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  1. Some slack moments cost us.


    Calum beaten to a cross for first.


    Brown a careless hand ball for penalty.


    Bain with an awful palm out to a Cluj player.

  2. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Can’t complain. Cluj well deserved it. Slavia Prague my arse.


    Completely out thought by Petrescu


    Again, the start of the season is seen as a shambles


    Strange world we live in


    Or, all our resources can go to 9iar


    Fugged if I know the right one


    poor play, poor tactics at home

  3. O’Dea’s an excellent coach and only going to get better. Very highly thought of in the game.

  4. Ray Singh-Carr on

    Very strange team selection. Why revert to 3 at the back when a clean sheet would have seen us through? Not sure where to start dissecting that performance, it was all over the place. Not good enough, we perform like a Europa League team so that is where we will probably end up at best. Very very disappointing.

  5. HeknowsWHOknows on

    Well that certainly was not the expected scoreline.



    Utterly gutted and not looking forward to the incoming media and slaughtering.



    Nite all.

  6. I suggest we put Gordon back in goals for a start. He is a great shot stopper. The rest I don’t know.

  7. Cant think of anything positive apart from the FACT that we wont be getting skuddered in the champions league this season by all the usual suspects.


    Credit to Cluj.


    We were a shambles


    Scott Bain?..Scott Brown?


    Fair play to the romanians …They attacked us in our weak areas.They deserved it.


    Hope we get beat in the Europa play off..really hope we do.


    It is a meaningless competition when you are clearly not a potential winner.

  8. Give it a day or so and all the blame will be on to Neil or the last regime, one thing you can be sure of is the present board will not be blamed, cqn will make sure of that

  9. Game was lost before a ball was kicked with Neil’s tactics and team selection. Even when we ‘dominated’ in second half. Cluj were always a threat with a player always unmarked in a wide area to take the ball and drive goalward. Cannot blame the Board or the players for this. Lenny’s 10 million worth of signature were on the bench.

  10. In some ways it was undeserved. We gifted them the goals. Scott Bain has been unconvincing in the last few weeks. We are not well organised in terms of protecting our back four and you need that in Europe regardless of the opposition.



    For the sake of the fans, the manager and the general unity of the club I really hope we have some rabbits to pull out of some hats transfer wise.



    I’m generally an optimist but defensively we are shambolic at the minute. And that is never all the fault of the back four – that is a team structure thing.



    We will score goals for fun but when you concede with nearly every attack the opposition have we are going to give ourselves mountains to climb.

  11. I really couldn’t care less about Europa league. Hate thought of Thursday Sunday football.



    Can’t believe we’ve conceded 4 at home to Cluj.

  12. When your defence is chewing gum and Elastoplast you can expect nights like tonight. I ask again who scouted and signed the £10m worth of players already deemed not good enough by the management? Calum at left back is a desperate measure – after Ryan’s goal we needed another there was no way we could hold out.


    If the gamble not to get in some talent, not YouTube stars, was taken deliberately by the Board then heads must roll.

  13. onenightinlisbon on

    Speculate to accumulate – not the Celtic way. Happy clappers will tell us all is well, treble treble….blah blah blah. Sick of these European shambles.

  14. And as if by magic the negatons reappear.


    The multi million pound centre half is obviously not match fit.


    Individual errors cost us.

  15. eddieinkirkmichael on

    This is what happens when you appoint the ex Hibs boss above his pay grade and abilities

  16. 16 ROADS. on 13TH AUGUST 2019 9:47 PM


    Expect a few players to be punted now.



    Fire Sale CSC. 🔥






    Who would buy that crap?

  17. AuroraBorealis79 on

    As Celtic drop out of the Champions League qualifiers to Cluj, one reporter asked the Glorious Balance Sheet “What went wrong?” To which he was given this response “I would just like to apologise to my teammates & the fans for not making it tonight. During training my purse strings felt tight so I had to roll up my notes & watch from the stands.”

  18. Celtic FC – profit before success in Europe. But hey ho the happy clappers will still back that muppet in the board room. Every year it’s the same old shit and every year they back him. Must be on a cut of his bonus!




  19. spikeysauldman on

    the next few weeks are gonna be murder – and all leading up to the hun game – winning the europa play off will be no consolation and no confidence booster –

  20. ECL attacking and SPFL defending. Broonie what were you thinking about? Playing CalMac at left back – Lenny what were you thinking about. Lawwell should get his jotters tomorrow, season after season unprepared for CL because of fannying about and penny pinching.


    You need to defend at this level, end of.

  21. lazydynamite on 13th August 2019 9:47 pm





    You want Celtic to lose? Should get banned for that.

  22. ‘GG on 13TH AUGUST 2019 9:49 PM



    Individual errors cost us.






    Biggest one being Lennon’s stupid formation and limitation as a coach,

  23. I’m afraid that was amateur hour fae Lenny, from starting line up to squad.



    Really poor.



    It’s frustrating as they are a decent team, not a good team, but we should have been able for them.



    Ah well, no time for Europa, let’s just get on with the 9IAR



    Whether it’s the board and or Lenny at fault, it’s a ball kicker. In fact it’s both.



    D. :)

  24. Game was lost with the starting formation.Calmac,our best midfielder,at LB.On what fekin planet is that a tactic.Lenny giving Boli plaudits,then drops him,andvworse,replaces him with Calmac?Hayes should have been on if he did not trust Boli.Mystifying selection.Calmac was hopeless.I said midway through the second half we were wasting too many great breaks.Should have netted at least one.Faffed about after getting into great positions.Heartbroken for Eddi,magnificent and Broony,unfortunate error.


    Lenny my hero,but tonight I am lost for words at his balls up.

  25. spikeysauldman on 13th August 2019 9:50 pm





    There’s £10m reasons why your wrong about that.

  26. eddieinkirkmichael on

    We conceded 4 at home to rank average Euro team, that is down to Lenny and his tactics and selection. He won’t get any better, this is going to be a long hard season with Lenny at the helm.

  27. Goodnight folks. No point in losing sleep over it. Done that too often in the past.



    There’ll be a storm for a week or so. But we need to get our collective heads screwed on and rise above it.

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