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  1. Alasdair MacLean on




    Latvian confirmed in the report below.


    Still very suspicious behaviour though.



    Can’t help feel that team selection and tactics was the root of where things went wrong tonight though.



    Always one for a positive though.



    The hard lessons might result in a better track being followed.

  2. Firstly, just to bring some calm and perspective to the situation , i don’t actually think going out will make that much difference on a footballing level as the season goes on. This is our level, the past number of years have shown that. Financially it probably wont have much bearing either because we would be unlikely to spend the extra cash from the UCL anyway.



    So where did it go wrong? In a number of areas imo,



    1, the failure to replace KT in advance of his transfer which we all knew would happen was laid bare. Calum at left back was reminiscent of Ibrox last season. Repeating the mistakes of the past does not sit well. Boli was deemed not up to it by the Management. Two left backs left the Club in the summer and adequate replacements have not arrived.



    2, changing the team from last week didn’t work, the team looked unsettled and uncomfortable. We were exposed on the left hand side. The balance of the team was all wrong. Obviously that one is down to Neil. I do not know why he changed things from the first leg.



    3, huge errors from Bain and Brown. The handball was beyond inexplicable. Bain looks rattled in all aspects.



    4, Quality of player. At this level Brown is struggling, truth be told. Easily rolled for the first goal and poor decision making for the second. Johnston struggled and so did Morgan. We have some real quality in the team but two or three fall short and that is the difference. Losing McGregor in the middle was a blow to the team. Ntcham did well but doesn’t help Brown like Calum does.



    History tells us that whether we qualify or don’t, it is usually very tight either way. Such small margins are decided by decisions at all levels of the Club. We have fallen short again. Luck was not on our side. We do not prepare to qualify and we are not properly and adequately resourced at all levels of the Club including on the pitch and in the Boardroom.



    Its tough to accept but we have not done enough. The will be lots of moaning and lots written and spoken over the next few days and weeks. But the fundamentals are clear as day. As i was reminded by a supporter whom i overheard leaving the stadium, he said ‘if Cluj can take 3 off us what will Rangers do’. A reminder of the painful truth. As long as Celtic stay ahead of Rangers the Board will be content and so will most of the support. We may stumble in or out of the UCL from one season to the next but it is not the bottom line and by the time the trophies are handed out it will be long forgotten.

  3. Supersutton @ 10.41


    I used to have that attitude


    I have stopped all Cup games – league cup gate is split, why should I fund Dunfermline ? No club backed Celtics challenge of FtSFA


    I refuse to fund the SFA in Scottish cup




    I have decided enough is enough of this board taking us fans for granted – and I am fully aware of how a business should or can be run


    The board are not prepared to move forward and attempt to be successful in Europe, why back thus attitude ???


    This will be first time in about 45 years following Celtic, I have made this decision, so not made lightly

  4. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ MOONBEAMSWD on 13TH AUGUST 2019 10:57 PM



    Not even sure I agree with that. Christie, Edouard, Ntcham and Forrest are very good. But MJ is nowhere near ready and Scott Brown, notwithstanding the mistake is not up to this level. First team LW and CM needed and that’s before we consider the defence.



    I’m not looking forward to going to Ibrox in a few weeks- I can’t see a positive result- between having no away support, our defence and the MIBs, we haven’t a hope.




    Tried turning java off, makes all the comments disappear. Have an adblocker also. On safari “congratulations, you have won…..” popup appears constantly. Mediocrity is winning.

  6. HeknowsWHOknows on

    The greatest trick the board have done is get the season book ment in the bank to pay for assumingly unfit defenders.




  7. 67 European Cup Winners on

    What has happened tonight is the Huns have got stronger and we have got weaker



    We should have our foot on their throat but we let them up and we let them live



    Big challenge ahead




  8. Referee was Latvian, nl said the left side ,playing McGregor there was not the problem as he had a good game , adios Neil.


    No other way to view that, utterly terrible judgement and analysis from him

  9. glendalystonsils on

    VALE BHOY on 13TH AUGUST 2019 10:40 PM


    If Lawwell and Lennon are still in place tomorrow then we are fucked.



    They will be….and we are.

  10. Look at Lennon’s lack of passion from the dugout? He knows he’s being played by Lawwell

  11. Go tell the Spartim on

    The PLC and Lennon have that self entitled arrogance about running a football club that doesn’t bode well.



    I wait with baited breath the low level local recruits that will be drip fed to us before the window shuts.



    Thank god im not in the HCTS not that I’m not supporting the team but season book is paid and there’ll be not one thin dime extra being paid to fill the plc pockets. Frankly they don’t need it they’ve got £70m lying around doing the square root of f all

  12. Maybe during the week, we can have the debate about the Ajax model again.



    Let’s worry about beating the likes of Cluj and AEK before comparing ourselves to Ajax.



    Our budget absolutely dwarfs Cluj so while we can discuss how much we need to be spending, tonight was about coaching and recruitment – or lack of it.

  13. ulysses mcghee - a demographic of one on

    It’s interesting, yet unsurprising, that we are now being told tonight will affect signings – by the manager no less – that narrative has been getting more and more greased over the past 2 weeks – what’s galling is blogs – even on here – citing Lennon’s shrewd eye for a player – and being thankful the large sums of cash we have weren’t being entrusted to Rogers & Congerton.



    And then – just like Keyser Soze, and, ironically, Kevin Spacey’s career – POOF! it’s gone.



    Gerrards gamble this year is solidifying enough to shore up the losses they accrued to other SPFL teams and going all in for the Derbies – 4 games. It’s a viable strategy.



