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  1. The fault with the team lies with the coaching and the players themselves, especially the experienced players. Surely after so many years as a professional Scott Brown knows the importance of killing time when your in the lead. Its an abdication of his responsibilities as captain to be so lax as to give away a needless penalty as well as the numerous times he and others needlessly gave away possession. The composure Cluj had after making it 3-3 compared with us was frankly embarrassing. One team played like a professional football team and the other team played like diddy amateurs. Shame! What a waste of money!

  2. We were awesome in attack to be fair though.



    Another few weeks to try and get a defence.



    Neil Lennon didn’t scout or sign those defenders.

  3. The Comfortable Collective on

    HENRY JOY on 13TH AUGUST 2019 9:53 PM




    Wouldn’t blame Lenny. Our midfield and defence didn’t turn up tonight.






    Can’t blaim Lenny. The midfield and defence have got nowt to do with him. No sir. Not at all



    Right you are.




    He obviously hasn’t no confidence in his team’s defending. He’s went out tonight to simply score more than Cluj and we’ve been done. Piss poor from Lennon.

  5. 10 mins to go and Lennon we look very capable of getting a goal and Lenny brings on of course that regular esteemed finisher Lewis Morgan???


    Why do we pay Scott Sinclair 25k a week?


    And to be fair to him playing good or bad he gets a goal.


    Another really poor move by Lennon in what is now looking like a long tough season.

  6. Doc



    We don’t have the players to do that.



    Need a keeper, a left back of equal quality or better than Boli, a centre mid with a bit of quality, composure and strength as a minimum.



    UEFA it is if we qualify. I don’t hold out much hope now as PL will defo bank KT money now.



    What the feck are we stashing cash for every season.



    PL has the numpties on here round his little finger and we will get the usual liner re. Sevco dying as some sort of backup for the ongoing malaise when it comes to spending.



    Wouldn’t surprise me now if we lost Eduard before the deadline and 1 other from JF, Ajer and Calmac.



    But hey! We get what we deserve as we watch this same garbage recruitment on the cheap and sales of our best every season.



    I still think we are well strong enough for the league. Although defensively we could easily blow that.



    Neil, takes much of the responsibility for the result tonight and if he does a not pushing hard enough against PLs door for cash then he takes all of it.




  7. The Comfortable Collective on

    HENRY JOY on 13TH AUGUST 2019 9:53 PM




    Wouldn’t blame Lenny. Our midfield and defence didn’t turn up tonight.






    Can’t blaim Lenny. The midfield and defence have got nowt to do with him. No sir. Not at all



    Right you are.

  8. EspiritoDeCelt on

    I feel very sorry for all the attacking players tonight, Edouard, Christie, Forest, even Ntcham, they all kind of played well offensively, but my god Lennon is mostly responsible tonight. Lennon played Calmac at LB and was too proud to change it when it wasn’t working. Julien dropped for unknown reason. And even at 3-2 he up did not just decide to shore-up the match tactically and allowed the game to be open. That was a shock because we apparently we had a full squad to choose from. Calmac had a stinker at LB and also this may have disrupted Brown. Very clear that he should have stuck with Boli or even Hayes at LB. Very Poor, and totally avoidable defeat. Europa league also not a gimmie. Onwards and Upwards though. We will recover. HH

  9. boyata,tierney,benkovic,lustig,izzy,comper…… boli,julien….


    please give us your money,please you great celtic fans , please,please. …….you are so magnificent


    thanks,you magnificently magnificent and fantastic celtic fans……..hahahahahahahaha.



    the next person to sanction buying a defender should hand their jotters in at the same time.

  10. Selling our top player is now effectively our cl qualification money.



    Next summer it’ll be Edouard.

  11. From metal rafferty.



    £25 million for KT.



    £9 million for BR how much have we spent?

  12. Zero game awareness and game management by Lennon.Buy a left back for 3 million and you don’t trust him in our biggest game of the season.Play one of our best midfielders at left back,did anyone have the guts to tell him the last time it was tried it never worked.To lose 4 at home in a qualifier to me says everything on why he should never have been give the job in the first place.This time the buck stops with the manager.

  13. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Our clubs ambition is pathetic


    If ever there was a chance to earn £50m in the CL it was now







  14. From metal rafferty



    We laugh at Sevco but we’re all witnessing the breakdown of our superiority.



    Dembele money


    VVD sell on money


    Armstrong money


    BR & staff money


    KT money



    Not used or used poorly.



    You think we’ll win this league again easily?

  15. glendalystonsils on

    I’m really concerned at the way we are going backwards. Losing 4 goals at home to one of the European big guns would be bad enough but Cluj!?



    That was the worst defensive display I’ve seen since the bad old days of Tebily and Cha Du Ri.


    Neil Lennon was completely out thought by Petrescu . As for that team selection…….!

  16. Eddieinkirkmichael.


    I agree with you.


    Lenny was outsmarted by Dan.


    Tactically, Celtic were all over the place, even at 3.3 no shape, just charge and hope for the best.


    I think that virtually every Celtic fan, queried Callum at left back, before kick off.


    We had all seen how ineffective he was at Ibrox.


    Europa League football is not even guaranteed now as AIK were the hardest team we could have drawn.

