Cash windfall for Celtic fans


Readers of Celtic Quick News will know that our club has not been out of debt since Fergus gathered up our cash in 1994 and set about building the new stadium.  19 years later, with the mad arms race which consumed Scottish football over, we stand on the verge of coming out of debt.

The full consequences of this will not be known for years to come but the first material benefit is the £100 discount per season ticket Celtic announced today.  We’re no longer in debt, we can team-build in a measured and sustainable manner, and with Champions League money in the bank, Celtic have cut prices.

I know season ticket holders who missed out on the Barcelona, Spartak and Benfica games as, on top of everything else, they could not afford Champions League tickets.  If we get back to the group stage next season, supporters will be able to buy their season tickets and Champions League group tickets for less money than they paid for SPL tickets this season.

The return of the £50 under-13 ticket is also very welcome, along with a tiered level for older children.  With so many competing distractions, it is important that we bring as many young people into our community as possible.

Peter Lawwell’s comments underline the importance of bums on seats to everything that happens at Celtic, “The backing of our fans has, as ever, been crucial.  Domestically and in Europe they have once again been right with us and we felt it important that we rewarded their commitment by making this gesture”.

More welcome good news for the Champions.
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  1. Good afternoon CQN



    Isn’t it just CHAMPION being a Tim. Any report on what us auld yins (66+) willl be paying for our ST. I had a reduction this season (65+) and know that the normal price for next season is just below £400. Any idea anyone?



    Weefra HH

  2. South Of Tunis @16:28 maybe the Italian journalists wrote the article with the same disdain for tax law that the Italian nation in general shows



    I watched a good interview with the French film director and actor Mathieu Kassovitz on the BBC 24-hr news last week.



    When asked whether he would indeed leave because of the 75% rate he answered, much to the reporter’s surprise “I already have left. I no longer live in France.” He gives a very matter of fact explanation for doing so.


    It may be available on the i-player.

  3. George Ryan‏@LabourGeorge12m


    @TheCelticTrust we should start a sweep to guess what date @AlexSalmond will kill the bill.He will hate His big Bawface on the #GB banner

  4. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    Great news re SBs.. ESP for my youngest AB..



    I m hoping a student rate applies as my 2 oldest junior ABs are 19 & 17.



    Both certainly give me the impression they are students…



    Can’t remember from last yr..






    Queens Park . Peterhead – go for it !

  5. leftclicktic



    That is truly a great deal for the fans. The board are often slated but this is a plus in many ways. I predict a sell out most games next season.






    These guys have enticed more people to games than most Celtic employee’s. It’s a tough gig. It’s done out of love for the club and they don’t expect thanks for it. It’s not very rewarding but it’s worthwhile.




  6. Celtic take lead from chuckles and his magnificent Sevco pricing structure !!



    Charles Green to sue Peter Lawell for industrial espionage season ticket pricing !

  7. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Maybe the use of lounges can be expanded to bring in more revenue.Some good posts last week re developing a family friendly cafe next to the park would pay for itself pretty quickly.I think the School redevelopment is covering this ,but not sure it will be big enough for the demand.

  8. Afternoon all



    Excellent news re season ticket price reduction- but it’ll be interesting to see the negative spin put on it by both the media and some contributors to the blog.



    I have to say I don’t mind when this blog strays into matters political/religious/economic- even if I dislike some of the views espoused. It would be dull if everyone held the same views on politics, Catholicism, Scotland, Ireland etc.



    Pracepta you made a point about PIAs who know it all. As somebody who has read every major work of fiction, philosophy, theology, politics, history written in Ancient Greek, Latin, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Gaelic, has an intimate knowledge of Classical music, jazz, the Blues, rock music, reggae and folk, is familiar with the major works of cinema from DW Griffiths to the Coen Brothers, has played the Old Course, attended test matches at Lords, known ten Lisbon Lions as well as Jock Stein and Sean Fallon and who has had discreet affairs with Gina LollObrigida, Debbie Harry, Jennifer Lopez, Eva Mendes and Christina Hendricks – are you talking about me?





