Who will rid me of this turbulent priest


In 1170, exasperated at St Thomas Becket, then Archbishop of Canterbury, Henry II shouted, “Who will rid me of this turbulent priest?”  Four knights heard the king and took it as an instruction to kill Becket, leaving Henry with plausible deniability.

When the terrible deed was done, Henry claimed to be outraged and sought penance for his words, but endured no earthly justice.  No one would dare cross him again.

After 842 years this might be the oldest trick in the book.

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  1. Sixteen roads to Golgotha on

    href=’http://images2.fanpop.com/images/photos/4100000/The-cowardly-lion-the-wizard-of-oz-4109278-550-412.jpg’ target=’_blank’ >McCoist Bites Back!!

  2. sorry to repost in amongst the podium groupies.


    off to bed after a long nightshift,


    say hi to the good guys on saturday.





  3. Mountblow tim on 26 April, 2012 at 09:43 said:



    Mountblow Tim


    Paul thanks for all your help


    Good morning CQN’s from cold but windy Clydebank


    First time poster




    Welcome to our merry band.



    Are you a Hun?

  4. Brilliant post Paul!



    But with a mainly subservient media at his disposal McCoist will get away with his old Pontius Pilate routine!

  5. Why has Lenny been put forward for manager of the year? Astonishing to hear all the talking heads on Shortbread and Clyde plus a number of papers justify a selection of other managers being their preferred winner.


    They should just be honest and say we will give the award to anyone but Neil. Even the treble would not have been enough to get Lenny the award.



    What a shower they are so looks like Derek Adams will be given what will, in this case, be a truly tainted award.

  6. navanbhoy on 26 April, 2012 at 10:02 said:



    Big Nan at 09:50



    I followed that link had a great chuckle at plod trying to work his computer



    I also then saw a link to goalkeeper David James making saves whilst blindfolded!!! it’s brilliant and well worth a look




    Checked it out and it is amazing.



    Couldn’t be cheating could he?



  7. Sixteen roads to Golgotha on

    Could have had the podium there,but i was too busy trying to fix the link creator.



    First attempt was a disaster.

  8. Morning bhoys, warm presently, going to get hot on the hun free mountain range.



    Best line of the day so far from Ernie Lynch.



    “It’s obvious he’ll never make a manager so long as he has a hole in his arse and his future must lie elsewhere”

  9. Aldo, there is no surprise.



    Mountblow Tim, good to hear from you.



    weeminger, history can inform.



    jquinn67, cheers.



    Gordon_J, the knights later visited Rome to ask for forgiveness from the Pope. Can’t say it’s a perfect analogy.

  10. Point is well-made Paul and even though our MSM will go along with Alistair the fact of the matter is that the laptop loyal are making an enemy of Alex Thomson and a subject he might have got bored with might be something that he will now have a personal interest in and hold it like a dog holds a burst ball.

  11. James Forrest is Neil Lennon! We are ALL Neil Lennon! on

    have long considered the Daily Mail to be the lowest common denominator when it comes to publications in the western world. I believe it’s tone to be racist, homophobic, pathologically right wing, ignorant, shallow and on its worst days wholly reprehensible. This is the newspaper which blamed a girl’s death during a stormy day on striking school-teachers, by “pointing out” that if the schools had been on she would have been there.



    I once believed the writers of that gutter rag were the lowest of the low, and as an advocate of free speech I wondered how they could abuse such a precious thing, by devaluing it and corrupting it in the way they often chose to do.



    You have to ask yourself; when the Daily Mail wants no part of a hate campaign, when the “paper” which pioneered that black art, and elevated it to a whole new level (or sunk it to one), wants to step back, out of a sense of responsibility, you have to wonder how far from the path of sanity other people in the media have strayed.



    Today, the Daily Record has strayed so outside the limits of reasonable behaviour that it literally takes my breath away. Following yesterday’s staggering irresponsible, dangerous and inflammatory back page, which carried three silhouettes and demanded the names of the panel who sat in judgement of Rangers, today they will go much further, and put names and faces on their piece – an act which the Daily Mail itself thought was a step too far.



