Shift in perception, winter solstice of 54-65


Don’t give me your ‘slump’ mockery. Just think for a minute, what if this IS our slump? Five league games in 17 days, four of which were won by a single goal is as bad as it’s been since Brendan Rodgers took over as manager.

We have, of course, shuffled the pack. With a hefty nine games this month, Brendan is correct to rest the weary legs which concluded our Champions League group only two weeks ago. He also has a full programme over the festive period to prepare for.

With 20 wins in 21 domestic games this season we’ve won the first trophy, scoring 11 and without conceding. Win our remaining games this month and we’ll be at least 17 clear “and it’s not New Year”. With a game in hand.

Scottish football has never had such a dominant champion, even during the two nine-in-a-row eras. It’s been achieved with largely the same squad as last season, while we were the only team participating in European group competition – and with a sustainable financial model.

I know talk of “slump” is ridiculous, but I bet you’ve already picked up a shift in perception of what is normal for Celtic. Most of us have been around long enough to remember the dark days. Some of us have been around to remember the winter solstice, which lasted from 1954 to 1965, but we’re all susceptible to recent-experience bias.

The collapse of Aberdeen this season robbed us of what competition we had but in compensation, we’re watching a great Celtic team come together. Team development does not happen on a linear plane. It requires risks to be taken and mistakes to be made, but no one is in any doubt about Celtic’s direction of travel.


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  1. BEATBHOY on 21ST DECEMBER 2016 8:24 PM


    “And it’s needing (boom! boom!)




    Clad all over. . . “



    Oh,a belter.can imagine the whole end pointing up and singing that.Brilliant.

  2. MOONBEAMSWD on 21ST DECEMBER 2016 8:36 PM


    Celtic putting a £100m bid in for Waghorn to end the slump?



    Heard it was CL class Rob Kiernan. We’re going for it next season.

  3. GFTB,



    They are just so F——- stupid.You would think being ugly would be enough,but no,they have to go the whole Hog.

  4. Jim Payne



    The ‘Jaws’ screamer from 8 inches which won the Deidclub the Scottish Cup final a couple of years later gave me plenty of sleepless nights anaw.

  5. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Exslamuir Bhoy 8.18pm



    That would be great if the Broomloan Road chanted that louder than the vermin…..



    Anyway am still glad they have a sing with no bogies undertones, although give them time :-)




    They will no doubt change the words to the usual bigoted keach before the kick off on 31st.


    We will get the last laugh as usual mind(the gap).

  7. dr ramesh and the love potion on

    Harry Brady:


    Some club in China has offered 20m for Ciftci?


    or we’re expecting our cut in the Amido Balde sell on clause to reach double figures?

  8. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Turkeybhoy / Exslaemuir Bhoy



    On the Joe Garner song, Clyde SSB has mentioned it the last few nights, that’s the only reason I knew it was the Joe Garner song (I still love the fact Joe is their new Jospeh the Sevco saviour) anyway funnily enough Clyde SSB have never commented on the rest on their songbook for decades




    Right off to watch that wee bam Martin Compston……no wonder Morton ditched that wee Cellic fan

  9. Jim Payne



    Not at all! We won 4 in the following 6 years, including 2 against liquidatedFC, and then we had those great finals against the Arabs in the following decade, and the wee Joe Miller final!



    We’ll leave the nineties. . . . .

  10. I have it on good authority that tomorrow Celtic will announce that, after many years of searching, they have indeed found a handsome hun.



    Following several minutes of stunned silence Peter Lawwell will then laugh and say “but seriously we back the Res12 guys all the way”



    I know which one is most likely :-)




    Gareth Bale used to be a left back



    * Der Bomber played right back against us in the US tour of 1966

  12. beatbhoy on 21st December 2016 8:24 pm



    “And it’s needing (boom! boom!)







    Clad all over. . . “




  13. Well unsurprising silence from paul67 on res12 eh? Shockerooni man.



    But hey let’s have a go at the media for talking down Celtic.



    The same mediate at Celtic use to,lie to,it’s support (my recent favourite we lawwell use of the daily record to suggest we spent over 5m on simnovic. It was utter utter bolloks designed to try and appease non spending of the money we received for van dyke. But good ole Paul spun a line of the biggest spend in a transfer window for years.






    Now he won’t even talk about res12.



    But he will take appearance money from the media (yeah the same media he derides) for talking up the old firm and telling us all how much he missed them when they were away.



    Good ole mr CQN. As duplicitous as the board he seeks to serve.

  14. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Aaaaaaaarrrggghhhhhh. Hahahahahaha heeheeheeheehee ahhahahohohohohoho



    Quick look on Hun Meeja and three seconds in some fadge is saying he wouldn’t swap Garner for Aguero. Oh dear. Hahahahahaha hahahaaa



    Ooooh gotta stop doin’ that.

  15. Celtic are on a serious high, but as soon as a negative story appears on comes “Mr Snow off of a ditch”



    Plant of the genus “journalisticus” variety.

  16. By the way Neganon 2



    Paul67 has already answered these allegations of being a paid media man. He received an astounding sum of £47 odds if I remember correctly



    How much are you paid?