  9. latest reply from an MSP





    Date: Tuesday April 23rd, 2013





    Dear * *



    Following our previous correspondence regarding the events in the Gallowgate of 16th March 2013, the Scottish Conservatives leader, Ruth Davidson MSP, has now received a response from Strathclyde Police Authority.



    In it, the Convener of the authority recognises the number of complaints surrounding these events and points out that numerous referrals have been made to the Crown Office related to the march that day.



    Crucially, he further acknowledges that these criminal legal proceedings will look at whether conduct was proper and if the courts suggest any impropriety, that will undoubtedly result in further enquiries into the matter.



    I support the due process of law and will watch the process of these referrals through the court system. In the meantime I will reserve judgement, until that process is complete, on whether enquiries further than any resulting from the legal process are required.



    I hope this is helpful.

  10. John O Neil


    16:30 on


    23 April, 2013



    I don’t on a personal level but I thought it was an interesting angle and I think it’s a great piece of marketing if it turns out to be the case.



    If such a thing as a neutral exists and seems to be swithering between both of us and not only are we in the SPL but our tickets are cheaper then it becomes a complete no-brainer. Which is a highly hypothetical situation I know.

  11. Mort



    Completely agree. I can remember having a child/student ticket (too many years ago!) and as far as I know they stopped that. The fact is most kids, teenagers and even a lot of tweens will go with their dad/brother(s)/family until they start going with their mates. And nobody wants to go to the football themselves.



    So hopefully all this will have a knock on effect, prices can start to go up again once it becomes part of people’s weekly routine but just now there is a danger of it becoming an occasional outing.



    I think it’s great that they’ve done this but I am just pointing out that I don’t think it’s solely out of the goodness of their hearts, long-term it will bring in more revenue than the risk of keeping prices the same, less season tickets being sold and then a generation of supporters deciding to watch on TV.



    Once you’re out the habit it can be difficult to go back. I had to give up my season ticket because I work weekends but if that stopped it wouldn’t be easy to get back into the swing of things and I think I spend half my day checking for Celtic news, on NewsNow and CQN, blogging and ranting on Facebook about Celtic.

  12. The Battered Bunnet on

    Daily Record headline



    Celtic Fans Facing Shock 33% Increase in Season Ticket Price Next Year

  13. Livibhoy I know a guy who did it a very young age 30yrs ago.


    First match in charge of this debt-ridden lot was the trip to Aberdeen.


    He hired a minibus. Cash only. Plus £10 towards what you owed. He didn’t even let his own dad on board. The moral righteousness of high handed youth.




    When we were 15 pts behind a guy I know that runs a CSC down here who was stuck with 16 tickets for the December game v The Huns !? – 650 quid.



    So I don’t grudge men like you a few tickets as a perk.



    First time I’ve ever heard of Celtic being the other woman in a divorce hearing.




  14. Will be interesting in the tribute acts pricing on next seasons STREET SOCCER LEAGUE !


    Don’t think they will take kindly to plod Kettling right enough !


    Oooooofffffttttt !!!

  15. I don’t post very often, but am driven to do so today because I am absolutely so proud of our board for doing what they have done – essentially a c.£3 million investment in our fans.



    Go see how many other clubs – worldwide – do the same thing on such an incredible scale. Mes Que un Club.



    In a world where sport has become all about counting the beans it is incredible that any company would throw £3 million back at their fans. They’d have probably got away with a £50 reduction but to go this distance is a huge statement. They’ve probably secured the commercial loyalty of many of us for the foreseeable future.



    For once those who run Celtic and those who support it can both lay claim to the Mes Que un Club epithet



    Hail Hail – what a classy way we do our business compared to others across the city…..

