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Two years ago, Tony Watt was putting a light under our fire. The debut goals at Motherwell, the point rescued at Dingwall, then came THAT goal, his future looked secure, but it’s been downhill since.

Tony has the athletic abilities to be a firm favourite, but Neil Lennon shipped him out a year ago, amid comments about the player sorting himself out. His manager at loan club Lierse was soon singing the same song. Now the player is in Liege as Celtic have accepted a bid from Standard for a player, who under different circumstances, would be considered a prodigy.

It is no surprise Ronny Deila has decided to cut him loose; what little we know about our new manager suggests he doesn’t offer too many last chances. For Tony, this is likely to be the last chance to build a memorable career, if he slips up at Standard, next stop will be the likes of Kilmarnock.

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  1. AlbertKiddCSC on




    Forrest Road is just up from the Museum, near Edinburgh Uni.



    Its a five minute walk from the Grassmarket where you also have Dropkick Murphy’s, Finnegans and Biddy Mulligans which should all be showing the game.



    Malones is definitely the best option, for the size of their screens alone.

  2. On the subject of where to watch the games …


    Left field request …



    What is the best pub / sports bar to watch games in Shanghai?


    Ant CSC’s based in the city?



    Tried “Celtic Bars” without any success.


    There must be a DW / ZZ CSC out there somewhere.

  3. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    I was travelling back to Glasgow, after a weekend in Donegal, via the Ardrossan ferry.



    On the train up to the city, I was sitting directly opposite Charlie Tully.



    Stunned, I was and all I could do was mumble a “hello” and tried not to stare too hard at him all the way to Glasgow.



    I think he died shortly afterwards, though that had nothing to do with my staring.

  4. SFTB



    Fair point — but the past is the past.



    My point is that none of our other 4 forwards would command a transfer fee of £1.2mill at the moment.



    TP = WIP.


    LG = Damaged goods.


    AS = Half finished / Football brain required to match his talent.


    AB = Lazarus has more chance of making it.


    Two years of coaching /game time required at least.



    Next up is where are the youth / reserve team players?


    Tony Watt leaves with my best wishes but as a footnote in our illustrious history. Not much more.



    Using him as a stick with which to beat the board is using the wrong weapon.



    And he certainly should not be used as such with our new manager.



    That stick may yet arrive. Until then-and btw,I feel it is inevitable-I’ll stick.



    None of our main men have been sold.



    We are still in the CL.



    Let’s see how it pans out. Trebles all round in the boardroom is my guess,but heyho…,

  6. Just another tim on

    Oh well, seems Tony Watt is leaving. Apart from the Barca goal he done absolutely sweet fa for us. Good luck in the future Tony, you’ll need it.

  7. AK and Livibhoy….



    thanks, will head for Malones.. either of you likely to be there??

  8. MadMitch



    I believe they would all go for somewhere between 1 to 2 million on present form. If Leigh has a season like his last 6 months, his transfer fee could increase beyond £2m as he has been relatively successful in England. Pukki, too, if he continues his pre-season form and makes an impact at CL level, could also re-coup his fee and more. Stokes should already fetch £1.5m plus with any serious salesman at the helm.



    Your assertion might come true if all 3 have a bad start to their careers under Ronny Deila, but, it is far too early in the season for either of us to have confidence on what they would fetch in the market or even if they need to be sold.



    I need another 6 months looking at Amido in a team where he plays regularly before I’d venture a definitive judgement but, right now, he would fetch next to nothing in transfer fees.

  9. The Battered Bunnet on

    I want to talk to him. I want to try to talk some sense to him, tell him the way things are. But I can’t. That kid’s long gone.




  10. The money from Tony Watt should be lying in St Johnstones bank by now,and young May should be meeting up with his new team mates at Lennoxtown.For what we can afford,or are willing to pay,we will never get better.Terrific wee player.


    Will we do it?.Naw.

  11. MadMitch…



    Re Shanghai… probably Malones just off Nanjing Lu, up the road from the Portoman and near the United building. Many Irish pubs in the city but can’t remember names.

