When boyhood fans move: Liam Shaw


With several in the squad reluctant to extend their stay at the club beyond 2022 it was encouraging to read 19-year-old Sheffield Wednesday player, Liam Shaw’s, drive and sense of purpose at joining Celtic from 1 July.

Liam’s teenage years followed that of Kristofer Ajer, central mid-cum-central defender, I expect him to fill the latter role at Celtic.  Wednesday are considering legal options regarding this transfer, which falls into Moussa Dembele’s Fulham-to-Celtic category, which saw the player cross the border for training development compensation.  A deal within England would have cost an actual transfer fee.

Sheffield Wednesday fans are less than impressed with their club for failing to convince a fan of the club to stay.  It is a tough one, but this is modern football.  Players move, irrespective of who they support.  If they have the drive to succeed at the top of the game, childhood dreams are not going to stop them.  We have known this to our cost.

You will never hear this from a player but speak to an agent.  If the player has talent, he is moving to the best career option available.  Enjoy your final months in Yorkshire, Liam.  Lennoxtown will be  a changed place when you arrive.


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  1. prestonpans bhoys on

    Yes this ManU game makes you wonder what quality they have played previously , both gash

  2. They might be gash. What does that make us. 39 year old shagger is better than our 3 keepers together.

  3. PHIL,


    I read the other day action was being taken by someone.They were all being charged.

  4. STEBHOY on 11TH MARCH 2021 7:43 PM



    Sorry, I don’t know where to start.



    Thery are currently 11 points clear of Sparta who beat us 8-2.



    They beat Leicester and Leverkusen yet you think they’re as good as Kilmarnock!!??



    Could it be that Sevco aren’t actually a bad side and have done a decent away job on them?



    If they’re Kilmarnock, what does that make us – Cowdenbeath?

  5. onenightinlisbon on

    Another good result for Sevco. Slavia are a good side. We are kidding ourselves if we are saying that the huns are pish. Maybe that’s why we are in the position we are in. What would we have done against this side?

  6. PHILBHOY on 11TH MARCH 2021 7:32 PM



    Spot on.



    We have two options. Sit back smugly and call Sevco a poor side every time they don’t demolish a team and call every opponent of their’s a poor side and watch them stroll to 2IAR.



    Or we admit we have a decent challenge, rise to it and meet it.



    Wanting them to be poor won’t make it so.

  7. Just what does our form have to do with this Hun game.Not fekin interested in how poor we have been,we have all went through that.Talking about this game.Prague were shit.




    Another good result for Sevco. Slavia are a good side. We are kidding ourselves if we are saying that the huns are pish. Maybe that’s why we are in the position we are in. What would we have done against this side?




    Well, we lost 8-2 to a side eleven points behind them so I honestly don’t want to think about it.




    The hun 5 have been cited by the SPFL for breaching covid rules, 4 weeks after they breached the rules.



    I believe one of them replaced tav pen in more than one game. Charges were “deferred” until the league was won.

  10. Hot Smoked



    +0.5 means 1 goal wins the bet


    +1 means there must be more than 1 goal to win the bet

  11. onenightinlisbon on

    GEEBEE1978 on 11TH MARCH 2021 7:51 PM



    Shhhhh. We are not supposed to discuss how bad we were this season…..

  12. Weebobbycollins on

    I didn’t see the game cause my head is still stuck in the sand…but Slavia were gash.


    And we’ll hump the huns next season….back to my sand pit.

  13. WEEBOBBYCOLLINS on 11TH MARCH 2021 7:53 PM



    Don’t worry, Sevco will drop points. They collapsed at the end of last season and it will happen again.



    If we win our games in hand, win the head to heads, they WILL drop points this weekend….etc etc.

  14. So many Hun admirers on here.No matter how many times its posted about what they have had in their favor this season,Red Cards,penalties,sending offs,even in Europe its gone their way with these.Prague tonight did not look any better than a bang average side,who probably put on one of their worst performances of the season.

  15. GEEBEE1978



    I get the heebeegeebee’s thinking about what the huns will do to our back four next week.


    And the last 20 minutes of the game gives me nightmares.



    The game should be cancelled to save lives. Would both clubs have to pay sky some penalty if the game does not go ahead.



    I also believe that if the game goes ahead and we get seriously pumped the huns will not remain indoors.



    That’ll be our fault too.



    And it will.

  16. Dock them points for their fans and staff behaviour and breach of covid Regs.



    D :)

  17. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Light years behind the new Rangers he helped facilitate. Lawwell’s legacy.



    Our club is run by Tory bastards that don’t share the historical values of the club.



    But never mind that, here’s some merch to buy!

  18. prestonpans bhoys on

    Well I gave their game 10 minutes first half and 5 minutes second. Was enough to end up watching ManU

  19. ONIL,


    We fekin know how bad we were .WTF has that to do with tonight’s Hun game.

  20. PeterLatchfordsBelly on




    I’ve never seen a team have a jammier season. Had every single break going.

  21. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Neil Lennon on 5 Live, asked about playing Slavia Prague in EL earlier this season, gave a 2 minute answer on a team we didn’t play against……..scary actually….

  22. TURKEYBHOY on 11TH MARCH 2021 7:59 PM



    I don’t think it’s a case of being “hun admirers”. But we had a policy for a few years of staying slightly above them and now it seems we just want them to regress to our level.



    Slavia Prague are a decent side. Their league position and European results show that and Sevco have come and done a decent job on them.



    Now, do we raise ourselves to the challenge and level we’ve been set or do we delude ourselves that Sevco are poor/lucky etc and sleepwalk to them winning 2IAR?



    The mindset is dangerous and I just hope it isn’t the same mindset at board level.

  23. WEEBOBBYCOLLINS on 11TH MARCH 2021 7:58 PM



    Geebee1978…no game this weekend. You’ll have to do better.




    No game? When they would’ve definitely dropped points? It’s a conspiracy.

  24. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Livingston boss David Martindale weighs in on fury surrounding #RangersFC fans celebrations



     ‘I don’t understand what Rangers were meant to do’



     ‘It was just Rangers supporters enjoying their occasion’

  25. PHILBHOY on 11TH MARCH 2021 8:07 PM


    Sparta Prague.




    We never played Slavia.did we?




    No, thankfully.




    How many times did we hear,falsely,how much of a doing they gave us in a couple of games last season.LCF,we were down to 10 men as usual.Did’nt matter.The last game at Ibrox,we gave them a lesson,until we went ,as usual,down to 10 men,only Mc Gregor keeping them in it.Not a shot on goal 1st half.An OG beat us,but at the end they were hanging on.No fears facing up to them at Celtic Park.