Whyte’s proxy set to step forward for acceptance by SFA, SPL


When Duff and Phelps put their initial deadline in place for bidders for Rangers back in March, Celtic Quick News took the view that Craig Whyte was the only show in town and that any successful bid for the company’s assets would have to come from him or his proxy.

We didn’t know who his proxy would be then and we are still not sure – although we could have a pretty good guess.

Place the current SPL and SFA dramas aside for a moment.  If a deal is done to allow a Rangers-Newco to apply to play football next season the new ‘owner’ will be a Craig Whyte appointment.

If this unfolds in the days to come, I fully expect the SFA will take a very long time to consider any Fit and Proper questions, and I expect the SPL board will vote 4-1 to allocate a share in the league to the Newco.

Celtic, united with their own fans, and fans of the Gang of 10 clubs stand in one corner.  The boards of the Gang of 10 want Rangers-Newco money too much to object.  Don’t even count on Newco being subject to the penalties discussed at yesterday’s meeting.

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You can support their work by bidding for a Celtic top signed by the first team squad at this eBay auction.  Your help is greatly appreciated.

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  1. What we all secretly expected appears to be about to happen.


    Rangers (IA) are different and will get an easy route back in.


    Celtic have a duty to their supporters and shareholders to get the best deal for Celtic.


    Can we still pursue the route of tainted titles, loss of earnings at home and in Europe for the EBT years?


    Tie this corrupt club up in red tape and keep them in the courts for years along with the SPL and SFA!


    Is this still an option?




  2. Ralph Topping steps down from SFA board commitments By STEPHEN HALLIDAY


    Published on Tuesday 1 May 2012 00:00




    SPL chairman Ralph Topping has resigned his SFA board commitments due to pressure of work. The 60-year-old, who is chief executive of bookmakers William Hill, will continue in his non-executive role with the SPL which he has held since 2009.




    At the start of this season, Topping was appointed to the new Professional Game Board (PGB) of the SFA which was created as part of chief executive Stewart Regan’s radical restructuring of the organisation. Topping was also elected onto the main SFA board of directors as a representative of the PGB.



    Topping’s decision to step down from SFA duties leaves a vacancy on both the main SFA board and PGB. The SPL are allowed three representatives on the PGB – the others are currently SPL chief executive Neil Doncaster and Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell.



    One of those two could now be in line for a place on the main SFA board, while an SPL appointed replacement for Topping will join the PGB.



    Doncaster, meanwhile, has admitted that the continuing uncertainty over Rangers’ participation in the SPL next season is hampering efforts to finalise the new £80 million television contract with Sky and ESPN, as well as attempts to find a replacement for title sponsors Clydesdale Bank.



    “We have agreed terms with Sky and ESPN for a new five-year deal from this summer,” said Doncaster.



    “But, as is the case with many commercial contracts, long form commercial contracts follow the initial agreement.



    “We still have another season with Clydesdale Bank as our main sponsor who will exit in the summer of 2013. So discussions remain ongoing. Generally, having clarity going forward would be helpful to everyone. Not merely to ourselves in the SPL centre, but to all 12 member clubs.



    “To have that clarity, to understand what the league looks like next season, would be helpful to all.”



    While the main business of yesterday’s SPL general meeting was adjourned, it did approve a new financial disclosure regulation which includes the requirement that clubs have no outstanding sums due to other SPL members as at 31 December any year.



    “The essence of it is that it brings our rules more into line with the SFA’s on financial disclosure,” said Doncaster.



    “It makes it clear that it’s important clubs don’t have any outstanding sums due to any other clubs. You can still have staggered transfer payments, as long as there are no outstanding payments.”

  3. hamiltontim on

    This is grim, really really depressing.



    Doncaster’s reply to Robinbhoy’s email is basically an explanation as to why newco will be admitted straight into the SPL. It wasn’t an attempt to look at things objectively and examine the issues raised. No, he used it as an opportunity to highlight what he perceives as precedents, or excuses if you will, which will permit commercialism to overtake integrity.



