Welsh inclusion arrested a persistent problem


It all looked too easy.  There was a collective holding of breath when Stephen Welsh was replaced midway through the second half but Celtic’s movement exploited a St Mirren team who bossed them in Glasgow less than two weeks earlier.

Tom Rogic started proceedings with a throwback to some of his classic performances.  His close control and ability to shift from right to left in an instant created space inside the St Mirren box despite the defence packing around him.

Scott Brown continued to look rejuvenated, as did Ryan Christie, who came on for Albian Ajeti and confused defenders with his perpetual motion.

St Mirren are a solid side, one of the form teams in Scotland.  After last night, we were left wondering what could have been?

Let’s hope Stephen Welsh makes it for Perth on Sunday.  I suspect a solid back four has a lot to do with the run of three consecutive wins, with 10 for and 1 against.  Stephen may never be Baresi, but his inclusion in the line-up for these three games arrested a persistent problem.

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    “You may feel you have a true grievence but there is a time, place and appropriateness in broaching this.



    Of course, I didn’t mean you personally, just fholk in general.



    Hail Hail

  2. T7 @ 10.51



    The — lack of — testing numbers.


    Her comments regarding “wasted tests”.


    The lack of urgency in the SG testing effort.



    If that isn’t enough then please shout out.



    Huge opportunity missed / wasted.

  3. The Battered Bunnet on




    The group most at risk of severe disease and death from Covid-19 are those living in care homes for the elderly. It’s estimated that every 20 vaccinations in this group saves a life, such is the extent of the risk and our experience of the course of the virus in that population.



    As infections in the community increased over the Christmas period, so they increased in turn in the care homes. Once an infection is introduced, it very quickly spreads to other residents, and by the week ending 10th January infections amongst care home residents in Scotland had doubled to 641 new cases from 300 or so three weeks previously.



    Coincidentally, the vaccination programme in Scotland had commenced week 3 December. 40% of elderly care home residents were vaccinated by Christmas, 55% by New Year and by 10th January, at the peak of new infections, 80% of the residents in care homes for the elderly had received a first dose of the Pfizer vaccine.



    Studies have shown that it takes around three weeks for immunity to develop following the first dose, and so we might expect to see any effect on immunity within that group around 4 weeks following vaccination.



    And so it transpires. New infections in care homes are falling in step with the proportion of care home residents who had been vaccinated 3 weeks previously.



    From a peak of 641 new infections w/e 10th January, the numbers have fallen to 478, 380 and 244 by w/e 31st Jan.



    The fall in infections maps directly to the proportion of residents remaining unvaccinated three weeks previously.



    I had been watching this trend, and my half-baked maths predicted that in the most recent week – to 7th February – the number of new infections in care homes would be 140.



    The actual number was 145. Not conclusive proof of vaccine efficacy, but bloody encouraging news nevertheless.



    In short, with 80% of the resident population vaccinated, new infections have decreased 78%.



    You can see a graph of it here: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Et83K4zXYAEJCb5?format=png&name=900×900



    Looking at the coming weeks, as more residents acquire immunity, if the observation holds true we might expect to see the sequence of diminishing infections continue with 75, 33, 16, 2 new infections in subsequent weeks.



    That of course is a little naive, and we need to factor for less than 100% vaccine efficacy and other confounders and influences, but there you have it. An early hint that one dose of the Pfizer vaccine is having a very positive impact on the spread of the virus.




  4. Ernie @ 10.45



    I arrived at that conclusion because you said that if resources were scarce you would discriminate against the mentally ill.

  5. Spikey, no bother at all Sir……………( an important topic , no doubt)



    Just linking to them, allows precious clicks which in turn supports their operation.


    That operation, on the evidence, does not support The Ghood Ghuys and panders to The Rotten Mob.



    Every Little Helps.



    Again – no bother Sir. Keep it Lit.




  6. CELTIC40ME on 12TH FEBRUARY 2021 11:01 AM


    MCPHAIL BHOY on 12TH FEBRUARY 2021 10:58 AM


    “Completely agree, just when you thought that Lenny couldn’t sink lower“


    What does that mean?