  16. ScotsPatsFan



    Your linky no worky but it is the same twisted faced Andrew Waddell. The Mason in the black who went face to face with Big Billy. Here is an online biog for him:














    18E Liberton Brae


    Edinburgh EH16 6AE


    Tel +44-(0)131-450-7017


    Fax: +44-(0)131-664-6794


    E-Mail: andrew.waddell@tmqa.co.uk



    Dr Waddell is recognised as one of the leading motivational trainers in the industry and he specialises in development of excellence in staff and systems.



    He is a Senior Member of the American Society of Quality and a past Chairman


    of the British Association of Research Quality Assurance from whom he received the BARQA Award for extended, outstanding services.



    Dr Waddell was the Head of Quality and Training at Inveresk Research, a major clinical and pre-clinical contract research organisation, for nineteen years. During that time he was responsible for GXP compliance and the successful introduction of generic quality systems which led to the award of ISO 9001. His wider responsibilities included provision of training and consultancy services to other organisations, development of a Regulatory Affairs service and management of a subsidiary Biotechnology company.



    Before joining Inveresk Research he taught and researched in Pathology in the University of Edinburgh’s Medical School (where he was a member of the team that performed the early work on apoptosis) and was the government’s Professional Adviser in Health Education for Scotland.



    Currently Dr Waddell is Managing Director of a private company that provides training,


    consultancy and audits to ISO 9001:2000, GLP, GMP, GCP, ISO14155 and ISO 17025.



    He is also known to a wider audience as an international football referee, until recently a member of FIFA’s elite World Cup list, and as a broadcaster with the BBC.



    In 2007 he was appointed to the Council of the Scottish Football Association.



    A regular lecturer in Europe and the USA, he has wide experience of working with government and industry bodies and was an adviser to the OECD during the development of the original OECD Principles of Good Laboratory Practice.

  17. FAC bus to the peoples parliament to make their voice heard to our elected politicians was leaving George square at 9 am this morning, 2 of Strathclyde’s finest turn up? going to the Parliament then eh, back around 1pm today they declare!! considering this was on twitter via the Celtic trust it was hardly sherlock holmes. On arrival at the Parliament there was more police than FAC members…………………..Tax money well spent?

  18. Can anyone do the Ladbrokes link on twitter re a statement from Iniesta re Barca playing at Celtic Park. Astonishing.



    Weefra YY

  19. Celtic have put pressure on every other club now to reduce prices.


    If the match day prices can be reduced accordingly for both home and away fans it really puts the pressure on other clubs. They charge us high prices because we charge their fans high prices.


    Celtic are finally doing something to help the fans. We don’t need to put our cash into other clubs we choose to by attending Celtic matches at their grounds. They need to reduce their prices if we reduce ours. Celtic have took the first step to help that happen.


    Probably the best news that Celtic have released in a long time. Totally buzzing by that today. We don’t always ask the cub for much, just that we are appreciated. That has happened today. Although I may still not be able to get one myself I am delighted for my fellow supporters who will be able to watch the Hoops next season cheaper than this season. Well done again Celtic!




  20. SSnN



    Vapid Spanner reporting………….




    “It’s panic stations here at Celtic as yet another financial calamity befalls this East End club”

  21. 50 shades of green on

    Also noticed that with the season book you get a champions league qualifier included.

  22. John O Neil


    16:49 on


    23 April, 2013



    Well it did a little :) but to be honest I’m quite guilty of suggesting we don’t talk about them, and then being unable to resist the urge to do so.

  23. Malone Bhoy



    I agree completely. No business decision is ever taken on a purely altruistic level. The club know that this will have long term benefits and if a drop in revenue (from season books) for a couple of years means that more people continue to come through the gates then mission accomplished.



    I also think you are right that once out of the loop, it is harder to get back in and with the proliferation of games on TV it is easier and easier for fans to see games but not to go.



    Personally speaking for how much the TV deal brings us, I’d be happy if it was done away with as over time, the increase in bums on seats would more than compensate for the loss of TV revenue.