  17. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @16 ROADS. on 13TH AUGUST 2019 10:03 PM



    Neil Lennon didn’t scout or sign those defenders.






    Even if true, how is that a consolation? Neil has been in place since February. If he didn’t sign those players, who did?

  18. Chris Sutton on Twitter…



    “That’s the Tierney money gone tonight… the messing about in the last few windows has bitten Celtic on the backside… this day was always coming”

  19. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    If we lose at Ibrox I fear for the pressure we’ll put on ourselves.



    That was gash tonight and we’re vulnerable. Our defence is rank, but we need to keep the heid and rely on our attacking players to do the business.



    So long as Lawwell doesn’t sell them.

  20. Don’t know why people are asking for signings.



    Nobody will scout them, Lawell will buy them and Lennon won’t pick them…..

  21. NL thought there weren’t too many problems down the left….when asked about McGregor at LB….ffs.

  22. JamesForrestsLeftFoot on

    They neutralized us in the 1st half & rode the storm in the 2nd half.



    We were not smart in managing the game & we made it tough by playing a back 4 that hadn’t played together before. They might have coped in an SPFL game but this team were tactically smart, disciplined, very quick and skiilful.


    Scott Brown struggled throughout and his brainstorm handball seemed to sum his game up. Desire alone is not enough against good teams.


    Mikey Johnson was peripheral & should have been subbed at HT. Despite his goal my namesake didn’t impose himself enough on them. They seemed scared of James.


    Ntcham & Christie had their hands full particularly in the 1st half and for 20 minutes in the 2nd half looked good.


    Callum was wasted at left back and his weakness in the air was exploited by Petrescu.


    Boli would not have done any worse there, but losing Callum from our midfield also left us short of ideas there.


    After his composed displays this season, Bitton may have helped with Ajer moving to LB & Callum into midfield.


    Was Neil reluctant to leave either Ollie or Callum out and so he chose selecting both in this compromise in midfield and in defence?


    For me, it just weakened both areas.



    Sobering CSC

  23. Best hope for Ibrox is not to try and play it smart and rejig the defence with some new masterstroke defensive formation .


    Best hope is to go more attacking and accept we are pish at the back.


    Turn it in to a you score 2 we score 3 game.


    oh and change the goalie as I said in a couple of posts after saturday.


    His confidence is low and he needs a rest.

  24. At a loss to explain how Lennon has set us up tonight. We played that game like a preseason friendly in terms of our game management. I hope Neil hasn’t the balls to explain why CalMac was at left back. Why he made to effort to tactically change the game.



    At 3-2 up Neil looked like he was simply praying for full time whistle. He absolutely winged it tonight.

  25. I will NOT continue supporting our Board, who in turn does not support me as a Celtic supporter


    I will NOT be buying Europa tickets


    Thank you Celtic board for supporting your fans ambitions

  26. Just in from the game. Will read back on the CQN thoughts. Here’s my take.


    Play players in their position.


    Boli would have been no worse than Calum at left back He was awful for the first 15 and only improved when he went into mid.


    Brown was shocking even before the pen.


    Christie, Hatem, Eddie were outstanding.


    Bain will get blamed for the third but he saved it and no one helping out.


    Jozo was poor. Ajer good but beaten for the third.


    Mikey and James were so so.


    Griff should have made it 4-3 with a header.

  27. I’ve said on numerous occasions that this board are our biggest threat to 9 even 10 and I’m still standing by that.

  28. While we are all screaming for new signings, and rightly so, a major point is being missed.



    As I asked previously, how much more than Cluj should we spend before we can beat Cluj?



    Do we give Lenny all the Tierney money and have a £35m bench instead of a £10m one?



    The coaching and the tactics were all wrong tonight and what’s worrying is that they were basic errors.



    People saying that Petrescu out-thought Lenny tonight – of course he did, he’s a far superior coach. A coach who would probably love to manage Celtic but that kind of appointment would require thinking slightly outside the box.

  29. At least tonight some fans will realise why Tierney and Rodgers might have left Celtic. If a player isn’t brave enough to retain hold of the ball for two seconds giving them enough time to look up and play a simple pass against Cluj in the play-off before the play-off, what chance when the really important games are being played?

  30. Calmac at left back reminds me of Brown at left back and we shipped four goals that time as well. That was the end of that manager, so will it be the end of this one? Neil Lennon is the manager so he is accountable for the team and the CEO is responsible for the manager. The issue is how we make the CEO accountable.



    After 8 years winning the league and constantly being told we are a a stable club, why do we always look like we are winging it at the most important time of the year? Absolutely no sign we are building on success.

  31. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    The “well run club” that does everything on the hoof.



    Another typical transfer window, people saying they will wait till the end to judge…bit late for that now. Two record transfers received in successive summer transfer windows, will we invest any of it? I have no clue what our plan is to grow the business and further the success of the team. We are completely reactionary and never innovative and on the front foot.



    5-3 on aggregate to Cluj. What is Cluj’s turnover? Would this be equivalent to Celtic beating Valencia or Zenit by the same margin- Paul told us to forget about that when we faced both teams in the EL.






    Don’t worry, at least we have got the wage bill down and got rid of Fraudgers…

  32. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Still can’t get my head round losing 4 goals at home to Cluj. That really is rotten.

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