When boyhood fans move: Liam Shaw


With several in the squad reluctant to extend their stay at the club beyond 2022 it was encouraging to read 19-year-old Sheffield Wednesday player, Liam Shaw’s, drive and sense of purpose at joining Celtic from 1 July.

Liam’s teenage years followed that of Kristofer Ajer, central mid-cum-central defender, I expect him to fill the latter role at Celtic.  Wednesday are considering legal options regarding this transfer, which falls into Moussa Dembele’s Fulham-to-Celtic category, which saw the player cross the border for training development compensation.  A deal within England would have cost an actual transfer fee.

Sheffield Wednesday fans are less than impressed with their club for failing to convince a fan of the club to stay.  It is a tough one, but this is modern football.  Players move, irrespective of who they support.  If they have the drive to succeed at the top of the game, childhood dreams are not going to stop them.  We have known this to our cost.

You will never hear this from a player but speak to an agent.  If the player has talent, he is moving to the best career option available.  Enjoy your final months in Yorkshire, Liam.  Lennoxtown will be  a changed place when you arrive.


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  1. Slavia Prague look a decent side. They’ve knocked out Leicester and are giving Sevco a tougher time than they’ve had all season.



    I wonder what their budget is compared with ours….

  2. Thems totally outplayed for 35 mins, Morelos awarded a free kick 40 yards out for nothing. Ball into the box takes a ricochet and falls to Huns. 1-1 quite incredible.

  3. Actual commentary Craigan



    “got to realise how well they have played, how well they haven’t played”

  4. Happens every time…………..


    I log on to Shortie and thems git a goal…………..



    I want thum pumped with a decent amount of collateral damage.




    Excellent post.







  6. Can someone explain this,please?


    Sevco + 0.5 Is 4/6;


    Sevco + i.0 is 4/7.



    What does it matter if it is 0.5 or 1.0 ?

  7. I would see him at the restaurant and he’d come to my table to say hello. Che would talk about Ireland and all the guerilla warfare that had taken place there. He knew every battle in Ireland and all of its history. Che knew more about Ireland than John Ford did.



    Maureen O’Hara

  8. McGregor sweating out the excesses of his weekend, and I think Prague have decided to shoot from anywhere, or put the frees and corners right on top of him.



    jammy bassas

  9. Sevco have influence at eufa. They have Dallas and Ogilvie.


    I also think there is another ex sevco individual working there. I can’t remember who.


    We have no influence at eufa.

  10. SFtBs @ 3:26 PM,



    Well with all due respect I have never set myself up as expert on this, self proclaimed or otherwise.



    I am more than prepared to accept you know what happened but with all due respect your questions and answers suggest that you don’t.



    Maybe just put down what I actually posted…



    CHAIRBHOY on 11TH MARCH 2021 7:01 AM



    SFtBs @ 12:48 AM,



    “I don’t know what you think I was missing and what I needed to be educated on but your post did not do it.”



    Fair enough, however there has been screeds written about it and if you are unwilling or unable to understand what went on during “the great footballing swindle” then that is what it is.



    However what did happen and I assure you it did, was the Footballing equivalent of a Frankenstien monster was created.



    It was created in the main to ensure that the bigot bucks kept coming in.



    The current financial doping of Rangers Football Club to ensure they are competitive domestically and in Europe is a direct result of this.



    The worst aspects of the Rangers support given new vigour and carte blanch is a direct result of this.



    A new invigorated “hate” is on the streets in Glasgow and have no doubts Celtic Plc played their part in it’s creation.



    “SInce they now claim that this basket contained all trophies and titles and registered trademarks but no liabilities or debts, I’d assume there is a written record somewhere outlining what this basket consists of. Is there? Have you seen it?



    Yes there is but you are conflating several things here.



    Allowing The Rangers Football Club to phoenix from oldco to newco is not I believe in itself illegal, insolvency law is a minefield navigated by “experts”, we may feel allowing Companies to drop debt and continue in a different form but essentially the same, to be immoral – yet the fact remains it is done every business day.



