Celtic struggle to shift disorganised look


Having successfully subjugated in-form Motherwell by the opening minutes of the second half, all it took was a deflected shot that looped over Scott Bain to shatter composure and reduce Celtic to a side clinging on and ultimately fortunate to stop an equaliser in the final seconds.

Within minutes of that Motherwell goal, Neil Lennon replaced Albian Ajeti with Leigh Griffiths, Greg Taylor with Diego Laxalt and Scott Brown with Ismailia Soro, which should have injected fresh energy into the side, but seemed only to add indecision.  Mohamed Elyounoussi replaced David Turnbull, which like the earlier substitutions, was a like-for-like swap, expected to halt Motherwell’s momentum.  Far from it.

An apparent urgency to get the ball forward saw possession carelessly surrendered.  Without a reliable Out Ball, Celtic finished the game in a rear-guard action that only encouraged Motherwell to pour forward.

A second win on the bounce is a vast improvement over recent form, still, that disorganised look remains.  The league is gone but there are still things to achieve this season.

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  1. STx2 @ 1.09



    My focus was on the situation pre 74 when JS seemed to be allowed one big transfer a season.



    Lots of money on GK’s.


    Plus selling LMac to help him pay for his hobby.

  2. Madmitch,



    Motherwell’s downfall was they didn’t have a go at us in the 1st half. As soon as they did, we were in trouble and the template has been set by others (like St Mirren) on how to trouble us.




  3. I’m very much focused on the problems of Celtic but our board were caught sleeping in 2011/12 when a European license was granted to a former rival against the laws of the game.



    Hopefully our incoming CEO has the stomach to insist on the impartial implementation of UEFA club licensing laws.



    One club in Scotland will absolutely smash the permitted losses threshold…

  4. glendalystonsils on

    The only thing that will matter to the Hideous Hordes is that they have stopped the ten.



    History tells them that insolvency is only illusory .

  5. CELTIC prospect Vincent Angelini is wanted by AC Milan and Manchester United.



    The 17-year-old keeper is out of contract at the end of the season and looks set to quit the club.



    A goalkeeper believe it or not…….

  6. Garngad to Croy on

    Not only is this league gone but we are facing the prospect of 3 or 4 leagues being lost, change must come quickly. This feels like the early 1990’s.

  7. Just what is wrong with our youth set up?


    Any recent talent has walked at the first opportunity.



    My thoughts are that we lack leadership and the St Ninians vibe is High School Musical rather than When Saturday comes.



    WAG hatchery more than QSG nursery.

  8. madmitch



    Common enough mistake but Jock Stein did not sign Willie Wallace to replace Joe McBride.


    Willie signed on December 6 1966, made his debut in a 4-2 win against Motherwell at home on December 10, as part of the Lisbon Lions forward line, scored two goals in a 6-2 home victory against Partick Thistle on December 17, Joe McBride also scored that day, and was in the team on Christmas Eve in a 1-1 draw up at Aberdeen, the day Joe got injured. Got a vague idea that Joe may have actually played after that in the New Year, but would would need to rely on Tontine Tim on that one.

  9. GlenD…………….



    Absolutely. If there is no realisation from our Bhoys that a huge, monumental mistake has been made and nothing is done to attempt a redress – then the metaphorical baw remains on the asbestos slates of The Edwardian Toilet Block.



    I have a forlorn hope that some opportunity is seen with the guard changing……. Even at that I’m not sure what can now be done with any positive credibility -but the sentiment from Celtica has to be acknowledged or the calamity will be copper-fastened to every statue we have around Celtic Park………….



    The huns victory must be seen as temporary – I’d give it two max……….if we were to get the chemstry right and sort a footballing future that saw positive bhoystrous enjoyment between team, terracing and the Top Floor…..




  10. CM @ 1.27



    Bit too young for all that — just a case passing on stories from an older generation.



    Thanks for the update — two extra forwards and no defenders.


    No wonder the opposition could get 2 goals.

  11. …as an aside…….. :) Human nature, eh? How bad is it when I find myself doing the arithmetic with regards to a hun collapse and a late Tim rally……………………..where there’s hope!







  12. Wee Joke…


    A Woman places an AD in the newspaper for a new husband.


