SPFL Sky TV deal realities


The proposed new deal the Guardian report Sky TV and the SPFL are close to agreeing would see a modest uptick of £2m per season to £29.5m.

For that, Sky can broadcast 60 games each year, instead of the current 48 games. Each club would also be able to sell five pay per view (PPV) games.

The analysts I have read is universally hostile. The deal does not compare favourably with similar sized European countries, the average cost per broadcast game drops and there is little account for inflation.

The analysis is also mostly lazy as our misses the point. Scottish football TV audiences are all about two tribes. Viewing figures become noticeable only when they meet.

Oh for an AZ Alkmaar, to bring drama to Celtic games from midtable.

The SPFL sell TV rights in an open and competitive market. It is absurd to bemoan the deal and not recognise the harsh fact that it was better than all others on offer.

It’s all clubs take up their five PPV options, some will be playing to a TV audience of hundreds, perhaps dozens.


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  1. BSR @ 12.01



    Not really — that deal is an outlier and a year late.


    Who worked on the deal — was it led by the SPFL / SFA?


    The next step would be an enhanced deal in Aus.



    Japan deal — how much is it for and how much does the club get?


    Is the divi up similar to the SKY deal or do we get extra because of our efforts?



    Where are we in China — back in the day / 2015 you couldn’t get a China market feed.



    The club is nowhere near doing enough.



    Why is the website only available in English and Japanese?


    Are we only targeting big islands off the coast of continents?



    Why is CTV like hospital radio with pictures — Pals TV?


    Joke of an operation — stuff run out of back rooms is more professional.

  2. DESSYBHOY on 12TH AUGUST 2022 12:06 PM


    sunlight on screen




    is that not a Hibs song?😎

  3. P67 — total low rent crap taken straight from the knee of PL..



    If all the SPFL can deliver is 4 National Bigotry Weeks every season then they should fold.



    We get low because we aim low.



    The shadow of B/G looms large for everybody.


    What they can achieve shames a lot of the SPFL.


    Including us.



    What are the SKY Sports revenues in the UK?



    How much do they pay the EPL?


    How much do they pay the SPFL?



    That is the issue.

  4. Typical soup-taking head in the sand stuff from our esteemed and never-to-be-criticised host.



    Take what you’re given, stop complaining, be grateful for less money, everyone else is wrong, P67 knows best…

  5. As an aside BT made a complete erse of their entry into sports coverage.



    They could have used the SPFL market to plan their move into the EPL.



    They did have something — just a case they didn’t recognise it.



    Ministry of Telecoms attitude still in play.

  6. bournesouprecipe on

    Celtic TV like all internet based non ‘actual’ TV Companies without outside broadcasting facilities will appear to some as amateurish. I’m happy to listen to our staff, the Pass to Paradise was a godsend in the pandemic but we gain nothing roping in the Rory Hamilton’s or expert Andy Pandies like Walker.



    We’re caught in a SKY / Hampden trap because we don’t and never have had sole public rights to our own images, that’s the price of getting into the Scottish League and it’s the only show in town and the solo route to Europe and UEFA football .The good people of Kilmarnock or Dingwall don’t want to go and see their teams – where is this subliminal market to which we can broadcast a poor product virtually watched in person by one man and his dog?

  7. BSR @ 12.43



    CTV is a revenue stream that could transform the club.


    That is why we need to up our game.


    Have we ever sold an advert?



    Commentating — we should give new people a chance.

  8. So we know the huns will use any opportunity to lay the boot into Doncaster and that’s what they’re doing by briefing their media partners about how the league was undersold. The Club that is involved in several ongoing corporate scandals is giving lectures about business strategy.




    If Sky is the best deal on offer then I’d have to question the priorities. Is it about money, or can we look to the development of the game as a whole ?



    Sky Sports Scotland do precious little for the game in Scotland, I’d be inclined to take the hit and provide an exclusive SPFL channel to show the games.

  9. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Cheers Pablo.



    Short and sweet.



    Opens up to the floor quickly.



    BTW – I found the discussion in the previous thread this morning on this topic very interesting indeed.