  24. Meanwhile over on Shortie, for the guid o’ scoddish fitba………….





  25. Thank God Celtic reduced the SB prices and Paul posted a new article, because my wee heid was beginning to ache trying to make head or tail of the labyrinthine twists and turns that make up just another day at Camp Runamuck…



    It hurts trying to grasp the perplexity and balance that alongside the anger that it’s being allowed to run away like an unchecked steam train once again. I doubt they’ve even got a fit for purpose TV license…






    SFTB – I luvs ya mate and respect your decision but I’ll miss your level-headedness and considered posts.

  26. Rojo. Barcelona 04/19/2013



















    The Premier League is on its annual fishing trip to La Masia. Every year at this time, some player from the youth academy packs his bags and heads to the British Isles. If the chosen ones last year were Toral and Bellerín, then this time around, under-17 youngsters Josimar and Pleguezuelo are the players being approached.



    Barça is suffering, as it does every year, the systematic pillaging of La Masia by English clubs. One of the reasons for this is financial. The offers that come from the British Isles simply cannot be matched by Barcelona.



    Proof of this is the contract offered to Josimar, which would increase what he would earn at Barcelona tenfold. According to the contract he would be offered in Spain, his average earnings during his three years as an under-17 would be €12,000. That amount is only one-tenth of what Chelsea is offering him. The Londoners are prepared to pay him a €120,000 salary, plus a series of extras to his family.



    Barcelona is not going to enter a bidding war in which it has everything to lose. “Neither do we want to, nor are we able to compete. Our priority is to try and convince the lad and his family that staying at Barcelona is the best possible option”, said the club’s vice-president, Josep María Bartomeu.




    Never mind the SPL losing out to EPL even Barca cant hold on to top young players

  27. Ntassoolla



    I have never ever been stuck with tickets for a game v Rangers.


    I could have sold them ten times over. I guess travelling a huge distance is off putting.



    Running a CSC you need to be a killjoy at times. It’s the difference between a good CSC and a poor one. Your business is done at home games. You need to sell fitba cards and other stuff like merchandise, T-shirts, etc to make money subsidise trips, flags, dances etc.




  28. Yes Waddell was the ref for the St Patrick’s day massacre:



    Patrick Glen, Guardian wrote:



    Celtic’s Grant was the first to be dismissed, for a tame piece of silliness, but Rangers came back strongly with Hurlock, Walters and Hateley receiving red cards for physical delinquency.



    The Celtic midfielder was first booked for nudging Johnston off the ball as the Rangers striker tried to steady himself just outside the penalty area for a shot at Bonner’s goal.



    Seconds later, as the free-kick was being taken, Grant broke from the wall and charged the ball. The referee deemed it cautionable and the player left dejectedly in the 54th minute.



    Hurlock lasted a further 10 minutes before being dismissed for punching Coyne. Walters, in a demonstration of rare foolishness, later had two swipes at Coyne with his foot before finally landing an elbow on him with the ball elsewhere.



    Hateley, who had already been cautioned for a foul on Creaney, was later dismissed for a rough tackle on Rogan, who was booked for pushing the Rangers striker away..

  29. !!Bada Bing!! on

    I noticed DU offering cheapest adult ST @ £299 ,it enables you also to bring an U 12 free.

  30. Absolutely magnificent gesture by the Celtic board and yet we still have the doubting Thomas’s on here giving spurious reasons as to why it was done.



    The bhoy who blogged about running a supporters bus is spot on it is indeed a thankless task. Some 30 years ago the bus I was a member of suggested that the convenor should be given a gift of some kind for all the hard work he did on our behalf. This was almost unanimously agreed however a couple of rearends remarked that he only did it to make sure he always had a ticket for himself. I despaired at the time and still do with the small and nasty minded people that say they are Celtic fans. These people do not follow the club in the true spirit of Brother Walfrid.

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