Celtic struggle to shift disorganised look


Having successfully subjugated in-form Motherwell by the opening minutes of the second half, all it took was a deflected shot that looped over Scott Bain to shatter composure and reduce Celtic to a side clinging on and ultimately fortunate to stop an equaliser in the final seconds.

Within minutes of that Motherwell goal, Neil Lennon replaced Albian Ajeti with Leigh Griffiths, Greg Taylor with Diego Laxalt and Scott Brown with Ismailia Soro, which should have injected fresh energy into the side, but seemed only to add indecision.  Mohamed Elyounoussi replaced David Turnbull, which like the earlier substitutions, was a like-for-like swap, expected to halt Motherwell’s momentum.  Far from it.

An apparent urgency to get the ball forward saw possession carelessly surrendered.  Without a reliable Out Ball, Celtic finished the game in a rear-guard action that only encouraged Motherwell to pour forward.

A second win on the bounce is a vast improvement over recent form, still, that disorganised look remains.  The league is gone but there are still things to achieve this season.

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  1. prestonpans bhoys on

    We are very similar to how the Huns reacted to pressure last season. Once under the cosh we fall to bits, the end of the game was embarrassing😱

  2. Subs should have been made before the goal. Brown and Rogic off.



    Couldn’t understand Taylor being replaced.



    We were back to our usual shambles after all they changes

  3. If we’re building for next season then I’ve no idea why Brown and Bain are in our starting 11.



    If P67 is hinting at a 5th SC to win then I’m afraid delusion has crossed the Clyde at taken root in the east end.



    We’ll achieve nothing this season while Lennon remains in charge.



    It should be clear to absolutely everyone at this stage that we’re not going on a run under Neil Lennon.

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  5. BSR @ 12.01



    Trying to work out who JS bought during the original 9 in a row run?


    From memory he seemed to be allowed one big buy every season.



    65/66 — JMcB?


    66/67 — WW = Emergency buy after JMcB got injured.


    67/68 — TC = brought in to take the blame / Left MF?


    68/69 — HH = winger / inside forward with a goal threat.



    Trying to work out / remember the others.





    SM — bought one year too late?

  6. glendalystonsils on

    Looking forward to the March review ! Wonder if the disorganised look will be any more organised by then?



    Question is , if Saturday’s subs were like for like , things should have carried on fairly seamlessly . Was it because the players didn’t understand their roles or that they chose not to stick to them ? Or were they not of a quality to replace those coming off?

  7. Caching up after not being on for two days. Enjoyed St Stivs and others stories about Big Mike and lhads some that I knew well. Of course, some of us travelled in the more sedate Celtic No1 club bus to games. Likewise we had good times in various places over the years. However, I remember being in Nottingham when Brian Clough tried to blame our support for the collapse of fans on the terracing. In fact, it was due to the way the stewards pushed everyone into that area. Amazing how often we got the blame for things we did not do.



    We are very similar to how the Huns reacted to pressure last season. Once under the cosh we fall to bits, the end of the game was embarrassing😱



    And throwing players under the bus…

  9. Biggest issue was DL on for GT.


    DL wanted to play every position apart from his own.



    Plus you had CMcG diving into a 2 on 2 situation on the wing only to see the ball go inside to their scorer who was in a prairie worth of space.



    Very CMcG this season — rush of blood in the last quarter of the game.

  10. We have gone from winning games late on to holding on late on.


    Are we not as fit as we should be?

  11. TFOD2 passing round the hat — seems to be a big shout out for more funds.


    SUrely they are going to have an admin event this season?



    They do seem to running very close to the edge this season.


    I wonder if they are going to pay later for this seasons efforts?

  12. WC @ 12.27



    We are well off the pace with our current fitness levels.


    The amount of double chins on show is shocking.



    SB is the only one who is trying.


    He has put in some amount of effort regarding his fitness.


    Just a case that hois legs are shot — very poor recovery.




    Kind of glad DL popped up on the right hand side out of position for the goal line saving clearance?



    Away to check when we signed JF and JG






    P.S. IS did a run back and steal that SB’s legs couldn’t have.

  14. MM


    Unless they don’t pay a major creditor like HMRC I don’t see them going into administration. The lights are being kept on by the directors and other shareholders.

  15. G @ 12.34



    Their cash position must be very tight.


    Win the league — but don’t pay the players for a couple of months?




  16. What I think I saw – Motherwell didn’t press in the first half but changed their system midway through the 2nd and like any team that presses us, caused us problems. Not sure it was a subs thing just a failure by the management team to react or set up.



    We are pretty disorganised as a unit when pressed. Laxalt, McGregor, Moi and Brown are very guilty to being dragged to the ball (Duffy the worst culprit but thankfully in the stands) and being played around. Add to that Turnbull and Rogic are not great at pressing (skills in other areas of course) and seem to run out of puff from endless passing (Turnbull was good but needs to stop the Christie-like shooting every time).




  17. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    Gene @ 12.34,



    Agreed, it wouldn’t make sense to me they would go into admin for internal debt.

  18. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    League is gone to the latest financially doped version of The Rangers – whilst the Board sits on its hands worshipping the blue pound.



    Team is a shambles because we have manager and coaching team that in the past have been strong on motivational speeches, but are demonstrably incapable of basic team organisation.



    Club is completely disconnected from the fan base.



    Total rebuild required.



    No biggie. Just a vague platitude about things still to achieve this season? Like what, rehearsing a guard of honour for when a mediocre huns team arrives at Parkhead having clinched the league about 10 weeks before the end of the season?

  19. In just about every game this season, the energy levels of Celtic players drop in the last quarter of a game.


    Saturday was no different.



