Scale of the potential leak damage


Celtic Park and Lennoxtown will be tense places to work today, after notes on recruitment and player sale considerations, dating from April, were photographed and distributed online.  Information like this is incredibly sensitive, will expose player recruitment to competitive pressures and can undermine confidence in the current squad.  If the leak is identified and found to be an act of carelessness, or worse, someone is likely to lose their job.

I get that information on Celtic’s recruitment plans are of interest to all of us.  It is also true that exchanging valuable information confers authority on the source.  But this is commercially sensitive information, which once public, undermines Celtic’s attempt to strengthen the team.  It is inexplicable that it was left unattended, leaked or publicised by anyone with Celtic’s interests at heart.

The scale of the potential damage of this is significant, not only for those involved.

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  1. JF @ 6.14



    The Barrowfield development needs to happen now because it is long overdue.


    Hopefully it happens quickly and we are good to go in 12 / 15 months time.


    We desperately need a full size indoor pitch.



    The plans suggest we are getting the bare bones now with the more exotic — reserve stand — coming later.



    We can do it now because we have money in the bank, was have a very large tick book that will crystallize over time and we have the BR money coming through.



    Regarding our rebuild — we should not spend all our money at once.


    We have £10mill outstanding surely from last season’s recruitment shambles.


    Then we have this years investment — my plug number would be £10mill pa — but would settle for slightly less.


    Then we will have the money from at least one big sale this window.



    All of that should get us the following:



    1 starting RB.


    1 starting CB plus a project CB.


    1 project LB.



    1 starting MF — hopefully a DM.


    1 journeyman MF with a reputation as a robust play — he will sit on the bench and growl to order.


    1 bloke from Motherwell.



    1 journeyman CF to scare the SPL.


    1 high value project CF to scare and then supportOE.


    1 large boot to scare JF.



    Finally we will need to replace those we sell — spend 50% of the cash coming in.


    Looking at a £15mill spend hopefully more

  2. roon yeese.






    Orange parade planned for Port Glasgow is to be re-routed following complaints



    By Lorraine Tinney @greenocktele




    A THREE thousand strong Orange parade planned for Port Glasgow is to be re-routed following complaints from police and transport chiefs.



    Organisers wanted to march through the town centre then along the A8 to Coronation Park and back on Fair Saturday, June 29.



    But there were objections over the fact that the procession would close the A8 for more than four hours.



    Police said this would have major repercussions for residents, road safety and, in the case of any accident, affect the capability of emergency services.




    A spokesman for Inverclyde Council said: “The intended route of the proposed Orange Order walk could lead to the A8 being closed for four hours or more.



    “The A8 is the main route in and out of Inverclyde and this could have serious repercussions for local residents, road safety and the ability of the emergency services to respond in the event of an incident.



    “It would also entail a 50 mile diversion for motorists and HGVs



    “Police Scotland and Transport Scotland both objected to the proposed route.”



    Talks have now been held between the Grand Lodge of Scotland and the council to agree a new route and minimise disruption.



    The parade will now leave from Ardgowan Street and go through the town, with marchers assembling at the town’s park and ride for speeches rather than Coronation Park.



    Robert McLean, executive officer of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, told the Telegraph that changes in detail prior to such an event were part of the planning.



    He said: “It is one of the main parades that takes place every 12 years.



    “The County Grand Lodge of Ayrshire, Renfrewshire and Argyll, all the lodges in that area converge on Port Glasgow.



    “We spent a lot of time with the council, police and local people as part of the planning process.



    “We are looking forward to a good day in Port Glasgow at the end of June.”



    Port Glasgow West Community Council had also objected to the original route.



    Secretary Tommy Rodger said: “It is Fair Saturday.




    “People will be starting their holiday journeys, and would be greatly hindered trying to access the Port Glasgow train station, the McGill’s Buses timetable would be totally disrupted, bus journeys for passengers would take ages and car and bus commuters on the A8 would face tailbacks either side of Port Glasgow.



    “This chaos on the A8 at Port Glasgow would put at risk potential connections for flights and other travel links.”



    Port councillor David Wilson today welcomed the decision to change the proposed route.



    Councillor Wilson said: “The parade will now leave Ardgowan Street and go through the town.



    “A wreath will be laid at the war memorial and people will now gather at Highholm Street Park and Ride instead of the Coronation Park for speeches.



    “It is a sensible solution.”

  3. Norwegian boss says Ajer would improve faster at a higher level than at Celtic. Why get drawn into the debate mate? Like the Australian boss dissing Celtic over Rogic, country managers must be told to respect ALL clubs.



