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Two years ago, Tony Watt was putting a light under our fire. The debut goals at Motherwell, the point rescued at Dingwall, then came THAT goal, his future looked secure, but it’s been downhill since.

Tony has the athletic abilities to be a firm favourite, but Neil Lennon shipped him out a year ago, amid comments about the player sorting himself out. His manager at loan club Lierse was soon singing the same song. Now the player is in Liege as Celtic have accepted a bid from Standard for a player, who under different circumstances, would be considered a prodigy.

It is no surprise Ronny Deila has decided to cut him loose; what little we know about our new manager suggests he doesn’t offer too many last chances. For Tony, this is likely to be the last chance to build a memorable career, if he slips up at Standard, next stop will be the likes of Kilmarnock.

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  2. cliftonville celt from belfast on

    Yeah they usually play games in Cyprus when it’s deemed not safe to play in Israel

  3. mr z.



    whats legias attendance usually likem and stadium capacity.



    will this game sell out, and whats the local interest in the game ?



    seen as a big draw ? and a big chance ?

  4. Battered Bunnet



    That’s what seems is being implied by the gossip but IMO it was Watt not getting a game, being shipped out to the left or right wing when he did get five minutes on the field, then getting punted out on loan for someone else to manage a player who the rumours say needed ‘managed’ are the reasons I could see that prevented him performing on the field.

  5. BMCUW



    My phone is on, but it was purchased in Italy and is a wee bit temperamental.



    Btw, is yer dad coming out to watch the game on Wednesday?



    We will make sure he makes the last train!



    I did the last time!




  6. Ellboy - I am Neil Lennon, YNWA. on

    the singing detective demands the resignation of campbell ogilvie



    12:38 on 28 July, 2014



    I wouldn’t want Celtic to lose any game of football and certainly not because of a few misguided individuals.




  7. There are countless examples of players being bad trainers or having less than the most professional lifestyles/attitudes away from the park that came alive on a football pitch, god help us if we unearth the new Best, Vialli or John Robertson (the Forrest and Celtic coach variety)



    I’m gutted that lad never got a run of games for us

  8. Turkeybhoy



    When I suggested Celtic petition UEFA, I really meant for UEFA to be asked the question, not for people to be asked to sign a petition. IMO, it’s a valid question. I’m not saying we are the moral conscience of football but I don’t want our club to be in the firing line, literally or metaphorically.


    UEFA were quick enough to jump on the Nelson Mandela bandwagon. Will they grow a pair vis a vis the slaughter in the Middle East? Israeli teams are only in UEFA because none of their neighbours will play them.

  9. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles on

    Legia ticket request


    I am going to Warsaw on Wednesday for the Legia game if anybody has a spare brief for the ‘Celtic End’ I will happily meet them and buy it off them, we can arrange contact through the blog. Failing that a certain Mr Z will get me a ticket close to the away support :-)



    BTW, a big thank you to Awe_naw for supplying the tickets for the St Pauli game. We had a hoot despite the result and I would just like to say Hi to Andy who lurks on here but does not post, and also Hi to KolnCelt who we met up with again.

  10. —-



    The Matter Of Whatever A Player Cost Us When They Moved From Wolves etc..



    Is Barely Related To How Much We Can Expect To Earn From Selling Them….



    We Have A Very Poor Record In Regaining Our Capital Outlay…..



    When We Attempt To Sell-Off Our More Mediocre Players……



    And Often Let Them Leave On A Free..



    Or Pay-Off Their Contracts…..



    Tony Watt Should NEVER Have Been Sold……



    And Certainly Not For PEANUTS !



    I Don’t Think He’ll Prosper As Well In Belgium…..




    As He Would Have If His Talent Was Nursed Along At Celtic…..



    And Becoming A Player Who Could Earn Us Fortunes…..



    If We Sold Him To An EPL Club…..



    These Belgians…..Are No Fools..!




    Sack McGuinness..!





  11. kdc



    Should we have dropped Gary Hooper who was our centre forward at the time to accommodate Tony through the middle?



    Another way to look at it would be the manager was trying to accommodate him by giving him a run on the wing in the team.



    Who was the last youth player at Celtic who displaced the regular centre forward?



    Do you think Tony was good enough to take Gary Hoopers place at that time?



    Keeping in mind that GH did the business at home and in Europe..

  12. Saint Steve Normal capacity is 32 k. To many are on holidays (ST holders) to make it sold out I guess. The game will be shown in open channel which not helps. I must disappear. Laters

  13. JonnyRambo67


    13:28 on


    28 July, 2014


    Repost from late last night. Thanks to some of the boys for their comments during the night






    I know politics can be a divisive subject on here so if the situation in Gaza isn’t your cup of tea scroll on by.



    Spent the last few days making an 8 minute video on what is really going on over there. Sourced lots of material not published in the UK media. Wouldn’t mind some feedback before I start putting it out on twitter. Hopefully it’ll inspire someone to make a difference. Be that donating, boycotting or just sharing with others.



    Israel’s war on Children. The link is below






    *Warning Graphic Footage* Definitely not suitable for work.



    Oh FFS.Why dont you give it a rest?.


    I could easily post the fact that Hamas killed 150 children,digging tunnels into Israel.Would broken,crushed bodies of kids look any worse to you?.


    Hamas just love people like you.Only see one side.Give them the propaganda victory they want.The problem is,while you are on your crusade,Hamas,buoyed by the fact their tactics are working,will carry on using Palestinians as cannon fodder,human shields,their hospitals,schools,apartment blocks as firing ranges for their missiles,prompting more reprisals from Israel.


