Boyata crucial part of CL planning, failure to emulate Gretna


I know Ronny Deila was delighted Dedryck Boyata pitched up at Glasgow Airport last night.  He’s a player the manager has known about for some time and one who was not on the Man City available list when we secured the loan deal for Jason Denayer a year ago.

The mechanics of the deal are interesting.  It’s quite possible it wouldn’t have happened at all without the success Jason enjoyed in Glasgow.  A year ago Jason was a complete unknown, below the pecking order than Dedryck, but we gave him a platform and now he’s a full Belgian international.  The pitch we put to Dedryck was along the lines of “Look what Jason achieved here”.  If we’d singed Dedryck instead of Jason a year ago, Jason would still be an unknown and Dedryck would be a Belgian international.

Assuming no late hiccups, Ronny will know his central defensive pairing for the Champions League qualifiers is sorted, allowing him to concentrate on other areas.

There are no guarantees in football, least of all with Champions League qualification, where we have three awkward knock-out rounds, but we’re starting the summer from a good place.

There’s so much to discuss about yesterdays’ Fir Park hilarity, the consequences of which will be profound.  More on this later in the week, but a few points on Motherwell.  For a team with such glaring shortcomings they deserved the scale of their victory.  Barraclough took a squad who finished 11th in the league into two challenging games and out-thought his opponent.

However, if Celtic fans behaved the way Motherwell fans behaved yesterday your Government would be all over it by now.  I’ve seen flares thrown onto pitches, I’ve seen pitch invasions (although I don’t remember seeing one congregating in front of opposition fans), but I’ve never seen a player smacked in the face and leg by a spectator’s flag, and I’ve never seen anything close to this entire repertoire from fans at a single game.

Who knows what the score would have been had Newco faced the team who finished 10th in the Premiership! Their attempt to emulate Grenta in winning three successive promotions always sounded like a tall order.  They came close, but they’re no Gretna. Not. Nearly. As. Good.

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  1. @FACKilltheBill: Public meeting next Wednesday (10th) at 7pm in St Anne’s, Crownpoint Road, Glasgow. Details of speakers on FAC website soon.



    Please attend if possible.

  2. Captain Beefheart





    12:18 on



    2 June, 2015





    Labour had decades to curb OO excesses. They did nothing.




    100% correct. No political party will attempt to curtail their ‘cultural heritage’. They may be small in number but the politicos know that to attempt to legislate against OO parades will be a massive vote loser in the West of Scotland.

  3. Captain Beefheart


    12:18 on


    2 June, 2015


    Labour had decades to curb OO excesses. They did nothing.




    SNP have been running the show for nigh on 8 years. When do they take responsibility?????


    HENKE 1220



    It will be a book of join the dots.



    And it will as always be beyond them…

  5. Captain Beefheart



    12:18 on 2 June, 2015



    ‘Labour had decades to curb OO excesses. They did nothing.’






    That would suggest therefore that dobbery is a systemic, radical problem with Scottish culture rather than a party political issue, wouldn’t you say?

  6. Auldheid 12:09



    :-) Thanks for reply,i was going to put the £18m in brackets but resisted as i thought it would take away from all dignity and entitlement being sold for £1,a quid,a britbuck,a pound,2 X 50 pences…



    on a serious note have you thought bout furnishing Ishaan Tharoor at the Washington Post with one of your media packs? funny how we can get investigative journalists over the pond yet here there is none.












    Surely it can’t be beyond them to make it a non-partisan Act of Parliament?



    If the huns can’t hold any single party responsible,they can blame them all.



    I wish them luck with that…

  8. Former Manchester United striker Dimitar Berbatov is a free agent after his one-and-a-half year stay at French Ligue 1 club Monaco ended.



    The 34-year-old Bulgarian joined from Fulham in January 2014 and scored in Monaco’s Champions League win over Arsenal this season.



    Berbatov was linked with a number of Premier League clubs in January.



    Top-flight new boys Bournemouth have been reported to be interested this summer.





  9. The Battered Bunnet on




    The suggestion is that SA bought the CONCACAF vote for €10M.



    FIFA “contra’d” the money, crediting the “Legacy” account and reducing the LOC budget accordingly. Provided it was all kept within FIFA, there would be no external trail. Unfortunately for Valcke, the beans have been spilled.



    There is no “Diaspora Legacy Programme”.



    The essence of it appears to be that Warner and his chums got €10M of SA Govt money for their votes, the money being funnelled through FIFA with the full knowledge and cooperation of the Secretary General.



    Not very pretty…

  10. Hamiltontim


    12:25 on


    2 June, 2015


    @FACKilltheBill: Public meeting next Wednesday (10th) at 7pm in St Anne’s, Crownpoint Road, Glasgow. Details of speakers on FAC website soon.



    Please attend if possible.





    ok to put that out on twitter HT ?




  11. Captain Beefheart on

    Bawsman, I am not a fan of the SNP. However, I don’t believe that they are anti-Catholic. Certainly, the church itself doesn’t believe that. Incidentally, Labour had decades of power. They did heehaw.






    They are entitled to march. Banning them is hunnish. However, some of their routes and activities have been utterly moronic. They are to be pitied.

  12. North Cyprus (formerly Baku) Bhoy on




    Tell him that he CSC is now housed in the Mexicana restaurant, not too far off Fountains Square. He’ll enjoy watching the games there – the Lhads are great craic! There will probably be a start of season do on sometime in the next few weeks.



    If he can’t find out more for himself, let me know, and I’ll find some contact details for him.



    The Baku Bears are holed up in the Clansman, which moved, a year ago, into the old premises that used to host the CSC when I first joined in 2005.



    He’ll have a great time over there!! Believe me!!!




  13. bournesouprecipe on



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    ( — ~~~~–_,





    Sunday 31/05/15

  14. bournesouprecipe on



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    Submarine Sunday

  15. TheLurkinTim on

    Met a bunch of absolute souls today…..if u want a list…..too bad…..oldtim67 was top…..the rest of the best is all you can do…..which is why I hav’t bothered ;-))




  16. TheLurkinTim on

    hav’t equals havn’t………… equals sign on this fine ;-))