Anderlecht v Celtic, Live updates


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Celtic Team vs Anderlecht

Gordon, Lustig, Simunovic, Boyata, Tierney, Brown, Ntcham, Roberts, Rogic, Sinclair, Griffiths

Substitutes: De Vries, Bitton, Dembele, Armstrong, Hayes, McGregor, Forrest

The CQN Podcast: A Celtic State of Mind (EP14) Champions League Special

A Celtic State of Mind offers an insight into the culture of Celtic Football Club, the city of Glasgow, and fans of the reigning invincible Scottish champions.

Each episode includes interviews with ‘Celtic-minded’ figures from the world of sport, music, film, art, broadcasting, literature or politics.

Ahead of the crucial Champions League match against Anderlecht, ‘A Celtic State of Mind’ goes behind the Champions League curtain for Celtic’s opening match against PSG.

Kevin Graham provides pre and post-match discussion with members of his CSC, as well as in-match analysis in what will be a regular Celtic State of Mind feature.



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  1. Cultsbhoy says Hail Hail to Hector and Brendan on

    Re Boyatta and Simonovic..



    If I’m being honest I’m not entirely sold on either..but I think they are as good as we can realistically expect. Players in that position of higher calibre don’t come to Celtic..if they did we couldn’t afford them.



    My faith is firmly placed with Brendan who rates them and I think his track record suggests he will develop and improve then.



    Last night is part of that process. If we stick with them and they stick with us..we will be a team to be reckoned with in Europe next year as I feel every other area of our team is in good shape.




    I said the game was a crime against football, not the performance. If you’re taking what I posted as being an attack on Celtic FC thats up to you but it wasn’t my intention. Its not what I do, at all.



    You seem pretty determined to pick a fight with other celtic supporters on here this morning, I don’t know what would motivate someone to do that the day after that result.

  3. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    Auldheid on 28th September 2017 11:07 am


    On the night Anderlecht only showed class in flashes & 2 goals came from defensive errors , but after 30 mins Celts had them sussed & played well.




    This is a level where we can compete and I hope it makes chances of an EL place greater.




    I’d rather a few more competitive games there than a miss match in the next stage of the CL.






    I agree Auldheid.



    Its a real dilemma – but to me, an ambition to make last 16 in a competition we cant win emphasises all that is wrong with football.



    Last night was a fantastic result and shows what can be achieved when we compete against similarly funded clubs on a level playing field. I would welcome more of that until such time UEFA (or some other body) get to grips with financial fair play and restructure the game to enable true competition.

  4. Three or four Celtic fans, Tims, supporters of the bhoys, came on here last night and gave their opinions on the game. Each one gave an honest assessment, as they saw it. All, with perhaps one exception, expressed delight with the score (he was probably delighted too but just didn’t say it)…Repeat, three or four honest opinions/assessments of the game. Surely they are entitled to that…but no, on come the Negativity Police condemning these posters/fans/bhoys for having the temerity to utter any form of criticism or to have an opinion which differs from mine/majority…Result? This morning the talk is of all the negative posts from last night…What smsm style rubbish…

  5. AULDHEID on 28TH SEPTEMBER 2017 11:07 AM





    ‘I’d rather a few more competitive games there than a miss match in the next stage of the CL.’






    Yeah but, no but, yeah but.



    ‘Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp,


    Or what’s a heaven for’

  6. After the PSG game the female assassin on BT seemed to take great delight in pointing out to Brendan that 5-0 was our worst ever home defeat in the CL.



    I noticed that she failed to notice the significance of a 3-0 away win in the CL.




    Incidentally how much is a goal worth financially ?




    Don’t think we get anything for a goal, but we get and extra 1.5m Euro for a win

  8. Morning peeps :)



    Pleasing points from last night



    1. When pressed we defended well


    2. When we got our passing game together showed our potent attacking threat .


    3. Three different goalscorers .


    4. A clean sheet .


    5. Last but not least , the absolute joy i got watching the jubilation on our fans faces in the stands .



    All in all a good nights work


    TEAMWORK Fabeedoo !!!



