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  1. 67 ECW,



    McGinn should have been at Celtic Park as Scott Browns natural successor but Lawwell ensured it didn’t happen. ( even Rodgers met McGinn to try and influence the boy to come). Lawwell called the shots and in the power struggle with Rodgers this was collateral damage. Ultimately Rodgers walked and tried to damage the club but we got our treble.



    However Lawwell has seriously damaged Celtic. By appointing Lennon he has made a monumental error —- he knew it was a risk ; but he wanted a puppet after Rodgers.



    Celtic need a Director of Football independent from Lawwell. Lawwells interference is damaging the club and we need a new CEO as he can’t help himself.



    Of course Lennon as manager gets the blame but the real culprit is Lawwell. Under Lennon we can forget NIAR.

  2. An Dun, if we had moved 10/15 yards back we wouldn’t have been so stretched, therefore more able to defend as a unit, and just not so open. Opinions my friend.

  3. 16 ROADS. on 13TH AUGUST 2019 10:03 PM



    Interesting. Who did sign the defenders?




  4. Sutton can mouth off about Celtic regressing all he wants but in truth the appointment of his mate was a clear backwards move.



    Has Sutton explained how £10million of signings this summer sat on our bench tonight ?

  5. Norriem. Good man I will be stopping buying from Celtic shop



    The fans need a leader now



    We have Neil as manger who was the cheap option. We have JK as assistant , the Peter lawell stooge ( no experience )



    Fans must get together and Decide on an action plan. Celts for change 2



    We must demand a forward thinking CEO along with a director of football



    How do fans get there


    Boycott Europa? Boycott shop?



    One thing is clear. We need a change at the top and an experienced assistant manger to help Neil



    Lawell out out out

  6. DOC



    I suppose Broonie couldn’t have punched the ball had he been another 10 or 15 yards back, fair enough.

  7. Mike in Toronto on

    …. look on the bright side…. if we can get into the EL, that could mean one more game against the zombies ….



    seriously…. enough blame to go around …Cluj are a decent, well coached unit… but not even close to world beaters …



    PL … if you are buying players who aren’t good enough, why buy them?



    NFL … if they are good enough, why didnot they start tonight?



    …. CalMac at LB? Seriously? Great midfielder, but he cant tackle a fish supper. It was clear from the word go that Cluj had identified LB as a weakness (whether Boli played) … so, they could see something that NFL clearly didn’t/didn’t account for …



    …. we were so listless in the first half, it was like we were told the game started an hour later than it actually did. You can eithr blame every player, or the coach….



    …first half, our midfield was missing …. SB was running about, leaving big holes in the middle of the park … but, at least that was better than his performance in the second half …. the penalty? what was he thinking? have to go back and see the replay again for the thrid goal (not that I want to), but was it not Sb that the Cluj guy blew past to get the shot on goal?



    If Calmac had started in the middle of the park, instead of at left back, no way we lose that game….




    one final thought ….



    does anyone else think that Petrescu looks like Fox Mulder’s older, fatter brother?

  8. AuroraBorealis79 on




    Remind me again; Cluj maximum spend circa £300,000.



     It’s not all about money.




    That’s a good point. We dont buy players to build a team. We but players to sell them on for profit<<< therein could lie the problem

  9. The Comfortable Collective on

    Paul 67 . . . .



    . . . .Made a point (actually a post) earlier that tonight was a £10million game.



    So who the fuck is responsible for making such an arse of it.



    And what are the consequences?

  10. An Dun. If we had an experienced director of football. Boli boli would have not got past the 1st DVD


    Our recruitment consist of PL making final say Got to feel sorry for Neil


    He is the only football person at Celtic park. He has to do this all on his own

  11. Lennon says the left side wasn’t a problem (he obviously didn’t see the first goal).




  12. My friends in Celtic,



    Adversity shows real Celtic supporters. It also illuminates charlatans.



    HH to all.

  13. Just read some comments by Neil Lennon after the match talking about motivating the players but blaming how they approached the match?

  14. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ GREENPINATA on 13TH AUGUST 2019 10:24 PM



    Do you think you are a better Celtic fan for unconditionally providing support, irrespective of the actions or results of those running the club? Surely that leaves you more open to being taken advantage of.

  15. Garngad to Croy on

    I would rather go out the Europa and concentrate on the league, 10 IAR is all that matters.

  16. Hugh Bonkle fae Dallas on

    Europa League? You can shove that up yer arse. I’d play the under 19’s. Priority is league, Scottish Cup, league Cup, Lanarkshire schools Cup, camanachd Cup, 6 nations, the ashes…. Anything else and then the Europa league. Playing Thursday’s and Sunday’s? Feck off.

  17. The Comfortable Collective on

    Lot of stuff being posted that NL wasnt responsible for the signings since he came in.



    That may be true. But if he isn’t responsible for signing these players, he is still responsible for putting together a team based on the players at his disposal.



    He made a cunt of that tonight. At home. To an inferior team.

  18. Lucky Cody, fair play, the sentences I mentioned just seemed so diametrically opposed, I thought you were being ironic. Gotcha now.

  19. Alasdair MacLean on




    I seem to remember Radio Scotland saying he was Latvian … but would need to Google to check.