    Their front page carries condemnation of those whose threats against those panel members were the all-too predictable result of what the paper had, the day before, attempted to do. If Wednesday’s Daily Record was an encouragement to the lynch mob, a rallying call the baying hordes of Ibrox were only too happy to answer, today was the day they turned loose the attack dogs. For the task they have chosen one of the most nakedly biased, woefully ignorant and wilfully uninformed men ever to be given a press card in this land – and that is not an honour one would ever aspire to. Two pages, with names and photos, are given over to Mark Hateley with which to vent his fury at men whose “crime” has been to apply the rules to his beloved club.



    With every day that passes, the Daily Record makes it ever clearer that its editors are moving further from the path of responsible journalism and down the road to the gutter. With every fresh revelation, sending Rangers closer to the edge of the abyss, this newspaper takes a further step deep into the darkness. It is no longer a newspaper, but the in-house propaganda publication of Rangers (In Administration.) The editorial line is that the club must not be punished. That it must exist for “the good of the Scottish game.”



    Rangers sins’ are now so severe they present not only Scottish football, but Scottish society, with a crisis of deepening proportions. The questions at stake now are fundamental to the type of country we want to have. Do we want one of justice, tolerance, respect, rules, fairness and compassion or do we want one where cheating, hatred, disregard for the law and other such sinister behaviours are the order of the day?



    Already the press wishes the nation to forget, forgive and move on when faced with a colossal tax fraud. They say we need Rangers too much to inflict the severe punishments they are due. When the EBT case is resolved and it is proven, beyond all doubt, that the club has spent the last ten years engaged in a fraud against the whole of Scottish football, and when, truly, there is no place to go except to put Rangers’ backs to the wall, what then will the excuses be? That the integrity of the game must be sacrificed before the alter of that “greater good”? It is a nonsense.



    You only have to look at the hatred whipped up against Neil Lennon, and contrast that with the tone of understanding being applied in the case of Ally McCoist to see the full scope and scale of the double-standard at play. Lennon has been a hunted manager from almost his first hour in the job, with every mistake magnified. That he is relatively new to management has not been allowed as an excuse for his failings. That he and the club were the targets of a terrorist outrage has not bought him sympathy. That his touchline persona has been blown out of proportion – he, after all, has not assaulted someone on the touch line, unlike Craig Brown, or dropped dark hints about where a referees allegiances lie, like his predecessor Smith – and the pressure he has been under was not permitted to be used in mitigation.



    Yet Ally McCoist, who escaped his part in the Game of Shame controversy last year, although his behaviour was clearly the trigger for the touchline bust up, is allowed to place lives at risk, to put people in danger, to whip up hate against three men who were merely doing their jobs without as much as a whimper of criticism from the Scottish press?The fact they are all his mates is no shield behind which to hide. The media is excusing the inexcusable, they are putting their bias front and centre and they are building a monument to hate ever higher. These dark days are such primarily because they were not so much asleep at the wheel as they were getting some “executive relief” from the driver when the car crashed. Theirs, at least here in Scotland, has become a truly debased and reprehensible profession.



    McCoist himself has removed the mask behind which he has, for years, hidden. The calculating, shameless, opportunistic stoker of hate we now see before us is not a creation of circumstances but the beast within, and he was always there just under the surface, and carrying Tommy Burns coffin did not make him a good man, merely underlined how great a man was he who had died. McCoist is a hater extraordinaire, but it would have taken a thoroughly evil man to have harboured such feelings for our fallen friend.



    I will accuse McCoist of being no such thing; what he is is backward, ignorant, aloof and tainted by the squalid, bankrupt culture in which he has been immersed his entire life, and for a man in his late 40’s it is too late to change him now. I will not say he should be pitied; indeed, no, because all of that makes no excuses for a man who, like any other, knows the difference between right and wrong.



