Thistle’s aim for top 6, the liquidator’s duty


It’s another big day in the title race as Aberdeen visit Firhill. Partick Thistle’s form has been up and down recently, losing to Hearts and Dundee United, beating St Johnstone home and away, winning and losing against Motherwell, all in their last six games. They have not won or lost by more than two goals win or defeat since November.

Aberdeen’s games since the turn of the year have also been tight, a 3-1 defeat at Inverness last month is the only occasion there has been more than a single goal in any of their games. It’s likely to be tight tonight.

A win would put Thistle into the top six, is it too much to ask…….

Natural justice would suggest that Rangers liquidators, BDO, should be allowed to appeal to the Supreme Court on the club’s creditors’ behalf (they were granted permission to appeal this morning). Rangers won the initial decision on a number of their players EBTs, and then the first appeal, so it’s clear there are finer points of law at play.

With Rangers now in liquidation, creditors may wonder why BDO are spending their (diminishing) pot of money on what is sure to be extravagant legal fees, especially as HMRC is the most influential creditor.  Liquidators have a responsibility to the creditors to dismiss any claims on creditors’ funds which cannot be substantiated.  If the liquidator wins at the Supreme Court, all creditors apart from HMRC will receive a higher payout.

I don’t imagine Supreme Court hearings and written judgements are arranged in a hurry, so put this one on the back burner for a while, but there remains a lot at play here.  I’ve tried to steer clear of the issue for a while now, as it’s little more than a distraction, but that’ll change should HMRC win in London.

Good luck to Thistle tonight.

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  1. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Timreaper foiled my hat-trick attempt:)


    Cleared off the line:)




  2. Whatever happens tonight, it will require a big effort from Thistle. Hopefully they are knackered on Saturday.

  3. The Battered Bunnet on

    TET, from previous thread:



    No harm, but 3 Scottish Law Lords decided unanimously against Rangers’s case just a few months ago. Why do you think 5 (maybe 7) Supreme Court Lords will be any more influenced/ more accessible than those chaps in Edinburgh?



    I don’t believe you can buy a Supreme Court decision. In part, I accept that’s because I instinctively refuse to believe it’s even possible.



    These guys worship one thing only: The Law. It’s what they live for. An affront to The Law is tantamount to heresy in their book. They’re out of reach, and the only influences on their decision will be the strength of argument presented, and the weight of precedent.

  4. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Like TBB says we have an exciting summer coming up, lots more of our paranoia will be sated, the Governing bodies are in for a very rough ride which will unseat a few and shake up the whole shebang, res 12 is getting tasty again and to deal with the refs I’m beginning to think the H&S might have some merit, the ubertim making a usual snide comment sparked an idea when he blurted out write a letter. The fact is any qualified H&S inspector has a duty of care to report incidents not properly dealt with, could be that fan power might again become very useful questioning inconsistent and dangerous decisions leading to incidents and injuries. The evidence is all televised :)

  5. The green man



    Your Gonny worry yirsel sick thinking aboot them



    Concentrate on on finalising your



    ” Super Dooper Duplex Dookit”, ………that’s more like it, a kin see yir smile fae Hamilton :)

  6. Paul 67



    I hear what you say. But the ordinary supporter does not appreciate the finer points of the legal system, our patience for some justice is at intolerable levels.



    All we witness is court case victories for the huns and Res 12 taking ages. I am aware that there is good reasoning for both but nevertheless we are rapidly running out of patience.



    Celtic must make a statement to keep the fans onboard. To continually say nothing smacks of complicity.



    Something along the lines of what the fans put up in the herald would suffice. The truth, nothing more and nothing less.



    I may not be a legal eagle, but I have absolutely no doubt that every dot, every cross, every letter, every word was scrutinised by lawyers before it went to print.



    So gutted at the moment that I cannot even contemplate the PT v Sheep game at the moment




  7. Sorry I haven’t had the time to read back.



    Does anyone know what is going on with Carlton Cole? According to the CQN Magazine, he’s gone back to England for ‘personal reasons’. I hope the lad is okay and I don’t mean him any harm but what’s going on?

  8. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Did that bastion of accuracy and neutrality the BBC just say the ruling has no effect on the current owners of “Rangers FC”?



  9. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    It’s the liquidators duty to make as much profit as it can for the shareholders and partners of its own company.


    A unanimous decision was returned on the basis of a change of tac from HMRC, where previously defence centred around the nature of the payments HMRC simplified the whole argument and won easily.


    BDO are appealing because it will keep them in place longer to milk the creditors further, they don’t care if the appeal succeeds or not.

  10. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    A great statement for the club to make was suggested here last night, along the lines of


    Celtic the most successful club in Scotland, it doesn’t even need to be a statement it could simply be on merchandise.

  11. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    So looks like the case against Rangers continues and no decision can be reached until the courts are finished with any appeal and this will not be anytime soon in my opinion.I suspect we will be in the same position at the start of next season as we are at the moment.H.H.

