SFL, Hearts and the cash cow


With former Rangers International director, Charles Green, no longer on the scene, Scottish Football League chief executive, David Longmuir, has had a sudden change of heart. After encouraging member clubs to reject the SPL proposal to merge leagues, yesterday he congratulated clubs who voted for the merger as “reluctant heroes”.

SFL president, Jim Ballantyne, was less pragmatic, “We are joining their [SPL] company, their organisation.  They have swallowed us up. We could use nice words about it, but it is a takeover.”

On this occasion, we concur with Mr Ballantyne, who went on to say, “It will be for others to decide if this step takes us to where we want to go.”

The truth is that while this arrangement will do lots for clubs in the second tier of the game it will fundamentally change nothing, our challenges remain.

News this morning of impending financial doom at Hearts as a result of their lender and major shareholder going into liquidation presents another challenge.  Hearts over-reached what looked like a bizarre attempt to spend money like there was no tomorrow.  Memories of Zadoc the Priest blasting over the PA system at Tynecastle heralding their access to the Champions League qualifiers in 2006 will seem hollow now.

Scottish football has one perfectly solvent cash cow and nearly 40 businesses teetering on the brink.  Send the cash cow off to graze in pastures where it can be fattened in return for writing a cheque big enough to solve the game’s problems.

Willie Wallace will be at the Celtic Store, Argyle St, for late night shopping, from 5.30-7.30 pm tonight (Thursday).  Where you can buy a signed copy of his book and have a chat with the man himself.  Bring a camera.

Immediately after leaving the Celtic Store Willie and Brogan Rogan (and a pile of books) are heading to the Greenock Celtic Supporters’ Club for a CQN Question and Answer evening.  Entry costs £2 (all of which is going to our charity causes).  DON’T FORGET YOUR CAMERA!!

Raffle tickets for this fabulous signed Celtic strip cost only £1, you’ve two days left to get a ticket, so fill your boots here.

Tomorrow, while some of us are relaxing in Fife, over a hundred Celtic fans will drive north ahead of a 1254125 Ben Nevis climb and Huddle. Two of our own are then cycling from Fort William back to Glasgow on Sunday…. They need sponsors for their 1254125 campaign. Even if you can’t make it up Ben Nevis you can help out here.

And, if your stuck in Lanarkshire tomorrow there’s a trivia quiz in aid of the Walk Centre, Nakuru, Kenyan, who help children and families of the slum. Quiz takes place at St John The Baptist Church Hall, Uddingston, 7.30 – 11.30.

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  1. Danny Wilson, who was waiting to see if he could sign for the Hertz, is on a free after being released by Liverpool. Think he could be a good signing on a free.



    Other than him it’s pretty much players that Sevco will take I think. Hopefully not Sutton though as I think his big brother would kill him.





    /Bishop B

  2. @andysays78: @greg0rkyle It would take an investor with lots of cash and a world-record breaking IQ to sort Hearts out..any of them in Scottish football?

  3. The Boy Jinky on




    Pretty much a case of … out of the frying pan and into the bad fire ;)

  4. Killer pallella to killie pie????


    From twitter


    @GuillemBalague: Albert Ferrer and Pako Ayestaran applied for Kilmarnock job! Exciting!! And so brave and modern for the club to take that route

  5. I can’t see Hearts surviving this.



    The Hearts next year with no debt in the bottom tier it is then.

  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on




    You mean this dramatic move from 12-10-10-10 to 12-10-10-10 will not change anything? I was just about to put my life savings on Scotland to win the 2018 World Cup!

  7. P67



    Is there still moves afoot for the cash cow to seek pastures more green as our competition die every season?




  8. Afternoon/evening/morning all.


    Great news for GCT,hope all goes well.


    markderrybhoy ,as with your young yin ,best wishes mhate .


    crowbhoy ,welcome to the blog .



    Hail hail

  9. The Battered Bunnet on

    Was thinking along the same lines Paul. Funny that. Great minds or fools?