    He has been corrupted so thoroughly there is very likely no way of making him better, but he has the intelligence to make choices, and this is the decision he made. I look forward to his tears when his job is consigned to history and his club to oblivion. They say one of the defining parts of a sociopathic personality is an inability to feel what others do, but to be acutely aware of your own suffering. Those tears, I fully expect, along with the sympathy from his friends in the press as they wipe away their own.



    There is something fundamentally, and, with great regret we must accept, irredeemably wrong with that club. Its true nature, so long disguised from the wider world outside this small, insular country in which many of us live, has now been revealed to the wider world. They have made no apology, accepted no responsibility and assumed no guilt, but instead tried to make a virtue from their vices, a positive from the poison coursing through their veins and a triumph from the tragedy they have brought upon us all. For weeks we have watched the unedifying spectacle of publicity seeking swine engage in the Rangers equivalent of a battle of wills – a little like watching two lobotomized patients in a mental hospital trying to play table tennis – trying to convince people they have a “plan” for the club which will give creditors small and large a “fair deal.” It is all a sham.



    The self-confessed strategy is to pay as little as possible. To dump as much debt as they can. To delay and deflect any punishment for what they have done. To restore their club to full health, history, titles, all the sectarian and hateful baggage intact, even if that results in the utter disgrace and collapse of the rest of the Scottish game.



    Their behaviour makes it clearer, with every passing day, that not only is the notion Scottish football needs them wholly wrong-headed but that it is also a distortion of reality and offensive in every way. Scottish football, and indeed society, can only be properly served by their utter annihilation. This is an institution our country, and the world, would be better off without. It should not be consigned to history as much as it should be shuttled down the winding road to Hell with the greatest possible speed, before it does further damage.



    The media too, who are in deeper disgrace than I at any time have ever known, should be torn down, piece by piece. Their’s is a profession, at least here in Scotland, where there is no longer a shred of honour or respect for the greater good. Indeed, it is doubtful they would know the former or even recognise the latter. The makeup of the Scottish sporting hack is of cut-and-paste working practices, a complete lack of morals or scruples, an absence of even the most basic ability, laziness, ineptitude and spite and malice, in no way disguised, as a substitute for objective, balanced reporting.



    We have come to this sorry pass because of people like them; people like Traynor, Keevins, King, Broadfoot, Guidi, Jackson, Forsyth and Murray. Each day, they do more damage to their profession. With every article they do more harm to the higher calling for which their job exists.



    Lucius Calpurnios Piso Caesoninus, Roman consul and father-in-law of Julius Caesar, said “Let justice be done though the Heavens fall …” In Scotland, that logic has been inverted, warped and shot. Here, they would rather see deception, fear, intolerance and hate triumph and prosper beneath these skies. They would rather live in a cesspit, with the rats and the corpses of their morals, profession and ethics than do what has to be done to clean up the land in which they live.They sold out so long ago that they probably don’t even remember when it was. Their corruption, and that of the club they defend, now go hand in hand.



    If there is such as thing as karma, they will collapse, together, into the pit, there to squeal and plead together, food for the roaches and worms, as a reminder to the watching world that there are still rules, they do still apply and that in the end the things we do catch up to us.



    Otherwise, what’s the point?

  12. Can someone in the media ask MrMcCoist this:


    Okay Ally now you know the names what are your thoughts on the people involved and what are you going to do with the information?

  13. Sixteen roads to Golgotha on

    Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon on 26 April, 2012 at 10:36 said:



    The lyin’ king?

  14. Did anyone hear Daryl King on Talksport last night? He was on with mark saggers at around 7.50pm giving people an update about the rangurz situation and spent all his time moaning about how the punishment although right was unfair and kicking rangurz when they were down. Saggers was having none of it and constantly questioned King saying it was only right and Scottish football would be a laughing stock if it didn’t do this. He also laid into Murray for all his excessive spending for putting them in this mess. Eventually he grew tired of King and just dismissed him without saying goodbye to him. Brilliant stuff!

