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  1. JamesForrestsLeftFoot on

    DAVID17 on 13TH AUGUST 2019 10:59 PM



    I agree with you about Scott Brown and goals No 1 & 2.



    Sadly he was also at fault for goal No 3. He allowed his midfield opponent t run off him, pick up the flicked pass and shoot at goal without Scott getting anywhere near him. Bain palmed the shot into Omrani’s path (he’d run in from the left wing) & he scored with Elhamad nowhere near him.



    Scott’s error though was just one in a series by 5 Celtic players that ked to that goal.


    No pressure on their CB who passes out to their right sided midfielder who has no one marking him.


    Morgan rushes to cloise him down but half turns away as the pass is played between his legs to their No 29.


    No 29 is marked tight by Ajer but the guy screens Kris and glances the ball with the outside of his foot into the path of No 7 who has lost Brown. He takes one touch and shoots on target..then the rest as above.



    This was in the 80th minute of a very tight & tense qualifying game at home. At this stage there had to be a realization amongst them all about what was needed to see this game out. We acted as if we had already won the game and stood off (Ajer excepted). A professional foul to stop their momentum even.



    Scott Brown looked and played like he was tired. Perhaps he was the player who should have been rested on Saturday not the younger lads like Christie and Eddie.



    Europa CSC

  2. Delaneys Dunky on



    Your post about your grandsons experience has given me my only semblance of joy tonight. God bless you both M.

  3. Can’t wait for Turkeybhoy(gobble gobble) to come on and try to defend the board and their transfer policy after that absolute garbage

  4. Happy Clappers…


    I’ll give you happy clappers….







    Or Draw



    I never forget that. Many do



    I’ve had worse disappointments in my Celtic supporting career.



    Thankfully, the good outweighs the bad.



    Hail Hail




  5. Go tell the Spartim on

    It’s interesting to see a tweet that confirmed former board member Eric Reilly remarked that our signing policy is within spl limits and the board would never sanction spending for Europe on any scale (I’m paraphrasing)



    Our football recruiting strategy from identifying to purchasing or renewing is a complete joke.



    I’m past the point of no return when it comes to how this is dressed up, the fact that it’s going to be attempted is contemptible in itself and whoever tries to do so should be utterly ashamed.



    Lennon already threw the players under the bus. Playing midfielders in defence is always gonna come back and bite you, not because they’re bad players or can’t tackle etc it’s because they’re not DEFENDERS and don’t think like defenders.



    We’ve seen this movie too many times before both with our piss poor recruitment and with absolute shockers under Lennon,



    I firmly believe that we’re getting the p*sh ripped out of us by the supposed custodians of the club. We may well get 9iar but that’s all part of the big plan, we’ll not get 10, project old firm is well and truly alive, and has been since our collusion in the 5 way agreement. That’s yours and my boards legacy

  6. up to the fans come together and start a boycott



    1. Europa league


    2. celtic shop





    back the team sack lawell should be the singing and banners

  7. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Well, silly me.


    I thought we were out of Europe.



    Didn`t realise that we had a play off game.



    That`s a lot better.


    Europa is our current standard .

  8. Delaneys Dunky on



    AIK Stockholm are probably a better team than Cluj. I am not convinced we will beat them.

  9. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Neither am I , but I am confident that we will .



    Our team is better than we saw tonight.



    Lenny made positional errors imho which I feel sure will not be repeated.


    In fact , I would suggest that his job is dependent on progress in the Europa.



    Not attempting to make light of what was a horribly disappointing night .



    But, Europa is our standard.



    The financial loss from the exit tonight is balanced by the sale of Kieran.


    Sounds callous , but that`s the fact .

  10. I wonder if Lawwell is surprised tonight as he was with the LNS decision.


    I’m not, no crystal ball required.


    SID on 26TH MAY 2019 10:45 PM






    Just for the record i think if backed Lenny will be a success at least domestically.




    I have zero faith he will be properly backed by our board, if by the time our preseason training resumes and at least 3 proper significant signings aren’t added to the squad we will fail CL qualification.



    This is not the season to rely on and see if we can pick up a EPL cast off on deadline day.




    Every time someone has posted about BR poor record in Europe i have challenged it. 2CL qualifications and 2 post Christmas Europa, I’d bite your hand of for that poor record to be repeated.




    We shall see HH


    SID on 19TH JUNE 2019 12:15 AM





    Some of us can enjoy our record and triumphs whilst recognizing a squad in regression, the wonderful abilities of the human mind.



    Some of us would also like to see those triumphs continue, which should be highly achievable giving our finances.