    There’s probably a good exercise in defining the financial status of each club in the new SPFL 1, along the lines of:



    1) Self sustaining


    Celtic, Hibs, St Johnstone,



    2) Shareholder dependent


    Aberdeen, Ross County,



    3) Vulnerable


    Dundee Utd, Motherwell, St Mirren, ICT, Partick,



    4) Imperilled


    Hearts, Kilmarnock



    Thereafter, draw up a series of actions and measures required of each club to move towards pot 1 – self sustaining. Some require debt settlement to cure an otherwise underlying sustainable business model. Others need enhanced annual revenue.



    Even excluding the ‘Imperilled’ clubs, I reckon it would be a rather meaty cheque.

  10. Paul, can you give us clarification re the CO question. From twitter I see you say there was no vote but did Celtic make any voices of not being happy with his re election etc?


    This is important to a lot of fans, as well as yourself I know from your various articles about CO.


    Is Peter happy to have CO in place and if not, why are we not hearing that he is not?

  11. If Chuckles has indeed ‘shot the craw’, then the animal rights activists will be after him!





    sevco.the new saviour sounds ike he has been AW NAWE’D or it’s TOMMY GOLD HERE.

  13. greengray1967 on

    Repost from this morning



    If anyone is interested, Celtic Legends will take on the Dundalk 2002 cup winning squad in Oriel Park Dundalk on Saturday 22nd June. Tickets are only €10 and €5 for kids. Celtic squad includes Big Pierre, Tommy Boyd, Alan Stubbs, Tommy Johnson, Bobby Petta, Regi Blinker (I know I know) and more. There is also a Gala in The Crowne Plaza that night priced at €50 or €100pps B&B with match ticket. We also have player sponsorship options for €100 which includes meet and greet with your player and his Jersey signed by the squad. Anyone interested contact me on Twitter on Alan Gray@greengray or on Facebook through the CQN page.

  14. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on





    I note some of the proposed league changes, seem VERY convenient now that Sevco 5088 have their dodgy licence etc..



    History is being airbrushed conveniently. In 30 yrs time reflection will all be about how Scottish football changed rather than the discrimination, financial doping,administrative skullduggery that caused the issues.



    Lets be honest , most problems and most attempts for solutions are to suit the shady,brassnecked shambles from Govan..



    They can spin it ANY way they want..make no mistake, this is ALL about Sevco..



    We let them have any power back at our peril.. They are seething.. Desperate..



    I do not miss them.. I never will.. Moreover I would have done far more to ensure their slimy, not so subtle attempts to return, were rendered useless..



    The silence over the obvious shady oldco/Sevco/smsm alliances is deafening..



    There are no degrees of winning.. You win or lose.. CELTIC have won.. The Govan hillbillies exist only in delusional minds..



    However Scottish Society appears to need the hillbillies…



    As a club we should have the confidence to point out our victories on and off the field and leave them to rot..



    I enjoyed this season ,without them…I felt cleaner as a human being..




  15. as usual the web site only dishing out the rubbishy tickets for the liverpool game



    they always do that – are us online buyers not worthy of having the option to choose decent seats?




  16. leftclicktic on

    “Scottish football has one perfectly solvent cash cow and nearly 40 businesses teetering on the brink. Send the cash cow off to graze in pastures where it can be fattened in return for writing a cheque big enough to solve the game’s problems”.



    Anywhere outwith the shackles of the klan brothers will do, and the sooner the better please :))

  17. Kilbowie Kelt on

    Celtic presumably saying nothing as Campbell Ogilvie was re-elected unopposed seems to be upsetting some of our number.



    What possible benefit would the club have gained from a show of truculence ?


    It was a done deed. Celtic could not change that decision.


    It was one of those times recommended in the old adage,.. ‘ Whatever you say,…say NOTHING.’



    God grant me the serenity


    to accept the things I cannot change;


    the courage to change the things I can;


    and the WISDOM to know the difference.

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