Stein, Famous Five, Lizzie and Phil


No disrespect to Falkirk, but I was delighted Hibs overturned the three goal deficit on Saturday’s Scottish Cup semi-final.  It was almost a miraculous victory for a team in bad need of a miracle.  Things were not always this way.

Celtic and Hibernian meet in next month’s Scottish Cup final sixty years and six days after the teams met in the Coronation Cup final.  Back then Hibs were hot favourites.  Celtic had won only two leagues in the previous quarter century whereas Hibs, with their Famous Five forward-line, won three leagues in the previous six seasons, losing a fourth on goal average.

These were hard times to be a Celtic fan.  Two league titles in the 20s, two in the 30s and one in the 50s (a double winning team in 1954), ensured that a couple of generations of fans survived on little more than folklore.  So the team who won the Coronation Cup in 1953, before securing that double a year later, had a significant impact on fans then, which you’ll easily learn if you speak to one.

Charlie Tully, Bobby Evans, Bobby Collins, Bertie Peacock and Willie Fernie all played in the Coronation Cup final, as did Neily Mochan and a man called Stein, the captain.  A 117,000 crowd of Celtic and Hibs fans ensured Hampden was covered in banners of green.

Apparently Hibs were by far the stronger team but Neily Mochan scored a cracker in the first half and Johnny Bonnar played the game of his life in goal before Jimmy Walsh scored a late second.

“Said Phillip to Liz watch the Celts don’t step in…….”
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  1. Phil MacGiollaBhain




    I mean, after last week, what could


    possible go wrong this week? Maybe we’ll


    know after-hmmm-after Wednesday.


    Yeah, I’ll go with Wednesday!

  2. Paul67



    Said Lizzie to Phillip as they sat down to dine,


    I’ve just had a note from an old friend of mine,


    His name is ‘Big Geordie’ he’s loyal and true,


    And his dirty big nose is a light shade of blue.



    He says that the Rangers are right on their game,


    And ask for a trophy to add to their fame,


    I’ll send up a cup that the Rangers can win,


    Said Phillip to Liz watch the Celts don’t step in.



    Said Lizzie to Phillip they don’t stand a chance,


    I’ll send up my Gunners to lead them a dance,


    With Celtic defeated the way will be clear,


    A cup for the Rangers in my crowning year.



    But alas for their hopes for the loyal true blues,


    The Celts beat the Gunners and Manchester too,


    Beat Hibs in the final and oh what a scene,


    Sure Hampden was covered in banners of green.



    Said Lizzie to Phillip when she heard the grim news,


    A blow has been struck at our loyal true blues,


    Oh tell me dear Phillip and you ought to know,


    How to keep Glasgow Celtic defeated below.



    Said Phillip to Lizzie there’s only one way,


    I’ve known of their secret for many a day,


    To keep the Celts down you will have to deport,


    The whole Fenian army that gives them support.

  3. 1st page…………………..i’ll take that back to the garden with me.



    Enjoyed that Paul67 ………..another good article.

  4. Whilst ‘appointing a commission’ may satisfy the hun hordes and the MSM, it seems the market is a sterner critic and is not to be fobbed off.



    Well done to Walter and the other non exec directors, the share price is nose diving because of their cowardice.

  5. From last thread.




    Strikers like Hooper thrive on service.



    Most of his goals have come from inside the six yard box.



    Goals from there usually come from low hard crosses, where his predatory instincts are exceptional.



    Perhaps, due to the absence of Forrest on the wing, a lot of that service has been missing.



    He has been forced,or perhaps instructed, to drop deeper and do a bit of foraging and linking.



    I think he does that quite well, but at the expense of his natural game.



    Another aspect of his game is the understanding he has with Stokes.



    That too was missing for much of the season.



    Weeks ago, I offered the opinion that, in the absence of the Fallen, Celtic chose to put more emphasis on making an impression in Europe.



    In fact, that is not an opinion, it is what Neil said, though not explicitly.



    However, to do so, he had to formulate a style that was foreign to our traditional way.



    This depended on a tighter,more defensive style, with players being coached in that manner.



    This is the reason for our success in Europe and, incidentally, mirrored GS’s philosophy.



    What would have undermined this project would to change his style for domestic football.



    There is no doubt that a slackness has come into our game, post Europe and with the certainty of the League.



    Anything else would be contrary to human nature, as like any sports person, that edge comes due to the heat of competition, i.e. adrenalin.



    You can only go so often to the well of adrenalin.



    We are at that stage now, though,hopefully the cup final will give a final surge of the stuff.



    It is now that separates the supporters from customers.

  6. Bournesouprecipe, that’s the one.



    Burgas Hoops, I enjoyed it too. See what a couple of inspiring games of football can do for you!

  7. darwinsbeautifulidea on

    can’t agree with wanting hibs in final ,they will get equal tickets whereas falkirk would get much less,fed up with hunners of grannies from leith and everywhere getting tickets instead of true supporters,as well i dont want to be the team that ended hibs hoodoo

  8. Good article Paul and lets hope that the club do something to honour the scorer of the second goal, Fifer, Jimmy Walsh who lives in Leicester.

  9. 41 years ago we beat Hibs in a memorable final, 3 days previous Dixie’s missed penalty cost us a 3rd European Cup final, but he scored a famous hat trick that day.



    A very happy memory.

  10. Come on ladys,come on ladys



    One pound club



    Havea,havea look one pound



    5 6 1 pound club



    Very,very good and very,very





    RIEPERMAN. 1154



    Take yer pick-either the 11th May when we pick up the trophy or the 25th-later start obviously!-for the CL final.



    Beeling I didnae get a ticket for that btw….



    Delighted it went well wi yer bro-apart from those awkward initial moments,haha!



    Let me know nearer the time if either suits,bud….

  12. The Battered Bunnet on




    This external ‘commission’ thing is the right thing for them to do, given they need a pretty clear steer on whether they actually own ‘Rangers’ or not.



    The antics of Green are a sideshow to the main event. The Directors of a publicly traded company have a material doubt as to the title of the assets claimed by the business.



    I’m a little surprised that they haven’t asked for dealing to be suspended pending the outcome of the legal review. Their job after all is to protect the interests of their shareholders.



    Of course this review will not provide a definitive answer, we’ll need to wait until the coursts ultimately settle it, but it will provide them with a defensible basis for their position and any further action they have to take.



    We’ll see.





    That was my first Scottish Cup final.






    Great to hear the reception Bertie got when he came on-albeit for Hibs…



    Not telling you which was my first final though-just wisnae pleasant.

  14. The Battered Bunnet


    12:35 on


    15 April, 2013




    I don’t get the fact they are allowed to continue trading either.



    Surely there is no other recource for the SFA to take, should Craig Whyte be involved at any level, than to remove their provisional licence to play in the SFL?

  15. Bhoys and Ghirls,



    Can I ask you all to remember my Uncle in your Prayers, sadly he passed away yesterday afternoon, he had been ill but it never makes it easier. He waited until after the game to take his leave of us. Pat was a great Bhoy, one of the best and he loved Celtic. One of my earliest memories was him coming home from Hampden when we humped Hibs 6-1, a bit worse for wear, came into the House singing Dixie Deans, Superstar…



    Please remember Pat Lowrie and his Family, our Superstar. I know he would settle for 6-1 on 26th May…



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  16. cliftonville celt from belfast on

    What a weekend !!!!!!!!!!



    So will the zombies and the witch be buried on Wednesday ?



    God its great to be a fenian

  17. Paul67 et al



    Both Celtic and Hibernian supporters will turn up wearing green and white, let us hope both clubs intend to do the same.

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