Uefa’s Nations League, a competition too far


There is every chance you do not know if tonight’s Czech Republic – Scotland game is competitive or a friendly (it’s Nations League, so somewhere in-between), but, like me, you will be concerned that during European qualification, several Celtic players will take the field against the remaining Czechs who have not tested positive for Covid.

This disease has an incubation period of up to 14 days.  The Czechs have lost their first team due to infection and we now roll the dice hoping there has been no cross-contamination around Czech football circles in recent days.

Nothing about this is right.  The Nations League should have been one of the many things we have sacrificed due to the pandemic.  It required international travel and sporting bubbles to be mix.  What happened to the Czechs following their win over Slovakia on Friday will have consequences for both nations and for clubs across the continent.  I know the SFA are far from competent at most things, but the issue here lies at Uefa.

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  1. AN TEARMANN on 7TH SEPTEMBER 2020 9:56 AM


    Ex-minister: Malicious prosecution of Rangers execs demands an investigation from Sunday post.









    An Tearmann,


    I posted about this on Wednesday last week. I am pleased that Kenny MacAskill is taking it up. The figures quoted in the Sunday Post are higher that I understood so the cost to the Scottish taxpayer could be even worse than my post.



    Losses to the taxpayer could now be in the order of £160m including the unpaid tax/penalities and now police compensation. Let me repeat that – One hundred and sixty million pounds when both UK and Scottish governments need all the money they could get following the financial crash of 2008.



    We can add to this the admitted pressure from the First Minister at the time, Alex Salmond, that Rangers should not face liquidation and be given additional time to settle with HMRC despite years of discussions and rejections by Rangers to settle the Big Tax Case.



    Of course, it was all for the good of Scottish football and Celtic in particular – thanks Alex.



    Alex Salmond was quoted:


    “The most diehard Celtic supporter understands that Celtic can’t prosper unless Rangers are there. The rest of the clubs understand that as well. Therefore you have to have cognisance of these things when you’re pursuing public policy.


    We’ve certainly been arguing to HMRC on one hand, and indeed to Rangers, to for goodness sake get a settlement, get a settlement and a structure over time whereby Rangers can continue because Rangers must continue for the future of Scottish football and for the fabric of the country.”







    Here was my post:


    2nd September 2020


    Police Malicious Prosecution in Scotland.



    One definition of malicious prosecution is:


    “A person who had been prosecuted without sufficient evidence and maliciously had a right to damages. The court ruled that an action could also be brought under human rights legislation. Malicious prosecution cases are complex and difficult to prove.”



    So, 3 key points here, at least two of which set a high bar to prove:


    1 “without sufficient evidence”


    2 “maliciously”


    3 “cases are complex and difficult to prove”



    Yet, within the past week, there have been 2 admissions by Police Scotland that parties involved in the administration and liquidation of Rangers were maliciously prosecuted.



    Case 1 David Whitehouse and Paul Clark of Duff and Phelps


    Both were arrested following events surrounding Rangers’ financial position in 2012. They allege the Crown Office and Police Scotland subjected them to wrongful detention, arrest and prosecution. They are seeking a total of £14m in damages.



    Crown lawyers admitted much of the prosecution against them was “malicious” and conducted without “probable cause”.



    Judge Lord Tyre ordered interim payments of £350,000 to David Whitehouse and £250,000 to Paul Clark.




    Case 2 Charles Green


    He was charged with “alleged fraudulent acquisition” of the club in 2012. The charges were classified as serious organised crime.



    Prosecution was later withdrawn. He is claiming £20m in damages.



    He will now received a public apology and damages based on confirmed losses to date plus a compensatory sum for damages.



    Comments re both cases by lawyers indicate that the admissions by the Lord Advocate are unprecedented which emphasises how unusual and serious these cases are.



    If the claims are paid in full the bill will be £34m to the Scottish taxpayer on top of internal police/legal costs



    So, why did these individuals end up under arrest? Why did the police embark on raising charges without sufficient evidence to support them?



    Was the fact that it was Rangers which was the object of the financial dealings which attracted so much interest by the police? Has similar charges been made maliciously against administrators of other businesses? If not, what is special about Rangers compared to any other business?



    These are serious issues involving a lot of public money and, at the heart of it, a suspicion (at least on my part) that the police in Scotland effectively “lost their marbles” when investigating the initial allegations and acted maliciously as they could not accept what was happening to Rangers and wanted scapegoats.



    The Scottish Government must call for an independent public enquiry into this case and into the reasons why a police force acted this way.





    It took Stephen Lawrence’s parents 6 years before the McPherson Report concluded that the Met was institutionally racist.



    I call of every football supporter and citizen of Scotland to support an independent investigation into what influence was applied at the very highest level of Scottish Government (with David Cameron also chipping in that he wanted a solution to be found to allow Ranger to continue) and at the very highest level of the Police and the Criminal Prosecution Service in Scotland.