  12. warszawabhoy on

    Bhoys & Ghirls,



    If any of you are in or intending to travel to Warsaw for the game I’d recommend what is in my opinion the best pub / sports bar / Tex Mex restaurant in town.









    The foods great and It’s owned and run by a Dubliner, Niall Leonard, who’s a great friend of mine and delivers great company and service.



    Unfortunately work commitments mean I can’t be there this week but I can guarantee any one who finds this place it will not disappoint. Be careful of the strength of the Polish beer!




  13. ger57


    11:23 on


    28 July, 2014


    Suppose Celtic beat Legia and qualify for the plat off round and we draw Maccabi Tel Aviv. Do we play them?




    Oh FFS.


    Whats next?.Should we play Biton?.

  14. Turkeybhoy



    I have seen absolutely nothing from Stevie May to move me to like him. In fact, his retro hair and his obvious unsportsmanlike build make have given me the boak.



    A slightly above average SP-hell player that should be no where near us.



    I hope to god we don’t do it.

  15. AlbertKiddCSC on




    Not for me with it being a school night and all that.



    Enjoy, Hail Hail!

  16. It’s sad to see Tony being moved on. Looks like it was more than a football decision as he has shown he has talent. The bhoy needs to grow up, get his life together and realise that he has a chance of a career that many only dream about. Good bit of business for Celtic at the end of the day. 1.2m for a player that has played a handful of games for the first team.

  17. The Spirit of Arthur Lee


    11:33 on


    28 July, 2014


    Sussed it. Barnes,Brattbaak,Bangura,Balde,Boerrigter,Blinker,Brozek,Braafield,Biggins Avoid signings whose last name begins with B



    HA,not wrong there.





    13:51 on 28 July, 2014


    BMCUW 11:11



    Thanks for message my bhoy!



    Tell yer Dad all the best and to enjoy the Good Ship CQN.



    Having never seen the great man actually play, I’m a bit of an impostor with the moniker – so tell yer Dad apologies but he’s still no getting it!



    Tully was always a hero for me, even since my uncle gave me an old copy of his book “Passed To You”. It was at the time I was reading Ronnie Simpson & Tam Gemmell’s book as a kid in the late 60’s that he gave it to me (the book itself I think was written around 1959). I think he was the only Celt of that era to write a book – it wasn’t really done at the time, so it tells you the draw that Tully had.



    I still remember stories from it – including an amazing punch up at training he had with Bobby Evans only a few days before The 7-1.



    Charles Patrick also made the pilgrimage to Lisbon, as a supporter, paying his own way naturally and I loved him even more for that. I always wonder if he clocked the big “7-1” banner that was at Lisbon……hope so, he deserved to see it.



    All the best,









    Cheers,mate. I know he wouldn’t grudge that moniker to someone who knows why it is important.



    Erm,actually,he probably does!



    Our memories of our heroes ensure they never really die,they are there for all future generations to savour.



    I didn’t see CPT play,though I met him once.



    In silence. So awestruck was I.



    That’s rare!

  19. MM at 14.04


    Add in MB, the Danish DF — just where do we get them.



    Im guessing a bakery.




    WTF is a Danish DF

  20. Selling Watt?






    We should be judging players on ability and effectiveness on the field, and Watt has bothof them in spades. We’re going to punt a guy due to attitide? We should only be interested in performance on the park. This lad didn’t get the chances his talents merited and Celtic will be a poorer team without it. poor man management and what a talent to lose.

  21. DesertBhoy



    Let you know nearer the time but my brownie points are being used midweek with Murrayfield games.




  22. Ellboy – I am Neil Lennon, YNWA.


    12:01 on


    28 July, 2014





    ‘Perhaps we should petition UEFA to have MTA suspended from the competition. Bob Kelly had UEFA redraw the Euro competitions in 1968, following the USSR invasion of Czechoslovakia’



    What about all the Russian clubs with their aggression in Ukraine and forceful takeover of Crimea? Or perhaps Turkish clubs too as their government discriminates against women and supports radical groups who butcher Christians like Isis?



    Let’s not discriminate let’s petition the lot!



    Exactly.What about Russia who arm militias with rockets that allows them to bring down passenger jets.


    What about French teams,whos government arms just about everybody to carry out slaughter.