    The highlight of Lagerback´s playing career was playing twice for a team in its unsuccessful attempt to get into the Swedish second division.

  4. Moderator


    I dont mind being deleted.honest.justel me its so.not why :-) thanks.



  5. The redevelopment of barrowfield is long overdue and will complament lennoxtown training centre, it will not take its place.



    It will not cost much more to maintain a redeveloped barrowfield because we have housed our academy there for The past 20 years. This development will simply provide more and better facilities.



    I reckon it would actually pay for itself if done correctly. A car park of (100/150 spaces, match day charge) and a stand and facilities to host boy/ girls academy, woman and reserve games would all generate income to support running cost. Also save money because there would hopefully be no need to hire out mortons ground, ekfc ground for games/ training. Can Also use for summer, easter training camps etc…



    Having the indoor football centre at barrowfield makes a lot of sense. It is easy for fulltime professional players to travel to barrowfield on a rainy day, much harder for families to get their kids to lennoxtown for training after school etc…



    We have 9 under age ground for The boys team and for girls team, thats at least 9 games a week. The womans teams and The reserve team could add another games to that, so at least 10 games per week.



    Most of there teams will train at least 3 x per week. so The youth team and womans team will train there about 40 times per week.



    All of which brings a huge number of people to The centre and many will spend a lot of time there. Facilities offer another revenue source to help with upkeep.




  6. fairhill bhoy on

    Me and my dad renewed ages ago,that doesn’t mean we are happy at the way the club does things,and I’m pretty sure we’re not alone

  7. I welcome the new development at Lennoxtown.



    But come on.



    Will we ever see the fans’ café beside the Superstore?

  8. kikinthenakas on

    Fairhill Bhoy



    Talking about you on Friday with Angelgabriel and Marspapa at the golf at Carnoustie with Acgr. We must know each other live next Mick T




  9. fairhill bhoy on

    Kikinthenakas-hi mate,marspapa said he came on to a good game ? Was he telling porkies ?

  10. whitedoghunch on



    have a look at Mimo food tours


    will post a couple of specific places when back at laptop tomorrow

  11. Fairhill Bhoy 8.44pm



    The truth The whole truth & nothing but the truth.








    My point about Jonny Hayes stands .


    Squads win trebles . Ours could and should be stronger,


    but Jonny Hayes played his part.




    The transfer window opens on June 11th. Chill out.


    Meanwhile we will just be the most successful badly run club in the universe.


    According to some.

  12. Brilliant news that we have sold out all our standard ST’s.



    A massive demonstration of support from the paying public.


    Hopefully this profound investment and manifestation of support will be reciprocated by our current custodians.



    HH to all on our new journey.

  13. fairhill bhoy on

    ANGELGABRIEL-good stuff,I can only imagine the conversation regarding me ?

  14. CELTIC MAC on 5TH JUNE 2019 4:53 PM



    tontine tim Some disastrous results in those days, (was at Rugby Park to see us lose 5-0 in 1963) but also capable of great attacking football, (124 goals 54 against 1963-64 all games).



    *The week after losing for the 3rd time in 4 weeks tae deidco we went 4 up after less than quarter of an hour tae the Hi Hi who were a fairly decent team back then, although they last lost Hilley, Harley and Gray at the time plus some others tae Morton lol, but by half time it was 4-3 and after they equalised early in the 2nd half we held on tae secure a draw.



    3 days later we went tae Basle and won 5-1 and then lost our next 2 games at brockville and love street respectively however we then tied 2-2 with the joint top of the league Pars before going on a winning spree which included another nap hand against the Swiss and a Frank Haffey missed penalty against airdrie on the same day morton got gubbed 5-0 by deidco, by this time that novel idea had disappeared and I was back in the Celtic end.



    We remained unbeaten until the New Year game, losing 0-1 against the run of play with the huns only shot on goal and a blatant Stevie penalty denied by mitb slyme, knocking Dynamos Zagreb out of the lavvy cup and having both big Billy and Jinky sent off at firhill and firs park.



    But we came through it



    *We did, however as the bunnet said “being a Celtic supporter is not always easy, but it is always worthwhile”, and it is no matter what the mona lisas say.

  15. Celticrollercoaster......Hail, Hail Cesar on

    Sat 29th June-The 3rd Annual CQN afternoon Summer Beer sesh



    Meet up, drink beer and talk nonsense, but Celtic nonsense



    Don’t say you have not been invited.








