The bully who picks on mental health issues


After last night’s game at Rugby Park, Sky Sports’ Kris Boyd criticised Leigh Griffiths for not featuring in the majority of Celtic games since Brendan Rodgers arrived at the club in 2016.  Two months into that period, injury to Leigh allowed Moussa Dembele a chance to lead the line.  Moussa is the best striker to play in Scottish football for 15 years.  There is no shame in being unable to dislodge the man currently watched by Chelsea and Manchester United.

Three months after Moussa left, Leigh made a short statement to say he had mental health issues and needed to take a break from the game.  He has been fit to play only a small number of weeks since.

There is no shame in this absence either, in fact, the whole of Scottish football commended Leigh for opening up about the subject and taking the necessary steps, instead of trying to bury the issue, inducing further trauma.  Post-match, Kris Boyd tried to shame Leigh for his appearances stats since Brendan’s arrival.

Boyd lost his brother to suicide in 2016 and setup The Kris Boyd Charity two years later to raise funds for and help those suffering from mental health issues.  It is inconceivable that he did not know why Leigh has missed the majority of games since December 2018, or the struggles he had leading up to that time.

I would not tread on his grief, or question why he started the charity, but he has to make a choice: be the bully, who picks on those with mental health issues, or be the one who helps.  He cannot be both.  Some humility today would be in order.

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  1. Humility…ha! he will be loving it.



    Wait for him to double down on his column in the Scum.



    Cancel Sky, don’t buy the rags he works for. Its that simple

  2. Celtic Board should have the Guts to tell Sky Sports,that next season Sky will no longer be able to broadcast live Football Games inside Celtic Park.Our Club don’t need there money,Celtic should start selling there live games to Amazon Prime or BT Sports,could that happen

  3. TIMBHOY2 on 23RD JANUARY 2020 1:33 PM


    Celtic Board should have the Guts to tell Sky Sports,that next season Sky will no longer be able to broadcast live Football Games inside Celtic Park.Our Club don’t need there money,Celtic should start selling there live games to Amazon Prime or BT Sports,could that happen






    We don’t want to be in breach of contract.

  4. AuroraBorealis79 on

    Timaloy, sadly, for Celtic PLC, it is all about the money. Everything else comes second

  5. In the event we do not achieve the 9 (which would be an astonishing act of self sabotage) I will be cancelling Sky forthwith. They have exclusive SPL rights from next season and I will not be paying for their fawning over all things Sevco. I’ll stick with the BT – it has its imperfections but is far superior to Sky. Boyd last night was, quite simply, a disgrace.

  6. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    SCANIEL on 23RD JANUARY 2020 1:14 PM



    A matter of principle .



    Well done .




    Thanks for replying to my post yesterday & the kind words, much appreciated.





    Good result & going on recent outings there, performance too, last night. We could still improve but which team couldn’t? 3 points is be all end all now until 9’s secured. Love the 2 strikers thingy, more of this please.





    Kris Void is an attention seeking, semi-literate conduit for Sky’s transparent & base sensationalism. I’d rather listen to that Fox dude, who’s currently the go to racist dog whistler of our journalistically absent media, singing. Although both are best ignored. Empty vessels & all that.



    Def back to lurksville now.




  8. AURORABOREALIS79 on 23RD JANUARY 2020 1:42 PM


    Timaloy, sadly, for Celtic PLC, it is all about the money. Everything else comes second





    Do you honestly think that the SFA, the other clubs and Sky would just accept Celtic doing that? You are talking about league expulsion and massive legal cases over…Kris Boyd.

  9. I’d like to see Neil go with the same 11.



    He will have more options with Forrest, MJ & Forrest back.



    IF wee Frimpong hasn’t recovered I’d prefer to see a more traditional 4-3-2-1 as Bauer doesn’t offer the same threat.

  10. The Boyd performance last night beggared belief. This is a man who should have heightened sensitivity to mental illness.


    Paul’s commentary is bang on the money. It addresses the critical issue: Boyd used his platform to bully someone for their previous mental health problems. That indicates an absence of common decency.


    It is possible that he simply doesn’t get how offensive his remarks were. But the same remarks appeared well rehearsed.

  11. !!BADA BING!! on 23RD JANUARY 2020 2:02 PM


    Timaloy- same formation for me,Johnston in for Frimpong, we need to attack teams more.






    We’ll see. I’ve been a mile off with my team predictions over the last 2 games!

  12. socrates mulligan on



    Just realised that an earlier post did not include the email address



    After a fair amount of searching, I found this address for those wishing to complain to Sky regarding a TV programme    viewerr@sky.uk



    Told them reasonably politely what I thought of one of their employee’s comments last night and informed them that I would no longer be availing myself of their services



    I received a standard reply informing me that they would be in touch within three days



    Maybe the more who contact them the better

  13. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    Pics on social media – looks like Craig Gordon had a good go at a fan who was abusing Griffiths, looks like the same guy who was nearly killed by the small piece of tape that landed a few yards from him,




  14. If Leigh Griffiths is “Cited”……would the charge “STICK” ?



    As for Hun Boyd, I watched the game last night Online, so I didnt see or hear that Chump, but as I ( and others) posted after the last game v Sevco…Boyd was VISIBLY SHAKING with ANGER at Half Time when giving his opinions, as he was Raging that Celtic’s goal wasnt chalked off due to the accidental “Ball to Hand” on French Eddy.


    Boyd could hardly contain his anger and rage at the game being tied at 1-1, and when Kris Commons pointed out that ” Maybe the Ref didnt see it” ?…..Boyds response was….” IT DOESNT MATTER” !


    I posted that on here at the time, as Boyd was so angry that Celtic had scored that not only was he visibly shaking with Rage…but he was obviously wanting a Referee to give an award on an “incident” that didnt see !