    Totally sickened but genuinely despondent I honestly feel like just packing the whole effin thing in.

  4. Auld Neil Lennon heid on




    If those figures are accurate they represent the cost and price of maintaining integrity.


    Some financial assistance from UEFA repayable over time from EL/CL money would be worth the SFA seeking in return for setting up stronger governance to ensure integrity is always paramount.

  5. kayal…



    thanks for the reply but recent events lead me to believe that simply equates to the status quo, but with a stronger orc.



    okay guys, suggestion…



    we’ve moaned to the SPL, SFA, UEFA, just about everybody you care to mention. strikes me we haven’t hit the nail on the head…



    surely we should be complaining to SKY?



    threats of en masse cancellations of subscriptions, not just in scotland, but significant parts of england and ireland too, might just see that tv deal being reconsidered.



    it’s like trading places. seems to me the best way to hurt a rich man is to make him poor. will the other 10 be so keen to cosy up to brer hun if it means bye bye tv revenue? for that matter, will bill miller or brian kennedy?



    sky are big enough to ignore it, and probably the adverse publicity… but while that deal is unsigned it can get withdrawn at any time and will they really think it’s worth the hassle?



    it puts doncaster and the SPL board in an untenable (well, you’d think… brass neck anyone?) position… and might finally show we have a little leverage in this debate about ethics over greed.



    40,000 withdrawals of subscription at £50 a month would be a loss of £24M a year to sky… more than the SPL deal is worth.

  6. Sandman Is Neil Lennon on

    hen1rik on 1 May, 2012 at 13:20 said:



    All talk on this forum but no action, no doubt you will be 1st to complain as soon ad they’re back in to the SPL, unbelievable.



    Talk Talk Talk.






    And you talk like a Hun.



    Scroll on, jinglebrains.

  7. Auld Neil Lennon heid on 1 May, 2012 at 13:37 said:



    Auldheid have I picked you up correctly in thinking that the license to play in the SPL is not transferrable to a Newco, so even if they form they would still have to apply to the SFA and Uefa??




  8. Ellboy - I am Neil Lennon, YNWA. on

    starry plough on 1 May, 2012 at 13:33 said:



    Someone should tell him to ask clubs like Hearts, Rapid etc. how much they need them.

  9. Ghuys


    Dignity do not have a pot to p1ss in and will be gone shortly. All the inquiry results will hit them, the SFA will in all likelihood not provide them with a license for about 12 months, which will give the tax dodgers time to sort out their various legal problems. Meanwhile, all other noise from all parties is designed to ensure that the Neanderthals do not blame them when they go boom! Currently, Duff £ Phelps are holding the parcel but this can be easily transferred to the Blue Knights, and the parcel will then stop at the SFA who will then immediately express deliver it to Sir David Murray.




  10. philvisreturns on

    ItaliaBhoy – The way I see it, the divide in politics is between authoritarians and libertarians.



    Most British pols are now in the authoritarian camp. They are operating under the profound mistake that it is their right and duty to tell us what to do, whether that’s to take away our fags and booze or to regulate our eating habits or to tax us to the point where we can’t afford to holiday abroad or drive a car, or whatever.



    It’s a deleterious and unsustainable trend.



    However, England has the benefit of a stronger tradition – well, maybe not so much a tradition as an attitude – of people minding their own business than Scotland does.



    In Scotland, nearly all the political establishment is of an authoritarian bent. It doesn’t bode well. (thumbsup)

  11. My tuppence worth, I’ll stil be supporting Celtic next season, whether it’s a league in Ireland, abroad or in SFL.


    I will support Celtic but hopefully we walk away from the SPL, if they allow the Huns in then why would we be a part of the corruption.



  12. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    The solution seems simple enough to me and that is that Celtic should not cooperate with the finance structures of the spl whilst the huns get dealt with so leniently,sign nothing,oppose everything,the mistake the hun lobby makes is assuming Celtic will just agree to everything,Celtic should be holding up the season starting by refusal to play ball if the worst comes to pass.