    I mean he knows his time is up at Celtic, he knows that this season from Europe to the League have been disastrous, granted some of the play was terrible but as manager he’s ultimately responsible for this. He knows that the Dubai trip was a disaster (he insists it was his idea) and yet he is stays on, does he really believe that he can turn things around? Only he can answer that but in so many interviews he looks a beaten man, no proof of course just my inclination. I know there’s an argument out there that none of us would leave a job voluntarily when things weren’t working out (I have) but I think that misses the point. He’s not in a normal working environment, he earns in a week what most of us earn in a year and has done so for many years, he’ll not go on the dole and wonder how he’s going to feed his family. There is a thing called pride; people like Billy McNeil, Davy Hay, Wim Jansen etc. knew when time was up and then moved on for better or worse. I have met Lenny many times and I like him; he has put up with the most incredible physical and psychological abuse and racism of any Celtic manager and how he has come through this is a testament to him. However, this is not about standing up to bigots this is about doing best for the club he loves.

  7. Just got word I can have a vaccination on Tuesday,follow up,4 weeks later.Sinovac,the Chinese version.Turkey reporting in tests,it has been showing around 90%,Emirates,recording,74%,either of which I will be delighted with.Lockdown here consists of age groups during the week.65 and over,allowed out between 10 and 1.Total lockdown every night from 9 till 6 in the morning.Weekends,total lockdown from Friday,9pm,till Monday,6am.


    Seems to be working,numbers well down.Same restrictions as the UK,regards,households,all bars,restaurants closed.Big push to get the country open for Summer.

  8. 79CAPS on 12TH FEBRUARY 2021 11:17 AM


    Ernie @ 10.45







    I arrived at that conclusion because you said that if resources were scarce you would discriminate against the mentally ill.





    No I haven’t.



    If for no other reason than that, not being a doctor, I would never be in a position to discriminate in such a way, even if I wanted to.



    But if you were the doctor who had to make the call about which Covid 19 patient gets the only available ICU bed, do you chose the person who refused the vaccine or the person who received the vaccine, or would have accepted it but hadn’t been offered it?

  9. The Dubai trip cost us the League.9 points dropped in the 4 games after it.3 draws,and a defeat,to teams we should have beaten.3 of them at home.Those 9 points would have made a massive difference.


    The madness of that folly does not bear thinking about.His stupid utterances last night,doing him no favors at all.As I said last night,reeks of O–F—.Just WTF was he thinking.

  10. 79CAPS on 12TH FEBRUARY 2021 11:36 AM


    Ernie @ 11.31







    ‘So now you are saying you wouldn’t discriminate but doctors should. Embarrassing.’







    Clearly you are looking to take offence rather than engage with the argument.



    Here’s the thing though, where resources are scarce (and they are) doctors do have to make judgement calls (discriminate) about who does and who does not get allocated resources.



    Would or should the deliberate refusal to accept a vaccine form part of their thinking when making that decision?



    I think that’s a valid question to put to refuseniks.



    You could even formalise the situation. When someone refuses the vaccine they are notified that decision might affect what resources they have access to if they succumb to Covid 19.

  11. MadMitch on 12th February 2021 11:08 am



    You may want to interpret those statements as proof that the government deliberately managed down testing to reduce costs, they are not.



    Many people confuse opinion as fact.

  12. Wilfull irresponsibility — where does society’s responsibility end?


    Wilfull irresponsibility — how much of this is emotional / intellectual impairment in disguise?


    Wilfull irresponsibility — how much of the is attention seeking trouser snakery / chancer’s risk taking?

  13. If This Dear Green Place ever stops confusing facts with opinions, then it’ll be lot less enjoyable than it is!










  14. T7 @ 11.49



    SG / Nat financial trouser snakery — the charge sheet is as long as your arm.


    Playing cheapskate at every opportunity. — they have too much previous.