    The buying, selling and transferring of intellectual property is likewise the domain of “experts” but the likes of, patents, copyrights, “devices”, trademarks etc are legitimate and often change hands especially in an insolvency event.



    As an aside – a list of the “basket of assets” will of course exist. Whether selling the football Club in this way was the best value for creditors or whether it would have given more value to either have a different bidding format or broke the football Club up and sell the parts is a matter of contention and I believe legal action. But whatever the outcome Newco Rangers will be little effected.



    We now come to the nub of the issue…



    … The claim on the trophies and titles. This has two aspects to it.



    Firstly were all those trophies and titles won legitimately. In my opinion no, they were not, titles and trophies that were won when the Club were caught in wrong doing should have been subject to proper investigation and disciplinary procedures and those titles stripped as a minimum. The illigitamate issuing of the Uefa licence in 2011 should also have been vigorously pursued.



    The second aspect, can a Club transfer their trophies and titles to a new Club



    No, it is clear in the SFA’s articles of association that this is forbidden.



    The Footballing authorities (with the blessing of the other Football Clubs, especially Celtic) used certain devices to by-pass and override rules and regulations such as the transfer of Club licences and Club ownership rules.



    This was cemented by the 5 way agreement and given “legitimacy” by the SPL’s sham LNS Commission. For me neither would withstand a robust legal challenge (which is just one reason Celtic didn’t officially challenge them).



    The “never disturb your enemy while they are making a mistake” rouse, how they must have been laughing at us suckers.



    FESS19 @ 2:57 AM,



    Following on from my response to SFtBs above…



    … The transfer of the original Rangers licence from oldco to newco could only take place once the 5 way agreement and associated shams had been completed.



    When newco Rangers played Brechin the agreements hadn’t been finalised.



    The main reason for this delay was the fact that football supporters had got wind of some elements of this sham. Newco Rangers were supposed to be parachuted into the SPL. Supporters of several Clubs, most notably Aberdeen refused to buy season tickets on this basis.



    The SPL route was closed to newco Rangers and the agreement had to be renegotiated – hence a temporary licence was issues, again outwith the SFA rules.






    So for clarity.



    Oldco Rangers have won 54 (actually 53.5) top division league titles.



    Newco Rangers have won one top division league title.



    The current Rangers is a continuation (not the same Club) so I’ll let you ghuys do the math…



    … 54 + 1 = X



    Now maybe you understand why so many of us were so get up by this sham and Celtic PLC being a part of it.



    Now maybe you’ll understand why Auldheid et al were so passionate and active to get something done about the cheating.



    Is the 55, is George Square palpable enough for you ghuys to understand the repercussions.






    Hail Hail

  11. prestonpans bhoys on

    Only watched first 10 minutes of first half and then again just now.



    What is noticeable is the reaction of the Huns when not given a foul to them. They are so used to being given every thing😵 they look astonished

  12. Following on from my repost, a response from GARCIA LORCA who clearly understood the points I was making, followed by my response to him…



    GARCIA LORCA @ 10:56 AM



    CHAIRBHOY @7.01am



    Agree completely with your setting out of the timeline and your analysis.



    I have written on this subject in the past but obviously what we are witnessing is a direct consequence of the strategic commercial gamble that Peter Lawwell and the Celtic Board made to quietly support the reemergence of a weakened Rangers. If the price of that strategic decision was to remain silent as the same club, historic honours was peddled then so be it. We could never have stopped something like a Rangers emerging from the ashes but Peter&Co were clearly spooked by the loss of a major competitor and all the financials that they believed flowed from that competition. It is this very narrow Old Firm view of the world that led us into adopting such a stand and then having to pretend that we had no part in it that galls.



    It would be fascinating to understand if any other options were considered such as Celtic genuinely going it alone ( as was claimed) and really attempting to build a club to participate in European competitions with all the financial gains available.



    What we decided on was, in my opinion, a high risk strategy, believing that we would remain that bit stronger than a new Rangers. That was the ( wrong) benchmark.



    A moments thought when that strategic decision was made should have identified the social and political risk to Celtic. What we are seeing on the streets of Glasgow is a direct result of poor decision making by Peter Lawwell and the Celtic Board .