  12. Geordie Munro on

    “I suspect we will be in the same position at the start of next season as we are at the moment.”






    Quite possibly. And the season after that. And the season after than and more than likely, the season after that.



    There’s gonna be some amount of repetitive posting between now and then.




  13. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Good to see your optimism and fight.


    Im sort of numb at the moment…apathy has a grip:)


    Im glad there are bhoys like you around, to keep asking those questions those dont relish.


    Im struggling to contain my anger:)


    Im glad im not 20 years younger….id be chained up on Devil’s Island:)






    The Dookit will rise like a Pheonix from the Flames:)




  14. The appeal process, and good old fashioned British justice ‘The Rangers,’ court cases are backing up, and up.



    Rangers, and the Rangers supporters, in tandem with The Rangers and supporters of The Rangers sole punishment is the permanent affliction of pretence, and knowing deep down for the rest of their existence they are a new club formed in 2012.



    There is nada Celtic can do but carry on regardless, business as usual, if that turns you off, or even puts you against your own club, then Celtic will return to their quorum of support, in the next chapters of the cycle, it may already have begun.



    Celtic supporters don’t need to look to far for reasons not to attend Celtic Park nowadays? – but the corruption in Scottish Football remains the best reason of them all.



    The daisy chain of ‘administrators’ working out of Hampden are a bigger threat to Celtic than ever they were, they’ve regrouped, circled the wagons, and dug in, they even openly attend the big hoose for their weekend entertainment when there is no official business? The standards on the field of refereeing in the past four seasons are consistent, at best with Dougie gate, they’ve a raft of new honest mistakers some of them with direct links to the old Rangers?. The new independent review has been hurled at Celtic, time and again in the past four seasons, and Celtic players suffer the unique fate of yellow card first offence, week in week out.



    The government have successfully implemented with the help of Focus the criminalisation of Celtic supporters, it’s no wonder football fans are finding better things to do, than get lifted for going to see Celtic away from CP and singing a song, ( pick a song, any song? )



    Rangers cheated over two decades, whatever the reason, whatever rationale they wish to apply, it doesn’t matter a single solitary jot. The imperfectly registered nonsense didn’t change it, the absurd no sporting advantage, didn’t change it, the creative use of EBT’s being declared illegal didn’t change it, and an appeal process won’t change it either.



    The SFA are complicit don’t let anybody pull the woolworths over your eyes, it’s a new club



    If you didn’t see it all coming you’re RIP VAN WINKEL

  15. eddieinkirkmichael on

    Today’s not unexpected verdict is one of those ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH moments for football fans in Scotland. As someone said earlier it kicks it into the long grass and as we all know the wheels of justice turn slowly so as TBB said it could be several years before we finally get a finale and binding decision.



    While I totally understand that Celtic can’t really start shouting for justice on EBT’s when the issue isn’t settled yet but what about the Discounted Option Scheme? Nimmo Smith was misled, this is now excepted as is the fact that DOS were illegal. Why can’t Celtic and some other clubs demand the SFA deal with this issue now.



    Celtic need to unify the fans, what better way to do it?

  16. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Interesting one from honest Dave:


    “I am also pleased to report that Rangers now has no third-party debt whatsoever. There are not many clubs in the world that are in that enviable position.”




    Two things jump out from that:


    First – how many clubs don’t have a credit line from a bank?


    And – did he say CLUBS? Is he saying CLUBS can have debt? So therefore presumably admitting that a CLUB that couldn’t pay its debts would cease to exist.


    Now which club could that apply to…..?

  17. http://johnjamessite.com/2016/03/08/long-grass-the-supreme-court/



    Long Grass & The Supreme Court



    The litigious liquidators, BDO, have received permission from The Inner House to present a petition to The Supreme Court. Their fees, which stood at £18m, will now breach the £20m barrier. There will be so little left from The Collyer Bristow settlement that creditors could be facing as little as 5.2p in the pound. If their petition is accepted and the appeal is unsuccessful, the payout will be circa 2.2p in the pound.



    It’s a great result for the joint liquidators of BDO who will continue to earn their fees. No matter what eventuates, their fees will be paid. They could spend the entire settlement with the creditors receiving nothing whatsoever. There would be no recourse if this was the end result. BDO lodged a guarantee that they have sufficient funds to take their appeal to the highest court in the UK. I posit that the ‘Fraudco’ trial will conclude prior to any Supreme Court directives. The matter has been kicked into the long grass.



    There were those who believed that had leave to appeal not been granted, the EBTs would have been finally deemed as illegal and the corrupt Scottish football governance cabal would be forced to revisit the LNS whitewash. There were those that naively anticipated that Peter Lawwell would demand that titles were stripped. They were deluded.