  13. rogueleader 13.24


    spot on fella



    to all who are adocating


    non compliance with media…


    didnt you read why mondays meeting


    was postponed and what other details


    were added in to the resolutions???



    …penalties for not complying with


    media duties!!!!




    they are giving as no wriggle room


    and they would hit us hard



    remember its always us v all of them



    i will not put another penny into the spl or sfa


    via league games or cup games.




    i will only follow my club in europe.

  14. “Surely everyone should hold off from buying a season ticket until they know what the outcome of all this will be? ”


    I am.


    …and I most certainly ” am” !





    share on F’book or Twitter

  15. Sixteen roads to Golgotha on

    The club only earns £1.2 million per year from that Sky shower.



    If we qualify for the CL group stages next season – that covers their lousy Tv money for the next 12 years.



    They should be no longer allowed to show any Celtic games,and the support ourselves must ditch all subscriptions to this mob.



    If we all cancelled the Sky – this would save everybody enough money over a year,that would enable them to buy a season ticket.



    Supporters that wish to bhoycott away fixtures,and those whom wish to attend – it’s up to them.



    Our club is strong. All we need to do is to keep winning.

  16. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Right Rev



    Why only UEFA games. They have done nothing for us.




  17. Celtic Football Club is undoubtedly the biggest boy in the playground.



    He is now the biggest boy in the playground by some distance.



    We can talk about boycotts all the rest but the club can create a far bigger splash than we can. Far bigger.



    The time is coming for the club to show the rest of the wee nyaffs in the playground what happens when you push the bigger boy…..

  18. tomthelennytim on 1 May, 2012 at 13:42 said:


    Headtheball on 1 May, 2012 at 13:32 said:


    “Surely everyone should hold off from buying a season ticket until they know what the outcome of all this will be? ”


    I am.



    I am,too.


    I am dreading getting to 17th May and still Newco re-entry is unresolved.


    I read posts on here that say we should not walk away from our club and I just wish I could be convinced by them but, so far, I am minded not to renew.


    I will not be walking away from Celtic but from SPL et al.


    There is, of course, an argument that if Celtic does not fight the switcheroo that my club is walking away from me.



    I am not looking for a discussion with anyone, I have enough problems arguing with myself about this.

  19. If Sky is to be binned en masse then I reckon a date should be selected and all Celtic supporters do it on the same day.


    I’m happy to do it and listen to the games on the radio.


    May I suggest 25th May 2012. Very iconic date for us Hoops fans and makes our point to Sky. Thousands of subscribers cancelling Sky Sports and ESPN on the same day.




  20. themelvingael on

    No supporter in Scotland should renew their season ticket until they are consigned to the third division.Then the message might get through to spl chair.men

  21. theotherhalf on

    To clarify….if Newco are allowed into the SPL, they could transfer the Rangers players to the Newco -that is assuming that they want to continue on lesser terms – or replace them. The newco wouldn’t be able to spend spend spend the way that the old Rangers did, therefore their team would be far inferior to the current Rangers.


    If they then find themselves next season at the bottom of the SPL would they be immune from relegation for the same reasons that they were allowed back in to the SPL the first place?


    …….if you get what I am trying to say!!

  22. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    Nothing has happened yet for the club to comment on or react too. A wee bit more patience from us is necessary.




  23. RaRaRasputin on

    Football, the Doncaster way –



    Ah, the Dundee derby, a barnstorming occasion that would bring much needed funds to the SPL. Likewise, Ayr United v Killie. And shouldn’t Scotland’s biggest city get a 3rd team in the top flight? Welcome back the Partick Jags.



    Sorry Dunfermline, Inverness and St. Johnstone. Nice teams and all, but not enough box office I’m afraid.



    To make sure revenue is maximised, the top 6 teams in the SPL will always be Celtic, Rangers, Hearts, Hibs, Aberdeen and Dundee Utd. Clearly not great news for any of the other teams who might end up winning more points than these 6, but they know that it is in their own best interests to keep the viewing figures up.



    Good, isn’t it?

  24. Sir Paul



    Jist read yer Predo Scenario.



    Bang oan, kiddo. Bang Oan!