    We have got ourselves into a fine mess. If you sup with the Devil.



    CHAIRBHOY on 11TH MARCH 2021 12:00 PM



    GARCIA LORCA @ 10:56 AM,



    Thank you for the, as always, eloquent and informed response.



    Yes, it seems to me you have always been spot on with your assessments.



    Your feeling that PL was spooked into these actions, rather than the less generous (to PL) conspiratorial theories I feel is also correct.



    The fact is we would always have had a Rangers. Yet if they had to start from ground zero as the rules dictated and the old club were censured to the full extent then that new entity could well have been a very different more reasoned and compliant Club.



    I’m not at all sure from looking at recent events that this Board would have had the motivation and wherewithal to properly analyse and if necessary implement different options. Maybe doing them an injustice, they could just be tired, but it has long been my view that they weren’t creative or ambitious enough.



    The teir three UCL approach as I called it; where we attempt to put together a squad capable of qualifying for the UCL, being reasonably competitive at the league stage and looking at the Europa after the new year. Was to me a very realistic benchmark.



    However whenever I raised it in the past, often others who seemed to have deeper insight said that strategy was too risky.



    Ironic now that the BR era showed that the “teir 3” option was not only realistic but led to record; turnover, profits, squad value, not to mention the domestic dominance, the invincibles and trebles.



    And this current season has shown, as you predicted, the “old firm” model that was high risk.



    Hail Hail

  13. Prague are utter kak – I expect Leicester fielded a weakened team ! The imposters most definitely get decisions in Europe that we simply don’t get.



    I’m still mad at Celtics lack of professionalism this season – we couldn’t even put them under any pressure when we know they crumble. Only Lennon lost his job when hammond and lawell were the main culprits

  14. What happens to these teams when they play the Hun.Even the rabid commentary team have said Huns playing very poorly,yet this mob looking useless.

  15. STEBHOY on 11TH MARCH 2021 7:20 PM



    As much as we dislike Sevco, Prague are certainly not “kak”. They’ve done the double over Nice, beaten Bayer Leverkusen and knocked out Leicester this season.



    I honestly reckon Sevco could be beating Bayern Munich and people would come on here to say Bayern are “gash”.

  16. So we are planning to let our brilliant Swedish internationalist go? A 19 year old prospect will be his replacement. Even while the Hendry bhoy has done well in Belgium and should get a chance. Some posters are also asking, who exactly signed Luke Shaw??? Who is exercising football nous at Parkhead these days?



    Looking back, it was a blow, last June, when coach Damien Duff had to leave and what was worse was his replacement. If we had had a coach in place whom the players could have respected the massive disengagement that we are witnessing between players, management team and club could have been mitigated. Hopefully Damien will return to Celtic one day. Boyhood fans at the club make the difference, because Celtic´s best ever coach Neilly Mochan, another boyhood fan, stands testament to that.

  17. GEEBEE1978






    The huns are much, much better than we are prepared to admit.



    We should know that by now.

  18. Slavia 11 points ahead of Sparta. The team that took 8 off us.


    It cannot be coincidence that the teams that sevco play are always crap.


    Slavia would probably have hammered us.


    Paul67 wants Gerrard to stay. I would like him to leave.

  19. Just what was the punishment for Paterson,one of the Covid rule breakers.Played every game since.,and is he one of these guys with the 3 barreled names,Young Ian Paterson.

  20. GEEBEE on the basis of tonights game they are KAK , UTTER KAK!



    Are you seeing the calamity at the back and the poor delivery ? they cant string 3 passes together.



    KAK and its an awful football match.



    Maybe they have key players injured but this is a kilmarnock at best

  21. Excuse me going full statto on thems but —- they’re at it again



    In 12 matches this EL campaign ; wangers have received no red cards ; 3 red cards have been awarded against their opponents.

  22. westcraigs,,


    Not what I was saying.Prague are woeful.If Huns are playing well,fair enough,but they are not.I honestly have not seen a team play well against them.They have had some good performances,but not tonight.Prague look to have nothing.At home,playing for a place in the last 8,they look poor against a team not playing well.


    Some save from Mc Gregor.