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Have we progressed since the early season shambles against Legia and Maribor?  Of course, we are winning regularly and playing with confidence, but it’s clear there’s also a lot more work to do.  Celtic’s best performance of the season so far was in Salzburg, a more favourable wind would have seen us leave with three points, but that performance also stung Salzburg, who saw their aspirations to win the group take a hit.

It will take our best performance of the season to return a win tonight, but I’m expecting nothing less.

Sir David Murray has stuck to his “duped” story.  Craig Whyte’s chosen path for Rangers was a surprise to him.  This account is now to be explored in the witness box at the trial of the Ibrox Five.  I suspect I could script Murray’s evidence myself, “duped”, “shocked”, “best interests of…”

Of vastly more interest will be Alastair Johnston’s evidence.  Johnston and his independent board committee opposed Whyte’s takeover and made representations to Murray, which will also be revealed in the witness box.

News that Craig Whyte was arrested in Mexico and is now likely to be subject to extradition proceedings will be welcomed by few of the characters in this messy business.  Whyte, as we know, recorded everything.  He will be a difficult man to setup as a patsy.

The only questions is, how do I get court tickets?

Three points tonight, please, Celtic.

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  1. TBB,



    For avoidance of doubt, should Denayer be fit, Efe should be on the bench!






  2. I wouldn’t have Mulgrew anywhere near the team tonight,too slow in thought and action,but if he is I hope he plays the game of his life.

  3. I’d play one striker per half tonight and ask them to do 90 mins running in their half. I’d start with Leigh and ask him to be an absolute nuisance and bring on Stefan to take advantage later in the game. HH



    Forrest Johansen Stokes




  4. Dbl. header from Phil today.


    A problem shared


    Leave a reply


    David Somers is not having a good time at the moment.



    He now knows what it was like to shoulder the burden that Philip Tudor Nash had to endure while he was keeping the Ibrox shambles on the road.



    In recent days he has been very keen to have a meeting with Mr Derek Llambias regarding the urgent cash flow situation at the mighty Glasgow Sevco.



    That interaction finally took place last night.



    It went a little something like this:



    Mr Somers wanted to get a plan in place apropos funding the Ibrox operation in the months ahead.



    Essentially Mr Somers was asking Mr Llambias to ask Mr Ashley for further cash.



    Now I’m paraphrasing, but the man sent in by Big Mike gave his reply.



    “I’ll ask, but that’s not an option for Mike at the moment.”



    Despite this Mr Somers was keen that the question was asked of Mr Ashley.



    The word came back this morning that further funding, by way of loans or any other way, is not currently an option.



    In fairness to Mr Llambias I am told that he did not fancy this business venture from the start.



    Moreover, he could not see what Mr Ashley saw in Sevco and he communicated that to David Somers very soon after Philip Nash had left the building.



    Indeed if anything Mr Llambias has become more convinced that his original assessment was the correct one.



    It is fair to say that the men sent in by Big Mike were rather surprised at the extent of the ‘Onerous Contracts’ that had been put in place by Charles of Normandy.



    Meanwhile the pressure is on Mr Somers to keep the show on the road and I feel for him.



    The situation is now very fluid.



    If the accounts are indeed out tomorrow then do not expect anything other than a sea of red ink.



    RIFC does not own anything except The Rangers Football club (formerly known as Sevco Scotland Limited) and we know from TRFC’s published accounts this year that they’re in bad shape.



    Deloitte have their top UK team on this rather small business simply because of the negative publicity around it all.



    If they do sign off then expect them to do walking away, that would be the smart move.



    I would not fall off my chair here in Donegal if the players were approached soon to take a pay cut to keep the show on the road.



    It had rather slipped my attention, but I was reminded today that Mr Imran Ahmad is due his out of court settlement this month and Graham Wallace is still awaiting his bonus payment.



    The latter is the subject of some disagreement between the company and the ex-chief executive.



    Sources tell me that Mr Somers has been seeking the company of colleagues at the Big House to share his concerns.



    The thing is if you tell someone something in confidence then they sometimes tell other people and soon the whole place knows.



    Philip Nash had a pet name for the stadium that John Brown played for.



    “Walkabout Creek”.



    They had the same system operating there for confidential information, so there is no need to feel like a Wally I suppose.

  5. Just in from being oot.



    I see our hero is due in court the morra, shame really.



    I pray he has his tapes well secure.



    I also read that uefa have decided that Newcastle and the hun can’t play in europe at the same time.



    A serious slap in the face for the sfa me thinks.



    They have done there usual, sfa, re MA, uefa have decided he controls both clubs……



    What are the sfa waiting for !!!!




  6. Because of the ole health situation, I have been advised to give the game a miss tonight, Ticket given away to a young person. Will sit through the game hoping the heart can stand it.


    To all you who are lucky enough to going, give an extra shout for me and drive the ‘Tic on to victory.

  7. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    Sean Thornton.


    Prayers for your brave brother Mick.


    Enjoy your bottle tonight.God bless.YNWA.

  8. I thought people called Whyte had the run of Mexico. Oh wait, that was Walter White, and that was New Mexico.



    Was New Mexico originally called Sevco Mexico?

  9. Hate to say it, but I see our best chances of qualifying tonight, on basis of Astra drawing with Zagreb…


    Also think, that as much as Salzburg still need points to secure top spot, I hope that their players sub-consciously believe that they are already over the line….which they are in terms of being qualified. This I reckon provides us with best hope of a win

  10. You got to Iove Craig Whyte. Holed up in Mexico, international arrest warrants, trying to run away etc. What a DUDE. Minty on the stand with Bain et al. Hopefully the whole edifice comes crashing down once and for all. Craig Whyte CSC.

  11. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    Would definitely start with Griffiths tonight.


    Showed plenty of desire and hunger against Astra and has more movement upfront than Scepovic.


    I fear I will be wrong though.

  12. Can anyone honestly see minty et all getting huckled ?



    No chance IMO, too many have too much to lose, our hero may well sing like a bird, but they won’t believe him, and I very much doubt his tapes will see the light of day.



    I pray to god I am wrong, but I doubt it.




  13. effin bt – tonight’s not on my telly



    there’s a great film to be made of minty murray’s life



    The Great Gitsby

  14. Wee burdy tellin me CW still owns what he acquired for a pound, i do hope CW either nails SDM or caught out in court he stumbles and inadvertently exposes the scam that i believe SDM created.



    Mexican wave tonight :)







  15. twinbhoy-strange that Strathclyde’s Finest couldnae find Whyte , after he done a runner with £10mil of Tax,N.I and PAYE.Obviously City of London polis have pushed the button.

  16. bognorbhoy oscar in my thoughts on

    To all going to the game sing loud get behind the team and cheer them on to victory