    We’ve had many problems this season, including lots of basic defensive errors, but our biggest and core problem is that we are just not fit enough.

  20. The only thing being achieved this season is still being in denial.



    Denial about our manager being able to implement change.


    Denial about how dire we are .


    Denial about the huge recruitment , coaching and fitness required to improve.



    Complacent or clueless on what to do next ?


    Scunnered CSC

  21. 3 unnecessary subs in 3 minutes, turned the game in Motherwell’s favour, and reverted to the usual comedy routine of players unsure of where they were supposed to be playing, a shambles we see from game to game.

  22. What is the Stars on

    The tide has turned


    Celtic avoid conceding late equaliser


    Hunny Bunnies fail to avid conceding a late equalister


    Huns will now collapse


    We will now go on and win the league



    The Incorrigible Optimists Club

  23. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Very fair appraisal Paul (IMHO).



    One minor (possibly pedantic) comment.



    “The league is gone but there are still things to achieve this season”



    Replace “to” with “we can”.



    And let’s be completely clear, honest and realistic about what this group of managers and players CAN achieve.



    IMHO the focus to the end of the season should be simply stabilising what is there (people, process) and seeing what that yields.



    Any “other” should be left to the new management team to introduce.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  24. We are pretty disorganised as a unit when pressed. Laxalt, McGregor, Moi and Brown are very guilty to being dragged to the ball (Duffy the worst culprit )



    add Ajer to that list

  25. Disorganisation at our level is unforgiveable……..



    I’d hope this season, and what remains of it is used tacticly to prep the new mangement structure for a relatively free run at things next season!.



    If we are to sacrifice the 10 then lets make it worthwhile.


    Sleekit scoddland looks to have won this battle – but we should wage the war.



    The usual subjects should be informed via overt club action that it’s not Business As Usual. ( Fingers and toes crossed)



    If we are to maintain. our Club Like No Other status, fundamental remedial work needs doing badly. Dominic has his work cut out already.



    Struggling to see how the Club is going to tackle next season but the tactics should roll out this one.

  26. From KDS.



    more misses than hits I would say



    List of JS signings.



    Frank Munro £25k from Wolves December 1977 (initially on loan October 1977)


    Joe Fillippi £15k from Ayr Utd November 1977 (part exhange with Brian McLaughlin)


    Tom McAdam £65k from Dundee Utd September 1977


    John Dowie £25k from Fulham September 1977


    Ian McWilliams free from Queens Park June 1977


    Roy Kay free from Hearts May 1977


    Alfie Conn £65 from Spurs March 1977


    John Gibson free from Ayr United December 1976


    Roy Baines £15k from Morton October 1976 (part exchange for Andy Ritchie)


    Joe Craig £60k from Partick Thistle September 1976


    Pat Stanton free from Hibernian August 1976 (exchange for Jackie McNamara)


    John Doyle £90k from Ayr United March 1976


    Jimmy Smith on loan from Newcastle March 1976 (not signed permanently due to injury)


    Johannes Edvaldsson £50k from Halbaeck (Denmark) October 1975 (initially on loan July 1975)


    Peter Latchford £35k from West Bromwich Albion June 1975 (initially loan February 1975)


    Ronnie Glavin £80,000 from Partick Thistle November 1974


    Jimmy Bone £25k from Sheffield United February 1974


    Steve Murray £50k from Aberdeen May 1973


    Andy Lynch £35k from Hearts February 1973


    Ally Hunter £50k from Kilmarnock January 1973


    Lief Neilsen free from Morton March 1972


    John Dixie Deans £20k from Motherwell November 1971


    Gordon Marshall free from Hibs July 1971


    Denis Connaghan £20k from St Mirren November 1971


    Billy Mitchell £1k from Raith Rovers June 1971


    Tom Lally free from Sligo Rovers October 1970 (initially on trial June 1970)


    Evan Williams £15k from Wolves November 1969


    Harry Hood £30k from Clyde March 1969


    Tommy Callaghan £35k from Dunfermline November 1968


    Jackie Clarke £5k from Shamrock Rovers July 1968


    Chris Shevlane free from Hearts June 1967


    Willie Wallace £30k from Hearts December 1966


    Bent Martin £10k from Aarhus February 1966 (initially on trial December 1965)


    Henry Quinn free from St Mirren August 1966


    Joe McBride £25k from Motherwell June 1965

  27. I meant to add,…….good to see Sparky play a part in the team, although he wasn’t the best.


    Leigh’s a scorer of goals and any manager we get needs to be looking to get the best out of this asset……..

  28. BANKIEBHOY1 on 8TH FEBRUARY 2021 1:06 PM



    Agree with every word of that. Spot on.



    I think we can roar back next season, even with some modest changes (it’s still a 2 horse race locally). Others may take longer, like what to do with those who don’t fit the new system / culture and who will take them?



    Next season has to be about setting a new and much higher bar across football and club operations?




  29. We ended the game with three strikers plus TR who struggles defensively.


    We have an inexperienced defence plus a LB prone to walkabout.


    With a MF made up of IS and CMcG.



    That is the CMcG — who has a habit of going off piste at the end of tough games.


    Plus IS who seems to have a pair of legs straight out the Gorbals in the hungry 30’s.


    Great tackle though — stuck at it and bided his time.



    No wonder M/well fancied their chances at the end.

  30. BANKIEBHOY1 on 8TH FEBRUARY 2021 1:09 PM



    Mmmm. It’s a sad no from me. Fat, out of shape and playing for himself. Any new regime will have him transfer listed in a week.



    LG is the human face of our current decline – fat, lazy and dining out on past glories….



    I expect him to be the new Garry O’Connor clone rocking up at Easter Road in 21/22.







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