Anxiety on display


Scott Bain is a better goalkeeper than you saw last night.  He was our main keeper during the 8-in-a-row season, a treble winner, and he was also there when the wheels came off two years later.  He played Ange Postecoglou’s first league match in charge of Celtic, but last night was only his second appearance in any competition since.

The injury on 34 minutes was a telling moment.  Something wasn’t right and instead of shaking it off, he asked for treatment.  People feel physical ailments more readily when they are anxious.  The 30-yard shot he let slip through his fingers late in the game was as clear a sign of anxiety as you’ll find.

Third keepers exist in case the two above them are injured or suspended.  They seldom play, so you will not keep someone good enough for first team football to sit in the stands, but seldom playing leads to unfamiliarity when they are called upon.  Unfamiliarity leads to anxiety, which leads to mistakes.  That’s one of the reasons why Ange picked Scott at Easter Road, give him a run out in a meaningless fixture.

It backfired.  If anything, the mistake will heighten tensions.  He has a good support network around him in Stevie Woods and Joe Hart, who has come through the mistakes mill and recovered successfully.  In purely pragmatic terms, we are not going to sign a different third choice keeper and even if we did, there would be weaknesses.  Scott needs to play again, though not in the next 9 days.

On the rest of the game.  Daizen Maeda’s first yellow card should have been a foul to Celtic.  You are only allowed to obstruct a player when you are close enough to the ball to make contact, Daizen’s opponent was 5 yards from the ball when obstructing the Celtic player before he was shoved aside.

For the second yellow, he went in with the wrong foot and deserved the card.  A worldly volley, a Boruc-at-Easter Rd-moment and a deflection flattered Hibs but Celtic can have no complaints.  First team will be back for Saturday.

Shout out to the Hibs TV commentator: quoted Shakespeare, pondered the meaning of “if” and threw in “sayonara”, although he clearly thought of too late for the perfect moment.  Never dumb it down, Hibs.  Sky should look him up.

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  1. Talksport and Paddy Power this morning have made Ange favourite for the Spurs job.

  2. !!Bada Bing!! on

    This is from Miguel Delaney of the Independent.


    Tottenham now strongly considering Ange Postecoglou, who is seen as one of main candidates, story up soon.



    MD is a top journalist down there…..worried…….

  3. Now that Dermot Desmond visit is making me nervous, I had hoped he was in Glasgow to give Ange a bumper contract deal.

  4. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Bada bing – yip saw it.



    “Tottenham now strongly considering Ange Postecoglou”



    How benevolent and gracious of them.



    Have no idea who the next Spurs manager will be of course.



    Irrespective of who (and speaking as a non betting man) ….



    …. If I was offered decent odds that manager would not be in post ten months after taking the job?



    … I’d consider a flutter.

  5. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Brendan Rodgers might save us here…..looked at him at 14s a couple of weeks ago

  6. Last month:



    “Tottenham Hotspur just took a large step in modernizing its backroom staff and behind-the-scenes football operations. The club announced today the appointment of Scott Munn, a former City Football Group executive, as its Chief Football Officer, a new backroom staff position that will oversee all football operations at the club.”

  7. i don’t think Spurs know who they want after a few knock backs. I suspect the odds are completely punter driven as there is money to be made betting on chaos.



    If it was to be Rodgers, he would be in by now. It will probably be a euro coach we don’t know much about.



    Ange unlikely to be on the Spur’s board shortlist

  8. Prestonpans bhoys on

    A bit harsh on Bain for making one mistake from a long range shot. Apart from that he had a good game, couldn’t do anything about the deflected goal either!

  9. I’d be surprised if spurs go for Ange because of the snobbery that exists down their for everything scottish football.



    Your average spurs fan will see a man that has won 5 from 6 trophies with us and say, ‘so what?!’.



    If Spurs do offer him the job then Ange is gone. We’d be fooling ourselves to think he’d turn down that sort of money.



    And yes, I’d take Rodgers back in a heartbeat if it came to pass.

  10. glendalystonsils on




    ‘Two Mo Banguras



    there’s only two Mo Banguras



    two Mo Bangooooooras



    ther’s only two Mo Banguras……’

  11. bournesouprecipe on




    Looks like we signed the wrong insert favourite escape goat here 👍

  12. I think Scott Munn was responsible for getting Ange to join Melbourne from Brisbane?


    He more recently headed up City Group’s business in China.



