SPFL ‘computer’ giving excuses to fail to those who need them


I love it when opponents get their excuses for failure in before a ball is kicked.  Reaction to yesterday’s Premiership fixture announcement, which sees Newco visit Celtic Park on 17 October, at the end of the first round of games, was conspiratorial.  You would have thought Wee Willie John McFadyen’s computer was running things.  Suspicion was also raised that Newco visit Aberdeen on the opening day of the season.

I hope they continue to lay the conspiracy theories on thick, providing a ready excuse to fail.  They will need it.

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  1. FOURSTONECOPPI on 7TH JULY 2020 7:43 PM


    Can anyone clarify what i’ve posted…


    Video celts – Celtic fans will have to subscribe to Sky Sports to watch the SPFL opener against Hamilton and the October 17 Glasgow derby.



    Not according to Celtic …




    Where any games included within your Season Ticket have to be played ‘behind closed doors’ or with a reduced capacity as a consequence of the Coronavirus pandemic, you will be provided, free of any additional charge, with digital access to such matches via a new Club platform being specifically created by the Club for Season Ticket Holders for Season 2020/21.

  2. On the phone in tonight a celtic supporter told he was at ticket office today, but also got the forms to fill in for a refund because the club never contacted him.

  3. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    An Tearmann, thank you. It’s good there are other posters who can see Fat Sally for what he is, I thought I might be being observe thinking what a runt he is. A mutual friend of Delaney’s Dunky and me put me right real McCoist in the mid eighties. I was told don’t let the fun facade fool you , he was an outright horrible hun and the gent was correct.



    Gary McAllister , Euro 96. Misses a penalty at Wembley against England . The following Saturday , England play Spain in the quarter final . Who is in the crowd , not on media duties I believe , Gary McAllister . I can’t imagine if the likes of Dave Mackay or Billy Bremner had missed a penalty against England, they would be in the crowd at their next game.



    McAllister would be spotted at Ibrox for midweek European games despite him being a Motherwell supporter.



    Paul McStay was by far , a much better player than the sevco assistant manager.



    My favourite goal Paul scored for us was at Dens in either 1989 or 1990. He got the ball on the run about the halfway line , lofted it over the defender then ran on it about twenty yards out hitting it quickly with his left foot into the bottom corner of the net.



    Calum is the best Scottish creative midfielder we have had since Paul . I was overly critical of Calum in his first season but I have overindulged in all the humble pie I have ate over the last four seasons regarding Calum. What a player. His two goals in the semi finals against sevco and the one he scored against Motherwell in the 2018 cup final showed what a talent he is. One of the few good things about the Extended break for footballers is Calum has finally had a much needed time not playing.

  4. I am guessing “subsribing” means you will have to give SKY all your detaisl, to access the service, but at no charge,

  5. prestonpans bhoys on

    Have a look at James Forrest’s blog, in particular last few sentences. ALL BOLLOCKS

  6. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Simon Ferry’s latest episode of Open Goal has former sevco players , Andy Halliday, Kevin Kyle and sevco fan Bobby Madden on it.



    Madden has been more influential on the pitch for sevco than the two former players.

  7. From above ( from Celtic’s T&Cs) ,,


    you will be provided, free of any additional charge, with digital access to such matches via a new Club platform being specifically created by the Club for Season Ticket Holders for Season 2020/21.


    Full details, include technical requirements and how to access the platform will be communicated to Season Ticket Holders as soon as possible.



    My understanding is that it’s a browser based system accessed by the information data supplied by the club to VST holders and nothing to do with Sky’s regular transmissions. Think someone’s jumped the gun with interpretation of PPV (on Clyde SSB ?)




    Brawl news, just perfectly braw 👍


    Take care and stay braw



    Hail Hail

  9. Embramike


    Celtic have been the only club to challenge Sky’s view on the Virtual ticket offer


    Celtic adamant is covers all he me games played BCD

  10. fourstonecoppi on

    EMBRAMIKE on 7TH JULY 2020 8:07 PM



    Bloody hope so …….wonder where Video celts got this then!

  11. I doubt if the video celts story is true but if it is someone at Celtic will need a kick in the haw maws,


    My clear understanding was it covered all home games, not home games minus the 4 Sky are showing,

  12. Guys – think this is where the VST ‘confusion’ started …



    Clyde 1 Superscoreboard @ClydeSSB


    More clarity in virtual season tickets: All clubs can show all their home games to season ticket holders. Clubs opting to use a pay per view system CAN’T show a game via that if it’s on Sky.



    Don’t think we are using a PPV as they are interpreting it – we are using a Season Ticket based system otherwise it would be like turning up at the ground with your ST and having to pay again to get in

  13. Neustadt



    Great news about your cancer being gone.



    Keep well.




  14. When we first make use of our Virtual Season Tickets, how will it actually work?


    Will it be via our television sets or via computer monitors?


    If the former, will ownership of a Smart telly be a requirement?


    Will Celtic be sending out some kind of Entry Code to all ST holders?



    As above, IIRC it is a browser based platform and a code will be issued with instructions for use to all VSTs to enter into their computer / tablet etc browser to access the platform.


    The codes I assume will be individual and likely identify the ST holder just as your seat currently does. I assume this will also prevent 2 users using the same VST code.

  16. Embramike




    Just to be clear. I will be watching on my PC monitor and not on my TV .Yes?

  17. Jim, I imagine it will be on Celtic TV and I reckon every Season Ticket Holder will be given a unique code, which will work on one device at a time.


    I know they shouldn’t but if everyone kept quiet about it a Publican could put it on a screen & let his punters watch it. Albeit if caught he would be in trouble.


    I’m sure there will be gatherings in many a season Ticket Holder’s House,


    If you are hosting one make sure they bring enough drink.

  18. Embramike, I’m not too clever with technology but I’ve seen lads abroad linking their laptops to TVs & we all watching the game on the Telly,


    Now maybe they had some dodgy equipment at play,




    Thanks for posting that!



    Did the judges wear their aprons when making those judgements?



    I wish Tom Minogue was still posting.




    Most tablets and laptops can cast their screen to a smart tv or you can buy an HDMI cable and plug the laptop HDMI PORT into an HDMI PORT on your tv.




  21. Corkcelt


    You can use your TV as an external monitor using a suitable cable (e.g. USB) or you can ‘cast’ it without a cable to a suitable TV (Smart).


    I have a Mac and iPad and can use either to Airplay to Screen Mirror without needing a cable.


    I’m sure if you have Windows 10 you can Screen Mirror too to a suitable (Smart) TV

  22. Just read that Celtic will be free to sell Home games not on Sky to non Season Ticket Holders on a pay per view basis.

  23. Re who would win in a fight between McAllister and McStay :)



    Gordon Strachan played with both and chose McAllister for his dream but no Maestro. I know who I think was a better player but players often see the games differently to fans.

  24. Straight from JP …


    Celtic FC SLO@CelticFCSLO 31m


    All home SPFL games on your ST

  25. CaddingtonCommon on

    Just watched the Arsenal game and wondered if anyone other than me thought that Vardy should have been red carded in the first half after leaving his boot in very late catching the Arsenal player on the head ? Double whammy as Vardy equalised late on.