  15. Turkeybhoy on 12th February 2021 11:36 am



    Dubai absolutely contributed to our current malaise but there are multiple reasons for our failure.


    First and foremost for me was the failure to resolve the defence issues in the close season and I don’t put that all down to the manager.


    The bringing of Duffy on loan was a monumental error.



    I’ve always thought loans should be very pragmatic, to cover for an injury, or the very opposite of the scale, for example an outrageously talented number 10 coming to the end of his career. Trying to bring in a sub standard footballer on loan and build a defence around him in the 10iar season was an incredibly bad decision. It was all downhill from there.



    By the way just my opinion I generally agree with a lot of your footy related posts. I’m a glass half full guy generally.

  16. MadMitch on 12th February 2021 11:54 am



    Ok we’ll leave it there, by all means post all the opinion you want want its a free world after all.



    You don’t have the proof.

  17. Turkeybhoy @ 11.36


    Lot of sense in that


    We had a level of momentum building, up the Sevco game on 2nd Jan – remember we totally outplayed that mob, even with 10 men, we did not allow 1 effort on goal


    Had we went right into another game, and kept momentum, we could most certainly been much closer


    Add in we could have also played the outstanding game


    , had we got 10pts from a potential 12, with a full squad still available


    The gap would have been recoverable ( would be down to 8pts potentially



    We should also have used the £400k spend on Dubai trip to source an additional CH if if on loan until end of season



    Some very very poor decision by the Club and management team

  18. FrankTerry on 12th February 2021 7:58 am



    Agreed, good few times I had to jump back a paragraph or two or tell the good lady to keep the noise down. Good to get lost in something like that after a long day in the office.



    Just realised our game is Sunday and not Saturday so a 6am start for me again.



    *Note to self. No adult beverages Saturday night.

  19. Ernie @ 11.49



    I can’t engage with your argument when you keep shifting your ground. You should go back and see what you posted at 10.19. I disagree with that.

  20. T7 @ 11.59



    I have the words straight out of Not-Jacinda’s mouth regarding bthe concept of a wasted test.


    Almost uniquely in the middle of a global pandemic she is justifying doing less testing.



    Why would she want to justify less testing?


    A desire to save money would be prime driver for that nonsensical idea.



    Every aspect of the CoViD19 response from the SG has involved saving money.


    Shadow hospitals / business support / grant distribution — at every turn the SG has nickel and dimed their response.

  21. 79CAPS on 12TH FEBRUARY 2021 12:03 PM




    Clarifying and expanding on a point is not shifting ground.



    As I said, you seem more concerned with taking offence than engaging with the argument.






    BlantyreTim – this guy was supposedly involved with Eastercraigs at some point…



    SPIKEY, I think that guy’s involvement with Eastercraigs was very limited. The connection was that it was his brother that founded Eastercraigs in the first place, a really nice guy, dedicated to doing the best for any and all young players. You can see this guy if you have a copy of the Tommy Burns DVD, he was so well thought of that he fronted the DVD.



    I was a coach at Eastercraigs through much of the 70s and a very innocent young man too I might add. Until, that was, on the eve of a trip to a tournament in Germany with an Under-15 side I was taken aside and told to keep an eye on a ‘guest’ trainer who, I was told there and then, had a penchant for young boys. I was gobsmacked and worried rotten at the same time, because this guy was a well known trainer with a Scottish professional club. That was a tiring and sweaty wee 5 days, trying to make sure this guy was always watched. To be fair nothing happened and I’ve never heard his name mentioned throughout these investigations.

  23. Gary


    Of course he wants to trust referees – why wouldn’t he



    Multiple penalties awarded none against


    No red cards in game time



    I despair of Neil – does he ever think before speaking?

  24. MCPHAIL BHOY on 12TH FEBRUARY 2021 11:27 AM



    None of which explains your comments about him sinking any lower.



    If there’s one thing that CQN has tried to teach us it’s to look beyond tabloid headlines and msm agendas. We’re all prepared to do it until it doesn’t suit us anymore.