    I can see a lot of petitions to be signed.Then again,maybe not.Know what I mean?.

  23. WeefratheTim on

    Good on Tesco………….



    @PaulFedayn: Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions are sweeping mainstream Irish and UK retail. Apartheid will fall. #gaza http://t.co/ScI2ZiLXP9



    Right, off out to Tesco. :-)



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.

  24. The Onlooker on

    It is often said that Orson Welles lived his career backwards.


    Started with Citizen Kane working backwards to ‘starring’ in 1970’s Domecq Sherry commercials.



    Tony Watt may be following the same path


    burst on the scene ,scored twice, on his debut (wearing Thai Tims Jersey )


    Then scored against Barcelona


    ,slipped off the radar and is now going to Belgium.


    I think only 1 outfield player in the Belgium WC squad plays in Belgium.



    I am sorry to see his departure as we see too often the Billy Big Time attitude of young talent who see walking through the front door at Celtic as the pinnacle of their career ….. and then stop.


    No idea why that happens and what can be done to overcome it.


    I am just glad that we have managed to get £1.2m for a player who we were unlikely to use.



    In 2064 I hope he is not sitting in an old folks home reliving his Rosebud moment



    One 30 second clip on endless repeat of Radio Scotland screaming commentary



    “Here comes Tony Watt ,.what a moment for Watt


    YES , ahhhhh, Tony Watt has surely won this game,


    Tony Watt drilllllls the balllll past Victorrrr Valdes


    Neil Lennon is on the verge of greatness,


    Celtic Football Club are on the verge of one of their greatest ever triumphs,


    against one of the greatest ever club sides,


    and almost the last 16 is within (touching sic) distance now,


    Tony Watt with the gooalll of his life,


    What a goal !



    Enter Nurse :


    “Tony we have to take the player off you now , its one of the other patients turn to listen to it.


    Calm down Mr Lennon we’ll be there in a minute.”



    The Onlooker

  25. cliftonville celt from belfast on




    12:50 on 28 July, 2014



    Maybe we should all just close our eyes and cover our ears and pretend it’s not happening then ?



    Maybe we shouldn’t have supported Mandela or the Hillsborough campaign either then





    Some hopeless ‘c’s too.

  27. Just another tim on

    Is Ronny playing a 4-3-3 system? or a 4-5-1 system? or is it an adaptable formation that can play as both? Wednesday will be the first real quality test we have faced this season and going by pre-season form Pukki should play as the central striker.



    He has pace to get behind this Legia defence, who look slow. Griffiths will probably play on the right so that should rule him out as the central striker. Stokes is fit again so it comes down to a straight choice between Stokes & Pukki. Stokes is a great player on his day but with Pukki’s goals in preseason & better pace I’d go with him as a better chance of bagging an away goal.

  28. The Battered Bunnet on




    You’ve got that round the wrong way. Watt’s going because his attitude (by many accounts) is preventing him being able and effective on the field.

  29. Turkeybhoy at 14.41


    Israel is a war zone. Did you not tell us it is getting bombarded by rockets.


    To play them or not is a valid question.


    Would you be happy to play Shaktar Donetsk (spelling)

  30. Turkeybhoy


    14:44 on


    28 July, 2014


    The Spirit of Arthur Lee


    11:33 on


    28 July, 2014


    Sussed it. Barnes,Brattbaak,Bangura,Balde,Boerrigter,Blinker,Brozek,Braafield,Biggins Avoid signings whose last name begins with B







    I had a right stupid moment over the weekend.



    Someone posted a scotland team from some game I think during Steins first time.



    It mentioned “Robert Murdoch”



    and I had a moment of whose that ?




  31. Did Israeli clubs not play CL/EL qualifiers in a neutral country?



    Cyprus, e.g.?











    Mibbe not if you are Greek or Turkish.



    Btw,turn yer phone on.

  33. Not pleased with the Watt situation. The most direct forward player we have, played out of position and then sold. I don’t know about his personal issues but I read somewhere that he had moved back in with his parents. One would think that would help him settle down and apply himself — but apparently not. Puzzling and disappointing.



    I think he deserved more of a chance.