    Would make sense that Munn would be considering him. Munn’s appointment is supposed to mean Levy takes a back seat and stops meddling.

  13. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Coneybhoy- Miguel Delaney is a top journalist, he had Slot for Spurs story before anyone else, so he’s well connected, Levy is the problem at Spurs, due to his interference, scaring candidates away,Spiletti who just quit Napoli could be the man.

  14. Seems like if Ange goes there are plenty of experts on here who could do the job.



    I will be watching to see who is lurking around the showers at hampden after the cup final should we win.

  15. Bada Bing



    I agree Re Spalletti being right for spurs but he seemed very clear in the Italian media, when I was over there last week, that he wanted a year out and a decent break.



    He would be a decent fit for them. A real antidote to Levi. Passion and energy.

  16. Bada Bing – for what it is worth, Munn’s appointment is supposed to be one of football supremo and to distance Levy from involvement.

  17. vinniethedog on

    Ange may well be under consideration for spurs…along with 20 others including Rodgers


    But whoever it is won’t last the year


    Ange must be absolutely astonished with the blow out from these last couple of games ….double winners possible treble winners getting ridiculed for a couple of scrappy performances…you really couldn’t make it up….and sections of our support are as bad … would make anyone want to think feck this …..absolute nonsense!!!!


    Ps…Bain was at fault for 3rd and 4th last night

  18. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Bain got regular game-time under BR and was always ready when needed. When you have barely played in almost four years and have to go in behind a struggling defence you probably won’t be at your best. And he probably wasn’t even close to being our poorest performer on the night.


    Big job to be done over the summer.

  19. If Spurs want Ange they will get him



    Adding a zero to your salary in your late fifties. A youngish family who are used to the upheaval. Working in the upper half of the biggest league on the globe



    Generational changing money and living in one of the greatest cities in the world/.



    Its a temptation tha twould be hard to turn down

  20. Burnley78 on 25th May 2023 12:47 pm



    Seems like if Ange goes there are plenty of experts on here who could do the job.






    I don’t get these type of comments. It’s a football forum mate, we all exchange our opinions on football. This site literally exists for celtic fans to share our thoughts. No one is claiming to be an expert.

  21. Vast majority of things people worry about never happen and if it’s something we can’t control worrying about it won’t change the outcome anyway.



    I believe Ange will stay a further year & have another crack at Europe and this time next year will probably go.



    If I’m wrong and he does go this year, I’ll be sorry to see him go as much for his brilliant interviews and put downs as for anything else.



    If he goes he will be replaced & Celtic will go on and so will I until the Big Mhan in the Sky decides my numbers up.

  22. vinniethedog on

    I also believe Ange would take spurs job


    Not sure why slot turned it down


    It really is a poisoned chalice …..Munn was appointed first week in April and will know all about Ange……Starting to get a little bit of bad vibes ….horrible this speculation

  23. Up until his howler, I had Bain & Starfelt as shoe-ins for my Jobo votes. He was instrumental in keeping Hibs from scoring more goals (incl within 40 secs of kick off!).



    Oh missed a decent chance in the first minute. Abada is another who missed the target when given a chance in the first half. Neither get the same level as pelters as Bain, as their “poor efforts” are covered by us taking a 2-1 lead. Maeda has a moment of madness and we’re down to 10 men. Even he will get less pelters than Bain (though arguably contributing more to our defeat). Bain makes a howler, and it’s the headline news (as keepers errors are often definitive.



    Who’d be a keeper, eh?




  24. Ange is high risk for Spurs.



    Their fans will demand a name and Ange isn’t it. He’ll have very little credit to draw down should things get sticky. If Munn or Levy do go for Ange, their heads are in the noose if it all goes bad.



    There’s also the Potter effect. These type of Clubs have a certain type of player that simply don’t respect a gaffer they haven’t heard off.

  25. !!Bada Bing!! on

    DeniaBhoy- he won’t get the control he has here,anywhere else, Spurs etc. Have a Head of Football, Director of Football, Head of Scouting, about 30 scouts,he wouldn’t want to have to deal with that ……plus 2 young kids happy at school here,I still think DD was here last week to get him on a long term deal, hopefully just waiting for the right time to announce it 🤞

  26. BADA BING – I hope so too. But if he is offered it he will have a big decision to make.

  27. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from the Victoria Bar. Life is a minestrone covered with parmesan cheese.

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