Boyata crucial part of CL planning, failure to emulate Gretna


I know Ronny Deila was delighted Dedryck Boyata pitched up at Glasgow Airport last night.  He’s a player the manager has known about for some time and one who was not on the Man City available list when we secured the loan deal for Jason Denayer a year ago.

The mechanics of the deal are interesting.  It’s quite possible it wouldn’t have happened at all without the success Jason enjoyed in Glasgow.  A year ago Jason was a complete unknown, below the pecking order than Dedryck, but we gave him a platform and now he’s a full Belgian international.  The pitch we put to Dedryck was along the lines of “Look what Jason achieved here”.  If we’d singed Dedryck instead of Jason a year ago, Jason would still be an unknown and Dedryck would be a Belgian international.

Assuming no late hiccups, Ronny will know his central defensive pairing for the Champions League qualifiers is sorted, allowing him to concentrate on other areas.

There are no guarantees in football, least of all with Champions League qualification, where we have three awkward knock-out rounds, but we’re starting the summer from a good place.

There’s so much to discuss about yesterdays’ Fir Park hilarity, the consequences of which will be profound.  More on this later in the week, but a few points on Motherwell.  For a team with such glaring shortcomings they deserved the scale of their victory.  Barraclough took a squad who finished 11th in the league into two challenging games and out-thought his opponent.

However, if Celtic fans behaved the way Motherwell fans behaved yesterday your Government would be all over it by now.  I’ve seen flares thrown onto pitches, I’ve seen pitch invasions (although I don’t remember seeing one congregating in front of opposition fans), but I’ve never seen a player smacked in the face and leg by a spectator’s flag, and I’ve never seen anything close to this entire repertoire from fans at a single game.

Who knows what the score would have been had Newco faced the team who finished 10th in the Premiership! Their attempt to emulate Grenta in winning three successive promotions always sounded like a tall order.  They came close, but they’re no Gretna. Not. Nearly. As. Good.

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  1. GlassTwoThirdsFull on



    Undoubtedly a bums-on-seat player.


    I think Spurs were the best fit for him. A club with a tradition of playing entertaining football, but who were always around 5th-7th so no major hassle when they dropped points.


    Never really had the winning mentality for Man Utd or the scrapping qualities for relegation battles at Fulham.

  2. BMCUW



    Thanks my friend!



    Not on holiday until the Glasgow Fair, but canny wait.



    It really has been a long year.



    Thanks again for everything.

  3. Proudbhoy





    This is a great resource for contract information. I checked Zaluska and McGeouch for a Hibee earlier. They have no keeper at the club now.



    Both are out of contract 30.06.2015.



    Derk is contracted to 30.06.2016.



    Some of the others you mentioned are not even listed. I reckon all loans will go back though. None have impressed except Denayer.




  4. Henke


    16:49 on


    1 June, 2015


    An tearmann, interesting article.



    Do you, or anyone else, know how much debt rangers had when Murray sold them to Craig Whyte?



    Further, I always thought their debt related to post-9 IAR, but if they were taking out new loans to pay the old ones they were struggling to settle, then god knows how long they were at it.





    since the day he took over in 1988!






    a master of ‘the if i owe you a £ its my problem,if i owe a £m then its the banks,


    a master of ‘if one of my companies is in debt it is a problem to me ,but if i have a myriad of companies all laden with Debt it is a big problem the banks have a problem


    Reservations about his wealth were there from the start,but where ignored by the scottish banking fraternity as the nowdeadklub sought their place in scottish football.Hubris on Murrays part ended rfc,the funding of him is equally as scandolous by BoS 1695(taken over by Lloyds)



    history will win out,the prepostorous notion that it was all craigies fault is the narrative at the moment,as time goes on and history unfolds its pearls, murray and his economic mismanagement ending in selling 87% holding for a £1….not even mentioning money lost in 3 share issues,ENIC,etc(ex GASL)



    Hope your well :-)



    hail hail

  5. Must say felt about sorry for stokesey at the Inverness game..I’m sure he would have loved a run out especially as he could be off-ski in the summer .