    Ps. GCC have approved the plans for the Hotel/ Almores Cafe and museum ……need to rehouse the Cornerbhoys now !!.



    Catchyeez :))

  9. embramike says ” Yer team’s deid…Beat it!” on

    And the good news just keeps coming …


    Glasgow City Council has approved Celtic’s planning permission to build a hotel/museum/superstore outside the stadium.


    Plans for the hotel building states it will be up to five storeys in height and will include a restaurant, cafe and bar for the ultimate matchday experience.


    Celtic had put in for planning permission earlier this year as they look to renovate the area around the ground even further after the Celtic Way was built.

  10. Anyone in hearing range in the pub I watched the game in would hear groans during that first 30 mins because we were not winning the ball and when we did, we gave it away through a sloppy 4 yard pass or poor decision making.



    Some folk did more than groan at times particular when an easy pass was made badly. (That really bugs me)



    That changed with Ntcham’s pass and some of the critics of his performance including me (and it was poor up to then) just shook our heads and smiled as in wtf do we know about playing football at that level.



    Folk express their disappointment in relation to their expectation level based on their understanding of the game including the economics.



    It’s an emotional thing and that can cause the mouth to engage before the brain has pressed the clutch, causing a grind.



    CQN during a game is just a global pub really.

  11. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    More good news after last night’s famous victory…..



    CELTIC have been given the green light to build a multi-million pound hotel and museum next to their stadium.



    Richard Brown, executive director for development and regeneration services at Glasgow City Council, has now written to Celtic informing them planning consent has been granted. No objections were lodged to the plans and the decision notice states that building work must be commenced within three years.



    In a statement to the council in support of their application Celtic said the development would create up to 120 jobs, provide and economic boost to the area and reduce congestion around the stadium.



    Read more at: http://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/teams/celtic/celtic-given-go-ahead-to-build-hotel-and-museum-complex-1-4572458

  12. Great to watch us get a result like that away from home in a competition whose website doesn’t describe debutants RB Leipzig as “going for 14”, welcoming the chase from Real Madrid.



    Celtic odds to win Champions League 2017-18, 1000-1.



    Leicester odds to win EPL 2015-16, 5000-1.

  13. Auldheid…”CQN during a game is just a global pub really”


    Indeed it is exactly that…shame we have to put up with the virtual bouncers :-)

  14. A few “Drama queens”on today.One especially.Just where since last night did anyone say it was not a great result?.There were some aspects of the game,that were poles apart.The back 4 were immense.,the whole game.In the 1st half,the midfield could not get any passing together,Ntcham,the worst offender, pass for the goal being the exception.Tom Rogic had a very poor game.Ollie struggled the whole 1st half,which put a lot of onus on Broony,who could not be his usual dominant self.Yes we had 70% possession,but mainly in our own half,in that 1st half.The front 3,although not brilliant,did their job,and got the goals.Since when is it a crime to say someone “Had a poor game”.Second half,we got a good bit better.Credit to Ollie for putting the 1st half behind him.


    Big Jimmy,if you want to argue with any of that,then you are “The Chump”,wearing blinkers.

  15. Small point on last night – were we particularly aggressive, or were the Anderlecht players made of glass? It seemed every time a tackle went in, one of them was either rolling around the ground or had to go off?

  16. BIG JIMMY on 28TH SEPTEMBER 2017 8:34 AM



    “Hugh Hefner …deed aged 91.



    Its reported that he died of “Natural Causes” ?



    Aye Right !”






    Good luck gettin’ that coffin shut!

  17. Conversation last night…


    My son “Da, I think we should take N’Cham off and bring on Armstrong”


    Me……..”You’ve got to be pat——-what a pass! Go on KT….Gooooaaaaaallllll….What were you saying son?”