    Mr Lawwell is failing imo and has in at least the last four transfer windows, if your argument is you don’t think the squad is regressing then i call your football judgement into question. HH

  11. Go tell the Spartim on

    From what I’ve read so far



    The majority of Timternet blame Lennon for his team selection, tactics and substitutions



    The majority on timternet blame Lowell for appointing Lennon in the first place and then not replenishing the squad sufficiently



    That’s it in a nutshell

  12. Go tell the Spartim on




    Wishful thinking I’m afraid he’ll be here until he decides to go

  13. Love you NFL but you aint no Celtic manager.that was a disaster from team selection to (if any) tactics.


    did john kennedy talk you into playing calmac at left back?


    You have let james forrest fall back into lazy mode.


    What position did you ask Johnston to play..boy was bullied and totally lost again…he was a man down for us.


    We need more tactical inspiration than the token “move it quicker”..that you seem to rely on.



    You’ve got an an eye for a player right enough

  14. Saw our fraud of a managers press conference….nothing to do with him, apparently. ‘We’ played well enough to win the tie. ‘We’ made mistakes. ‘We’ had the most chances…


    Not one hint of self-awareness. He’s so out of his depth, he can no longer see that he’s drowning…no mention of blame for the wrong tactics, for the Mowbrayesque substitutions, for the moronic team selection. Aye, but he’s Celtic through and through…so am I, but you wouldn’t put me in charge of tactics and team selection. That is no qualification for the job, a job which is clearly way too big for a man of his limited ability.


    He puts McGregor in at LB cos he needs a player of his ability in the starting 11….really? Ahead of the £3M LB we bought, ahead of Hayes, who has played there countless times before?


    Who did he consult before making this decision? His world class coaching team of Duff, Kennedy, Woods. O’Dea?


    We are a mess, and we need rid of Lennon, Lawwell and that shower of jokers we call a coaching team, or else we can all kiss 9IAR goodbye…

  15. Go tell the Spartans



    Or the fans can mobilise and boycott something




    I can’t remember which manger said about wingers that they are a Luxury and only to be played if they can track back and contribute when not in possession as it can rob the midfield of an extra body



    Well we had two wide Wingers Forrest and Johnstone. Both of them as much use as a chocolate fire place when the other team has possession



    Add that for a team pumped up and pressing in Midfield it’s a disaster as you surrender your midfield


    It’s school boy tactics Neil


    We done that twice last year at Ibrox



    Neil lost us the league one year when we went to Inverness and we didn’t get 3 points as Inverness bossed our midfield



    It’s Neil’s Achilles heal and because he has not learnt his lesson he can’t take our club forward

  16. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Words , words ,words.



    Never should we be losing three goals at home .



    Not words.


    Action. This day.

  17. macjay Its our standard as that is PL makes our standard




    Slavia Prague standard is the CL and so are lots of our clubs on fraction of our income




    no other club has Celtics business model

  18. One word to describe Neil Lennon…






    I hope all of the Bolingoli social media haters are feeling guilty tonight… maybe if the lad was given half a chance, Lenny wouldn’t have resorted to playing our best mdfield player as a deputy left back!



    Bolingoli’s Celtic career would be over already if he had played as bad as Calmac tonight.




  19. Macjay actions



    1. a new CEO


    2. a director of foorball to crate a strategic plan for football operations CEO to be nowhere near it




    if we continue with PL we will get same old same old




    in last ten years only one club in CL qualifying has had a greater income than us



    we lot to them, then platini brought in champions rout and it should have been plain sailing for a team with 50% more turnover than majority of teams in our route




    but we have peter lawell who stops any planning and bottom line is AGM balance sheet



    he has to go

  20. fleagle1888 Boli boli should be nowhere near our team, he is a result of poor planning and management



    if we had a director of football signing off on transfers instead of PL, he would of thrown 1sT DVD of him in the bin. he makes Ambrose seem world class get him sold somehow , the guy cant even walk with a football



    we played McGregor at LB as we have no left back

  21. The Live Update thread from the Motherwell game generated 28 pages of comments in 3 days.


    The Cluj defeat has generated 25 pages in about 8 hours.




    Many people only post when they have an opportunity to express their angst and dissatisfaction with some element, no any element, with the club.


    Good night and may God relieve your pain

  22. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    SYDNEYTIM on 14TH AUGUST 2019 3:56 AM



    We have differed in the past about P.L.


    We still do.


    He`s the very well paid club gopher.


    He does what the Board tells him to do and has a role without doubt in husbanding our finances. Our finances seem to be in splendid shape. Thanks , Peter.



    He negotiates deals and in all probability requires the Board to sign off on his negotiations.


    You feel he has a role in choosing signing targets.


    I don`t.



    In short , P.L. is a convenient target for our angst when the team performs below the standard we have every right to expect.



    BTW. Cracker of a goal from wee Jamesie. Your other bete noir.





    Hail Hail

  23. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    SYDNEYTIM on 14TH AUGUST 2019 4:00 AM



    In this we agree.



    A significant change should be made.

