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  1. Young Dembele shot saved after being set up by Henderson. All Celtic at the moment

  2. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    KD has stretched hertz and sped us up. OB off means we’re a man up.

  3. Wee Dembele will have to stop that shooting on sight. Doesn’t he know we like to faf’ about and try to pass the ball in ;-)

  4. Dembele has done more in this game than in the two youth cup finals put together. Looks electric.

  5. AuroraBorealis79 on

    Young Dembele sure looks determined & unfazed by the moment. Great to finally see him in the first team. He has been around so long that I half expected him to come out with a full grown beard & waving to his young family in the stands.

  6. 19 year ago almost to the day we sent out a team of weans and beat the Arabs 2-0 in a most miserable and forgettable season.



    Henrik also made his comeback that day. Brian McColligan, Jim Goodwin (the fanny © Lenny), Liam Miller RIP, John Convery and Ryan McCann all made their debut that day. John Kennedy, Mark Fotheringham and Simon Lynch, also made their first starts.



    The Arabs fielded a pretty strong side so any excuses the day about age should be null and void, considering the calvinists have a pretty young side oot tae.

  7. Thought Sinclair was our most ineffective player however Toljan really is something else

  8. Ajer bursts forward shoots – ball hits diet player on the arm, pen claim dismissed by ref.

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