Why Celtic need to take their portion of Anderson’s money


I’ve given Ann Budge appropriate levels of criticism this year but credit where it is due, she managed to get the ‘exclusive’ that James Anderson was a potential benefactor in waiting for Scottish football.  Anyone who comes up with £2m for the game is entitled to break the news in whatever way they choose.

Unlike Budge, Anderson clearly understands how important it is to cultivate support in arenas you want to influence.  He is now perfectly placed to do just that.  Hearts fans can only wonder how their club’s fortunes would differ if he, not Budge, fronted their financial rescue.

£50k per club is generous and welcome at every one of the 42 clubs.  It is easy to suggest Celtic should take the high ground and leave their portion in the pot, but that suggestion looks different if you dig into the grubby details.

Right now Celtic’s reserves are reducing by millions each month.  We don’t want to, and are unlikely to, sell anyone of value this year, pay cuts have happened – and not just for top executives.  That £50k might keep a couple of people in jobs.  Alternatively, if it is put to altruistic use, it should top up the support the club gives to the Foundation.

There are times to be generous to smaller clubs, but it is ludicrous to suggest that the extra £1219 they would earn if Celtic declined their portion would make any material difference.  It is a stupid idea, counterproductive and of value only as a vacant gesture.

We need to get ready for 10-in-a-row and Champions League qualification.  The Foundation needs to continue its work with the most needy in our community and beyond – and we still need to sell season tickets.  There is not enough money to do everything we will want to do in our own back yard.

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  1. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Bada – yip. A tidy team. I used to love watching Van Basten and Rijkaard (for the Dutch and AC Milan). Always thought Gullit was overrated?



    PeteC – a tremendous player.



    A shy, working class guy who never aspired to conquer the world.



    A shame in some ways.



    MacLeod, Collins and Lambert – all vastly inferior players – went abroad and performed creditably at the top level.



    Paul would have improved immeasurably and shone in any company.

  2. fairhill bhoy on

    Prestonpans-not sure how the board can find out about everyone’s personal situation without sending out a letter like the huns did.Prove you’re skint 🤔

  3. prestonpans bhoys on




    Tbh the Hun has played a peach on this, £25 voucher that’s not redeemable in their shop for merchandise. But you can use it to buy future tickets on Mygers. Bloody gullible fools, long may it continue and slippy Stevie G too👍

  4. !!Bada Bing!! on

    PB- the shameless ones,are scamming the Gullabillies by charging them £40,for the ‘privilege ‘ of buying tickets for European games at Poundland 😆😆😆😆,I think they can use the £25 against this.

  5. prestonpans bhoys on




    Whits no to like😁



    Hun says to me on virtual tickets ,he’s has bought a ST and he has a 500 year old freesat box. Looking forward to watching Sky TV free.



    Where do I start😱

  6. i’vehadtochangemynamebacktojackiemac on 5th June 2020 8:36 pm



    Anybody got any thoughts on the whereabouts of 92 Govan Road : my gran, Maria (mariah) Finn was born there?






    The housing in that area of Govan Road is a long time gone. I’m nearly 60 and I think the local name for that bit of road was “The Miler”. Maybe because that was the the stretch from Govan into the city and it was quite straight. I google mapped number 92 and it shows it’s in the much changed redeveloped area of the miler. Across the road from the new STV studios and close to the rotunda on the Govan side of the clyde. There is a rotunda still standing on both sides of the clyde. I think they were the access points to a tunnel from one side to the other. That’s my thoughts and recollection but I could be talking mince. I hope you find what you’re looking for.




  7. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Your correct the rotunda was the entrance to the original tunnel.

  8. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    I believe the club will be using the software facility that produces annual dividend cheques to administer the season ticket refunds. Complicated, no doubt, by admin workers being furloughed but I expect the thinking to be, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.



    We’ve claimed ours by my niece printing forms and ignoring lock-down protocols to deliver them to us. Thanks for that, Celtic. Couldn’t you just have opened libraries for a week like any normal tyrant?