  20. Apart from the hurt tonight – spare a thought for us who have day trip flights booked for next Saturday to see game now moved – neil Lennon ultimate celtic man I’ll hope his hurting will spur us on but I think he may cost us getting to 9 let alone 10

  21. Let’s face it. With the ongoing malaise and cash hoarding in the boardroom the only way we’ll qualify for CL group stages again is if a) a team field an ineligible player against us or b) UEFA bring in ‘Past European Cup\CL winners’ qualify automatically if they win their respective leagues.




  22. Lenny threw CalMac to the wolves tonight. He doesn’t need to motivate the players. He needs to coach them into a coherent defensive unit.



    No doubt about it for me, Lenny winged it tonight. We went out throwing haymakers and have got done by a better coach.

  23. An Dun, no need to be facetious, the point would be as a tight defensive unit we may not have lost the corner.


    Poor tactical decisions, just an opinion.



    Skoosh has a nose bleed

  24. EspiritoDeCelt on

    A series of terrible decisions and errors from Neil Lennon tonight caused this, still in shock. In any other profession that is a written warning. Lennon should be given a written warning. Calmac at LB, not moving Calmac out when it wasn’t working, not bringing Biton on a 3-2 up with 8 mins to go, £10M worth of defenders on bench, not putting goal-scoring Sinclair and instead put low goal-scoring Morgan on. We should have had more defenders in the team by now, but my god Lennon still had more than enough o get through this tie. I feel that if he does not get through the Europa qualifiers then he is done. The Ibrox game is not the issue and a defeat there can happen and be recovered, but in my view he tried to be too clever tonight by throwing in a big team selection surprise when a predictable team selection would have almost certainly got us over the line. That is one of the worst nights since Maribor punted us out the champs league.

  25. eddieinkirkmichael on

    Oh well this is what you all bought into. A failed Hibs coach appointed way above his abilities. A board that won’t kill off the Harry Dunn’s as it’s bad for buisness. A board that won’t the cheating ect ect ect. Enjoy clapping yourself happy guys as we with 10’s of millions sitting in the bank sink to ever more pitiful levels of mediocrity.


    In Lenny the fools trust, girfuy

  26. MWD’s, I think we do have the players to do that game management, bring on Bitton and it would have gone a long way to do just that, keep calm and keep the ball. Slow it down.

  27. ulysses mcghee - a demographic of one on

    If you had a mind to re-watch that game you’d see they had spare players right and left unmarked and in space in our half.



    Like last week you need a midfield that can protect a defence – especially in Europe. Morgan left Boli exposed last week and magnified his uncertainty.



    Tonight we played a creative mid at left back – Mowbrayesque – and unforgivable tbh – because we got hurt even more for it in Boli’s absence. Mikey Johnson lacks that killer pass and football nous to be more effective – he misses opportunities to select a goal scoring assist because he has half an eye on an option for himself – fantastic when it comes off – costly (In every sense) when it doesn’t.



    It felt as if there was a sense of these are the players I think might pull it off for me as opposed to this is the correctly drilled team and tactics to win this tie at home – and that is not a good look for any manager.



    Neither is Bayo with 3 mins to go (plus 6 of injury) – was Sinclair on the bench? Scores goals.



    I’m not convinced by anything I’ve seen so far from Neil Lennon – St Johnstone were a gift and Motherwell the evidence that we have tons more money than any one else in Scotland.



    I did shudder thinking what Slavia might have done with that team tonight – too many nights watching the same movie.




  28. NorrieM,



    Like wise on Europa League ( if we qualify ) I will not take my 3 season tickets.



    Also Saturday paid for the 3 for Dunfermline game as back in Glasgow. No intention of going and would hope my sons who were there tonight would also give it a miss.



    Celtic don’t deserve our support when we see the shambolic shower appointment of Lennon ( almost Pedro in a hedge moment ) and the lies over—— we invest every penny so we come out of each transfer window stronger.



    I said when Lennon was appointed that he would fail to reach CL even with a favourable draw and he should walk. He needs to go now. He will not win NIAR and will lose the dressing room. His third rate backroom Staff also needs to be sacked.



    The Bonus Thief will be doing rough calculations and knows his Bonus is secure as long as there is no more spending. Got to pay to keep the driveway warm with the onset of winter.

  29. This is Lawwells making, played Russian Roulette too many times in the games that can make the Club the most money,his time is up.

  30. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ ESPIRITODECELT on 13TH AUGUST 2019 10:33 PM



    Who hired Neil? A lot of people thought it was a bad decision and a backwards step at the time.



    Neil is doing his best, he is Celtic through and through, but his recent career shows his level; he will be the fall guy if this goes tits up this year.

  31. Amazing the wide range of opinions on who to blame.



    Here’s mine.



    There must be a fine for any player passing back to the keeper. So many times a simple back pass would have eased the pressure. Sure Bain May have had to boot it up the park, but he’s pretty good at also making a good pass. It makes the opposition have to run about much more.



    I know many hated the amount of passing around at the back under Rodgers. But we’ve gone too far the other way.

  32. onenightinlisbon on

    The simple fact is that our board do not want us to be light years ahead of Sevco and this is a prime example. We are led by people who do not match the ambitions of the rank and file support. Until that changes nights like this will happen again and again. As for Lennon’s tactics and team selection, where do you start with that?



    @ GREENPINATA on 13TH AUGUST 2019 10:24 PM



    Do you think you are a better Celtic fan for unconditionally providing support, irrespective of the actions or results of those running the club? Surely that leaves you more open to being taken advantage of.





    Absolutely not, however many of us have already unconditionally paid for the season regardless of current results




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