    Respect to those contributors.



    My tuppence.



    I’d like to see two things.



    Neither of which would solve the problem but would, I believe, provide some much needed focus on the TV revenue data and a bit of impetus to SPFL clubs to think about to their “product”






    Publish a detailed breakdown of TV revenue and where it goes.



    Simple x-y axis on a spreadsheet



    List of teams down the left


    List of TV deals across the top


    Each cell has a £ sign and number



    For example – if Celtic are investing in the Japanese market, I’d like to think we’ll get a bigger share of the pie for that TV deal.



    If that motivates smaller clubs to bring in 3-4 players from Finland, Hungary, Egypt, Honduras or wherever … which leads to increased interest and a TV deal ?



    Then good luck to them. Bigger share due.



    2. SPFL prize money allocations based on two factors currently



    a. League position (biggest factor)


    b. Live TV appearances



    I’d add a third based on attendance to stadium capacity ratio.



    This could exclude us and Sevco who both operate at 95% plus.



    But should motivate others.



    Scrap standard pricing. Let them do what needs done to fill their stadiums… cos there’s money in it for them.



    Let the imaginative clubs’ stadiums rock.



    And let the other clubs operate a “our stadium as a mausoleum” policy.



    I suspect TV companies will buy matches in stadia that rock.




    Final point if I may in a long winded post.



    Pablo – I suspect the 5 games PPV setting is deliberately pointed.



    They’ll sell four games against Glasgow duo (if they get the fourth from top six of course) then struggle to find a market for the fifth.



    To that – see earlier above. Their problem to fix.

  10. If I could subscribe to an SPFL channel (using Sunset and Vine), I would do at the drop of a hat. Cancel SKY sports which is just paying for English football I don’t watch.



    If they had a monkey in the studio and a minah bird commentating, I wouldn’t care. I just want to see the game.



    No clash with English slots so we can watch at a normal time and the fans can travel normally (no more 16.30 Sunday games)



    Sky can pay the SPFL a fee if they want to show the Glasgow or Edinburgh derbies in England/Wales/Ireland. Ex pats can still subscribe to SPFL from the above locatons



    That would be a better fund for SPFL or only a bit worse. Punters would save a fortune on Sky subs as the SPFL only fees should be a lot less

  11. bournesouprecipe on

    First league game in Dingwall, totally under subscribed to the extent Celtic supporters can buy into another stand for the forthcoming cup game.



    “tail wagging the dog” jimmy sanderson

  12. Learning to disagree without being disagreeable is a tough and worthwhile task but one I continue to try and develop.



    No one likes to be preached at about these things, so I offer that little thought in full humility and knowledge of my own outbursts here and in the real world on many occasions.

  13. On Sunday Sky Sports will show our game at midday. Played on a sun baked plastic monstrosity, with around 6,000 seats without backsides on them. The pitch could actually be quite dangerous but McInnes will tell his groundsman not to touch it with water. I would like to see Celtic request that the pitch be watered in the interests of player safety. And make that request known to the SPFL.


    The match will not be a spectacle.



    Later on Sky will show Chelsea v Tottenham. Played on a bowling green of a surface in front of a full house.



    Something needs to change but there appears to be no motivation whatsoever to facilitate that change.

  14. EspiritoDeCelt on

    ThIS IS AN ABYSSMAL DEAL. Why renew the deal on a paltry 2M increase and tie us in for the rest of the decade. We havent even put our existing deal out for tender or for any kind of competition, so we havent even tried to drive the price up. I suspect Doncaster has a Job lined up with Sky somewhere down the line as something very fishy about this proposed deal. We need to drive a deal that get us at least on parity with the Norweigian deal or at least to the 50M per year mark, Where is the ambition, where is the business acument? This is a lazy rollover deal struck at a time when the UK is going into a long period of recession and its a cynical piece of business from Sky to ensure Scottish football is locked into a poor and cheap deal for the rest of this decade. When the UK emerges from the rececession then Scottish football will be stuck with poor deal until 2029. It is absurd and Doncaster should be sacked

  15. Scrap the TV deal, move all games to 3 o’clock Saturday.



    Allow all clubs to sell games individually, maybe using a platform like Amazon Prime.