    Up until Christmas he impressed me most with the way he adapted to the new regime.



    Coming back from Dublin late for inter game has proved a massive mistake.



    Did a job for us but maybe time to move on.

  6. In union with so many on here I extend my condolences and assurances of prayer to the families, parishioners, communities,and former constituents of the late Father Noel Barry and Charles Kennedy. Requiescant in pace.

  7. Quantum



    I saw that after I posted.



    I see TBB says the money did come from the SA Govt which makes the method used much more like more provable simple laundering.



    My example about how football operates using rules and processes or ignoring them when it suits, using the SFA approach to 2011 licence questions put by Celtic, is an indication of football governance culture in general.



    It happens because there is no accountability.

  8. Captain Beefheart on

    Weeminger (earlier),



    I lost the OF thing after Rangers’ liquidation. Actually, what annoys Rangers fans most is when Celtic men have a complete indifference to the new Rangers set up. I don’t do it deliberately, it is just that I don’t care.



    The Witcher. The Polish mates love it. Made in Poland I think.

  9. Livibhoy



    Cheers.. Really hope we can shift derk on.. There is boys sitting in the gallowgate boozin who deserve more of a chance than him.



    Heartless and pathetic excuse for a footballer.



    Would have been good to keep denayer .. I was hoping man city might allow another 6months and if we are still in Europe after Christmas then another 6momth extension may have been agreed.





    Nearly finished the Jamie carragher book.. Highly recommend it if you haven’t read it.

  10. proudbhoy



    Most new managers like to lay the law early doors. I read a book once that a new manager should always empty somebody very soon after joining a club. Usually an established star and one that would make the rest of the players fall into line.


    I thought for a long time that Commons would be that man. Then there was an indication it may have been Griffith’s. Anyway nobody was canned in the first season that you would say was an established star but I can see Stokes, Mulgrew and possibly one more being sold on going into the new season. In fairness I believe both Mulgrew and Stokes have peaked for us. That may be a bit controversial but I haven;t seen much improvement year on year and their value is possibly as high as it may be to sell and also for the players themselves get them a decent move while their stock is high. Stokes off field and Charlie’s lack of pace may just prove them to be surplus to requirements for the new season but I suspect that it will depend who the manager can get in first.


    Both have been very good servants to Celtic butI don;t see either being first choice next season and not playing weekly is not ideal at this stage of their career. I don;t think they are the type of players who can dip in and out or play cameo roles either. They need to play regular to keep their match sharpness.


    Just my thoughts anyway.




  11. South Of Tunis on

    England 62 for 4.



    As is the way with these things – Joe ” we can win this ” Root is out for a duck .

  12. North Cyprus (formerly Baku) Bhoy on




    10:52 on 2 June, 2015






    I was just talking about you in a mail earlier.



    One of our finest is in Baku. I thought you were still there!




    BMCUW, sorry for the delayed reply – had a bit of work to do, before going for lunch.



    I’ve been away from Baku since the end of February 2014, when I started a new contract with BP in Algeria. I’d been there for nine years, so if your Mate has been there for a while, and frequents the the Bhoys of Baku CSC, I’ll probably know him.




  13. proudbhoy



    That site is handy for players we are linked with and also looking at contracts our players have.



    I will keep an eye out for Carra.


    Cheers mate





    I think the best description of the blue puns was described on here a few days back,apols for forgetting who said it first.



    Slagging off a hun after the game,he told the assembled company that without the blue pound,they were all f….d.



    TO which someone replied-



    And even with the blue pound,yer team are still f….d.



    Or words to that effect,the first guy told it better!

  15. An Tear man





    According to their accounts the RFC debt in 2006 ( after most was moved off their books on to MIH) was £6m



    It rose to £31m in 2009 because of player purchases that then won 3 titles.



    The resulting CL money reduced it to £18m when Lloyds called it in.



    The reduction is oft used by RFC men to suggest the bank were unjust but the bank were MIH’S bankers too and knew the full picture.