    Face-masks on buses and trains – who is that meant to impress? Are they invested with some magical property not covered by our venerable forebears’ invention of Handy Andies?



    Eat less, Move more, Keep breathing.

  9. ivehadto and tonyrome



    Tho not from Govan that sent me on a wee Google image search


    some good stuff after I typed 1950s Govanold Govan,street names.


    some you tube stuff too.


    Good stuff and some serious industry




  10. The Rotundas were used to ship horse and carts across the clyde. I was born and lived in Blackburn Street for 7 years, not too far from them on the south side of the river. My mum, God rest her soul, often threatened me to not go near the Rotunda as it had been shut down and was dangerous. Needless to say I headed there as soon as :)) por cierto.




    ‘re furloughed staff it just got me thinking



    who is doing the processing?



    be it if




    a) your renewing seat 20/1 regardless



    b)you want your refund to go to foundation



    cc) Celtic refunding season ticket money.



    I would like to think part of our office team will be on it working from home.







    I would think 92 is roundabout The Plantaion por cierto

  13. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    And a big hoopy good morning from a reasonably mild Melbourne.


    Winter came came in this week like a hun statement, all bluster and


    threatening storms, but typically lacked substance and yesterday


    we had a lovely sunny 15 degs.


    Not bad for winter .


    Been very busy with our young dudes this week and not read back much


    so hope everyone is safe and well.


    Don’t suppose there’s any word on our missing bhoys BIGYINMILAN/SOT ?


    Massive demonstration in Melbourne today for George Floyd.


    just goes to show the strength of feeling that murderous act caused, that an


    estimated 30.000 people will attend despite a threat of second wave Covid


    in a city that has observed the lockdown rules very well.


    And watching Trump being openly mocked by U.S reporters on CNN had me


    thinking, why can’t our Scuddish media not be brave and report honourably?


    I know..i know, silly question.


    O.k we Grace coming today, fitba in the garden, better get my shin pads on lol


    she tackles like Davey Hay.


    H.H . Mick

  14. celticforever on

    My tuppence worth on the ST refunds:-



    I was due a refund for 2 Hibs away tickets which was transferred straight back to the card I paid with



    I used the same card to pay for my ST so god knows why the same procedure could not have been applied


    as was used in refunding the Hibs ticket money.



    I found out about the REFUND FORM via THE SCOTTISH SUN who supplied the link to the refund form but when I tried to find the form (looking from scratch) on the Celtic website it was impossible to find it so had to type in the link from the SUN to take me to the form to be downloaded



    From this I reckon Celtic made it as hard as possible for someone to claim a refund



    Furthermore I e mailed JPT regarding this pro rata business as I knew Celtic sell a few thousand tickets


    to our own fans for £52 for the Hun games but was told refund waas based on a pro rata manner meaning refund of 30 ish quid for the unplayed Hun game



    This meant about an extra 18 quid in the Celtic coffers



    Knowing all this I am happy I claimed my refund although god knows when it will arrive

  15. Melbourne Mick on



    The Plantation area was my aul playground and many a trip i took


    through the dark dank wooden floored rotunda tunnel to walk to


    the city centre, horses and carts were lowered down into the eerie


    dripping wet rotunda to cross the river although i never witnessed




    And the Govan road at that time from the town hall to Lorne school


    was called the miler.


    H.H . Mick




    There is a web page on Facebook “acumfaegovan” gives lots of info and old Street maps of Govan. I would try there,very helpful people




    What street did you live on, I’m 65 left there when I was 7 moved to Arden por cierto

  18. Good Morning all


    I used to collect coal money from the closes in Arden. Had a good discussion with TLT on this a couple of years ago!



  19. I saw a headline on the back of the record this morning saying something about us having a tie up with BT with regards to the virtual season ticket. Can anyone enlighten me further?




    That would be Gloco Coal money, the non smoking coal, which was the only coal allowed in the scheme. Many people just bought the ordinary coal as it was cheaper, but people used to report them as you could see the smok billowing out their chimney. How they knew whose chimney was whose was a mystery :)) por cierto

  21. Monaghan1900 on

    “Black lives [FFin’] matter unless


    Your name is Alfredo,


    the treatment of him last season was downright racist”




    “All to aid the [Celtic] climb towards a league title. Shameless jackals.We should have called them out on their racism. Ban the f[lam]ing lot of them.”




