Scale of the potential leak damage


Celtic Park and Lennoxtown will be tense places to work today, after notes on recruitment and player sale considerations, dating from April, were photographed and distributed online.  Information like this is incredibly sensitive, will expose player recruitment to competitive pressures and can undermine confidence in the current squad.  If the leak is identified and found to be an act of carelessness, or worse, someone is likely to lose their job.

I get that information on Celtic’s recruitment plans are of interest to all of us.  It is also true that exchanging valuable information confers authority on the source.  But this is commercially sensitive information, which once public, undermines Celtic’s attempt to strengthen the team.  It is inexplicable that it was left unattended, leaked or publicised by anyone with Celtic’s interests at heart.

The scale of the potential damage of this is significant, not only for those involved.

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  1. You might want to check MadMitch’s printer drive though. Got his modus operandi typed all over it.



    Just sayin’

  2. traditionalist88 on




    the big question is who leaked it and what else have they got?




  3. I would have been happier if this was leaked:



    NL : Stick down Brandon Parker’s name.



    All : (Laugh uncontrollably for several minutes”)



    NL : Ok. Point taken.

  4. Whoever leaked this does not have Celtic’s best interest at heart. That much is true.



    Yet, the most alarming thing about it is the amatuerism of the scouting reporting contained within. Only the person who leaked it knows if it was genuine or not. The sensible thing for Celtic to have done would have been to declare it as ‘fake’, knowing only the perpetrator could argue otherwise.



    Amatuer hour in G40 continues.

  5. glendalystonsils on

    Recruiting managers in showers , leaving critical documents unsecured……what next?



    If the document is a fake , I would expect the management to have come out with a statement to that effect.



    Unless the evil genius that is Peter Lawwell has produced it himself to throw our competitors off the scent…..?!

  6. Disagree, Celtic fans should know the shear ineptitude of our scouting network. A whistle blowing good guy IMHO. Scouting players from where was it – Huddersfield. Keeping Izzy regardless of past service etc etc. A total shambles. Aye Pistol Pete should be concerned as this shows the level of our ambition in regards player acquisition.



    I also believe that there is a missing page where Effy and Hoopers names are mentioned as cheap options.

  7. There is feck all there that we didn’t already know…Izzy told us to shove the 12 month extension, Toljan was a known dud as early as late March, we might sell any player if an acceptable bid comes in, Lustig is for the off and Lee Congerton couldn’t spot a decent player if his job depended on it! So Burke worth keeping and Weah worth an extension? Aye right!!!


    All this shows is that the downsizing was being planned before Rodgers up and left (possibly due to reading this document) and that even our recruitment team had forgotten about our top earner Compper.


    So pitchforks down, Neil has an eye, didn’t you know? Adam Matthews & Hooper……that’s what we have to look forward to under lapdog Lennon…

  8. Bob O' Baldy on

    San Luis




    Where is the 10,000 player database?


    Why are all of the proposed signings restricted to such a minute scope?


    What is the point of the one sentence summary? Where are the mathematical calculations on the current player’s value to the team, or a proposed player?



  9. Garngad to Croy on

    Going by the crumpled paper and dirty fingernails of the culprit on twitter , I would suggest Keith ‘Jingle Jangle’ Jackson has been Raking the Parkheid Midges !

  10. FATHER JACK on 4TH JUNE 2019 12:35 PM


    Big Wavy


    If as you say it’s amateurish, why blame Congerton ?




    As Head of Recruitment, what the heck was he doing? Confirmation that his reach for players was limited to the point of asking for referrals around the table.


    Amateur hour extends beyond Lee Congerton here to be clear but he was part of the problem.


    At the moment we have no head of recruitment just Peter Lawell and his son and Dudu on speed dial. I suspect PSG are not taking our calls anymore.

  11. I don’t suppose we’ll ever know for sure, but that document looks to me like something someone would mock up to cause some mischief.



    If it is real I’d be more worried about the quality of analysis and thinking that it would indicate, and does anyone really think DD would attend a meeting covering relatively low level thinking on the potential ins and outs of the playing squad.



    I smell sh**e

  12. traditionalist88 on

    BOB O’ BALDY on 4TH JUNE 2019 12:40 PM


    San Luis






    Where is the 10,000 player database?





    Its been confused with a 10,000 season ticket waiting list ;)




  13. Are we REALLY sure this document is authentic? I’m not so sure and smell a big rat, blue or otherwise.


    But what do I know?