    Will it find that there was “institutional favouritism” at play in the case of Rangers?

  2. I thought John McGinn was most excellent against Israel. I also thought Big Nir was Top drawer Passing master.



    Callum wake up.



    BIG JIMMY on 7TH SEPTEMBER 2020 8:35 AM







    I told my son your trampoline joke and he loved it – I expect he’ll be telling his pals in school today :-)




    Cheers mate, I am glad your Bhoy liked it.


    P.S. I did make it up myself some time ago before The Lockdown in March.





    I sometime wonder if those who work in the Fire Service………… all get on like a house on fire ?



    I’ll get ma coat.



  4. How Murray sold Rangers for a £1 has never been questioned


    How Administrators selected by Whyte were appointed?


    Their subsequent behaviour unlike any other administration has been ignored.


    The sale of the assets and the subsequent switch by Charles Green were both fraudulent.


    The fees generated were huge,


    Sevco being “phoenixed” with same kit and similar name is a clear breech of legislation.


    Greens subsequent behaviou and his deals.


    Dave King, Paul Murray and Aliastair Johnston were allowed to be directors of Newco after being at Deidco



    These are only some of the questions that need answered.

  5. BIG JIMMY on 7TH SEPTEMBER 2020 12:53 PM



    Ha! I’ll tell him that one as well when he gets home from school :-)

  6. Garry, Lenny is all in on the 10.



    We as a Club are mightily Stagnant.



    Scotland is Our Land, Always has been.









    I ain’t a tree hugger but.😉

  7. Posting from the beautiful town of Stroud – number 2 daughter and her family’s new abode. They used to live in Clifton, Bristol – I thought that a lovely place, but Stroud is even better, serene & civilised – another four days ahead with visits to Cheltenham & Bristol on the agenda, inter alia.



    I agree with Paul re this International break farce. If the top European international competition can be shelved, why not this ‘Mickey Mouse’ version?



    There is real risk to Celtic players and the club of physical injury, Covid illness & potential quarantine restrictions.



    I am now convinced that this season will not be completed, crowds, or, no crowds – if we get to Christmas I will be amazed. The prospect of points per game calling of the league could again be ‘on the cards’ for this campaign – a redressing of the balance in favour of Ibrox must not be discounted.



    Should this season again be curtailed, there will of course be a claw back, or, withholding of sponsorship monies by SKY – in that case I am not sure how the top division in Scotland would survive.



    Peter Lawwell will of course be exploring all possibilities in the interests of Celtic, as he always does, I wonder what options could be open to us…..and would we need to couple-up with Ibrox in pursuit of them.



    I have never been less optimistic in the long-term future of Celtic as I am now. Seems to me our well-being is not dependent on what we do on the field, nor, in the boardroom, but on health matters completely outwith our control – we wait, we hope… we worry.

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  9. JHB on 2ND SEPTEMBER 2020 12:20 PM



    ‘SNP… teaching LGBT & porn in schools’



    (and then in the very next paragraph to confirm its fascination with porn, children and extreme right wing propaganda)



    ”The Party (SNP) ….teaching porn to primary pupils ‘



    JHB on 31ST AUGUST 2020 12:34 AM



    (As an insult to posters voicing their respect for Neil Lennon regarding the bombs and bullets he has had to endure as a player and manager) ‘…who use Neil’s special circumstances over the years to virtue signal’



    ***********Do not reply this is an automated response from Troll Hunters C.S.C. (Officials) **********

  10. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    Agree on the general point about the Nations League being sacrificed due to the pandemic( I do think the format is good in that it gives better and meaningful games even if its a bit convoluted) but wasn’t the Czech squad replaced entirely (including the coaching staff) for tonight?




  11. Petec


    I am not as strong in my desire to achieve 10 in a row as many Celtic supporters seem obsessed with.


    Only one club playing in Scotland today who has won 9 in a row. What is the huge desire to break our own record, achieved by our greatest ever manager Jock Stein?


    I don’t get it. For me, it justifies the same club at Ibrox myth.


    Will be delighted when we win it though.

  12. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Does anyone know the composition of the Scotland squad by club?



    I’d imagine Celtic is either at, or very near, the top.



    By comparison, other clubs contribute Jack Sh1t



    or “Sh1t Jack” ….



    … depending on your point of view






    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  13. Garry, Aidan is 20 the morra.









    Mad Squirrel Loves the Happy Mondays.



    Why Does ma Lord and Saviour keep introducing me to Dudes that are so Incredibly Knowledgable?



    Even Old Rangers Supporters?

  14. Great article by a good man who was hounded in his job, but, not out of it. An illustration of how riven Scotland has become with the rise of nationalism.



    Families split, friends in constantly in disagreement & strife, colleagues & workplaces split & in turmoil. Accusations of “quisling’ & ‘traitors’ – bitter marches, some even more aggressive than their Orange Order counterparts.



