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  1. Big Compper just about got the biggest applause of the day when he was announced. 5 seconds later you see Lenny and Broony in the tunnel falling over themselves laughing. Wonder if it was related? :)

  2. What a brilliant shot with Karamoko’s family. The stuff dreams are made of.



    Moussa now on the pitch congratulating the bhoys.

  3. Is it just wishful thinking to say I think young Karamoko D has something of the Diego Maradona about him. Small stocky and very skilful. And yes I know he has a long way to go to come close to emulating Diego.



    Also liked what KC said about Karamoko’s lack of stature. “listen i’m 5’6″ and was taller than some of the Barca players we went up against, believe me size has nothing to do with it”

  4. When our great club needed help, Neil Francis Lennon answered the call.



    HH. ?

  5. All is forgiven Moussa D. You were right Rodgers was / is a snake. Hopefully you’ll make us another few million soon.

  6. Interesting comment from Boyata, when he said “If only you knew the truth” hmmm

  7. Celtic TV:


    “Neil thank you for coming in steadying the ship and getting us over the line for number 8”


    Mr Lennon “It was my DUTY”


    Thank you Neil Francis Lennon

  8. It’s my club, it was my duty.



    That should be embroidered on our shirts alongside ‘It is not his creed nor his nationality which counts -it’s the man himself.’

  9. bluegrass celt on

    KC says he’s 5’6”? I’ve stood next to him in Sloan’s and he was a good inch and a half taller than me and I’m 5’7”.


    He must have been wearing his wife’s high heels!

  10. Rhetorical question, has there been any other Celtic player with the same initials as Karamoke Dembele?



    And was he any good?

  11. Now that the 2 sevco matches have proven that MJ isn’t the next John Hartson, wasn’t it great to see him being allowed to play as and where he can.



    PeterLathfordsBelly – your observation about toljan was brutal, cutting and oh so accurate!!



    HH champions.

  12. Last week in Portugal saw Celts lose badly & Cork get hammered at home by Tipperary by 7 pts.


    Today back in God’s Country, saw the Celts win & get the trophy and totally unexpectedly Cork hammer the reigning All Ireland Champions Limerick in Limerick, the winning margin you guessed it 7 points.


    Moral of the story, feck Portugal, not going back there.

  13. Reading back and see Ralston wasn’t to the liking of some.



    And yet, for the first 30 mins I thought he and Mikey excelled down the right. Completely the opposite of our left hand side.



    I attribute his downturn to running out of gas.

  14. Supersutton



    Feel for Ralston. The RB slot needs a massive focus during the summer and I’d expect us to do so – that imposter Toljan, the unwanted Gamboa and the departing tache will all leave.



    Not writing him off but don’t expect him to be better than back up…

  15. Booing / Jeering Boyata was out of order. Especially when, as he says, if people knew the truth…



    (Not that I do, but I haven’t even heard one side of the story, only assumptions that he threw his toys out of the pram).

  16. Good to see Griffiths joining in and enjoying the celebrations. Still has a sense of humour with tying the scarf on the goalpost.

  17. Supersutton


    I really wanted Ralston to do well, but, other than for the first goal within 2 minutes and his great diversion run, he didn’t do much thereafter, imo of course. I sincerely hope that it was as you said, and he ran out of gas after being out for some time. Always keen to see one of our own break through. HH

  18. Even after today’s result Clarke will not be named as Scotland boss. They will appoint Gemmill.

  19. Another great joyous day in Paradise, with the legendary Paul McStay.



    Neil Lennon didn’t bother tinkering with tinkering, he made wholesale change in a game that was highly entertaining, even if you missed Mikey Johnston’s opener, you could still hang around for the winner.



    A modicum of Sportsmanship was the least you could expect from any other living club, and Hearts provided it, and at the same time concealed their hand well, for next week’s showpiece . Three great goals, and double Dembele topped the day, for the supporters.



    Panned for two draws, and a defeat Neil Lennon left the field with his held high, despite weeks long castigation, by the internet bampot.



    A week to prepare for the unique treble, treble that only Celtic and Neil Lennon may ever land backed by the graciousness of Paul McStay’s, unassuming Celtic handover to Scott Brown, for the eighth Sunday title day in a row.



    M.O.M Mikey Johnston

  20. Just back from the game, good to see Dembelee, and Mikey Johnson played wide in first half, he had a great game all round.


    Toljan- no thanks, I actually felt embarrassed a few times for him, no control, no appetite to overlap and when he does he cannot cross the ball.



    Greight day ????????



    Don’t know why Lenny never through on Okoflex instead of Simonovic, not at centre back obviously.



    But why on earth have final games on a Sunday at 3pm when fans have to travel and have work on a Monday??? Oh aye that’s right cause the SFA and SPL are feckwits.



    Right, Lenny you have done brilliant in trying circumstances, now let’s get the SC? back to paradise again.



    D. :)

  21. Is it true wee Dembele is only on a two year contract?



    If so, he could leave at the end of next season for a small fee



    Get him signed up long term please

  22. Paul67 et al



    Never tire of the good times. Another great day in Paradise. Sets us up for next week. Well done Neil for giving all our players a game since he took back over. Gave everybody a chance to be part of our continued success. Not a time for recriminations, time to say well done to Celtic Football Club. Again.

  23. What is the Stars on

    Great season


    Great times


    Long may it last.


    God bless Peter Lawwell keeping the green flag flying despite the malcontents begrudgers and naysayers .

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