  16. JAMES FORREST on 5TH JUNE 2019 1:26 PM





    Pay me Lawwell’s £3 million and I’ll come up with a plan.




    No you wouldn’t. It would mean having to visit Celtic Park.

  17. Good morning CQN from a dry but overcast Garngad



    Another day and more rumours to upset Celtic, amazing how every player that we are reportedly looking to sign that thier clubs now want to keep them and not only do we have a load of players on loan going back to parent clubs but also everyone and their granny wants KT and Porto are set for a summer war over Olly Ntcham, Ajer being told to leave Celtic.



    Ffs the Scottish Main Stream Media are hurting big time.???







    Lenny come the window opening on the 11 June, start getting players in and shut these feckers up.



    I think redeveloping Barrowfield could have waited another year or 2 but it is about time we done something with it. As long it is not to the detriment of buying players then fine.


    There is the old adage of we had a European cup winning team training there as well as at Celtic park, so get on with it for another year or 2, but I can understand sport progressing etc.



    So let’s see what negative vibes the SMSM have for us this fine day.


    Whatever it is, it won’t be that we have just won an unprecedented tr3ble tr3ble or 8IAR.



    ??????????? – – Loading


    ????????????? incredible?






    D. :)



    COURT 19


    Before LIONEL PERSEY QC sitting as a Judge of the High Court



    Thursday 6 June 2019


    At 10:30 AM






    CL-2018-000726 SDI Retail Services Limited v. The Rangers Football Club limited (born


    29 May 2012)

  19. traditionalist88 on

    David Turnbull more in demand that John McGinn was last year according to several reports. Seems like we are very keen.




  20. Celtic will dither till someone beats them to the player , they will say they tried .seen it all before .

  21. traditionalist88 on

    JIMTIM on 6TH JUNE 2019 9:08 AM



    Did we think McGinn was ours because hes a Celtic fan?



    Not sure but lessons learnt you would hope.



    Still, we could do everything with maximum efficiency, meet the asking price, his wage demands, and we could still lose out to a club in England. But Celtic would still be accused of dithering.




  22. European Super Leagues may actually be on the horizon.



    The big sides want to make the CL a closed shop. The smaller clubs are banding together behind Ajax.



    Celtic want to make sure they have all the criteria to be admitted. All the facilities.



    This is long-term planning.

  23. The Battered Bunnet on




    Seville has a shed load of great places to eat, most of which are tucked off the main drags. Wander up the narrow side streets and see what you find.



    My favourite is Casa Morales, a wee place that has been on the go for over 150 years, still run by the same family and still blends its own wine and cures its own meats. It’s on Calle Garcia de Vinuesa, about 150 yards behind the cathedral.



    The food is only surpassed by the grumpiness of the staff, truly world class grumps, adding a welcome touch of humour to a great scoff.

  24. TRADITIONALIST88 on 6TH JUNE 2019 9:23 AM




    Hi mate , I think if the board did everything right and under the circumstances you mention we lose out to higher wages etc then no blame attributed we tried our best ,then fair do’s


    But last season with John mcginn was a classic case of celtic dithering . Still hope we get this lad ,he is a top player . HH

  25. traditionalist88 on

    JIMTIM on 6TH JUNE 2019 10:04 AM



    I haven’t watched him closely enough in terms of his all round game but goalscoring midfielders are always welcome.






    Celtic fan keeps the Eid




    Packie Bonner…

  27. Think I will give up trying to post on here , it takes about 30 mins to write a few sentences as the site keeps jumping all over the place , then halfway through writing a post it feking dissapears !!! I blame Peter Lawell anyone else got the same problems ?

  28. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    TIMALOY29 on 6TH JUNE 2019 9:32 AM



    The best thing Celtic could do vis-a-vis a European super league is to have a good team on the park and remain relevant by qualifying routinely for the CL or, failing that, by giving a good account of ourselves in the Europa League.



    By doing so, we will be talked of alongside Ajax, we will maintain a turnover of circa £100m, we will continue to attract players, sell for good fees and be included in prestigious reports such as that produced by KPMG recently.



    We can have Lennoxtown and a renovated Barrowfield but if we had Ronny at the helm and his team it would all be irrelevant.



    A strong football team is not a panacea for everything but it goes a long way.

  29. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ TRADITIONALIST88 on 6TH JUNE 2019 9:23 AM



    It’s amazing that Ajax can get transfers completed without clubs in England beating them to their man. You would think English clubs would watch Holland/Belgium more closely than Scotland given the greater quality of those leagues.