Shift in perception, winter solstice of 54-65


Don’t give me your ‘slump’ mockery. Just think for a minute, what if this IS our slump? Five league games in 17 days, four of which were won by a single goal is as bad as it’s been since Brendan Rodgers took over as manager.

We have, of course, shuffled the pack. With a hefty nine games this month, Brendan is correct to rest the weary legs which concluded our Champions League group only two weeks ago. He also has a full programme over the festive period to prepare for.

With 20 wins in 21 domestic games this season we’ve won the first trophy, scoring 11 and without conceding. Win our remaining games this month and we’ll be at least 17 clear “and it’s not New Year”. With a game in hand.

Scottish football has never had such a dominant champion, even during the two nine-in-a-row eras. It’s been achieved with largely the same squad as last season, while we were the only team participating in European group competition – and with a sustainable financial model.

I know talk of “slump” is ridiculous, but I bet you’ve already picked up a shift in perception of what is normal for Celtic. Most of us have been around long enough to remember the dark days. Some of us have been around to remember the winter solstice, which lasted from 1954 to 1965, but we’re all susceptible to recent-experience bias.

The collapse of Aberdeen this season robbed us of what competition we had but in compensation, we’re watching a great Celtic team come together. Team development does not happen on a linear plane. It requires risks to be taken and mistakes to be made, but no one is in any doubt about Celtic’s direction of travel.


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    So far so good in our hectic campaign to date. Well pleased with things.



    If we seem to be lacking just a little in the last few games,it’s fairly easy to put it down to the demands of an insanely hectic December schedule.



    I think Brendan has largely used it to his advantage. He’s given game-time to some fringe players,offered some youngsters a chance,and kept his not-quite-first-choice players match-fit.



    That takes some juggling skills,but it also shows serious football-management and man-management skills.



    As RAYMAC pointed out overnight,we have a top man in Brendan.



    Long may he reign!

  2. If Thistle had taken their chances and Celtic likewise there still would only have been one winner.Encouraged by Henderson’s performance,think Brendon can make a player of him.When watching the young lads against Man City I thought there were others more likely to play for the first team than Miller but I thought he had a promising debut though will have toughen up.

  3. Let us slump to a 14 point lead with a game in hand this time next season also.



    I feel that the Oxford English Dictionary may need a new definition of “slump” when applied to Celtic. Anyone want to suggest one?



    Here’s mine:



    To slump (pertinent to Celtic Football Club) “To only narrowly achieve a league leading position equivalent to 40% more points than the next placed team”

  4. The Battered Bunnet on

    Missed the game last night, and relied on the doubtful analysis of Rob McLean on Shortie to keep informed of what was occuring on the pitch.



    In short: A 2nd gear, lethargic Celtic stumbled their way to 3 points and a 12th consecutive domestic win.

  5. Yes we have not been as fluent but that has to be expected with the number of changes. I personally feel comfortable by and large with how things are going. We should have enough in our Tank playing fringe players to win domestically. I would though like to see us play our strongest team against Ross County on Wednesday, give those that have been rested a chance to sharpen their skills.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  6. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Reposted from last thread:



    So I’ve had a look at the players used over the last month or so who have all started (with the exception of Bailly); none of these (with the exception of Griffiths) has started regularly this season or would be classed now as a first pick. Here is the team:



    Bailly, Gamoboa, Toure, Boyata, Izziguirre; Bitton, Henderson; Mackay-Stephen, McGregor, Christie; Griffiths.



    Lined up in Rodgers favoured 4-2-3-1 this team, I am certain, would still win the league comfortably. Only Gamboa and Toure weren’t available last season; the main difference being if we had played this team last season we would probably have been beaten. Now I would be confident of a win if we played them at Hamilton on Saturday.



    reamarkableprogress CSC




  7. Spent many a time standing outside the brandane and galatea among other Rothesay pubs drinking coke and eating crisps while my auld uncle Eddie nipped in for a quick one,sometimes I would be allowed in to sit in the corner which was always my preference coz once inside you’d always leave with a pocket full of change,happy days

  8. TBB


    As you might have guessed, that is not the view of this Celtic Supporter.


    We started off as always ie with crisp, sharp passing and instant harassing of Thistle when they were in possession.


    We then scored a fine goal and continued to play in a positive fashion. Gradually, misplaced passes crept into our game and we looked less efficient.


    Thistle did not pack their defence in the fashion of others and, although we were deserved winners, I would understand their argument if they felt they deserved a draw.







    Thanks for that link.



    Quote from Brendan-



    “To not slip up domestically really shows a real persistence and resistance that’s in the team and energy to keep going.”



    Some of those words sound familiar.

  10. I too how our slumptuous form continues. The fact that everyone, including the youths, can see an opportunity to get a game will keep them slumped up for the season ahead.



    Last night’s game was drab but was lit up when Sinclair slumped the ball into the net after a neat little pass from Henderson. Onwards to Saturday, which will be a difficult game, but I’ll slump for a 2-1 scoreline – our last few matches have all been tight. One of these days we are gonna give a team a right good slumping though…

  11. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    The stats from last night:





    Celtic 63% Thistle 37%



    Attempts at Goal


    Celtic 19 Thistle 10



    Shots on Target


    Celtic 8 Thistle 4



    So where is this perception that we are “struggling” or “slumping” coming from? their keeper had a couple of good saves in the second half, but we missed some good chances as well. I’d prefer more, but another 3 wins with similar stats in the next 3 games will do very nicely!





  12. just wait til a hun starts a web blog about our current form



    the blog will be called ‘theslumpany’



    you heard it here first





    Hitting a rich vein of slump today,mate. Congratulations!

  14. Performance slump, yes.



    Results slump, no.



    So far in front, that is how we are now judged.





    Wasn’t there a bright ray of Hampdeninthesun-shine during that solstice?

  16. found on YOU tube



    Oh Scott Sinclair oh he is so wonderful when he scores a goal oh it’s beautiful magical, when he runs down the wing he is fast as lightning, it’s frightening, and he makes all the boys sing….. Der Der Der

  17. thetimreaper on 21st December 2016 12:58 pm



    Celtic in crisis.





    Sing along to the tune of “We’ve won the League again”:



    Celtic in crisis again,


    Crack the crest,


    Crack the crest.




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