    One of SDM’s tax avoidance vehicles has been declared illegal, The Discounted Options Scheme. Any titles won using this scheme should be withdrawn. However since 2010 when they were declared illegal, not a peep has been heard from the supine CFC board. Six years of silence has suited the board of a club that was systemically cheated from winning titles. The CFC board evidently know their place as the second class citizens of Scottish football. They doff their caps and tug their forelocks in deference to David Murray’s illegal tax avoidance. They and the SFA/SPFL are in league to secure the titles on Rangers behalf. They sat on their hands as 114 titles were awarded to a reconstituted Rangers, proving beyond all doubt that they accept Rangers as the same club. The SFA/SPFL, SMSM and CFC all working to promote a lie of continuation so that they can suckle from the teat of the blue pound.



    There was never any possibility of title-stripping. That ship sailed when the five way agreement did not shoehorn Charles Green’s Rangers into the top tiers of Scottish football. As soon as LNS delivered the required result that the players were eligible, Neil Doncaster and Stewart Regan posted 114 titles on their websites with indecent haste.



    Those who believe that the Fraudco trial will result in the SFA/SPFL throwing out the LNS whitewash are also deluded. As for resolution 12, this can join BDO in the long grass.



    I’m fairly certain that this will be celebrated as a ‘result’ on other Rangers-facing forums. However not on this site. I have stated consistently that no titles would be stripped. Today’s result will be celebrated by Rangers fans, the SMSM, the SFA, the SPFL and last but not least the Celtic board.

  18. So bdo have been given leave to appeal,i thot this might come to this.


    This is much bigger the the dead club, somewhere down the line some one would have


    thought it worth while to take it to the supreme court. better getting it finalised now one way


    or another.

  19. *An Gorta Mor Quiz Night*




    As part of our fundraising to build a permanent memorial to those who perished or were affected by The Great Hunger, we’re holding a quiz night on Friday 11th March (this Friday) in The Squirrel Bar in the Barras, starting at 7pm.




    Entry is £5/person and live Irish music will follow the quiz.




    Play your part in remembering.





  20. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    I’m 55 this year and been following the hoops since I was old enough to appreciate football



    For most of my life I just knew we were being cheated in Scotland. .. when the bomb went off I doubt any of us knew how much we had been cheated ( or still don’t know the extent of the ebts / bribes )



    Sadly my dad and my son had left this earth prior to 1012 so didn’t get to witness their downfall but as each month passes I think i won’t be around to see them being held accountable for theit cheating



    I expect that of the sfa …. but I don’t expect celtic to say nowt and let the matter roll along . If or when the decision goes against them how many ” customers ” will not be around to see justice . If the decision goes in theit favour who really thinks celtic will make any real statement.



    Celtic are not the club I grew up with ….. sadly

  21. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Can i just randomly say this.


    Lord Rosebery (Archibald Primrose), what a fecking headcase.


    Archibald, if you are out there somewhere in the mist.


    I was not impressed with your address at the University of Glasgow, in November 1900.


    That crack about the rookeries and slums of Glasgow, a bit rich considering you owned half of them:)


    Anyway, Lord Livingston is doing very well.


    Im sure you would be pleased Archibald.




  22. Interesting articles on the football is fixed blog;









    It would be interesting to keep a record on whether the predictions made from this particular blog, or john james, etc. ever come to pass.



    It could always be argued that if things didn’t happen as predicted, it was because of these pesky blogs that interfered and stopped “them” getting away with it.

  23. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    The Green Man talks to historical figures, long gone.


    They are getting away with nothing:)


    Walter Scott…You are next, you better hide.





  24. mickbhoy1888 on

    I wonder if the Elmers would consider writing to the H&S exec and highlight the profusion of injuries sustained at Lennoxtown over recent years and have the training sessions returned to the Barrowfield.Maybe even assist Kris Commons with a claim against his employers for injuries sustained


    Maybe even a wee letter to Morton Insurers wouldn’t go amiss seeking compensation for the loss of Stefan Johannsen for a couple of weeks


    It would be a lovely precedent to set


    Anyway canny wait for the semi-final

  25. See all these calls for Celtic to make a statement about the demise of rangers and rise of Sevco they are a waste of time and we all,even those calling for the statement, know it won’t make a blind bit of difference.



    Those who are anti board will never accept anything said board. Previous statements have not been good enough for them why should a new one be any different.



    We have on our Board some serious business types, like it or not it’s true, and I would assume that like the rest of us they thought liquidation was for life not just for Christmas. On St Huno’s day Celtic said their business strategy did not require any other club despite what Alex Salmon was spouting.



    No one could have seriously believed the mental gymnastics and reality denial that have occurred since to appease the huns. No matter what Celtic do or don’t do they will still be more of the enemy to some on here than the others who are actually trying to harm us.

  26. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Constable Savage,


    It’s a trapeze act for you, don’t try mental gymnastics you get yourself into a tangle again.





    Got to say that witty repartee from bent cop came back two days quicker than I expected :)

  27. bournesouprecipe



    stick to the puns.






    I joke, top posting, sir.

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