    So it is Written(In the Ludge) So it shall Be~



    It is Oot o’ Celtc’s Hauns.. It is even oota the Hauns o’ the Gods.



    The Establishment Club,must be Saved and Succoured.



    This talk, by some subscribers,posting … Dire Threats of Leaving oor Band of Brothers and turning thur Backs oan oor Club, because of Preconceived Ideas concerning..



    Whit oor Hard woiking Board of Directors should Dae..in order tae cut the G.A. Newco aff at the Pass or the Knees.. which ever comes foist…



    This Talk,of Rebellion. by the Not Re-Newing of Season Tickets.. if oor Board…”Disnae Dae Something”, whatevah that “Something” , should be…is very carefully ,not being explained by the Threateners..of course.



    Hey, you Guys,if You know whit should be done by oor Illustrious Celtic Board.. then..



    Fur Goodness Sake..



    Let us Awe intae .. The Secret..!



    Fur , Ah Wull be Damned ,if AH Know…



    How Celtic Should Go aboot


    PREVENTING…. the devious Plans of the Friends of oor Foe, from being officially Adopted .



    When wull, You folk who are Threatening tae withdraw ye support fur oor Club,in yer Demands are no Met..



    Gonna realize.






    and The Celtic Fc Canny dae Wan PRACTICAL… thing, Aboot it!



    Sure, oor Board kin Dae a Loata…. IMPRACTICAL things …Aboot it!



    but, we are awe grown Up Laudies.. so… Ye kin Furget aboot


    This .. Very Mature and Grown-Up. Celtic Board fur daeing such a stupid thing as .. Shutting up Shop.. and Hoping that we kin


    Squeeze intae , another League Set-up.



    Face it.. awe you Disgruntlers..



    Celticfc, will hivtae stand by.. Bite Thur Tongue.. and Watch


    the G.A. be Re-instated intae the League, under a Newco..Name.






    Still, Laughin’.

  25. hamiltontim on




    Sensible post. I’m sitting at the computer when actually in a twilight world I’m lying on a black, leather couch mulling this over with a therapist. Instead of talking About it, I’m typing.



    Amazing just how much Celtic affects our lives.

  26. RaRaRasputin



    Post of the day. Somes up what the people of Scotland must have to have a strong league. A team like Ross County shouldn’t be allowed in the SPL. What do they bring to the table?


    Totally ridiculous that Rangers (IA) should even be quoted for a spot in the SPL and most Rangers (IA) fans agree and believe they should go to the 3rd Div.




  27. Sixteen roads to Golgotha on

    WTF is the point of denying Celtic season ticket income? Celtic FC didn’t do any wrong here. Why punish Celtic for the sins of others?



    I do not understand a lot of what some of you are saying.It doesn’t make any sense to me.

  28. My gut feeling is that Topping has fallen out with Regan/SFA because of a perception of the sanctions imposed on der hun as “draconian”. He will put his vote behind der hun. We know what Dung-caster will do. His cards are firmly on the table. His colours are neon royal blue. Steven Brown has made big noises in sympathy for der hun. Derek Weir of Murderwell. That’s another two votes in their favour.



    That leaves Thompson & Riley. Alone. Marooned. Stitched up. A foregone conclusion. What’s the point?

  29. Celtic leaving Scotland. Isn’t this a Huns wet dream – a Protestant League for a Protestant people!


    Please no more talk of our resigning unless we have somewhere to go. And at the moment no one wants us. Resignation from the SPL / SFA at present will undoubtedly ensure we are consigned to a history book under a chapter headed glorious sacrifice.


    Stay and fight for sporting integrity and fairness. If required bhoycott the away grounds and refuse to allow TV cameras into Paradise for domestic games. The loss of money we may potentially receive from Sky will not jeopardize Celtic’s financial stability. However it may well put a Newco and the others that allowed a reincarnation of the Hun to play in the SPL in serious difficulty. Fight any sanctions the SPL / SFA try to impose through the British and European courts, invoke UEFA and FIFA but just do not meekly give up. ‘Fight the power’.

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