  15. The Battered Bunnet on

    James Forrest



    Would you be kind enough to repost your mighty article from the previous thread?



    It deserves a wide audience.




  16. true paul67>not new at all, just an extension of yesterdays news and part of the end game i guess.


    kittoch> see above.





  17. ”No one would dare cross him again.”




    That might have been the intention but in all likliehood it will have the opposite effect.



    You have to wonder though who is steering the ship at the moment.



    Should Duff and Phelps be asked to distance themselves from McCoist’s remarks? After all they are supposed to be in charge and are in effect there as agents of the Court of Session.

  18. Let’s take a look back at the case of Neil Francis Lennon after running onto the pitch at Hampden. Look at the language used. “Scenes that will shame Scotland” “bullying” “out of control” “irresponsible” “unbecoming of the Celtic manager”. Now Neil is a passionate man and manages the club he supports. He has made great in-roads into controlling himself, what happened was borne of frustration in the heat of the moment. His worst crime seemingly saying decisions seemed “personal”. Cue faux-outrage.



    Then on Tuesday night, we have curious case of The Ear Whisperer.



    This interview, given to their in-house TV channel, was 18 hours after the punishment was meted out. The anger will still be present, but the explosive anger is long gone in that time.



    Make no mistake the power language holds. When you hear or read a word an osmosis occurs. Words can trigger memories. Words can trigger emotion. If you know how to do this you can manipulate people. What McCoist did was issue a rhetoric filled call to arms. That isn’t a turn of phrase, he issued a literal call to arms.



    McCoist said the decision will “Kill” my club. Not happy with that line, he then immediately afterwards repeated it with the prefix of “make no mistake”.



    Think of the word “Kill”. It is a very powerful word. Say it again in your head. Kill. Feel that tiny little tweak? That’s osmosis.



    McCoist deliberately emphasised that line. It is a trick politicians use.



    He then goes on to talk about transparency and “supposed” independence. The inference being that there is bias. After that he attacks the anonymity of the people handing out the punishment, inferring they have something to hide.



    The last piece of rhetoric is saying that Rangers need to “fight back”. He twice uses a phrase similar to that.



    So we have an angry bunch of fans, with a persecution complex. We have their figure-head and hero saying the punishment is unfair, biased and the guys doing it are trying to hide their identity. He uses the phrase “fight back” and emphasises the word “Kill”.



    In the current climate at best what McCoist did was stupid. McCoist is not stupid. IMO what McCoist has done is broken the law of the land and deliberately, in a pre-meditated manner, endangered the safety of these 3 men.



    Everybody put’s checks and balances into their own behaviour to mitigate the traits and characteristics that we recognise in ourselves and do not like. We do this to “conform” to society or to a role we are expected to play in society, or indeed the role we want to play. In short we all have a mask we hide behind. Not many people have the luxury to be able to 100% be exactly who they are all the time.



    In times of great stress or high emotion I always take a step back and have a look at the people around me. Why? It is in these times that people are unable to maintain the facade. You get fleeting glimpses of somebody’s true self. The information you get on people within those fleeting moments is invaluable.



    I saw what you are Ally…..

  19. The only positive that’s coming out of the increasingly dark nature that this is taking on, is more and more people who previously would have given them no thought at all are questioning whether we really do need them in Scottish football.



    Ultimately they’re digging their own (probably shallow) grave by themselves.

  20. Hateley is a disgrace.


    “People aware of the structure of Scottish football wouldn’t have imposed these sanctions on Rangers.”



    In other words the Brethren should have been put on the panel.



    James Forrest great post.

  21. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Here’s a must for all of you.



    Listen very carefully to the words of Willie Waddell every time he opens his mouth. See how closely his sentiments are echoed by the attitudes of Rangers supporters, players, officials and management today. See also some brilliant footage of Celtic supporters celebrating in the 60s and 70s. It’s fantastic




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