    You and people like you are not helping by running around with blinkers on.


    You are going to solve the problem by showing some video,a gruesome video.How will that help?.Some idiotic talk on here of boycotting if we draw an Israeli team.


    Fekin getting ridiculous.I said I would not comment on this matter again,but sometimes,it really gets to me.

  14. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Arsenal have signed a 19 year old from Southampton called Calum Chambers (me neither) for £16 mil…….has only played 22 EPL games. We should remind interested clubs of that when it comes to VVD

  15. Ellboy - I am Neil Lennon, YNWA. on




    14:51 on 28 July, 2014



    I wouldn’t be so quick to buy shares in Bic!

  16. Tony Watt.



    I might be in a minority of one, but I never really took to Tony as being that outstaning prospect, and a level above the other bhoys, I just didnt see it.


    Obviously he done something to get that first chance (injuries to others ?) , but for me he is more Ross Wallace, than Charlie Nic.



    I hope he does go and discover his inner discpilined self, and matures into some player,



    As an example of what not to do.

  17. The Battered Bunnet on




    From Lenny to Deila, Menzo to Stark, 4 managers in 12 months have said the same thing. He’s got talent but doesn’t work at the game, and consequently is not fit enough.



    That’s what they say. It’s not gossip. It’s the opinion of 4 disparate professional coaches who have worked with him in the recent past.



    I share your disappointment, but there are too many kids whose chance is taken from them by injury or circumstance to leave any room for sympathy for a talent that simply won’t put the graft in to develop his game.

  18. PMTYH if you don’t get voucher it’s section 225 with Celtic partisans. Let me know and be quick if you wish Legia Ultras section. I hear there are only few left.

  19. !!Bada Bing!!



    The question was would you have dropped our senior striker to play TW through the middle as some on here seem to think that Lenny mismanaged the Bhoy, which in my opinion is total bollocks…

  20. Kdc



    Ah am Impressed wit yer Thinkin’.



    Yes, Tony, is A Recalcitrant Kid…



    Big Deal!



    He wiz Man-Handled.. When ..He should bin..






    Thur is a Subtle Difference.. Right?



    He is Noo Getting the Bum’s Rush..



    Simply , because he wanted tae Play in his BEST POSITION.!



    n.. Ye Know..It really comes doon tae that!



    Neil, started it..n.. Dae Ah really hiv tae Explain Why ..Ah Believe that ..It wiz Awe Neil’s Fault.. ?



    Ah shouldna Hiv tae explain Aboot wit Neil Did.. tae You.. fur you know the score.



    According, tae whit ye Said In yer posting.



    Noo.. we are Left ,in the Lurch..



    Fur.. collie, informs..



    “We Dinnae Hae a Young Up n Coming .. Striker.. right noo.. Doon At the Farm.”



    Ah am no surprised as .. Young Up n Coming Strikers ur as Scarce as



    Blue Eyed Chinese!



    Speaking o’.. Blue Eyes…This Icelandic Kid..



    HeHiz Possiblilities.. but. Again.. He is Not Getting the games that He should..



    Why..? Ask me Anither..like.. Whit is The Square Root o’ a


    Gregg’s Pie?



    Yes.. this is anither fine Mess ..that Neil ,Hiz goat us Intae..



    Yes,he hiz.. don’t argue!



    Nice Chattin.. Pal.










  21. Starry,



    Hooper hardly burst a gut that season when he’d decided he was off but for the record I’d have played them together as a front two, they were our best two strikers IMO. But we saw more of Micu and the other big lanky lad on loan than I did what in the middle

  22. Southampton are £16m better off after Callum Chambers sale to Arsenal. They can reinvest that money to strengthen their team by buying Forster and VVD….



    Celtic can then reinvest £3m of that to weaken our team and feed the other £13m to the black hole….

  23. kdc



    Aye may not but he also didn’t get the free pass the TW seems to get as some else said TW potentially good but for me more Mark Burchill than Charlie Bhoy..



    Micu got about three starts I can’t see how he kept TW out of the team from what I remember.



    As I posted the other night we as a support need a hero and a lot of us hoped it would be Tony but whatever reason it’s not him and he’s gone.



    The Song Remains The Same.



    Where’s our no 7??

  24. Tony Watt should maybe take a leaf out of Callum McGregor’s book regarding application, temperament, dedication…



    Still disappointed he is leaving ‘tho.



    The next Andy Ritchie?




  25. db



    I liked meither andI’m going to use it to save me wasting time typing ‘me neither’ in future!



    everysecondcounts csc

  26. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    You are correct.


    UEFA deemed that Israeli clubs were to play their home games in a neutral venue.



    Also, that Russian and Ukraine clubs were to be kept apart in any future draws.

  27. !!Bada Bing!! on

    SP- By the sound of it TW wasn’t doing enough in training ,to force his way into more starts.When he did start it was on the left up front,which I thought was unfair playing a young guy out of position,who had yet to establish himself in his favoured position. Looks like it’s water under the bridge now.HH

  28. Soooo………



    Whats the odds on Tony Watt’s goals getting Standard Liege into the next couple of CL play off’s and lining up against Celtic at some point?



    This story has distance to run and may yet bite the arse off us………



    I was always a fan of his…….he is only 20 years old FFS!



    Just an opinion……..



    PS……How many SB’s have we actually sold so far?

  29. kdc… whateverer rocks your boat… never been know for invention, though!!



    widnae be kirkcaldy district cooncil by any chance??