    Even in the most contentious Labour/Conservative exchanges, there has never been anything like what we have experienced over the past seven years – God help us.





  15. Petec


    Last day as a teenager.


    Give A my very best regards and wishes for tomorrow.


    A lovely young man.

  16. HRVATSKI JIM on 7TH SEPTEMBER 2020 12:29 PM



    ‘An Tearmann,





    I posted about this on Wednesday last week. I am pleased that Kenny MacAskill is taking it up.’







    Kenny Macaskill’s comments on the huns spewing their bile



    ‘I think the atmosphere at the ground was excellent and the match was a great advert for our football. ‘



    He’s no friend of the Celtic support.



    His agenda here is quite clear. He’s very much in the Salmond supporting camp of the SNP, so he’s using this issue as a stick to beat Sturgeon with.



    They deserve each other.

  17. Two good topics on CQN this morning.



    !) The sudden abandonement and apology offered to all involved in the Sevco fakeover.



    How is it possible to lose a case against Duff & Phelps when they were sanctioning the Cousin acquisition? How can they possibly make a case that they were acting in the creditors’ interest? Where was their apology?



    & 2) the impact of Covid threat on the International players at Celtic.



    Our players are no longer in a bubble, when they break up and seperate to fulfill their under age and senior International fixtures at a variety of countries accross the globe, and then return to mingle again. It is almost inevitable that we will see an outbreak of Covid within Celtic when they all return.



    Sevco have around 9 or 10 on duty too so their risk will be high but ours are much more so.




    Re Covid. Totally agree, the games should never have been played.

  19. The situation regarding the amount of money that has been thrown down the toilet with Duff & Phelps, Charles Green et al, demands nothing less than an independent inquiry, its a disgrace and people have to be held accountable, fired and a good kick up the arse for good measure. Huge compensation will have to be paid to both parties.



    The waste of space international game should never have been sanctioned. Even worse its a four hour drive from Prague to get to a mickey mouse stadium! With a fourteen day incubation period for Covid-19 the entire Scotland party could be infected, even the blazers are giving it a miss!



    Its an absolute scandal that the game has been pushed through by UEFA.

  20. On the subject of Covid and football, my son has his first competitive match tomorrow but they’ve been told to wear masks during the game. I wonder if players will be penalized for mask-tugging at corners.

  21. EXPAT_CELT on 7TH SEPTEMBER 2020 1:42 PM



    Ha! My eldest son has a game on Sunday but they’ve not been told to wear masks… yet.

  22. Right lunch digested – off to Gloucester in 20 mins – agree with all ROBINBHOY, SFTB & ERNIE LYNCH say above….see you all tomorrow HH.

  23. weebobbycollins on

    Didn’t Neil Oliver express support for prof David Starkey and ‘like’ his anti-BLM tweet?


    Other than that, don’t really know much about him…

  24. FANADPATRIOT ( from yesterday)


    You mentioned Roy Rodgers , I was there as well, My Enbra auntie and uncle took me. My big memory was Bullet the dog, and Roy’s beautiful wife.




  25. ERNIE LYNCH on 7TH SEPTEMBER 2020 1:28 PM


    I totally agree with your comments on that episode.



    We as a football supporters (Celtic and others) and citizens of this country will never have such a good opportunity to get an investigation into the behaviour of the government and police in Scotland again.



    I am taking this to my MSP on Friday to explain my concerns.



    Carpe diem.

  26. I know I will get pelters but this is really bugging me big time.


    Firstly, I am not anti gay, what people do in their own homes etc is nothing to do with me,OK.


    What does bug me with the LGBT lot ( who represent 2% of the world’s population) is the effort the snowflakes put into promoting them. Make sure they don’t get upset, change rules to suit them, teach LGBT shit to kids, etc etc etc. Now if you were to dare write to a newspaper or get in touch with a radio show to say , wwhat about the 98% who are straight, what would be the chances of getting on air or having your letter published.


    TV , particularly the BBC would have you believe them that the majority of people were LGBT.


    I am an strong atheist, I don’t believe in God, but I kinda believe in religion if that makes sense. Anyway, how on earth did the various churches ever allow same sex marriages , I don’t get it.


    People like Elton John and his “husband” , bold as brass saying they want to start a family,ffs, and yet the authorities again give into these people.



    What about good old moral standard, gone forever I suppose, more’s the pity.



    As I say, I don’t think I will get much support, but that’s fine.



    Hail Hail




  27. AN TEARMANN…previous article,



    Great to read your post on your match day experience (missing it even more now) :-)



    Delighted to be a wee part of your Celtic day along with Jobo.



    As you say cannae wait to get back.



    Hail Hail.

  28. Find it hard to believe that anyone would give SOT a hard time.



    I always looked forward to his football updates from Italy and the horrible COVID 19



    Hope all is well stay safe.