    My son “Nothing da”

  18. Embramike



    In a way this latest development is only possible because of the rising afluence of the Celtic support at large reflected in the change in the housing demography in the east end.



    The seeds planted early last century by a good education system reflecting ethical values are bearing fruit in terms of many enjoying professional careers or providing a stable platform for later generations to build from.



    For me its ethics that make Celtic unique. That of itself presents challenges in a world bereft of them, but if ethics means doing the right thing then there is never any challenge too great to fear.



    Who knows, the unethical might even wake up one day.

  19. DubaiBhoy (nee LondonBhoy) on

    I thoroughly enjoyed last night. The first 30 mins we’re poor. Looked like 2 poor teams to be honest. I even said to my mate “nil nil written all over it.” Then ntcham made his first successful pass of the night and it all changed. .



    The most impressive thing for me was that at 2-0 up we weren’t clinging on. We were still


    Dominating possession and attacking. What a difference!



    Bayern will beat us at home. I think we might just sneak it in Glasgow. Personally I’d prefer the Europa league than a last 16 match. I think we could do well in the old Europa. Maybe even another final!

  20. CELTIC40ME on 28TH SEPTEMBER 2017 11:09 AM






    I said the game was a crime against football, not the performance. If you’re taking what I posted as being an attack on Celtic FC thats up to you but it wasn’t my intention. Its not what I do, at all.




    You seem pretty determined to pick a fight with other celtic supporters on here this morning, I don’t know what would motivate someone to do that the day after that result.




    Firstly, I wasn’t picking a fight with anyone…but your the feckin guy who posted…and I quote ” That game was a CRIME against football” !


    So by YOUR QUOTE…YOUR POST ! …not mine…that Anderlecht were Guilty of this “Crime” ?….then why didn’t you say that Celtic had NO part in this ” CRIME” ?


    Your post clearly implied that Celtic aided and abetted Anderlecht in committing some kind of ” Crime” against football ?……….FFS In All my years of watching Celtic…I have NEVER heard and/or read ANY Celtic supporter accuse Celtic of playing some kind of “Criminal”????…football….even when we were not winning any silverware, and were 2nd/3rd best year after year /



    If Celtic were/are GUILTY of aiding and abetting a feckin ” Crime against football” ?……the fact that you only now state that you are happy with the result….tells me more about you…than Celtic.


    Go boil yer heid son.



    I see Hugh Heffner died, the only man to see more diddies than an Ibrox season ticket holder




    Good wan mate….” Natural Causes” ?…what a way to go !



  22. BEATBHOY on 28TH SEPTEMBER 2017 11:59 AM


    BIG JIMMY on 28TH SEPTEMBER 2017 8:34 AM




    “Hugh Hefner …deed aged 91.




    Its reported that he died of “Natural Causes” ?




    Aye Right !”








    Good luck gettin’ that coffin shut!





    I hear that there is STIFF opposition amongst the funeral parlours as to who will get the job ?


    it’s so ” Criminal”…so it is.



  23. TURKEYBHOY on 28TH SEPTEMBER 2017 11:44 AM





    Aye…N’Cham ” STRUGGLED” with that great pass to KT in the 1st half ????????????



    I sincerely hope that N’Cham ” Struggles” for 90 minutes against Hibs this week ?



    I also hope that Celtic aid and abet Hibs to playing out a game on Saturday that will be viewed by ALL as a ” Crime against football”…and Celtic win 3- 0….now thats feckin ” Criminal” !


    With one of Celtic’s goals being of a 28 Passing move involving most of the Celtic team ?…..we can’t have that…that would be “Criminal” !


    If the Celts continue to aid and abet “Criminal” football every week…then I fully expect the Compliance Officer to be involved….FFS !

  24. No matter the result last night the hotel complex isn’t getting any better looking.


    Forced would be my kind description — trying too hard at being trendy.


    Plus I don’t think we are getting value with a build cost at £18mill.



    Any thoughts on the area in front of the Emirates up at Springfield Cross — enough room for an indoor football pitch?