  14. The PLC has been pretty good at avoiding this kind of nonsense in the past.



    This has been utterly embarrassing.

  15. The level of player we are trying to sign for a club with a 100 million turnover the last 2 seasons is abject.


    Will the charlatan still reward himself with salaries and bonus reflective of a top end premiership club after this?

  16. mullet and co 2 on

    Having watched the Simon Ferry interviews and looked back at The players that came and left the club in Lennons tenure I would not be surprised by the accuracy of this document.


    Lennon gave us Forster, Kelvin Wilson, Hooper, Ledley. He had identified these guys from. His time in England the players themselves found togetherness and joy in having British players together. The Simon Ferry interviews confirm that.


    I would find it surprising if we went for the two Huddersfield players given their age and the two forwards given they are both valued over £10m.


    I also find it surprising there is no inclusion of McGregor or James Forrest as potential to be sold. Perhaps that oh so surprising last minute can’t avoid it bid will come in?


    In all not surprised if it’s real and not surprised at who is on it. Also wouldn’t be surprised if we went back for Sviatchenko.



    It lacks imagination it lacks clarity on how these guys make the list too. Looks heavily driven by local market forces which we know are over priced. Interested in the chap from Paris though.



    If this is it then please wake me up when the window shuts. There is a possibility of selling Edouard, Ntcham and Tierney with some of this lot coming in. there is no chance whatsoever of Lawwell allowing Lennon to spend £10m on a striker so if for example Edouard goes we will be looking at loans. The 3 sales above constitute possible income of £50m. Meanwhile we haven’t moved beyond reinventing the same strategy from 2012.


    Has Neil been told who his assistant is yet?

  17. MULLET AND CO 2 on 4TH JUNE 2019 1:24 PM



    To be fair, this was from a meeting two months ago. So much will have happened in that period.



    Who’s available on the market will become clearer. I’m sure there are players who have dropped off that list and players have been added.

  18. What is the Document?



    is it minutes of a meeting?



    or is it an agenda?



    Are there only 3 pages?

  19. Stairheedrammy on

    hi Guys, I scribbled some notes down for an evening session on football manager and cant seem to find them, can anyone help?

  20. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    Well by all accounts that list seems genuine, given talk of internal investigations and Paul’s article today. Also, given that lineups have been leaked consistently (and to a high degree of accuracy) for sometime, it adds credence to the claims that the document is original.



    As to the form of the document and the names that appear on it, well, the “well run club” mantra takes another blow. You cannot discern a signing policy from the names mentioned- given their pedigree, where they ply their trade and their age.



    From this leak to Neil getting offered the job in the showers, it seems as if we are making this up on the hoof. BR papered over a lot of these cracks and masked our inadequacies; Ronny Deila did not. Let’s hope Neil fits into the former as opposed to the latter category.

  21. Big Wavy


    I have no idea what he was doing, but knowing Peter Lawwell like I do, he will have done as instructed, Congerton will have been working on a remit, he wouldn’t have deviated from that remit, as far as I can see all the players on the list are attainable for little money.


    The problem is there is no proper long term recruitment plan, as you say, there is a bigger world out there than dildo and man cty.




    The document is real, for confirmation all you have to do is read today’s leader.

  22. weebobbycollins on

    Celtic have just announced Peter Lawwell will pull on a tracksuit next season and sit in the dug-out with Neil and the others…President Lawwell stated, “It will give me a better chance to see the players up close and will also give me more ideas as regards recruitment for the next Transfer Willo (cough) sorry, Window….and I’ve always wanted to run along the trackside high fiveing the fans after we score against Glasgow Rangers…”

  23. Maybe Neil leaked it himself to put PL on the spot and get a better a budget and list of targets?

  24. BIGBHOY on 4TH JUNE 2019 1:30 PM


    What is the Document?



    is it minutes of a meeting?



    or is it an agenda?



    Are there only 3 pages?






    It’s minutes. Lists the attendees and assigns actions



    For example “PL to speak to agents”

  25. weebobbycollins on

    Friesdorfer…there was Lawwell, Desmond, Bankier and a guy holding a big umbrella…

  26. My friends in Celtic,



    This leak must be fake, it must be a “wind up”. Surely a club accommodating 60k crowds( with a ST waiting list ) a world class training facility and circa £100m turnover cannot be so modest in our aspirations.