    The AD states.. ” Seeking a new husband, who will NOT beat me, who will NOT chase after me when I go out with friends, and who MUST be good in Bed”.



    The following day she realises that someone is at her door.



    On opening her front door, there is a Guy there…siting in a wheel chair.the Man has NO Arms or Legs.


    Man says” Hi darlin..I am here in answer to your AD for a Husband”.



    She says…” But you have NO Arms” ?


    Man…” So… I cant beat you then.


    Woman..” But you have NO Legs” ?


    Man..” So, I cant chase after you can I” ?



    Woman…” the AD also stated that you MUST be good in Bed” ?


    Man…” We’ll…. I rang your Feckin Doorbell didnt I” ?






  13. GARNGAD TO CROY on 8TH FEBRUARY 2021 1:21 PM


    Not only is this league gone but we are facing the prospect of 3 or 4 leagues being lost, change must come quickly. This feels like the early 1990’s.




    EARLY 1990.s ?….Magic…I had all my hair back then and my good looks.



  14. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Big Jock’s first and last signings were goalies from Ireland.John ( jack) Kennedy,cost £5,000 from Distillery and as above, from NOTTHEBUS,Pat Bonner.

  15. Celtic Quick News classics……………….



    This and the wee story about the lost “Celtic Bam” in Wales.










    CELTIC MAC on 8TH FEBRUARY 2021 12:44 AM


    Watching the SuperBowl to discover that the actual crowd is around 30,000 but it is supplemented with another 30,000 of cardboard photographs silhouettes, which fans can submit for $100 a shot. It’ll never catch on……oh yes it will.





    Takes me back to the days of John Major, when, in a time of spending cuts, Police Forces introduced cardboard police cars, invariably on Motorway bridges, to deter drivers from speeding, and traffic offences like that.





    Now I remember, at that time, back in the 1990’s driving up the M6 past Manchester, around the M62 and noticing one up on the highway crossover. I thought, I’ll ignore that and push on through to the other side, and put the boot down. Big mistake! Not long after, blue lights flashing behind I get pulled over. I stay in the motor only to see this cardboard cop walk up to my side of the Rover 3500cc…..





    I roll down down the windae, as you do, and said cop leans down and says to me….





    “You know something….. I’m not cut out for this job”…..

  16. Subs were very poor on Saturday.Laxsalt for Taylor.Just why?With Well pressing,why not Broony and Soro,take off big Rogic.


    Looking at Ajeti,looks to me that some serious amount of fitness training required.Has some lovely touches,looks as if he can be mobile,strong enough to hold the ball up,and as we saw earlier,can score goals.Getting into the positions to do this seems to be a problem.Needs to be at least a yard sharper.But with right support,who knows.Not a dud.Giving his fitness the benefit of the doubt,because of his stop start season.Talking to my mate,who gave me the lowdown on,Toney,he tells me it was 7 million,+ add ons,to bring it upto 10 million.What could have been.

  17. AA — what is all this fitness stuff about him?


    There are many more for the health farm before him.

  18. Anyone saying that Jamesy,at 29,needs rested.Really?I know everyone is entitled to an opinion,but,FFS,try and make them a smidgen sensible.

  19. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    I would wager a Tommy Wright Killie team to beat Sevco Rangers and their “invisibles” hopes before Celtic this season.

  20. My main hopes for the rest of the season is a brilliant manager in place asap, then if Scottish Cup is played to win that..and finally to skelp that mob twice.


    so still wont be putting the candles oot yet!

  21. BIG JIMMY on 8TH FEBRUARY 2021 1:50 PM



    Reminds me of the Two Ronnies joke.



    ‘How do you ask a one armed man with a digital watch what time it is?



    What’s the time, cock?’



  22. MAD MITCH,


    All this talk about Health Farms,have you ever though of putting yourself in a Funny Farm.If nothing else,it would take away your penchant for only using initials,instead of names.A very strange quirk.Then again,I am sure they would find a good bit more.Maybe even get to the bottom of why you use a British Army terrorist nickname on a Celtic Blog.

  23. glendalystonsils on

    BANKIEBHOY1 on 8TH FEBRUARY 2021 1:33 PM



    The 10 is gone but you are quite correct regarding the short to medium term prospects . Or rather , our response which will dictate how long our humiliation will last.



