Welsh inclusion arrested a persistent problem


It all looked too easy.  There was a collective holding of breath when Stephen Welsh was replaced midway through the second half but Celtic’s movement exploited a St Mirren team who bossed them in Glasgow less than two weeks earlier.

Tom Rogic started proceedings with a throwback to some of his classic performances.  His close control and ability to shift from right to left in an instant created space inside the St Mirren box despite the defence packing around him.

Scott Brown continued to look rejuvenated, as did Ryan Christie, who came on for Albian Ajeti and confused defenders with his perpetual motion.

St Mirren are a solid side, one of the form teams in Scotland.  After last night, we were left wondering what could have been?

Let’s hope Stephen Welsh makes it for Perth on Sunday.  I suspect a solid back four has a lot to do with the run of three consecutive wins, with 10 for and 1 against.  Stephen may never be Baresi, but his inclusion in the line-up for these three games arrested a persistent problem.

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  1. AstraZeneca vaccine



    Interesting that my wife’s hospital colleagues who were vaccinated on first supply had the Pfizer vaccine and only had a bit of pain around the puncture



    They now have astraZeneca supply and the rest of her colleagues got that this week (she is admin so last in queue)



    Lots of nausea, diarrhea, shivering etc. Flu like symptoms



    PS latest from Irish health minister (a wee attention seeker who changes parties at will)



    ”the 8020 rule applies to a point that if you vaccinate 20% of the people you actually reduce the risk by 80%. Now, those numbers are made up, they’re not real numbers, but you understand the idea.’



    I think he is Pareto-ing something he read in the paper (one for you Six Sigma lhads)

  2. Ernie,



    The NHS being overwhelmed. That was the original concept of lockdown, hence the Nightingale hospitals



    The rationale has changed as they have never been overwhelmed.


    Are you not wary of emergency powers never being rescinded?

  3. GP @ 3.34



    We have been sailing very cose to the wind on capacity.


    Expect stories to come out in the near future that we were rationing care in some places.


    Then you have the issue of all those who are having non CoViD19 treatment delayed / postponed.

  4. Coneybhoy


    I got the AZ vaccine without any reaction, neighbour got the Pfizer and had symptoms you described – these are common and mild reaction.



    I’ve had the flu and the shingles vaccines in Oct / Nov – apart from a bit sore around the injection no other reaction



    Pin cushion CSC

  5. The NHS was and still is overwhelmed – ask the people who can’t get a hip replacement or Cancer treatment.

  6. Steven Welsh will be missed. He is a solid no nonsense Centre Back. He has settled well with Kenny and Ajer, Duffy has been a bombscare and his confidence is shot. A great bloke and a big Tim no doubt but better cheering us on from the sidelines than on the park.



    The Non triers and want away’s are still there. 3 of them are away but at least 5 are still there. They don’t believe in the team and coaching staff. Eddy has scored 5 in 5 but really he’s not bothered all flicks and back heels. He’s not committed.



    The rest are about money. They see the big money Tierney and Armstrong are earning and they want some. They see the money Duffy Laxalt and Elynoussi are making and they reckon they are as good if not better.



    These players were promised that a big move would be theirs and Forster, Wanyama, Armstrong Dembele Tierney was the path.



    Lennon stopped them leaving and they were not happy. These players went on Strike and we struggled every game.

  7. St Tams



    i believe Al Jazeera is one of the news channels.available on sky






    ps well in wi the donation few weeks back wi the young guy that took his life

  8. Ffs some of the comments on here… try reading a few of of the articles written by overworked nurses and doctors as they’ve struggled to deal with the victims of covid.

  9. GENE



    Same in Ontario.Just thought on this scenario,when everyone (who wants it) has been vaccinated we could end up with the same situation………..do we put back surgeries for the ones who get covid that refused the vaccine.


    This is hypothetical of course.When we get the call here i will be in line for sure.


    On a Celtic note we have our share of moaners on here……….never happy.

  10. Just started reading Paul’s article, first 7 posts 2 of them having a go



    at Duffy 1 at the manager, that’s after a4-0 victory going on 7-0



    from the usual suspects. The fact Brown played very well must be



    hurting some people and they call themselves Celtic supporters



    i call them something else

  11. FAN-A-TIC



    You raise an interesting point re Ajeti



    If you are able to, please watch Atejis “intelligence and instinct” when we are shooting from outside the box. On a number of occasions the second ball was there to be won but his natural position was to be on the periphery.



    Compare to a Gary Hooper type who would be feeding off the scarps for a tap in.

  12. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Watching television at any time these days, it’s difficult to be unaware of the plight of overworked nurses and doctors, with constant infomercials promoting the stay home, protect the nhs, save lives message. I fight an almost irresistible compulsion to send £3 per month and adopt one of them for life.