  16. Paul67 et al



    If I have understood the Guardian article correctly, the present SKY broadcast deal runs through to 2025, ie no pressing need to extend it to 2029. And certainly no compunction for the SPFL to agree to an increase in the number of matches SKY would control, but not necessarily show, from 2025 onwards, and with a minimal increase in overall annual payments. The PPV option for clubs applies only to those games not included in the deal, and those matches would earn more by playing them at 3pm on a Saturday. Non starter. The Guardian also stresses that the deal is designed to reduce risk, ie continue to bank SKY money for the next seven years, 2025-2029 even if it means SKY tightening its’ stranglehold on Scottish football at lower payments per game. Not so much negotiation, as seen capitalisation, but in fact capitulation, once again, with Celtic supporters thrown in. As part of the deal.

  17. glendalystonsils on

    Perhaps Ross Co. realise the game against us might be the sum total of their earnings from the league cup this season , and that is why they have ‘seen sense’ .

  18. Sevco told the SPFL that they would not endorse a sponsor of the game here and got away with it, what would stop Celtic from telling the SPFL that the SKY deal is not in the best interests of our club and supporters and we want out of any deal with SKY, a see you in court scenario no doubt but if there is a way the Board as its full of Lawyers Accountants and full of Business accumen [we are led to believe anyway] should pursue it.

  19. bournesouprecipe on

    Rookie ref David Dickinson handed our game on a red hot plastic pitch what could possibly go wrong?

  20. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Coneybhoy @ 1:00pm



    Pretty much agree with you on what a live TV broadcast production needs to be.



    Whole show need only last 2½ hours.



    Tight package. Lower production cost.



    Do away with most of the pre-match and post-match dross.



    15 minutes before kick off


    – show starts. One person in studio


    – Team news


    – Cut to managers to talk usual cobblers for 2 mins – could be prerecorded.


    – back to studio


    – current form, both teams


    – recent head to head


    – bring in commentary team (pay money for a decent duo) to talk about key players and predictions



    Half time


    – 5 minutes of ads (“go make tea” time)


    – 7 minutes analysis across the gantry


    – 3 minutes of ads (comfort break)



    Full time – wrap lasting 25 minutes


    – 5 minutes of ads


    – Commentary team hit the studio/cubicle


    – three of them talk nonsense


    – standard manager post-match cobblers


    – coming soon, crappy cliché about the game, thanks for watching, wrap

  21. Loving all the armchair business gurus on here and in the MSM who have never actually put their necks on the block and who have no real understanding of how Tv deals and football sponsorships work in 2022.



    It’s laughable how all these experts, who can clearly do it better, were not in line when the job came up 15 or so years ago. It’s a joke to see all these opinions based on half truths / part understanding and downright ignorance.



    Doncaster’s name sounds like donkey so let’s mock the guy. He is afterall an authority figure. Maybe that’s where folks deep seated psychological issues come to the fore in such matters.



    Easy to through stones at someone than actually be accountable yourself.



    I am off for a swim in the Atlantic.

  22. Imo, the deal with SKY is dire and the reason goes back 30 years or so to when SKY began to broadcast the EPL. They pat themselves on the back that they funded the clubs so lavishly. It was quite literally a game changer. So much money has flooded in to the game down south that even the likes of Brentford can spend sums we can only dream of.



    If SKY had funded the SPFL to even a tenth of what they did the EPL, I believe the Scottish game would be far healthier and the football far more entertaining. Since the season Albert Kidd scored a couple at Dens Park against them, most teams have followed Hearts in endless running and kicking (bodies not footballs). Skill has been virtually neglected.



    Can things change? Hard to say.

  23. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Jimdom @ 1:08pm



    I think you are bang on about the Rugby Park match day experience.



    To my earlier point about stadia ….



    Rugby Park would automatically fit into the mausoleum category (as would McDiarmid Park by the way)

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