    I gave up my Sky package over three years ago, but whenever I do see it “Online” or in a Pub…it has certainly became even more Anti Celtic since then.



  15. HOT SMOKED on 23RD JANUARY 2020 3:17 PM


    I am worried that I am not worried about Ross County on Saturday..






    They are all pressure games but we should have far too much firepower for them and I’m hopeful of getting a 5 pt lead and a decent stretch in the goals for column.



    Their game against the diets might be interesting – they struggle without Morelos and don’t have many goals throughout the side. The diets are fighting for their lives. Feels like a draw to me.

  16. I thought last night’s team was great squad managment. Many of us wanted a more physical presence after the newco defeat. Playing 3 CHs,, playing Ntcham, Brown and Hayes gives us protection and proven battlers.Win the midfield, win the game.


    Some posters were not happy to see MJ coming on instead of the new signing. Get a grip. Let the new signing(s) get a few training sessions in, get to know their new team mates etc. before playing them. MJ is one of our up and coming prize assets, he came on and immediately ripped their defence to shreds. The lad has bags of talent. Do you think Neil is going to leave him to rot now because we have a new CF? Patryk is Edouard’s replacement,he’ll be leading the line come the summer with Leigh as his sidekick.

  17. Before watching the game last night, I thought when I saw the line up, oh no, no creative player in the team. Boy, was I wrong. Thought the set up was brilliant and Ntcham was MOm by a hair. The entire team were really up for it big time but the pitch played it’s part by keeping our score down. How many slips did you see, countless.


    Mustn’t grumble, but I still want a real creative Middy the likes of David Silva, Modric or me all time hero, Lubo, oh yeah.




  18. Still more than 6 hours to vote and join the almost 40 who already have. Looking forward to a bust evening counting opinions. But the more the merrier so please dont be shy. A competition open to all ;-) CQNPOTY@GMAIL.COM

  19. Glad to hear Frimpong just has bruising. He would be a big loss to the team. He contributes so much going forward.



    We probably wouldn’t need him for Ross County but he’d be very useful for the next three away trips.

  20. Despite Killie’s recent results we just knew Celtic were in for a tricky encounter last night but rose to the challenge superbly playing with great urgency this was an important three points. All the players did well and the Eddie and Griff strike partnership was a success. Celtic created a lot of chances but the important thing was they made three of them count.


    Hope young Frimp will be ok after that tackle, he was brilliant last night.


    Like everyone I was shocked by Boyds comments when the whole country knew Leigh’s problems and why he was missing from the team in times past and had zilch to do with training performance.

  21. SOUTHSIDE on 23RD JANUARY 2020 12:41 PM


    Binned skysports years ago. All their games can be watched by other methods I’ve been told.



    CQN seems to be working on safari for me again. Still got the silly ad stuff going on though.


    A poster recommended DUCKDUCKGO


    I downloaded it and use it all the time for CQN. No need to turn off Java and it removes adverts.


    Have a go. You have nothing to lose but your intrusive ads.

  22. Can anyone recall when we used tae look at the fixtures tae see who the sheep, arabs, calvinists or leith louts were playing, now its only sevco, the rest have been conveniently taken out of the game.



    BTW I have an acquaintance that’s bi-polar, 2 words tae describe it, roger hunt. its a battle of wits for the whole family tae deal with. This same person has recently admitted they are manic depressive, disnae help though as they regularly fall back intae denial.

  23. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Scaniel – respect.



    Sky are a commercial outfit.



    Internet angst doesn’t talk.



    Money talks.



    If only 200 Celtic fans follow your lead of cancelling and clearly calling out why – this will be addressed.

  24. The joys of social-media… I see Jozo being slaughtered in some quarters.



    Considering this is a guy playing his first league match all season. I didn’t think he played great last night, but he done o.k in my book. On a tricky surface. For a guy making a comeback after a lengthy lay-off.



    As for Killie’s goal, there were more than one, that didn’t cover themselves in glory.

  25. TIMALOY29 on 23RD JANUARY 2020 4:04 PM


    Glad to hear Frimpong just has bruising. He would be a big loss to the team. He contributes so much going forward.




    We probably wouldn’t need him for Ross County but he’d be very useful for the next three away trips.






    i don’t think the 3-5-2 would really work without Frimpers. Its ideal for him as he has shortcomings defensively. I doubt Forrest would be as effective in that role.

  26. Have never subscribed to sky and never will.


    They are riddled with malcontents and will forever continue


    to sponsor sevco.

  27. RUGGYGMAN on 23RD JANUARY 2020 5:19 PM



    Jozo didnt have good mobility and didnt look comfortable on that surface. He will be judged on grass and rightly so.

  28. Whether he’s ready or not, I’d rest Frimmy versus Ross County.



    If Bauer can’t come in and do a basic job : right back, right wing-back, then we’d all be as well just chucking it.



    Altho the thought of Hayes down one flank, and Bauer the other, is genuinely making me break out in a cold sweat




    Don’t do social media (here excepted) so haven’t seen anything about Jozo online.



    I thought he had a good game.



    Excellent centre half with the big caveat of “when fit”. Hopefully his op will have sorted his knee issue. Would be great to have him flying for the second half of the season.

  30. Robinbhoy



    I agree. When Lenny took the hotseat after Rodgers exit, big Jozo was one of our most consistent performers tail end of last season.



    Some fans have short memories. (social media ones)

  31. Unfortunately sky will be the main vehicle for watching Celtic away from home. A source of great enjoyment to myself and numerous others.


    Streaming games is never the same quality.



    Not looking for any conflict, just stating the obvious.




    From next season it will be the only one for televised games, even worse!



    I hope they sign up Sutton and even Fat Sally and hunt Boyd and Commons.

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