    The position in 2006 need not have worsened had the spend not been authorised in 2007/8 especially the £20m gross spend when the BTC bills arrived early in 2008.



    Murray had everything to lose so acted like he had nothing to lose. A financial paradox of life.

  16. Philbhoy



    Olivia sounds like a great wee lassie………good genes obviously



    best wishes for her operation ~:-))




  17. Thinking of taking a couple of season tickets, it’s been more than 10 years since I have been in Celtic Park, open to advice as to where to sit for best view etc, used to sit in the Jock Stein, all thoughts welcome

  18. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar…… Ipox belongs to the creditors





    11:20 on



    2 June, 2015








    09:59 on 2 June, 2015



    Fantastic statement from our Board, vindicating / supporting our supporters’ resistance to the ill-conceived OB legislation ……. No-one is more pro-Police, law-abiding than myself and I strongly feel that the politicians once again let the public and Police down in hastily bringing in this silly Act……..hopefully, it will be repealed and more effective / focussed actions will be taken (like banning orangefests of bigoted hatred in our towns and cities



    The only people who let done Police Scotland were the rank and file Scottish police. To a man they have vigorously tried to enforce the SNPs law with extreme prejudice. Dawn raids to arrest teenagers, monitoring of travel of those suspected of ‘braking’ the law, riot police used to ‘kettle’ football supporters, young people given criminal records to appease the SNP. The tactics used that are more akin to those normally deployed against organised crime. Police Scotland now relish their role as ‘arbiters’ of what is deemed offensive. They are as much to blame as the shameful politicians who brought this failed legislation into being. As for the Scots gov banning Orange parades any time in the foreseeable future- ‘your havin’ a laugh’.





    He’s just arrived. And no shrinking violet.



    If he has trouble finding a home from home,I’ll be in touch for a Red Cross Parcel of The Rebs.

  20. Captain Beefheart on

    I have exchanged some emails with CQN men. Never received anything which denigrated another contributor, only received positive things. That said, this site does have problems with tolerating different opinions.

  21. Captain Beefheart


    12:16 on


    2 June, 2015


    I have exchanged some emails with CQN men. Never received anything which denigrated another contributor, only received positive things. That said, this site does have problems with tolerating different opinions.




    Naw it doesny








    Dawn raids are the province of organised crime and gun-wielding killers.

  23. ………….If it’s restaurants at at Celtic Park – Hows about the Indian-themed


    …………………… “Chapaddy”.





  24. eireann


    12:14 on


    2 June, 2015


    Thinking of taking a couple of season tickets, it’s been more than 10 years since I have been in Celtic Park, open to advice as to where to sit for best view etc, used to sit in the Jock Stein, all thoughts welcome



    you can go to Celtic ticket sales on official site and see what tickets are available and there you can do a panoramic of the view from selected seats………



    I’m in 412 above the green brigade at the front of the stand and the view is brilliant but I’m biased, when I was unwell a few years ago I requested a pass for the lift closest to my seat Celtic offered to move me if I wanted mid-season , I declined as I love my view so much. I got my letter for the lift :-))))))







  25. Thanks auldheid.



    I hope someone oneday issues a Rangers Demise for Dummies book. I need everything simplified.

  26. An Tearmann


    12:18 on


    2 June, 2015





    you get value for money wi the meal :-)







    Suppose I asked for that! HH back to you. (Hello, being the operative word :-)

  27. Ststivs, Slaemuirbhoy and others from that neck of the woods, it must have displeased you to read this at 0.02 a.m. today.



    ‘ I’ve listened to Davie Weir, I’ve listened to Neil McCann, I like what I hear and I like what I see from them. They won’t make managers at this time but I’d like their input, hence not completely ruling out former players.’



    Next time I meet wee Biscuit at Celtic Park I ask him about the education you ghuys received in your Alma Mater.

  28. TBB






    Do the investigators know if the SA Govt actually paid FIFA £10m?



    My thinking was it might be more on the lines of internal fraud to put FIFA money into Warner pocket rather than SA Govt money.



    I guess it depends on what Warner was able to deliver for that £10m and whom he promised delivery to.