Structural change pack ice moving again


Aberdeen chairman Dave Cormack gave us a glimpse into the finances of practically every club in Europe by explaining the financial predicament his club finds itself in.  They expected £1m in match day income between now and the end of the season, as well as £5m season ticket money by June, summer merchandising income and hospitality income.  Instead, they have practically zero income stretching out for an indeterminate number of months – quite possibly until August or September.

Monthly outgoings at Aberdeen are £1.2m, this month’s costs will consume nearly all the £1.5m they had in the bank at the start of the month.  How they, and others, meet payroll April, May and June, is a challenge for the industry.  Few clubs are as well run as Aberdeen, most will be in more serious peril.

This is not just a Scottish phenomenon; it will play out across Europe.  The Championship in England is particularly vulnerable. Around the time of the collapse of ITV Digital, Brian Quinn spoke of the pack ice of European football-broadcasting homogeny showing signs of a break up.  That financial crisis in English football passed when the Premier League stepped in to salve any sores.

It remains to be seen what, if any, issues afflict the Premier League.  Ticket and merchandising sales are almost irrelevant to the business model in England’s’ top tier. There, it is all about the domestic and international TV deals.  It cannot be emphasised enough, Premier League TV deals are absolutely critical to the entire pyramid of English football.  If the contracted number of games broadcast for this season or next cannot be fulfilled, the drop in income would have serious consequences.

You and I have been debating structural change in football for too long to get excited about any of this.  There is a better chance of things changing now than at any point in the last 18 years, but whatever change takes place will not necessarily involve Celtic. Still, we can ponder….

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    It is not clear whether clubs would give a rebate to season ticket holders, which might not be required per the terms & conditions, though might still be done as a goodwill gesture. Season ticket sales for next season also likely to be delayed, impacting clubs’ cash flow.


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    Premier League clubs have reportedly been told that if they fail to finish the season, it will cost them £750m for “breach of contract”. If that is correct, that would mean an average reduction of £38m per club, though might be more for some if pro-rated, e.g. #LFC & #MCFC £49m.

  2. I’ll start it:



    1. Bezos


    2. Weatherspoons


    3. Railway company’s



    Please feel free to copy, paste and add.



    Unscrupulous, dirty Bassa employers.






    D. :)

  3. Tim Martin should be on twice, once for his recent behaviour and another for Brexit..




    The Long Spoons video is excellent as are Bill Gates musings, thanks for sharing

  5. Canamalar



    So sorry to hear that sudden and shocking news.



    I hope you have plenty great memories of your Dad to help you and your family going forward.



    May your Dad rest in peace.

  6. i'vehadtochangemynamebacktojackiemac on

    1. Bezos


    2. Weatherspoons


    3. Railway company’s


    4. Ashley

  7. 4. Marks and Spencer



    relative works there, but not in the food hall.



    all shops to stay open, with all staff, regardless of department to continue to come to work.



    If you dont come in, take vacation days or no pay.



    how does that work for social distancing ?



    only their food hall should be open.



    given demographics of their staff and shoppers, it is just bonkers, irresponsible even.

  8. 5. Both Parliaments.



    Why are so many MP’s still going to work. Stay home, ya bams.

  9. SAINT STIVS on 24TH MARCH 2020 2:58 PM


    5. Both Parliaments.



    Why are so many MP’s still going to work. Stay home, ya bams




    While you correctly point out that many of them are ” bams”, respectfully I couldn’t disagree more.



    In these uncertain and unchartered times we must task politicians to challenge both governments.



    We have never had so much removal of our liberty, which is totally undestandable in these unique circumstances. However emergency powers granted must be scrutinised with safeguards and clauses installed.



    Cheers and HH.

  10. 9 ) David 66. ( For spending too much time on CQN when he could be working )



    Only kidding pal, well it’s nearly April 1st.



    Cheers and HH.

  11. Mahe the Madman on

    Hi folks and hope all are well.


    We are throwing a quiz at 8pm Saturday over on you know where.


    You’re all more than welcome to take part .Hope to see some of you then.

  12. Greenpinata – Day 1 for me (sent home yesterday) and the Mrs and she is already teed off with me.



    Then she comes out with I know we painted the whole house before Christmas but we could do our room again if you can get paint delivered….. What??? Oh ma back..






    D. :)

  13. Canamalar sorry to hear your sad news, hope you can get back to say your final goodbyes Hail Hail Hebcelt

  14. Greenpinata – Oh and should have said my works phone is never off, always on call. But everyone is home safe, so not much to do.



    D. :)

  15. Ghuys Canamalar came back on the old thread. He actually misheard the news of his Dad due to a bad line.


    As of a couple of hours ago his Dad had not actually died but apparently is gravely ill.

  16. Greenpinata, they could do video conference from home, its not rocket salad.



    Same for all the reporters, why do they need to be there.



    Set a lead.



    Now BoJo is not coming on tv to address the nation, I think he is going for a run.



    We can watch Michael Gove contradict himself over again.

  17. Can man






    Good Tim from Duntocher laid to rest this morning.



    RIP Frank Vance

  18. SAINT STIVS on 24TH MARCH 2020 3:30 PM



    Good point.



    I believe Gove and reporters are doing the first video link today.




  19. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Excellent article Pablo.



    How do Celtic align properly to any change while not appearing opportunistic?



    Also perhaps worth considering (all IMHO) …



    1) Players offered wage cuts. Players refuse. Players sacked.



    A month ago the player was in the driving seat.



    Not now, clubs have no money to sign players. The transfer market during the next window will be significantly reduced.



    2) Consider Sevco forcing players to take 75% wage cut.



    How will we know? It won’t get reported and their board will call players’ bluffs.



    3) Assume the league restarts in June or July. Celtic will face either shrunken squads or de-motivated players from all clubs except Hibernian or St Johnstone.



    98.87% becomes 99.99.



    4) For any clubs who have placed significant player value on their balance sheet – I seem to recall a certain AGM in November where £100m was mentioned by the DoF – tick tock.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith



    Hail hail

  20. !!Bada Bing!! on

    I hope whoever sent the email from Celtic gets their balls kicked,telling us the stadium and the shops are closed, but you can still buy online……ffs we should be much better than that just now

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