    It is quite within our power to make sure the second Reich is as short as possible . One or two seasons , but if it should go longer than that their press cheerleaders will be forever repeating the phrase 10 iar in quite a different context .


    What our custodians have allowed to happen is unpardonable . Not to take immediate and fundamental remedial action would be much worse .

  24. Malicious Prosecution of Administrators of Rangers



    On Friday, I was able to speak to my MSP, Rona Mackay, about my request for guidance from her about raising a public petition for an inquiry into the conduct of Police Scotland and the Scottish Criminal Prosecution Service into their admitted malicious prosecutions of various people who, in doing their professional jobs as appointed by a Scottish court, were arrested and prosecuted on baseless charges. The article below explains that one of the, David Whitehouse, was held in a police cell with not even a mattress to sleep on for 6 days.






    Before the call I appreciated that, whilst cases are still sub-judice it would not be possible to have an inquiry at this point in time. However, I did have questions to ask of her about the process for when the time is right. At no time have I requested her support for any motion as that is her prerogative to decide if it is her will to enagage or not.



    Rona helpfully advised me that, on Wednesday at 14.30 there is a debate to be held in the Scottish Parliament concerning the Lord Advocate. She expects that the subject of this debate will be about these malicious prosecutions. I understand that the debate will be televised although my work schedule is likely to mean that i will not be able to watch it live but I understand it will be available to watch on the archive.






    I appreciate that, because the debate is called by the Scottish Conservatives, some people on here may may not be well-disposed towards it as I previously got negative feedback when I mentioned that Murdo Fraser had raised the need for an inquiry. My opinion is that the integrity of the Scottish justice system should be above all party politics and any genuine desire for an inquiry to find the truth about what happened in these cases is welcome irrespective of the source.




    I would take that bet if I was a gambler – they’ll need to beat them at ibrox at the weekend, they aren’t getting in the top 6.



    They’re 25/1 to win at the moment.

  26. If CQN had been around the time of Big Jock ,in the declining years,looking at some of the signings he


    made,this place would have been marching on Celtic Park,pitchforks,and torches blazing.


    Lost the 10 with that load of rubbish.


    Stein Out.


    You know.

  27. !!BADA BING!! on 8TH FEBRUARY 2021 1:20 PM


    CELTIC prospect Vincent Angelini is wanted by AC Milan and Manchester United.




    He’s Davie Hay’s grandson.

  28. If the huns are playing Killie next, and Killie look to be rallying then the huns will git a penalty or some “pie” will get sent off, in order to nullify their threat.

  29. I know we have been gash for spells this season.Dubai,putting the tin hat on it,buuuuuut,


    there is always a but,if the Refs had been,what they should be,and sent off the Hun players when they should have,you could,being generous,deduct 6 points from their total.I am giving them the benefit of a draw,could have been worse.It puts a totally different picture on the League.


    Being as bad as we all thought we were,we gave them a lesson at Ibrox.Totally outplayed them,keeper keeping them in it.Down to 10 men,an OG sealed our fate,but we still had them on the ropes at the end.A load of talk on here about Refs,every day,but not too much on the massive effect they have had on League placings.We would much rather pursue our own agendas and blame our own.Whom,I should say,are not by a long shot,guiltless.

  30. Still can’t believe that wee neanderthal Davidson Kallum’s remarks after his own player was done last week.



    That’s how deep it is with the Klan.

  31. I read the same stuff over and over and over and over…… Unfit… Never reacts… Poor subs…. Now this might happen sometimes as with all managers…. Now I’m not sticking up for lennon here because he made the biggest feck up ever by dropping julien for Duffy after the 5-0 Ross County game….. Start of the unrest and defensive malaise….. But we are a team devoid of confidence….. When a team scores a flukey goal we become nervous…. Like a rabbit in the headlights…… WGS used to say goals change games…. In our case its like a whirlwind and tsunami joined together….. I don’t believe its fitness… We came back at Easter Road.. Came back against AC Milan had them hanging on.. Plenty other examples….. Its a confidence thing…. A physiological nightmare… That will take a whole new set up and possibly new defence to sort……. Starting with a keeper that breeds confidence

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