months now, surely they will do his bidding.

I’m not sure Dave’s that clever.

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  1. Gerryfaethebrig on

    DD 11.55pm



    After the day oot in the Bon Accord I used your Celtic analogy to friends & family about Moussa, Olivier & Odsonne…. I bet France to win the last Euros but was totally convinced Brazil & Neymar has Russia 2018 in the bag… still think they were cheated against the Belgians but hey-ho fitba the world over is full of cheats :-)



    Viva la France delighted they stoated for you …. France 4 Argentina 3 whit a game we witnessed

  2. JB72 94



    Could reverse your question.



    What does Brendan know about Gerrard that we don’t know?



    Probably loads……….



    Do you think he’s worried?



    I’m not detecting concern…




  3. Get on First half goals Bhoys…. Whilst the market is ripe.



    Make sure you do the bets before going into the Stadium.



    Wifi upgrade?



    Nae difference.

  4. +message for GFTB+


    Gerry, your wee blade has won the best coloured_in World Cup trophy competition.


    She gets the table football and a bottle of wine. I suggest you give the wine to the Mrs.



  5. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Petec 12.07am



    You could be spot on there although am not a spread better I like just losing my money over 90mins :-)



    A lot was made of Celtic not scoring as many goals last season but Griffiths, Dembellle, Rogic, Armstrong were missing for a large part of the season, I would not even guess how many goals our 4 top goal scorers scored the season before …. but am sure it was a few

  6. If you ever wondered what our youth coaching staff do during the summer then check this out on Twitter.





    The U11s, 12s,14s, 15s 16s all playing abroad in tournaments against top sides.



    The U15s beat Atletico Madrid 4-2 today in a tournament that has Bayern Munich, Atletico Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, LA Galaxy, New York Red Bulls, New York City, Houston Dynamos, DC United, Philadelphia Union, Seattle Sounders & Real Salt Lake plus 8 state rep sides from across the USA.




  7. GORDON64 on 20TH JULY 2018 10:17 PM



    Alleged novichok victim walks free from hospital despite novichok being found in his home after his partner is alleged to have been murdered by novichok. Strange stuff going on.GORDON64 on 20TH JULY 2018 10:17 PM




    They picked up a discarded perfume bottle and took it home. She sprayed it on herself and is now dead. He didn’t spray it on himself but still required treatment. Nothing “alleged” about it – it’s been confirmed by those in the NHS that have had to deal with it.



    Unless you’re the kind of extreme sceptic that believes nothing that’s ever reported in the press? Guess that includes the footie results…



    My take on taking the case to the CAS is that the SFA know the dead club are bang to rights in cheating AGAIN





    and they most likely knew this within the first month of looking into it ,the other 7 months were taken up with finding a way to whitewash the whole debacle .







    Looks like they have opted for the old LNS option of limiting the scope of the enquiry as to minimize the offense







    Is it just me or has the original offense of the granting of the lisense now seemed to have been airbrushed from the whole charade









    No its not just you. That is exactly what is happening.



    Apparently that period was discussed between the Comp Officer and TRFC and the former was persuaded the licence was properly granted.



    We only have that from a TRFC statement and a SFM contributer called Lawman to rely on and the Comp Officer has been asked if its true by Res12 lawyer but no answer yet.



    The next question would be what form did the exchange take and what was the Comp Off told that allowed him to exclude that period from JPDT scrutiny.



    The next question would be did what he was told align with the other information provided and if yes on what basis was Comp Off satisfied and if no was Comp Off misled by TRFC?



    If the case does go to CAS but without that period at end of March and at an end of May under scrutiny then its another LNS type charade unless the exclusion can satisfactorily explained by the SFA who have been asked to clarify.

  9. Gerryfaethebrig on

    AoW 12.12am



    I “advised” her to try and be different she refused and coloured it in precisely as it looked …. the Mrs doesn’t drink wine and if it’s that second hand fitba table that Dallas actually performed like his namesake Hugh and let you make the rules up when you “beat” me I will treasure that table just as much as when Celtic were cheated “on the Park”



    The wee blade will be delighted ??

  10. DUMBHOY on 21ST JULY 2018 12:04 AM




    I know that SG has baggage, a lot of baggage, but I don’t think he’s a fool, so I can’t quite work out his strategy here.


    The only thing that I can think of is that, SG is going to try the same format as the Kilmarnock guy.


    Did SG and the Kilmarnock guy not work together at the same club in England ?


    I might be wrong, but I don’t that SG would’ve taken that job if he didn’t think he had a trick on Brendan, hope I’m wrong of course.



  11. Gerry,



    Brendan has me head scratching.



    We lost heavily last Season in the CL, I know he is gonnae do something really Good this Season howevaaaaah.



    He only wants offensive players brought in. :))



    Love that Ideology.



    He might be sacked because of it. Doubt it.

  12. Gerrard has been sucked in by King, Souness, Mcallister, Dalglish et al. If he took a job in the Championship like Lampard he had 15 other teams to beat to promotion. Up here he thinks he has one horse to beat, how hard can it be? He is about to find out. Personally i think his ego has wrote a cheque his Hummel tracksuit can’t cash.

  13. Petec




    If Brendan tightens the midfield, like he did in our home game against Zenit, it could be the difference for us in Europe.



  14. BANKIEBHOY1 on 21ST JULY 2018 12:31 AM




    Too true, sleep well.



  15. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Cheers, I just think it was AoWs way of posting after flouncing, he probably “fixed” it since he is our works version of Louis Walsh :-)






    This might sound mad, but I think Brendan wants to attack the weaker teams this season BUT if, and a big if, we get to the group stages and the last twice we have had 2 top seeds in our group, Brendan’s 3 at the back will defo be 5 at the back with a very packed midfield …. just opinion but a winner like Brendan doesn’t like getting beaten… in the last 2 CLs I think Man City, PSG, Barca & Bayern Munich are the four top seeds we have landed

  16. BANKIEBHOY1 on 21ST JULY 2018 12:31 AM,



    Twas ever thus…



    Don’t worry, someone will be on shortly with their dugs flea count, whatever….



    Meanwhile back at the ranch…. They’re still and, will always be DEID!




  17. Gerryfaethebrig,



    Kieran is now officially a Monster of a Defender.



    He is a no go area when an attacker. He had to be more defensive when we were @ 10, until HT.



    Nothing is going by Kieran.




  18. Aiden made Celtic so much Money, from what I heard, Peter Lawwell was desperate to get Aiden to do the deal.



    Kieran is worth more than £30Mill in Todays market. It’s a different Ball game from even back then.



    I reckon Kieran would just say No, Aiden wasn’t all that happy @ the Time.



    Celtic will let anyone say what they want to Kieran. I reckon the Bhoy will still be playing for the Greatest Team for a Good few years yet. ;))

  19. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Petec 12.43am



    Love the bhoy, KT is all the kids idol hope he stays for as long as he possibly can ….



    In these days it takes a lot for a left back to be a Celtic hero and at such a young age

  20. Nat Know


    Or, alternatively, they picked up a dodgy needle and/or fix in a park late at night. And the timing was beneficial for another squirrel. HH

  21. Gerry, KT was as hard as nails in everything he done Wednesday.



    He is gonnae get even stronger.



    He will be a FEARSOME defender this Season. I was hugely impressed by him midweek.



    Njoi Again

  22. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Petec 1.05am



    Kieran is a different animal since the days Romny D eased him in to the team, no need for energy drinks these days :-)



    Young & old love the wee mhan ?