  24. I cant believe Lennon is blaming the players – he said they treated the first half like a friendly. Really, that probably because he picked a team and a formation like it was a friendly. He was complacent and decided tonight was the time to pussy foot around.



    We are at home – we are likely to be attacking on the front foot – this match was tailor made for Boli to make his mark. Keep Macgregor in the midfield and let brown drop to support the defence.



    How does Boli react to this situation – SHOCKING man management.



    We are linked with lightweight nonsense – time to get some steel bought NOW!



    I cant see Lennon lasting until xmas – the vibe has gone and we will only win the league with a replacement IMO

  25. mac jay your wrong heard from good source yesterday that turnbulls agent hates PL and him and many agents are loath to go near him



    we know for fact it was PL that held Mcginns transfer up, that is not up for discussion, he tried to get him for buttons and his ways are they reason for our transfer windows shambles every year.




    he lost hois grip when Rodgers came aboard but now rules celtic park with and iron hand




    yes good old jamies sits out on the wing while opposition midfielders take control , Mickey johnstone another guilty party. you play one wide man, two hands midfield to a pressing opposition




    we as said before have to use the AJEX way a former player or ex player as CEO/director of football



    seel but back fill with talent to supplement youth coming through



    how on earth can mickey johnstone get better when we buy a cheap bomb scare at left back\



    we have to become a football club 1st a nd PLC 2nd

  26. Feeling sick tonight that we lost that tie over the two legs. We did the business over there but somehow lost the plot at home. Sadly Lenny shoulders the blame for 2 bad decisions. Callum at left back was stupid, and Mikey J up front was a a crazy gamble. He’s not ready to play at this level. We knew they would come and scrap for a win but we did not select a team who would be up for it. Broonies hand ball for the penalty was schoolboy stuff. He should be dropped to teach him a lesson, Bain should also be dropped. The goal lost at M’Well was a sign he is low on confidence and he looked shaky all night.



    Hopefully I’ll feel better when the bhoys line up at the weekend. Europa League is definitely our level, but we are good enough to get into the CL and drop into the EL by finishing 3rd in our group. Celtic should not be playing qualifying rounds for the EL.

  27. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Fraid I see things much as MNCELT does.


    Agents hate PL ? If that`s the case , then he has gone up in my estimation.

  28. Good morning CQN, from a dry and bewildered Garngad



    I’m gabberflasted at everything about last night.



    Lenny, why? Why? Play one of our most creative players at LB, ffs.



    So many things wrong last night it’s hard to put into words.



    D. :)

  29. My fear is that we might have players in the team now who do not want to be there or Lenny does not want there:


    Sinclair – tried to get rid of him, his head will go down


    Bolingolli – Lenny plays a midfielder at left back instead of him


    Cal Mac – the Rat has tapped him up (saying he wanted him) we did not let him go


    MJ – dreadful last night, head will go down, not ready for regular first team football


    Shved – the lad scores a great goal then dropped all together


    Julienne – £7 million quid must buy u something decent, plays a couple of games then benched for CL, head must be down watching that dross and thinking wtf.


    Bain – is a wreck and calamity


    Morgan – isn’t ready for first team football, will be good player in a year or so



    There’s more but ffs, just my opinions of course



    D. :)

  30. Was the game all about poor defending only?



    I’m surprised myself that Lenny went gung ho like that – he used to set up for European games on the cautious side.



    The defence wasn’t being protected by the midfielders, and our forwards weren’t doing enough when the opposition were in possession.



    Scott Brown can’t cut the mustard anymore, sorry to say – most combative midfielders can’t when they hit a certain age – it’s different for playmakers like Pirlo whom can until they are nearly forty.



    It’s difficult to drop the captain though for games against better teams, because he’s the only real fighter in the team.



    The only consolation is – some of the attacking play second half was scintillating.



    HH. 🍀

  31. Couldn’t look at CQN last night – too low.


    We are going backwards at an alarming rate and its not going to stop now.


    Regarding the game it was clearly poor selection by NL especially regarding Callum at LB but more generally are we completed unable tighten up and close down opponents ?- we were woefully open through the midfield which put pressure on the defence. I’m not suggesting parking the bus, nothing like it, but surely we practise and have formations that suffocate opponents and make it difficult for them – don’t we?


    To my mind big Kris, Jozo and Hatem didn’t do much wrong tonight but they got no help or support from the midfield and bad inividual errors by Bain and Brown have cost us – but the pressure that brought about those errors ought not to have been there if we knew how to manage a game and an opponent – that is poor management which together with selection on the left side is very worrying.

  32. Basically telling Boli and Julien they are not good enough or trusted to play last night is also poor management – how must these guys feel getting that news yesterday and how much pressure does that put on them now – are they not good enough for iBrokes either where the pressure will be even higher??


    Leaving them out last night is i think a shocking indictment on or planning/scouting/recruitment and is hugely concerning for the club and for those boys career at Celtic.