    Yeah, we should win the league – but then we shoulda won tonight



    Money should have been spent over the past 4 weeks to shore up 9IAR and 10IAR AND confirm CL money – we risk tens of millions year on year by not identifying capable if expensive professionals.




  14. Neil’s comments after game point to him not being up to job!



    Neil (or someone of equal stature) will remain in charge while PL keeps collecting his bonus.




  15. I wouldn’t go as far as saying I hope we’re beat next week but I’ll be honest and say – I will not lose a second’s sleep if we don’t make the Europa.



    Travelling all over Eastern Europe and Asia to come back and play Sunday football is something I don’t care too much for.

  16. Lennon has been all over the place in his comments regarding signings. Five became two then we had to sell before we could buy…almost as puzzling as his team selection tonight.

  17. Well well well….who’d a thunk it?….only everybody on this site. An accident waiting to happen. Let’s bank multi millions and hope for the best. Let’s NOT invest in the team when we need it most. Turkeybhoy,what you saying now?


    An ABSOLUTE disgrace. Europa League? ….couldn’t Ghiberti a toss. This, unfortunately is our lot, like it or lump it. The majority I’m sure will be delighted I’m sure…. with a token “big name signing”… if even that happens now





  18. I 100% backed the appointment of Neil Lennon.


    To me he was the perfect man and indeed the early signs have been good.



    But I have to say I was dissapointed he never dropped Scott Bain after Saturday.


    And amazed he played Callum at left back.


    To lose 4 goals at Celtic park against a side as modest as Cluj when it means everything is actually as bad a european result at home as I can think of.


    Results and performances like that will not go away quickly….


    Despite all the moaning and greeting we give out about how tough it is to get into the champions league it is my view that we actually have it pretty easy from UEFA.


    Since Arsenal under Mowbray when i believe we qualified as runners up in the scottish league we have not played any of the big nations teams.


    We lost last year at the same stage to a greek team .We have not even made it close to the champions league for two seasons.


    Really poor because all these games are more than winnable if we had any ambition.Indeed our wages budget is much bigger than 95% of the teams we are playing.


    I now have serious doubts about our manager and my own judgment in him because tonight was the kind of result that will have given major kudos to the other side of the city who appear to catching us up quicker than we dare admit.

  19. HeknowsWHOknows on

    The other thing that needs to be done for the support is get someone appointed on behalf of the support to ask direct questions that need to be asked.



    The nail has been hit on the head. Transfer bolloks talk is exactly that.



    Expect more to leave and don’t expect many through the door with the pedigree we hoped would appear.



    The support is being took for a lawell coaster AGAIN.

  20. We have not prepared properly. i do not buy this strategy and succession planning bo…cks because the reality is if a player is sold or let go there is a void left. it seems like an ever repeating surprise and struggle to then adapt.


    The most important money making period of the season has showed up our poor forward planning and inability to overcome the resulting recruitment challenges. we are left taking a punt.lenny tries a completely untested plan. fingers crossed.


    they had a plan tonight all we had was hope. what about a business plan if that is the game?


    otherwise we are then at the mercy of inexplicable broony madness.


    surely money in the bank allows us to plan.


    unless it is just a bonus all this uefa stuff?

  21. We know what to expect from Ibrox, even more so after tonight. They’ll push up and have a real frantic go at our defence. That game while not nearly as important as tonight could very well put Lenny in a pressure cooker should he not deliver. To be quite frank, he and Brown owe the support after tonight’s brain farts.

  22. In the previous occasions calmac has been played at lb against sevco and Hibs, we were soundly beaten and I thought Rodgers had taken the huff and had deliberately compromised the team to make a point to the board.


    Sitting here and I honestly can’t think of another reason for repeating a selection that obviously didn’t work twice before.

  23. OK Iniquitoouiv,


    My brains are fried at the moment, overall point that the season is not fecked up totally still stands, there is plenty to play for.


    No matter how sick we feel or how sick the team feels, the games are still coming and we have to pick up the pieces and try to redeem ourselves.


    Killing thing at 3 all we still had a few decent chances to score especially the one that fell to Griff, Ah well, the sun will rise again tomorrow, hopefully.

  24. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    I wonder what Paul will lead with tomorrow? Can we blame Brendan somehow?

  25. Don’t suppose anyone is interested that it must have been one hell of a match for the neutral….


    that’s the third game in 10 days we have been involved with that’s had 7 goals.



    Certainly got that ‘Partisan Belgrade’ feeling tonight.

  26. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ CORKCELT on 13TH AUGUST 2019 11:20 PM



    Of course we have to pick ourselves up and go on, but that doesn’t mean certain individuals get a free pass.



    We are a well run club of course…and yet we have all seen this movie before. Just once i would love to see some real ambition shown.

  27. EspiritoDeCelt on

    Sadly, if we the fans on here are mostly agreed on Neil Lennon’s abysmal tactical decisions that allowed us to squander this very winnable tie then what the hell will the Celtic players be thinking. For me, Lennon’s decisions tonight will lose him a lot of respect from the players. The question then is can he recover their respect in the next few months, or will we look back on tonight as the first stage in Lennon’s sacking. Tonight was not a normal defeat, Lennon and the management badly let us down and of course, he deserves the chance to learn and repair the damage, but I do feel he has put himself under a lot more pressure as a result. At least last year against Athens, the boards under-investment was more of a factor in our exit, but I’m afraid Lennon is the most to blame here. He will need some backing to get the back-4 properly sett-up and in place, so let’s see where are by the end of September?

  28. Lucky if this is a £50m season.



    Especially with what we witnessed tonight.



    Keep spinning Mr. P67.

  29. Vale Bhoy,


    aye Neil was sitting reading CQN and saw your posts and thought oh yeah i better resign