What a missed opportunity


The morning after Ferencvaros reached the Champions League group stage at Molde’s expense, after counter-attacking their way to a win at Celtic Park does not feel any more satisfying than it would be if they were eliminated.  The Hungarians will find the ‘real’ competition devastatingly difficult, but they will console themselves with more money than they could dream of a year ago.  Money that could have been ours.

The solution to our pandemic crisis lay in our own hands.  What a missed opportunity.  October will bring difficult and consequential challenges, Celtic need to use the pain of this failure to ensure that on Hallowe’en we’re not looking back on what might have been.

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  1. Oh snap…I can b my own dj lol…gie Grace a hug from Scotland…take care bro ;-))




  2. Midfield Shield Celt on

    The folk that I went about with were not into the habit of saying, “Celtic Park, Parkhead, or Parkheid.”


    We used to only have to ask “are you going to the game on, Wednesday/Saturday” as that’s when football was played in those day’s. If you said you were going to the game, it was usually understood that you’d be going to the Celtic game, home and away.


    Good luck tonight. 🍀

  3. Crickey…that’s 4th wall bolloks…Paurkheid….or a variation of it….till I was educated….Celtic Park




  4. PBS Americs….is back at doing Jazz from the ages….1941’43…they call it a weapon….I call it a dischordant mess;-))




  5. Good morning all from an excited Garngad



    Today we get to see The Famous.



    Truth be told I could not give a flying duck about the EL, but tonight we play a game of football and that my friends we have to win, because every game we play, we play to win.












    D :)

  6. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    G’day and well said David.


    Whaur ur ye TLT, have you finally went to bed?


    Need you to play a tune, how about BOTOB?


    Just before I lie down for a bit after a hectic day


    with wee Gracie, early morn rise for the gemme.


    H.H. Mick

  7. And that’s a paradox D66….we (will win).an .it’ll b be csuse se Sarajevo are a poor tesm…or Covid




  8. MM – Hope you got plenty of Hugs from the Grandkid or Grandkids.



    Nothing better that seeing them and I take it for granted that we get to see ours almost every day 💚💚💚



    TLT – were you on the swally by any chance😁🍺






    D :)

  9. Melbourne Mick on

    ” Where are the lhads that stood with me


    when history was made ”


    Many of the lads that stood with me when we sang that


    at the games are gone now.


    It still gives me the shivers, don’t think I’ll have a nap now




    Look out Mr Biddy here I come.


    H.H. Mick

  10. Melbourne Mick on

    DAVID 66



    Clinging on like a limpet, crying when we had to go.


    Only two hours allowed.


    This Covid needs fecked.


    H.H. Mick

  11. Really looking forward to tonight’s game. It is soooooooooooo important. Especially in these challenging times.



    The way things are heading i do not think our domestic season will be played out to conclusion.



    Incidentally three persons were killed by cows in September. What will the ” science ” suggest. ?



    Anyway HH to all. COYBIG.

  12. Good morning, friends, from a grey, cloud covered and slightly damp East Kilbride.


    A working day is always easier when there’s an immediate reward at the end of it. And the rewards don’t get much better than getting to see The Champions play! 11h 20m and counting… ;-)

  13. D66…aye…yer welcome 👍🤣



    Gonna pay for it…but a hangover is worth it ;-))



    Serious hed on…gonna watch us beat Sarajevo later ;-))

  14. A herd that 30,000 odd coos were killed by persons last week ,so maybe a wee bit of revenge ,and the coos never ate the people …😜😜😁😁😁😁😁

  15. Went to the Doctors yesterday…she sed I wiz fine to touch myself whenever….reality is I could hav a stroke anytime….tomstoes, tomatoes 🤣




  16. Apparently it’s going to be turned into a film…Psycow!



    (Yes, i know, very poor.)

  17. The hand of God on

    Will be interesting to see which team and formation Neil plays tonight…I’m hoping Turnbull plays and Eddy wakes from his slumber and bags a goal or 3.Nice that it’s on the VST.Majestic Hartson things are looking up today no spelling mistakes and no rogue chewing gum…so far.😀

  18. Good morning from a damp North Staffs – hope the game tonight mirrors the forecast for a brighter outlook