    The MSM press is no better. Nowhere is it reported that after Willie Nelson received his first dose, the vaccine took to its bed and was off work for two weeks.



    All we ask for is fair and balanced reporting.

  13. Timhorton


    Treatment in the NHS should and is (ideally) based on medical need – but it hasn’t and never will have infinite resources. So some sort of rationing will always take place.


    Lifestyle has always been an issue when it comes to treatment with the argument that people who are obese, alcoholic, smokers, drug takers etc should not be treated before ‘more deserving’ – but thankfully it’s the medical profession that make those calls.




    ‘ Nowhere is it reported that after Willie Nelson received his first dose, the vaccine took to its bed and was off work for two weeks.’








    I assume therefore that you would be unable to provide a link to that story?

  15. GENE on 11TH FEBRUARY 2021 4:28 PM







    I think the current take up is at least 70%



    IMO thankfully it is,but what if a small percentage only decided to get vaccinated? What would happen?

  16. SAINT STIVS on 11TH FEBRUARY 2021 4:47 PM


    Kidnapped starring Michael Caine as David Balfour on FILM4 now,







    Michael Caine’s Scottish accent. Worst ever? Or does Bernard Hill in Restless Natives beat him to it?

  17. SAINT STIVS on 11TH FEBRUARY 2021 4:47 PM



    And Caine plays Allan Breck, rather than David Balfour.



    Film’s pish. The book’s excellent.










    (btw – only just clieck as to your name – doh !)







    are you saying that anyone who fails to take preventative measures for any ailment should not get nhs treatment ?









    I’m just wondering where some people chose to draw the line between self entitlement and the common good.

  19. Good early evening cqn from a still snow filled and freezing Garngad



    If I’m offered the vaccine I will take it, but with my bhoyish good looks I will be 1 of the last to get offered it😂



    Trying to manage this situation in my workplace and seeing how possitive cases affect individuals and groups, also having family members who have contracted it and are no longer with us has made me want the vaccine even more.



    D :)

  20. Ajer the enigma


    where to play him his main attributes imo are his pace and ball skills so midfield would seem to be the answer but he does seem to big and awkward for this


    at center back he looks lost at see his marking is a nightmare and cant defend high balls but looks the part moving forward with ball at his feet


    no doubt there is ability in him but we have never harnessed it


    i think unfortunately he will be for the off interesting to see where he goes and how they utilise him

  21. Another class A,Ahole,Mc Avennie getting the boot in.How low do you have to sink to sell your soul.

  22. Wonder what club they could be talking about in the second paragraph.



    The report welcomed previous statements where the SFA apologised to survivors and victims, and when Celtic expressed “sincere sympathy, regret and sorrow for those affected.”



    The review also blasted the claim that clubs having “changed their governance, their name or their company status or ownership” was a reason for not apologising, branding it “inadequate”.

  23. Neil talking about Stephen Welsh



    He said: “He got a real heavy knock, a trauma. His foot is in a pot at the minute so it is difficult to assess the damage until the physios get a real good look at it. We are hoping it is just a bang on the ankle.



    “But we will have to see if there is any damage there. He seemed okay. With the foot in the pot it kind of keeps it stable and he didn’t look to be in any distress.



    “He has done very well. We have been very pleased with him and he is a good kid. Hopefully, he won’t miss any games. If he does he will be back in the squad as soon as possible because he has earned it.”

  24. Funny how,the occasional penalty we get,is subjected to every kind of analysis.The Huns,way up in the high teens.Zero.


    Watching SSN after lasts nights game,really shocked at the analysis.Mc Gregors tackle,Broonys tackle,a very soft penalty.Totally,anti Celtic.


    About time we started to remember what we are up against,instead of feeding their agendas.


    Every word Slippy utters taken as a new Gospel.

  25. I got the Pfizer Vaccine last Saturday Vaccine last Saturday…NO Side Effects…Yet .



    My eyes lit up when the wee Burd Nurse told me about the vaccine that I was to get…I thought she said ” TIZER” ?




    The last sentence above is a Lie.





  26. With Lennys assessment of Welsh’s injury,going by past reports,we can expect him to be out for 2 seasons.

  27. TURKEYBHOY on 11TH FEBRUARY 2021 5:09 PM



    Would you believe Frankie bhoy is an agony aunt in the Sunday Sun, people write to him asking for advice on all sorts of problems, not just ‘wheres the burds’ type problem, health problem, relationship problems, money problems, its hardly believable buts Frankie bhoy gives serious answers, not jokey answers, always good for a laugh.