    “He’s still a pup,and he’s going to get some things wrong.but does that warrant the treatment he received?”




    “Referees played a big part demonising Alfie but they were being pushed to do so by the cabal led by the puppet master and the compliant media ensured his playing was curtailed to aid one club.”




    “Alfredo has been treated very poorly by the Scottish people for someone who comes very humble beginnings he should’ve been championed but he plays for [Sevco] and that I’m afraid is the whole crux of the matter.”




    “He’s not doing anything especially egregious in our league. He partakes in behaviour on the pitch that countless British players carry out on a weekly basis up here. Is it solely because he’s a [Sevco] player? For me the tone, the angles that they choose to attack him from, all point to something altogether far more sinister for me. He’s been othered by elements of our media.”




    “They single him out for some reason” They do indeed, Sammy. Usually because he’s just separated the point of his elbow from an opponent’s jaw.




    “If alfie is with us next season i wait to see the reaction from the media if he takes the knee after scoring. Worth keeping an eye on.”




    I wonder if Alfredo was warned from the start not to bless himself after scoring a goal.

  23. “If alfie is with us next season i wait to see the reaction from the media if he takes the knee after scoring. Worth keeping an eye on.”



    Change that to …



    “If alfie is with us next season i wait to see the reaction from the media if he gives someone a knee after scoring. Worth keeping an eye on.”

  24. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Watch the hun hordes disturb the Black Lives Matter protest in Glasgow tomorrow…..

  25. CELTIC Football Club is delighted to announce that it will be engaging with highly-rated production company Sunset+Vine as we look ahead to matches being broadcast as part of the Club’s season ticket.



    Producers of BT Sport’s Europa League and SPFL coverage for a number of years, Sunset and Vine have an established track record of high quality, first-class sports coverage.



    Led by broadcasting experts who have worked on The FIFA World Cup, UEFA European Championships and the Olympics, we are confident that this partnership will provide excellent results and prove extremely popular with our supporters.



    For matches delivered virtually as part of the season ticket, a host of high quality contributors across punditry, commentary, analysis and production will be engaged to enhance and work with our existing team – and we have some well-known faces lined up!



    Celtic’s priority is to do everything we can to get our fans back to Paradise as soon as possible. However, for the matches affected, Celtic wants to provide high quality access to its supporters through its virtual services offering in the season ticket, our online pass to Paradise.



    We miss our fans and we know our fans are missing Celtic Park. However, we are doing all we can to keep you as close to the action as possible.



    It will be one of the most exciting seasons ever ahead and we want you to join us as we go for 10!



    A spokesperson for Celtic said: “Clearly, current circumstances are totally outwith our control, and while getting our supporters back to Celtic Park is our absolute priority, until this is the case, through our season ticket, we aim to give our fans the best access we can to SPFL matches at Celtic Park.



    “We will be making a significant investment in this project, partnering with one of the best production companies around and will deliver an experience, with top expertise and contributors, which will put our fans at the heart of the action from Celtic Park.



    “We are joining forces with an organisation renowned for delivering high quality coverage and we look forward to making this available our season ticket holders.”



    Grant Philips, Executive Producer of Sunset +Vine added: “We are delighted to partner with Celtic Football Club and look forward to bringing our unrivalled production expertise to the live matchday programming.”

  26. Monaghan1900 on

    RON BACARDI on 6TH JUNE 2020 9:57 AM




    I wonder if Alfredo was warned from the start not to bless himself after scoring a goal.




    Good question Ron. Google “Alfredo Morelos All Goals Veikkausliiga 2016 youtube” ( sorry I can’t seem to link to it). Look at his reaction to the first goal on the clip and I think you have your answer!

  27. Gordon64


    I watch many clips of George Carlin. He can be excellent at times but I feel his points would have more impact if he swore less often. Swearing loses its impact when overused.

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